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					                                                                  Vegetarian Club of Canton Reservation Hotline:
                                                                              (330) 649-0508*

                                                                         Upcoming Events:
                                                                           Saturday, March 15
                                                                    Dinner & Silent Auction Fundraiser
                                                                 Fairways, 1500 Rogwin Circle SW, North Canton
                                                                   6:00 Cash Bar 6:45 Veg Celebrity Sighting
      March-April 2008           Vegetarian Club of Canton                  7:00 Dinner 8:00 Dancing
                                                                       $25 for Members and Nonmembers
                                                                                 Bring a Friend
 Dear Canton Vegetarians,                                                     Sunday, April 13
 If you missed our January and February din-                             Chef Amanda Hernandez’
 ners, you missed Dr Joe Sobek and Julie                              “Latin Cooking” at Corky’s Cafe
 Wandling presenting two memorable and                            Location: 7257 Fulton Drive NW, Jackson Twp
 exciting winter VCC events.                                     $15 Members; $17 Nonmembers; $5 Lecture only
 The dedicated VCC Board has been cooking up                                     Bring a Friend
 more than vegetables at our First Annual
 Winter Retreat at Atwood Resort and Confer-
 ence Center on February 16. We checked out                     *Reservation deadline for Mar 15: Mar 11
 the delicious meal Chef Michael will be pre-                     *Reservation deadline Apr 13: Apr 9
 senting at the October 2008 meeting and more.
 Atwood hospitality and amenities make it a
 great little overnight getaway close to home, or                      THE SMART CHOICE
 just run down to the lodge for a relaxing and                      A PERSPECTIVE ON THE MEAT RECALL
 romantic weekend dinner. So try out a new
 dinner haunt, because you won’t be sorry if
 you call Chef Michael ahead to tell him to cook                  As a vegetarian, I have sometimes felt isolated
 up a vegan delight!!       Love, Fern                          from friends and family because of my food
                                                                choices with no meat or dairy. Twenty years
                                                                ago, the VCC formed and had a goal to educate
                                                                restaurants that we vegetarians love to go out
     THE MOST INCREDIBLE VCC                                    to eat. Today, we have many vegetarian re-
AUCTION EVENT EVER MARCH 15                                     sources in Canton. We still have caring people
                                                                who keep the VCC going for you and me. The
                                                                Vegetarian Club of Canton aims to help people
Starters: Roasted Red Pepper & Plain Hummus with Pita           like me-to support my choices and educate me
Wedges                                                          and you about all aspects of our food. By pro-
Salad bar~spinach or mesculin mix, cherry tomatoes, onions,     viding speakers like Howard Lyman, doctors,
roasted pine nuts & slivered almonds, Balsamic Vinagrette,      nutritionists and chefs, we get a well rounded
Raspberry Vinagrette or Olive Oil & Vinegar dressings           vegetarian education -and have fun too.
Pasta Station~Whole Wheat Penne or White Angel Hair Pasta
Choice of Tomato Basil or home-made Pesto (vegan) with a          If you are among the few Americans who are
side of crushed red pepper                                      vegetarian, you are the lucky ones. Just watch
Stir-Fry Station~Steamed Brown Rice, Sauteed Broccoli,          the news. And keep coming back to the VCC!!
Mushrooms, Red Pepper & Onions, Choice of Peanut, Teriyaki
or Olive Oil & Ginger Sauce
Vegan Desserts ( homemade by Nancy Malacharia) Vegan            Register for Vegetarian Summerfest NOW
Chocolate Cake, Rice Pudding (gluten free), Cherry Sauce top-   and save. Plan now forJune 18-22, 2008.
pings & Jam Bars
                      SWING INTO SPRING WITH THE VCC

