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									                                   ATTACHMENT A

                        Required Banking Services Proposal Form

Purchasing Department
City of Milford
70 West River Street
Milford, CT 06460

Dear Purchasing Department:

We have read the Request for Proposal and fully understand its intent, contents and
scope. We certify that we have adequate personnel, equipment, and facilities to fulfill the
specified requirements. We understand that our ability to meet the criteria and provide the
required services shall be judged solely by the City's review committee.

We have attached the following required and supplemental information:

1. Quarterly Uniform Bank Performance Reports. (Schedule RC only) for the past three
2. Annual financial reports for the past three years.
3. Attachment A: Required banking services proposal form.
4. Attachment B: Transactional charge fees schedule.
5. Attachment C: Required Bank Ratio information.
6. Attachment D: Non Collusion Affidavit.
7. Attachment E: Certification of Bidder.
8. Other data, evidence and information requested in the RFP, with references to the
corresponding section/subsection.

The undersigned is aware that the City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, is
submitting this proposal without collusion with any other person, individual or corporate.
It is further understood that all information included in, attached to, or required by the
Request for Proposal shall be public record upon delivery to the City.

Submitted by:

__________________ __________________________
Firm Authorized Signature, Date

__________________ __________________________
Title Print or Type Name

__________________ __________________________
Address Telephone
                           ATTACHMENT B
                    Transactional charge fees schedule

                                        ANNUAL     PER UNIT   ANNUAL
                                        VOLUME        COST      COST
Account Basic Services
Account Maintenance Fee #10
accounts, excluding lockbox and
cafeteria                                    120
Deposits banking centers                   2,100
Night drop deposits                          900
Checks Paid - truncated                   51,000
Checks deposited - local                  16,000
Checks deposited – non local              74,000
Returned checks                              400
Encoding Surcharge                        67,000
Stop Payments                                 60
Electronic Debits                            200
Electronic Credits                           800
Currency/coin deposits/>$100-
night drop, banking centers, vault        25,000
ACH Debit Block Maintenance                   48
Direct deposit ACH input
transmission City of Milford and
BOE via secure web site                      100
Direct Deposit ACH credits                47,000
Direct Deposit ACH Return items               20
Direct Deposit returns advice - fax           10
Direct Deposit returns advice –
mail                                         10
ACH Maintenance                             110
Originated ACH – via secure web
site                                        250
ACH Credit Received Items                   300
ACH Debit Received Items                    400
Wires in                                     15
Wires out                                    35
Wire transfers – fax                         50
Statements                                  242
AR partial Positive Pay items
processed                                 52,000
AR partial paid checks file
transmissions – via secure web
site                                        120
Partial Recon output processing
per item                                  52,000
On Line Previous/current day
reporting Maintenance                        12
Balance Reporting per Acct. Fee             144
On Line Current Day items           50,000
On Line Previous Day items          55,100
CDrom per image                     51,000
CDrom Disk                              24
On Line – image archive – 180
days                                51,000
Image Maintenance on line –
Accts #4 accounts                       48
Deposit slips supplies               4,000
Deposit bags supplies                4,000

LOCKBOX (Seasonal)
Lockbox base fee                       12
Lockbox monthly statements             12
Lockbox Summer Activity:
Data Capture                         2,600
Deposit Prep. Per batch                500
Rough Sorting                       18,000
Scannable check print                  500
Scannable process – item            19,000
Lockbox Winter Activity:
Data Capture                         1,300
Deposit Prep. Per batch                200
Rough Sorting                        5,500
Scannable check print                  200
Scannable process - item             6,000

Account Maintenance Fee.                12
Monthly Statement                       12
Deposits – banking centers           1,600
Night drop deposits                  1,000
Returned Checks                        110
Checks deposited - local             2,300
Checks deposited – non local        13,100
Encoding Surcharge                  15,300
Debit posted electronic                140
Credit posted electronic             2,800
Currency/coin deposits/>$100-
night drop, banking centers vault    6,000
ACH Credit Received                  2,800
ACH Debit Received                     200
Deposit slips supplies               3,000
Deposit Bags supplies                3,000

FDIC Charge
Compensating Balance Formula
Earnings Credit Rate Formula
We have reviewed all the specifications and submitted 1 original and 5 copies of
our proposal and included the City Specification sheet and indicated where we
comply and where we have taken exception. _____yes ____no

Explain ________________________________________________________________

Unless indicated below, we have included the following implementation
      Banking Services
      Direct Deposit

Exceptions: _________________________________________________

We have included the following optional services:

By signing this form the vendor agrees to abide by all specifications and
instructions listed in the Request for Proposal for Banking Services.
Name of Vendor                                  Name of Authorized Agent

Address                                      Title of Authorized Agent

City, State, Zip                             Signature of Authorized Agent

Telephone/Fax                                Date
                                    ATTACHMENT C

Required Ratio Information
For Banking Services

Please provide the following information in the form of ratios as of December 31 for:

2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

1. Temporary investments to total assets
2. Volatile liability dependence
3. Net loans and leases to deposits

1. Net charge-offs to average loans
2. Loan loss reserves to total loans
3. Non-performing loans to total loans
4. Loan loss reserves to loan charge-offs
5. Gross loans to total assets

1. Return on earning assets
2. Return on equity

1. Primary capital to total assets
2. Total capital to assets
3. Equity growth to asset growth
4. Dividends as a percent of net operating income

1. Total overhead expense to average assets
2. Total deposits over $100,000 to total deposits
3. Brokered deposits to total deposits
4. Total standby letters of credit to total assets
5. Percent of Fed Funds sold to average assets

                                   ATTACHMENT D

                         DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE

BID FOR:              “Banking Services”


The undersigned bidder, having fully informed themselves regarding the accuracy of the
statements made herein certifies that;
       (1)    the bidder developed the bid independently and submitted it without
              collusion with, and without any agreement, understanding, or planned
              common course of action with any other entity designed to limit
              independent bidding or competition, and
       (2)    the bidder, its employees and agents have not communicated the contents
              of the bid to any person not an employee or agent of the bidder and will
              not communicate the bid to any such person prior to the official opening
              of the bid.

The undersigned bidder further certifies that this statement is executed for the purpose of
inducing the City of Milford to consider the bid and make an award in accordance

Subscribed and Sworn to me           ____________________________________
this _____day of ___________, 20__         Legal Name of Bidder
                                           Business Address
____________________________         _________________________________
Printed Name of Title Person               Signature and Title of Person

Notary Public                        _________________________________
My Commission Expires                _________________________
                                  ATTACHEMENT E

                                         BID #

                                  CITY OF MILFORD

                              CERTIFICATION OF BIDDER

                     Concerning Equal Employment Opportunities
                              Affirmative Action Policy

I/we, the bidder, certify that:

    1) I/we are in compliance with the equal opportunity clause as set forth in the
       Connecticut State law.

    2) I/we do not maintain segregated facilities.

    3) I/we have filed all required employer's information reports.

    4) I/we list job openings with federal and state employment services.

     4)   I/we are in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act.

     6)   I/we (check one):

             ______ have an Affirmative Action Program, or

             ______ employ 10 people or less.

_________________________________            ________________________________
Bidder-Company Name                                      Name



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