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									                                     Jamison Hamister
                                      567 Nicholas Ct.
                                      Easley, SC 29640
                                       (864) 562-3456

   Ph.D. Candidate in Industrial Engineering Expected December 2006
    Dissertation Title: Development of a Decision-Support Multidisciplinary Robust
    Engineering System under Uncertainty
    Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Byung Rae Cho Certificate: Technology Entrepreneurship
    Clemson University, Clemson, SC GPA: 4.00
   M.S. in Industrial Engineering August 2004 Master’s Project Title: A Comprehensive
    Analysis of D-Optimal Design: 1980 – 2003 Project Advisor: Dr. Byung Rae Cho
    Clemson University, Clemson, SC GPA: 4.00
   M.S. in Textile Technology June 2001 Thesis Title: Effects of Dye Dispersion Stability
    on Dyed Fabric Quality Thesis Advisor: Dr. Yiqi Yang Institute of Textile Technology,
    Charlottesville, VA GPA: 3.84
   B.S. in Textile Engineering May 1998 Graduated with Honors, Magna Cum Laude
    North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC GPA: 3.72

Spring 2005 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award from the Department of
            Industrial Engineering
Spring 2004 – Dean’s
Scholarship Fall 2006


Milliken & Company, Marietta, SC 7/01 – 8/03, Advanced Product and Process Improvement
Engineer, Enterprise Finishing Plant
    Responsible for shade parameters of apparel and automotive jet-dyed fabrics in order to
       meet and exceed customers’ expectations.
    Determined root causes of shade opportunities and implemented corrective actions.
    Investigated and implemented cost reduction and product enhancement projects to
       improve fabric shade consistency.

Milliken & Company, Pendleton, SC 6/00 – 8/00 Intern, Special Projects Team, Pendleton
Finishing Plant
     Worked with Mezzera preparation range team to eliminate dye stains.
     Investigated variables in all processes from yarn manufacturing through dyeing.
     Collected sized yarn samples before and after weaving (Cedar Hill location).
     Completed testing to determine wax and oil content of yarn/fabric throughout
       manufacturing processes (RMC labs).
      Performed designed experiments and statistically analyzed results.

Milliken & Company, Blacksburg, SC 7/98 – 8/99 Process Improvement Engineer, Magnolia
Finishing Plant
     Responsible for maintaining process parameters on Thermosol dye ranges in order to
       meet maximum production and superior quality.
     Determined root causes of product defects.
     Standardized procedures to achieve first quality production.
     Implemented product and equipment enhancements.

  1. Hamister, J., Stringfellow, P., Turner, J., and Cho, B.R., 2005, “The House of
      Competitiveness: The Articles Marriage of Agile Manufacturing, Design for Six Sigma,
      and Lean Manufacturing with Quality Considerations,” Journal of Industrial Technology,
      21(3), 1-10.
  2. Hamister, J., Lee, C., and Cho, B.R., “Development of Noise-Insensitive Bayesian Model
      with a Normal Conjugate Prior Distribution,” Accepted for publication by Quality
      Engineering, December 2004.
  3. Cho, B.R., Phillips, M.D., and Hamister, J., “Designing the Optimum Configurations of
      Circular and Spherical Product Specifications for Multiple Quality Characteristics,”
      Accepted for publication by Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering, July
  4. Hamister, J., and Cho, B.R., “Development of Product Family-Based Robust Design: A
      Case Study,” Accepted for publication by International Journal of Six Sigma and
      Competitive Advantage, September 2005.
  5. Hamister, J., Cho, B.R., and Antony, J., “Development of a Flexible Robust Design
      Paradigm for Multiple Quality Characteristics using Physical Programming,” Submitted
      to International Journal of Production Research, July 2005. Revised, October 2005.
  6. Hamister, J., and Cho, B.R., “Development of a D-Optimal Robust Design Model for
      Restricted Experiments,” Submitted to International Journal of Industrial Engineering,
      June 2005.
  7. Hamister, J., Shaibu, A.-B., and Cho, B.R., “Development of Robust Design under
      Censored Data,” Submitted to Quality and Reliability Engineering International, June
  8. Hamister, J., and Cho, B.R., “A D-optimal Design Approach to Robust Design under
      Constraints: A New Design for Six Sigma Tool,” Submitted to International Journal of
      Six Sigma and Competitive Advantage, September 2005.
  9. Hamister, J., and Cho. B.R., “Constrained Robust Design Experiments and Optimization
      with the Consideration of Uncontrollable Factors,” Submitted to International Journal of
      Production Research, September 2005.
  10. Hamister. J., and Cho, B.R., “Quality in Industrial Design: The Robust Design
      Methodology – Past, Present, and Future Directions,” Submitted to Journal of Industrial
      Technology, October 2005.

Department of Industrial Engineering, Clemson University, Clemson, SC Instructor
Spring 2006:
 IE 460/660: Quality Improvement Methods (undergraduate and graduate students).
Spring 2005:
 Led class discussion and provided supplemental materials to enrich learning.
 Responsible for syllabus and exam design, lectures, course web site, and grading.
 Spring 2005: Overall rating of instructor’s effectiveness: 4.64 / 5 (5 : Almost always

Fall 2004 :
 IE 465/665: Facilities Planning and Design (undergraduate and graduate students).
 Delivered lectures and guided student semester projects.
 Responsible for syllabus, exam and project design, lectures, course web site, and grading.
 Fall 2004: Overall rating of instructor’s effectiveness: 3.76 / 5 (5 : Almost always effective)

College of Textiles, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC. Undergraduate Teaching
Fall 1997:
      Responsible for grading assignments and tutoring students for Textile Instruments and
Spring 1997:
    Responsible for grading assignments and calculating grades for Polymer and Fiber
       Science and Engineering.

Memberships         IIE                                                   Spring 2004 – Present
                    INFORMS                                               Fall 2004 – Present
                    American Society for Quality Decision Sciences        Spring 2005 – Present
                    Institute (DSI)                                       Fall 2005 – Present
                    National Association of Industrial Technology         Spring 2004 – Present
                    Alpha Pi Mu ITT Alumni Association Board of           Spring 2004 – Present
                    Directors                                             Fall 2005 – Present
Activities          INFORMS Teaching Effectiveness Colloquium             Fall 2004
                    IERC Doctoral Colloquium                              Spring 2005
                    DSI Doctoral Consortium                               Fall 2005
Certifications      Certified in Six Sigma Black Belt Training            Fall 2005
                    Fundamentals of Engineering Exam                      Spring 1998

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