ACORN Prostitution Scandal, San Diego by changtian


									San Diego

San Diego

1. James

2. Eden/Hannah

3. ACORN Employee #1 - Juan Carlos

4. ACORN Employee #2

James: I just took my ummmm

Eden/Hannah: Oh my god this is immigration. They can talk about our calls the most.

James: Okay. I uhhh just graduated from umm let's do the California Bar exams and

University of San Diego also.

James: Hello.

Juan Carlos:    Hello

James: Hi, um

Eden/Hannah: Do you work here?

Juan Carlos:    Excuse me

James: Hello

Juan Carlos:    Yes

James: Hi

Juan Carlos:    Hi

James: We just had a question, ummm, about uhhh, housing to talk about our options and if

we qualify for for housing or if you offer something like that.

Juan Carlos:    For, uhhh the program for what a first time buyers.

James: First time buyers and some other questions we wanted to ask you guys.

Juan Carlos:    Okay.

James: If it's possible to talk just for a minute or two for some questions.

San Diego

Juan Carlos:      Yeah, the program we don't have that right now here. Before we have it in

San Diego

James: Okay.

Juan Carlos:      but we don't have it anymore in in in San Diego.

Eden/Hannah: Do you guys do a lot with immigration here?

Juan Carlos:      Yes.

Eden/Hannah: Yeah.

James: That, we have some questions about that too if it's possible to ask.

Juan Carlos:      I can, I can give you a point cause [unintelligible] I can get you appointment

for [unintelligible].


Eden/Hannah: [unintelligible]

James: Umm hmm. Wait a minute, I think we should ask him um about the um the i issue

with the girls because it sounds sort of like a uh timely thing I don't know if they can help us.

Eden/Hannah: I know

James: That's why

Eden/Hannah: [unintelligible]

James: I know

Juan Carlos:      So what is your name?

Eden/Hannah: My name is Eden

Juan Carlos:      Eden?

Eden/Hannah: Yeah

Juan Carlos:      Last name?

Eden/Hannah: [unintelligible]

Juan Carlos:      What is your phone number?

Eden/Hannah: James he wants my phone number.

James: Um, can I give you my phone number? You can ca, you ca get

San Diego

Juan Carlos:   Yeah that number yes yes na na na?

James: You can get her through my phone number

Juan Carlos:   Okay.

James: Yeah. It's 201

Juan Carlos:   I't's ss 209

James: 201

Juan Carlos:   OK 20

James: 1

Juan Carlos:   1

James: 637

Juan Carlos:   Okay.

James: 0564

Juan Carlos:   You say something for immigration, huh?

James: Well, yeah, but again it's a very unique. I don't even know

Eden/Hannah: I don't even know if it's, I mean

James: if this is something that's you can you can help us out with.

Eden/Hannah: I don't even know if it's worth an appointment. Like, can we just run it by


James: It's something I don't know if you can assist with? That's why Iwanted to come in

and talk with you personally.

Juan Carlos:   Yeah

James: Ummm, it it involves some some girls coming over,

Eden/Hannah: Yeah.

James: over seas

Juan Carlos:   Okay.

Eden/Hannah: from El Salvador

James: from El Salvador?

San Diego

Juan Carlos:    Okay.

James: Um, my my girlfriend here is uh you know she's a prostitute.

Juan Carlos:    Oh.

James: She's in a unique line of business. She's in prostitution and um we're bringing in

some some under age girls in from overseas, and I don't know if you want to tell him

Eden/Hannah: Okay. Um, one of the guys that I work for here

Juan Carlos:    Would you give me uh five minutes? I can I can assist you.

James: Ok

Juan Carlos:    Yes.

James: Thank you. Thank you.

Juan Carlos:    Give me a moment, and I will assist you.

Eden/Hannah: (whispers) [unintelligible]

Juan Carlos:    [talking in background- unintelligible]

(long pause)

Eden/Hannah: Um, um okay so um

James: Can I pull up a chair?

Juan Carlos:    Yeah. Go ahead.

James: Okay. Thank you.

