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									Wine List                                                            Rose
                                                                     California - 12) Willowood White Zinfandel                 £15.95
                                                                     Lively fruity blush with summer berries
                                               175ml bottles         Italy – 13) Calunghetta Pinot Grigio Blush                 £17.95
White                                                                Dry, soft and well balanced rose
South Africa - Stowells Chenin Blanc                       £4.75
Australia - Stowells Colombard Chardonnay                  £4.75     Red
Chile – Stowells Sauvignon Blanc                           £4.75     France – 14) Cote du Rhone Rouge, Maison Bouachon          £19.95
Italy – Stowells Pinot Grigio                              £4.75     Blend of grenache and syrah, complex and fruity

Rose                                                                 France - 15) Pinot Noir Louis Latour                         £20.95
                                                                     Elegant light bodied, full of soft strawberry fruit flavours
California – Stowells White Zinfandel                      £4.75
                                                                     Australia – 16) Katherine Hills Shiraz                   £16.95
Red                                                                  Smooth ripe fruit with soft tannins. perfect with red meat
Australia – Stowells Mataro Shiraz                         £4.75     Chile – 17) Torreon de Paredes Cabernet Sauvignon       £18.95
La Mancha – Stowells Tempranillo                           £4.75     Pronounced cherry and blackberry fruit create lovely flavours
Vin de Pays D’oc – Stowells Merlot                         £4.75
                                                                     Italy - 18) Merlot Refosco, Botter                        £15.95
                                                                     Light bodied with fruity flavour. Great with pasta dishes
              Sparkling Wine & Champagne                             South Africa - 19) Raouls Basket Press Red                 £16.95
                                                                     Big, beefy and juicy red with spicy notes
Italy - 25) Pinot Grigio Calungetta Spumante               £20.00
Soft, dry and well balanced on the palate                            Spain – 20) Tempranillo Vina Bruna de Vallformosa          £18.95
                                                                     Fruity raspberry aromas and light bodied
France - 26) Chimere NV                               £30.00
                                                                     France – 21) Morgon Cuvee Luquet, Henry Fessy              £20.95
Quality dry champagne with lemony, biscuity flavours,
                                                                     Kirsch, plum and apricot with a gentle elegant palate
fine bubbles and a touch of ageing
                                                                     France – 22) Fortant Shiraz, Robert Skalli             £15.95
France - 27) Taittinger Brut, Reserve NV                             Velvety with enticing spice, black cherry and plum aromas
Beautifully balanced champagne with crisp, elegant fruit             Argentina – 23) Goyenechea Malbec                          £16.95
                                                                     Good fruit with rich flavours combined with tannins
France - 28) Taittinger Prestige Rose NV                   £45.00
Aromas of wild strawberries with a hint of spice,                    California – 24) Blackstone Zinfandel                      £20.95
lively and smooth with persistent flavours of red fruits             Stewed fruits with deep, dark spicy notes

                          Wine List
France – 1) Chablis, Jean Brocard, Sainte Claire            £24.95
More fruity style of chablis with ripe, long lasting flavours
France – 2) Cote du Rhone Blanc, Maison Boauchon           £19.95
Full of apricot and peach aromas with a lasting finish
Australia – 3) Katherine Hills Chardonnay              £16.95
Fresh pineapple bouquet. Good with white meat and fish
France – 4) Fortant Sauvignon Blanc, Robert Skalli         £15.95
Fresh with aromas of grapefruit, lemon and pineapple
South Africa – 5) Cape Bay Chenin Blanc                    £16.95
Aromas of pear and apples
France – 6) Sancerre, Paul Thomas, La Comtesses           £27.95
Vinified by Arnaud Bourgeois, this is a quintessential Sancerre
New Zealand – 7) Jibe Malborough Sauvignon Blanc           £21.95
Sassy fresh fruit flavours. citrus aromas and refreshing
Italy – 8) Calunghetta Pinot Grigio, Botter                £18.95
From Venezie, light and refreshing with soft acidity
Germany – 9) Riesling Rudolph Muller                       £17.95
Crisp white, drier in style, complements fish and chicken dishes
Spain – 10) Beronia Blanco Rioja                          £18.95
Fresh quince and peach flavours create a lovely fruity taste
Chile – 11) Torreon de Parades, Chardonnay Reserve         £18.95
Fresh, unoaked with a crisp apple flavour

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