 Silent Auction Planning is in Full Swing!                    SNEAK PEAK AT THE AUCTION ITEMS
                  By Amy Whitman
It's that time of year again for the VCC's silent                        Raisin Rack Natural Food Market
                                                                                 Johnny Mango's
 auction & dinner fundraiser! Hopefully it's al-                                   Trader Joe's
 ready on your calender and you are counting                               Lang Nutrition gift certificate
                                                              "Sole Experience" Reflexology Treatment by Lynn Smith
  down the days! Big news for this year is that            "Healing Hands" Ashiatsu Treatment by Claudia Plottner, LMT
  we are going to have Stevieg's DJ Service to                  "Healing Hands" On-Site Workplace massage session
emcee our event. This should keep everything                             Headliners Day Spa gift certificate
                                                                    Pickwick & Frolick (Hilarities Comedy Club)
  moving along, including our bodies! Get out                   E.J. Thomas Hall: Two tickets to select performances
your old dance shoes and get ready to boogie!                              Canton Symphony Orchestra
Steve does take requests! If you'd like to check                      Canton Ballet: Four tickets to Swan Lake
                                                                          Columbus Symphony Orchestra
          out his website, please do so at                             COSI: Three General Admission Passes
www.steviegdj.com. He graciously reduced his                        MAPS Air Museum admission tickets & gifts
                                                                         Corky's Restaurant gift certificate
    rates for our non-profit organization. The             Canine Action Park: Six-Week Dog Obedience or Agility Classes
event this year will be held at The Fairways in                         Atwood Lake Resort: Overnight Stay
   North Canton which is the old Arrowhead                                    Bob's Red Mill products
                                                                            Bombay Sitar gift certificate
Country Club. It is conveniently located off of                               Chipotle Mexican Grille
                  Everhard Road.                              Edgewood Community Center: Six-Month Membership
                                                                        Gregory's Restaurant gift certificate
Donations have been arriving in our P.O. Box                                LaPizzaria: Dinner for Two
   almost daily! (If you have a service or item                            Mulligan’s Pub gift certificate
that you would like to donate, please contact
             me as soon as possible.)
                                                                        “SOUL STEW”
     Check out website at                                        from FOOD IS ELEMENTARY
www.vegetarianclubofcanton.org;                                     by Antonia Demas, 2001, p. 64
I will continue to list donations as they come
in. The menu will also be available soon. Be-              2 cups pre-cooked or canned black-eyed peas
   low is a list of the donations we have to               2 cups corn
                                                           2 cups collard greens (washed and chopped or
  date....and remember we have MORE TO                         frozen and defrosted)
                      COME!                                1 cup okra, sliced
                                                           1 cup tomatoes
                                                           1 onion, chopped
               VITAMIX NEWS
Have you gotten hooked on your smoothies, but the          1 green or red pepper, chopped
blender you are using has seen better days? Julie          2 T. molasses
Wandling did a fast and fabulous job with her Vitamix in   2 cloves of garlic, minced
her food demo. Lori Perry says she uses her Vitamix        1 T. oil (may substitute water for sauteing)
every day (I think she takes it with her on trips, too!)   Tabasco sauce to taste
                                                               Saute the onion, garlic and pepper in the oil or
If you were thinking of purchasing a Vitamix, they are         water. Add the tomatoes. Simmer for one
quite an investment. But if you purchase one now,              minute. Add the remaining ingredients and
your investment will help VCC also.                            simmer over medium heat about fifteen
For purchasers of the new VITAMIX 5200, part of the
                                                               minutes. Tabasco sauce can be used as a
purchase price will be rebated to VCC as part of their         condiment if desired.
nonprofit give-back program. Just give them the VCC        MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm good!!!!
code when purchasing. See our website or ask Amy
Whitman for more info and the code.
                                                           Editors’s Note: We invite you to share recipes, restaurant reviews,
                                                           personal stories and veggie-related news or events. Please contact
     www.vegetarianclubofcanton.org                        Joan Firestone at JFirestone@neo.rr.com.
                                                           Support VCC and Advertise
Subway: Party Platter
                                                                   your business
The Yoga Place: One Month Unlimited Yoga
Waikem Auto Family: Oil Change & Tire Rotation
                                                          Rent this space each newsletter
Whole World Natural Bakery & Restaurant                   Business card size ads for $20
 gift certificate
B.A.M. Healthy Cuisine gift cards
BTI Environmental Services Gift Certificates
Hand Made Swarovski, Sterling & Natural                   SAVE THESE 2008 DATES
  Stone Bracelets
Tea Basket: Includes assorted teas, goodies & mugs
Knitted Wire Jewelry                                           MARCH 15 ANNUAL
American Flag Organic Cotton T-Shirt                        FUNDRAISER AT FAIRWAYS
Vegetarian Cookbooks
Carousel Dinner Theater gift card                              COUNTRY CLUB
Panera Gift Cards
Sahara Grille gift certificate
Sukho Thai gift certificate                                  APRIL 13 AMANDA
Hand Made Jewelry by Nancy Malacharia                      HERNANDEZ AT CORKY’S
Home Made Vegan Baked Goods
Candle Gift Basket/Gardening Gift Basket
Farm Sactuary Gift Basket                                    MAY 16 JANET VITT AT
Eco-Friendly Lunch Bag with Goodies
                                                             MUSTARD SEED MARKET
                     A note from linda
                      (our adopted 2   JUNE 13 SANDERS WILDLIFE
                       year old cow)   CENTER AND STARK PARKS
                                                           POTLUCK AT SIPPO LAKE
                    Spring is right around the corner
and I am excited because Amy, Brock and Olivia
Whitman are bringing friends and coming to see me
here at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York. I      Nominations for the prestigious Golden Carrot
hope Olivia remembers my favorite treats are pears and   awards will be taken until May 31. See our web-
yummy carrot raisin manna bread. It’s a vacation they    site or Amy Whitman for nomination forms.
won’t forget and we love to get visitors from Canton!!   Awards will be given at the October meeting.
                Your friend, Linda.

2008 Membership         Please support the activities of the VCC by joining or renewing your membership.

         Vegetarian Club of Canton 2008 Membership Form
   Address: _________________________________________________________________
   City: ____________________ Zip: __________________ Phone: ___________________
   E-mail: ____________________________                  New           Renewal
     Individual Membership - $15.00              Family Membership - $25.00
Make checks payable to VCC. Mail to Dotty Brown, 539 E. Nimisilla Rd., Akron, OH 44319
    The Vegetarian Club of Canton
       Requests the honor of your presence at their

Annual Dinner, Dance & Silent Auction Fundraiser
            Proceeds benefiting the VCC programs

            Saturday, March 15, 2008
            The Fairways in North Canton
        $25 pp include dinner & raffle ticket
      6:00 p.m. Cocktail Hour & Silent Auction Opens
                    7:00 p.m. Dinner
                   8:00 p.m. Dancing
             8:30 p.m. Silent Auction Closes

                       Semi -Formal Attire
                   R.S.V.P. 330-649-0508
         Reservations must be received by Tues. March 11

                                                            330-327-4880           Todd Knisley
                                                                                   IT Consultant

                                                            330-453-9101        Joan Firestone
                                                                                Newsletter Editor

                                                            Joan Firestone         330-453-9101
                                                            Restaurant Reservations

                                                                              This could be you

                                                            Dotty Brown             330-896-3569
                                                            Treasurer & Newsletter Circulation

                                                                                  Amy Whitman
                                                                                  Vice President

                                                            330-494-9510             Fern Dews

                                                                           2008 Officers

                                                     North Canton, OH 44720
                                                     PO Box 2994
                                                           Vegetarian Club of Canton