Eden/Hannah: Um, uh, the guy that I work with he um is shipping 12 girls from El Salvador.

Juan Carlos:    Okay.

Eden/Hannah: Between the ages of 12 and 15 years old, and they're gonna be used for

prostitution um I

James: Wait. Before you before you begin um can you this is confidential, right?

Juan Carlos:    Yeah.

James: Thank you.

Eden/Hannah: It's like, it's not being recorded or anything?

Juan Carlos:    No. No. No. [unintelligible]

San Diego

Eden/Hannah: Oh. Okay, um so he's bringing these girls in, and I don't want the girls to be

with him because I'm in the process of leaving that pimp cuz I want to be independent and


Juan Carlos:   In what area is uh this [unintelligible]?

Eden/Hannah: Um, downtown [unintelligible].

Juan Carlos:   Ah, downtown?

Eden/Hannah: Yeah.

Juan Carlos:   Okay.

Eden/Hannah: Um, I don't I don't want him to have to get get these girls and if he does get

them I don't want them to be with him for a long time.

Juan Carlos:   Okay.

Eden/Hannah: Because they're underage girls, and they're young, and I think that if I was

able to get them and work with them that they'd be safer than with the pimp.

Juan Carlos:   Okay.

Eden/Hannah: So, I was kinda wondering like what you guys would be able to do and like

any advice for bringing them in from overseas like I don't even know like the transportation.

How they're gonna get here just that they're coming in this weekend from the ocean. So,

Juan Carlos:   So, so when when these ah people came they put them in a

Eden/Hannah: Like in a container or in the bottom of a boat or something like that.

Juan Carlos:   Yeah?

Eden/Hannah: Yeah.

Juan Carlos:   Will these peep will these ah people came for for El Salvador?

Eden/Hannah: El Salvador. Yeah. Yes. It's 12 girls.

Juan Carlos:   Okay.

Eden/Hannah: Hopefully, they all make it here alive.

Juan Carlos:   Yeah.

Eden/Hannah: You know? But they've he made a deal with a gangster er er whoever runs

San Diego

that stuff, those rings down in El Salvador and he made a deal with him and he's gonna get

all these girls and they're gonna be running the wild over in San Diego.

Juan Carlos:    Okay.

Eden/Hannah: So, instead of them running wild and being subjected to like a huge guy like

and abuse and stuff like that.

Juan Carlos:    Okay.

Eden/Hannah: I want to be able to work with them, so they can work with me and have a

girl that they can work with, instead of a guy.

James: Because like she obviously knows more about the you know prostitution business


Eden/Hannah: and this

James: you know this guy.

Juan Carlos:    Yeah.

Eden/Hannah: and, and um the guy is a really bad guy and he doesn't need to be making

any more money and he steals money from me and my friends so I kinda wanna get away

from him and take the girls so we can work together and and the girls will be more

comfortable with another lady.

Juan Carlos:    Okay.

Eden/Hannah: So, that's kind of

Juan Carlos:    So, the an da dee area so dis the area you say it's downtown.

Eden/Hannah: Mmm hmm

Juan Carlos:    So, the San San Diego area? It's ah

James: We're not exactly quite sure like

Eden/Hannah: where they're gonna set up

James: the we might wanna go through like a housing business of some type, a mortgage

counselor or um qualify for a home that we can house

Juan Carlos:    Yeah.

San Diego

James: this business. This sex business. Ah, like you say you don't provide housing, so we

might have to go through a different channel for that.

Juan Carlos:    Yeah.

James: But, maybe you can provide uh like counseling and guidance in terms of you know

bringing in these girls cuz one of the problems I was um talking to Eden about was that you

know we're gonna have a house with about a dozen or so

Juan Carlos:    Yeah

James: underage prostitutes. We don't want people in the community to give us any

problems about this.

Juan Carlos:    Yeah.

James: You know. Um, we don't want we don't want people finding out, harassing us. We

don't want the cops coming. You know, things like that, you know. I don't know if that's a

housing issue, or if that's something that like just an immigration issue or something you

guys can can deal

Eden/Hannah: The thing is also like ever since I met him is when I wanted to leave my pimp

and get away from that guy because he's been really nice to me and he's my boyfriend and I

wanna be somehow independent from him.

