Tips for designing a brochure by AdamDurose


									Tips for designing a brochure
What is a brochure? "a pamphlet or booklet, esp. one containing summarized or introductory information or advertising."
(Source: The Collins English Dictionary 1986:198)

What is the purpose of a brochure? Brochures are designed and used:   as a marketing tool to advertise services or products; as an information providing tool to inform people about specific things like HIV/Aids, TB, etc.

When you design a brochure to sell or explain your products or services, you must remember that this brochure is going to "talk on your behalf" about your services or products that you offer. It is extremely important to make sure that your brochure gets the correct message across, is clear and, most important of all, sells or explains your product or service - which is your ultimate goal. Some designing tips: Determine the purpose of the brochure by asking yourself: what do you want to achieve, what message do you want to get across, who is your target audience, etc. Purpose of the brochure Write down everything you would like to included in the brochure. Include the benefits to the clients and why they should choose your products/services above those of your competition. Also give a brief history of your company, some testimonies of other clients and very important your contact information, etc. Plan your brochure layout carefully. Remember first impressions are lasting. The cover page should be attractive and should include the name of your company/product/service, a photo or graphic and other pertinent information. Keep your sentences short and to the point. Give only necessary information. Remember most people do not want to read long documents - they will lose interest if they have to. Use powerful words like: save, new, results, guarantee, free, proven, sale, etc. Use headings to draw attention to sections in your brochure. These headings should stand out - a bigger font, different color or bold print.

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