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									                                                       Accessibility Jeopardy
                                                 Ellen Perlow (
                         October 2002. This document is available in alternative formats upon request. 10/12/2002ep
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Questions sought to the Jeopardy answers: What assistive technology is involved?
Daily Living/Home School            Work             Sports/Arts/Travel       Library

1. Someone’s at the door. Assignment’s on board          TGIF                         Surf’s up! apparel              Book on top shelf.
2. Popcorn’s ready.           I must call home.          Attach 2 p. of form          Sarah Hughes has a pair.        To read item at home
3. I love that song.          Assignment is due today. Pencil doesn’t write           Has wings, made of paper        To duplicate article
4. My hair is still wet.      CPR training video         It’s too dark to see.        Don’t need these for Origami    Check library holdings.
5. Buying groceries           Paper torn in half         Paper copy of file           Horse is galloping too fast     Mileage-Denton/Dallas
6. Apparel store item         Place handout in binder Fast paper messenger            2 miles South, 3 miles West     The print is so small.
7. What a lovely present! No more room on board Work discussion place                 Direction in which hiking       Coins for duplication
8. Velcro-brand easier.       Great for math tests       Fast electric messenger Wheels in rink                       Listen to music
9. The sun is so bright.      Announce to all classes    Heavy item transporter       Skyscraper transporter          Miniature text-film
10. This plant needs water Time teller                   Measures time worked         Dept. store transporter         Miniature text-paper
11. See when power’s out. Class is over (K-12)           Police communicator          To fix that flat tire           Searching online
12. I’m going to sneeze. Carrying those books            Firefighter tall bldg.device Famous S. Francisco transit    __________________
13. Teeth cleaner             I brought my lunch         Nurse/Doctor device          Conductor’s device             __________________
14. Picks up dirt             Mark passage prominently Engineer’s measure             Everyone in park hears music   __________________
15. Tea is served.            Proving you’re a student Holds liquid for chemist       Fred Astaire’s feet attire     __________________
16. Time for bed.             Define terms.              Radiologist’s tool           Nureyev feet attire            __________________
17. Time to get up!           To display artwork         Salary already in bank       Music beat keeper              __________________
18. Bipolar device on refrig Where does class meet? Clearing land for construction _________________                 __________________
19. Reading fine print        Electrical outlet far away Computerized access to $$$ __________________               __________________
20. Lock, open door           Please have a sea          Surgeon’s tool                __________________            __________________
21. Door opener keeper Electronics need fresh ones Chef’s tool                        __________________             __________________
22. Automated stitching       _________________            Judge’s tool               __________________             __________________
23. To read a book in the dark _________________ __________________                   __________________             __________________
24. I stay dry when it’s raining. _________________ __________________                __________________             __________________
25. Turn on the TV from the couch ______________ __________________                   __________________             __________________
26. Meeting our biological needs __________________ __________________ __________________                            __________________
27. Baking pastry is done            __________________ __________________ __________________                        __________________
28. Write one instead of cash        __________________ __________________ __________________                        __________________
29. Popular wall hanging for new year __________________ __________________ __________________                       __________________
30. __________________               __________________           __________________          __________________     __________________
                                                               Accessibility Matching Game
                                                      Ellen Perlow (
                              October 2002. This document is available in alternative formats upon request. 10/12/2002ep
                                       Main Website/Additional resources:
Directions: Please match the definition of each assistive technology [A.T.] device, etc. (Column A) with the name of the device, etc. (Column B). Please use assistive
technology such as a pencil or pen to connect the definition with the appropriate name/term.
                                                                                      COLUMN B: ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY DEVICE NAME
                                                                                      1. Eye tracker; “Cyberlink”
1. A pointer on computer screen that can be adjusted in size, shape
                                                                                      2. Global Positioning System [GPS]
2. Software/hardware that can be programmed to recite text.
                                                                                      3. ALT tag <ALT=”flower”>
3. Software that vocalizes text on computer screen

4. Assistive technology that assists users to manipulate the mouse                    4. Screen reader

5. Standard formatting of keys on computer keyboard
                                                                                      5. Braille display
6. An alternative to using a mouse to issue commands to the computer
                                                                                      6. Voice recognition software
7. Software/hardware that can enlarge images and text to various dimensions for
easier reading; has negative and positive contrast settings
                                                                                      7. Alternative Augmentative Communication [AAC] Device
8. Software that allows for hands-free typing, dictation
9. Software/hardware that can vocalize maps and directions (now in automobiles)       8. Scanner, Speech Synthesizer

10. Computer output device; output can be read via the sense of touch
                                                                                      9. World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative
11. Software/hardware that digitizes and then vocalizes text                

12. Alternatives to the computer mouse via the eyes, brain waves                      10. Tactile graphics
13. Hardware/Software that allows for reproduction and comprehension of images
via the sense of touch                                                                11. QWERTY system

14. HTML tag that provides alternative text for graphics on webpages                  12. Keyboard shortcuts

15. International organization responsible for developing web accessibility           13. Cursor
                                                                                      14. Mousepad

                                                                                      15. Screen Magnifier
Simulation Time: How would you ….

Tie your shoes/ gift-wrap a present with one hand?

Read a book in the dark?

Write a check or open a medicine container with both arms/hands in casts?

Memorize the words and music of a song without reading standard musical notation?

Watch and fully comprehend a television program/movie with the picture visible but without sound?

Watch and fully comprehend a television program/movie with the picture turned off but with sound?

Watch and fully comprehend a television program/movie with both picture and sound unavailable?

Participate in/enjoy a guided tour of a museum blindfolded?

Recite a poem without speaking?

Type a paper without typing (i.e. hands-free)?

Have a document read to you electronically?

As a member of the Deaf community, be a successful student in this class?
                           by Ellen Perlow ( ) - October 2002.

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