Juan Carlos:    Hold on a second.

Eden/Hannah: Sure.

James: Sure.

Juan Carlos:    (answers phone) Hello. (speaking spanish) Quinara. Hola. Como

estas?....(end of call).

Juan Carlos:    Okay.

Eden/Hannah: So, I'm in this business, and he is gonna be a lawyer soon.

James: Well, I just took the uh the California bar exam and I went to um U USD.

Juan Carlos:    Yeah.

James: and so, but I'm not I'm not from here. I'm from out East, so I don't know tttt too awful

San Diego

much about downtown San Diego, and I don't have any family here or anything.

Juan Carlos:    Yeah.

James: But, um, I met her and we sort of fell in love and I'm trying to help her get set up

here with this with this sex business and maybe even one day I can take like a percentage a

percentage um like I dunno like 30% or something financially from the from the house that

we're running

Juan Carlos:    Yeah.

James: But, that's our situation.

Juan Carlos:    Okay.

James: Especially, with these girls you know. They're, they're

Juan Carlos:    Yeah.

James: from they're from the 3rd world.

Juan Carlos:    Yeah.

James: And it's I mean I can I can only imagine like how scary it was cuz like I was I'm from

Miami and I was sold to the pimp here so like that was scary for me, but at least I was still in


Juan Carlos:    Yeah.

James: And these girls are coming from overseas like to somewhere really foreign and

they're young, so I just need advice on how to carry on with that, you know.

Juan Carlos:    Okay.

James: It is an immigration issue, I guess. So,

Juan Carlos:    So, is um so the telephone number is 201. What area is that?

James: It's from, from back East. That's if, I'm actually originally from New Jersey.

Juan Carlos:    Okay.

James: Mmm hmm

Juan Carlos:    637-0564. Okay. So, that that's um the telephone we can contact you?

Eden/Hannah: Mmm hmm

San Diego

James: Yeah.

Juan Carlos:     Okay. So, because the pro the program they have for the

James: Mmm hmm

Juan Carlos:     first time buyers. We have it in San hurry an offer for for us.

James: I've, i've heard I got a referral from a friend I went to school with. He was like, I told

him about my situation, and he said don't go to the banks because they're gonna

discriminate, obviously, against you

Juan Carlos:     Yeah.

James: and they're gonna give you a hard time for many obvious reasons. So,

Juan Carlos:     Yeah.

James: they said you guys he, he dealt with you in San Bernardino and he said they were

really helpful up there so you guys should go through ACORN and and find out what they

can offer you.

Juan Carlos:     Yeah.

James: So, I dunno you know if this is something you can help us with or provide some type

of guidance or if what you'd have to help us.

Juan Carlos:     Yeah, for the houses we're gonna start to to have the seminars here.

James: Mmm hmm

Juan Carlos:     And uh and uh next month

James: Mmm hmm

Juan Carlos:     and that's a program for first time buyers but I let me um understand what did

you wanna what do you want?

James: I want to we well the two of us

Eden/Hannah: I, I want I want a house.

Juan Carlos:     Okay.

Eden/Hannah: to be able to take these girls to.

James: Well, that's one issue but I think we wanna be able to do this in a community

San Diego

Juan Carlos:   Yeah.

James: without facing you know threats or or

Eden/Hannah: danger

James: danger from or or authorities coming over and getting in trouble.

Juan Carlos:   Okay.

James: I don't want the Feds getting involved in this or anything like that.

Juan Carlos:   Okay.

James: I want the cah I want I want assistance in the community to to prevent anyone from

knowing about this or at least to help us or guidance or advice that you have about not letting

anyone know there's underage girls in this building doing things they shouldn't be doing

because I don't want and I don't know much about downtown San Diego. I don't

Juan Carlos:   Yeah.

James: You know. I've only been here for about 2.5 years.

Juan Carlos:   Okay.

James: So, that's that's what we need.

Eden/Hannah: And, his we have to protect his reputation.

Juan Carlos:   Yeah.

Eden/Hannah: Like I can't ever be seen with him in public like if you know he's really scared

about that. Seeing me

James: Well, usually usually usually she doesn't dress like just like she is now. She just got

off work.

Eden/Hannah: So,

James: So, I picked her up, but what so that's

Juan Carlos:   So you're just studying right now. You're not

James: No. I just took the bar exam. The California bar exam.

Juan Carlos:   Yeah, but you're not you're not

James: I'm looking for a job right now.

San Diego

Juan Carlos:    Okay.

James: But, this would be my primary source of income.

Juan Carlos:    This, this

Eden/Hannah: Well, it would be me but I would somehow get him money.

James: The, the the girls.

Eden/Hannah: You know.

Juan Carlos:    Yeah, the girls.

James: The girls would be my primary source of income.

Juan Carlos:    Yeah.

James: So, that's what I'm asking.

Juan Carlos:    Okay.

James: So, wudda you wudda you think?

Juan Carlos:    I think we can um that we gonna have the first time home buyers program

next month.

James: Mmm hmm

Juan Carlos:    And, the thing is you need you need to apply.

James: Mmm hmm

Juan Carlos:    And you need to because this one is really good because um this program

ACORN this ACORN program nobody have that (?).

Eden/Hannah: Mmm hmm

Juan Carlos:    That's why. And the situation right now is is that so people have house right


James: Right.

Juan Carlos:    Cuz the people buying a house 4 years ago, they losing their house.

James: Yeah.

Juan Carlos:    (?) and give up on house- the banks. They don't know. They because they

have a lot of house, they they have good deals right now. But so you need to seem to get a

San Diego

house, but you need to prove you know income. You understand?

James: Well, aside I well we're all we're all dealing exclusively with cash,

Juan Carlos:   Okay.

James: here, but one thing that someone told me to do we might be able to do is um is to

uh um my friend in law school he said what you can do sometimes when you apply for a


Juan Carlos:   Yeah.

James: is you can classify it not as prostitution, but as performing arts on the 1090

Juan Carlos:   Yeah.

James: the tax form. Cuh, we can do something like

Juan Carlos:   Yeah. 1090 is tax form. Yeah.

James: We can do something like that, right?

Juan Carlos:   Yeah.

James: Just not classify it as prostitution

Juan Carlos:   Yeah.

James: But just like dancing or performing arts, and that that way we can declare it as um

um declare it as as income

Juan Carlos:   Yeah.

James: and pay taxes and have it be official.

Juan Carlos:   Because uh you need a house. [unintelligible]

Eden/Hannah: Yeah. It's not a rental. It's a house.

James: Yeah. Well, well what do you think about that idea- de declaring it as uh performing


Eden/Hannah: It's all like really confusing to me like what does that mean? All of this?

Juan Carlos:   I think it's good to to because we have um uh 2 lawyers

James: Mmm hmm

Juan Carlos:   working for our programs

San Diego

James: Okay.

Juan Carlos:     and if you're interested came to the seminar

James: Yeah.

Juan Carlos:     and we can work we can deal for you can get a house because sometimes

when you do your taxes

James: Right.

Juan Carlos:     you, you have your own business you need to prove the income. The income

James: Well, we can prove it by classifying it as uh performing arts.

Juan Carlos:     Yeah.

James: Isn't that a way to do it?

Eden/Hannah: Isn't proving your incoming just giving cash to somebody like obviously

James: No. You have ta you have to classify it

Juan Carlos:     Yeah.

James: and the tax form

Eden/Hannah: Oh.

James: is something so I'm I'm explaining to him is that you can classify it as um as not as

prostitution but as performing arts. That way we can declare all the income. We can get past

that first hurdle.

Juan Carlos:     Yeah.

James: Do you think that's something we can do?

Juan Carlos:     The, the, the problem first time buyers is is is good because it's you never

have a house before.

James: Right.

Juan Carlos:     Yeah, and you that's that's the program is for people that never had a house.

James: Mmm hmm

Juan Carlos:     But, the the the thing right now is that house when you get a house that

house you need to live in that house that's why.

San Diego

James: Mmm hmm

Juan Carlos:    And, and you focus that house only for for business, not for live or you focus

Eden/Hannah: Well, I'll live there.

Juan Carlos:    so you focus

Eden/Hannah: I'll live there.

Juan Carlos:    that for live.

James: But it's mostly, it's mostly about a business, though.

Juan Carlos:    Yeah. Yeah.

Eden/Hannah: But, but I'll live there and run my business from there.

Juan Carlos:    Yeah.

Eden/Hannah: And the girls will live there.

Juan Carlos:    Yeah. Both. Both. Okay.

Eden/Hannah: Yeah.

James: Right.

Juan Carlos:    That's really important because you say no it's only for business. Maybe

you're not

James: Well, can this be a legitimate business? This prostitution?

Juan Carlos:    Nee, nee you need to check.

James: Okay.

Juan Carlos:    You need to check. You need to check. Because uh the program for first time

buyers is for the people that never have a house.

James: We've never had a house.

Juan Carlos:    Yeah. And, and we don't [unintelligible] for people that never had a house.

That's good. You're not, you don't have to be married to that person. You can get 4 or 5


James: Well, there are gonna be 13 underage girls, not just 4 or 5.

Juan Carlos:    Okay.

San Diego

James: So is that gonna be a problem?

Eden/Hannah: They'll be 12 and

Juan Carlos:   When you by a house

James: Yeah.

Juan Carlos:   and the title

James: Yeah.

Juan Carlos:   they gonna be probably 4 or 5 persons

James: Okay.

Juan Carlos:   that put it. Well, you gonna you can put all that's gonna work on there.

James: Yeah.

Juan Carlos:   Maybe you you can't have the control for that house.

Eden/Hannah: Well, I mean they're gonna be underage. So, how could I write them um like

like could they be like my sisters or something like that?

James: Could we get like a child tax credit for them? Claim them as dependents?

Juan Carlos:   Yeah.

Eden/Hannah: We could?

James: Okay.

Juan Carlos:   Yeah.

James: Um,

Juan Carlos:   So, you you right now you you never have a house? You never do a tax


Eden/Hannah: Not me. Not me.

James: That's because it's all cash right now.

Juan Carlos:   Yeah.

James: So, we need to find a way to make this legal and legitimate.

Juan Carlos:   Yeah. That, that there there fer because you need to do that tax for for if you


San Diego

James: Yeah.

Juan Carlos:    Before you uh you apply.

James: But, we just want to make sure that it's okay that we can classify this as performing

arts on the 1090 tax form and also that you know we um we wanna make it um legitimate

and legal

Juan Carlos:    Yeah.

James: because prostitution is illegal in California.

Juan Carlos:    Yeah.

James: So, we need to make it legal. So, we need to make sure we go we we we write the

right things on the form.

Eden/Hannah: Yeah, and like we wanted to make sure like like i've I'm I mean we wanted to

make sure that like you guys would be able to work with us and help us out.

James: Can you help us even though we're like from coming from a you know

Eden/Hannah: kind of a weird situation

Juan Carlos:    Yeah. Let me, let me, so where the cont I can contact you to this telephone


James: Yeah.

Eden/Hannah: Yeah.

James: Yep.

Juan Carlos:    [unintelligible] So, you're name is?

James: My name is James um

Eden/Hannah: Edward.

James: James Edward.

Juan Carlos:    And Iden, iden?

Eden/Hannah: Eden.

James: No, it's Eden. E D E N

Eden/Hannah: E D E N

San Diego

Juan Carlos: [unintelligible]

Eden/Hannah: Yes, sir.

Juan Carlos:     So, you're income? Right, so you're not you don't have income at this time?

James: Well, she we

Eden/Hannah: Well

James: have she makes a lot of money. She has some really high profile clients in


Juan Carlos:     Okay.

James: Um, she's one of the best prostitutes in the state of California believe it or not.

Juan Carlos:     Okay.

James: So, she gets paid

Eden/Hannah: I did that. I did that pretty fast.

James: She gets paid hundreds of dollars per visit so we we we're raking in income we

expect when the when the when the girls come over we expect to makin about you know a

hundred dollars on each of these girls a day. So, we're lookin at over a thousand dollars a

day in income.

Juan Carlos:     Okay.

James: And then I'm gonna take a cut of that. A cut of that money and hopefully use if for

like a political campaign that I'm running.

Juan Carlos:     Oh, really?

James: Yeah.

Juan Carlos:     That's good.

Eden/Hannah: Well, when he's like an established lawyer, he wants to run for office one


James: Well, not for a couple years. You know I need to

Eden/Hannah: Yeah after

James: I need to get myself established like in the community.

San Diego

Juan Carlos:    Yeah.

James: But, one day I think it'd be really lucrative to use this money towards it my political

campaign. I'm really big in the Democratic party down here.

Juan Carlos:    Okay.

James: Just like the local like the um like the se you know I was big in the college


Juan Carlos:    Okay.

James: And I also go up to Sacramento. I interned up there. So, I'm just sort of getting used

to the political scene, but I wanna run a campaign for congress like 3 years down the road.

Juan Carlos:    Okay.

James: So, I think it would be excellent if I could maybe take a cut of this money I

Eden/Hannah: Cuz the more money you have, they better chances you have at winning, so

James: Well, advertising is expensive so I was thinking of taking a cut of the money and

using it toward my campaign.

Eden/Hannah: And if I like you know have a house and have a business, then people will

know me more in a community cuz like for now like I go from city to city wherever the money

like wherever my high profile clients want me to go, but like if I have a house with the girls

then I'll be in the community and people will know me and then like I could get them, if he's

still around near me, like in the area then like he could I could maybe rally people and he

would have more money and I could get people to vote for him.

So an, that’s like, that’s like our plan.

Juan Carlos:    Yeah, that’s good. So you, ah so you not working right now at something to,

to get taxes and everything?

James: No.

Eden/Hannah: No. I have all cash right now.

Juan Carlos:    So your area you’re working where is this ? Downtown? The city?

Eden/Hannah: Downtown. Sometimes, sometimes LA

San Diego

James: All over though. You just got back from LA. I mean that’s where a lot of the wealthy

clients are.

Juan Carlos:   Yeah.

James: But ah, ah as a Latino man, do you have any recommendations in terms of

Eden/Hannah: The girls.

James: the El Salvadorian girls coming over and, and making sure they don’t get caught

like by people in the community.

Eden/Hannah: The girls are coming this weekend.

Juan Carlos:   Okay.

James: That’s why its sort of an emergency situation.

Eden/Hannah: That’s kind of why we like ran in here for help because I want to get them

before the pi, the pimp has time to bond with them. And, and you know herd them away. So,

I don’t know how to deal with that.

Juan Carlos:   So do you know, you don know what day? What day they are coming?

James: The day

Eden/Hannah: No, they’re coming on Saturday.

James: Saturday morning.

Eden/Hannah: Saturday.

Juan Carlos:   Saturday.

Eden/Hannah: Well like, like Friday night, Saturday morning. Like

James: Really late though. In the middle of the night.

Eden/Hannah: Secret. Like in the middle of the night. Like between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. So…

Juan Carlos:   So, that they, they working at that?

Eden/Hannah: Their working on that, you know arrival. So, I don’t know like. I obviously

don’t have to get there like jump in a car and herd them away right away

Juan Carlos:   Yeah.

Eden/Hannah: but I need to get them sometime this weekend. So I don’t know how to set

San Diego

that up.

Juan Carlos: Let me see.

ACORN Employee #2: Excuse me. Carlos, I just want to make sure, do you have this

information for the meeting tomorrow? [pause] I sent you an email about it. [pause] Nope.

Juan Carlos:   No

ACORN Employee #2: Ok you could ask me about it later.

Juan Carlos:   Ok, ok.

ACORN Employee #2: I’m sorry.

Juan Carlos:   Ok, thanks.

[long pause]

James: Ouch. That hurts. That’s

Eden/Hannah: I need a massage.

[long pause]

Juan Carlos: So you’ve never heard for this organization? ACORN?

James: What’s that?

Juan Carlos: you’ve never heard…

Eden/Hannah: Well, well he, he, he knows about it.

James: I don’t…Some friends of mine referred me to this organization. They said that the, I

should talk to you guys because you’d probably be the least, the least, um hostile towards


Eden/Hannah: He um, he assured me that you guys would be the friendliest and most

helpful um he told me.

Juan Carlos:   Ok, let’s do this. Let me, let me see anything about it.

James: um huh.

Juan Carlos: See and let me contact to you. Because this program this, this Saturday


James: That’s, its coming and like I need to think about the plan for this Saturday . Like do

San Diego

you have any immediate advice for me? Just ah, like right, right now in terms of planning for

their arrival like what, what I can do?

Juan Carlos: Oh, you,you,you, it’s better, you have email, you have email?

Eden/Hannah: I have an email, yeah.

Juan Carlos: Could you write it?

James: Sh, Should he contact me or you?

Eden/Hannah: Well, I’ve got an email.

James: Alright.

Eden/Hannah: I mean, I love the computer.

Juan Carlos: I don like it computers.

Eden/Hannah: I hate phones.

Juan Carlos:    Me, too.


Juan Carlos: So you’re from? What? You’re from?

James: I’m from, I’m from back east. I live in New Jersey for just like a little bit.

Juan Carlos:    To - too cold out there.

James: Yeah, it’s cold.

Juan Carlos: Yeah.

James: It’s nice out here. It’s sunny.

Juan Carlos: California, it is the best.

James: Yeah. Are you from California?

Juan Carlos: No, I’m from ahhh Mexico City.

James: Oh.

Juan Carlos: Yeah, Mexico City. I grew up in the [unintelligible]

James: Oh yeah?

Juan Carlos: Yeah. I’m a lawyer.

James: Oh really?

San Diego

Juan Carlos: Yeah. I’m [unintelligible]

1. Where did you go to school?

Juan Carlos: In Mexico.

James: Oh.

Juan Carlos: Yeah. [unintelligible] a long time ago.

James: You take the California bar?

Juan Carlos:    Yay No. I’m not [unintelligible] I tried. It’s too, it’s too hard.

James: It is, it is hard. It’s a hard bar exam.

Juan Carlos: Yeah.

James: It’s a long hard exam.

Juan Carlos: Yeah. But ah when you finish this, this ah ah to work in the what thus do ah

what do you like to do ah.

James: Well I like, I like criminal defense.

Juan Carlos: Criminal defense?

James: I did a um, I, I did an internship with the district attorneys office

Juan Carlos: Yeah.

James: And a, actually in L.A. and it was really good cause I worked with gangs. But um,

I’ve also done sort of like defense. I like criminal law.

Juan Carlos: Oh.

James: And it will defiantly help me because I’m gonna have, if I get in any trouble

Juan Carlos: Yeah.

James: or if she gets in any trouble with the girls, I’m, I’m gonna need to know law but you

know. That’s why this is so weird…

Eden/Hannah: And it would be a good story, like if I ever got in trouble, and then he could

come to my rescue like as a defense lawyer. And then, and then, people would see us like in

the public and then it would be like, he would be like “Oh, I just fell in love with the prostitute”.

And then we could have a public relationship. I just thought about that. That would work.

San Diego

James: That would work.

Eden/Hannah: I don’t want ta get in trouble with the law though.

James: Yeah. [pause] But you say you.

Juan Carlos: This is a

Eden/Hannah: Q

Juan Carlos: Q

Eden/Hannah: T

Juan Carlos: T

Eden/Hannah: Smalls S…M..

Juan Carlos:    S…M…

2. A…L…L…

Juan Carlos:    L…L…

Eden/Hannah: C

Juan Carlos: C?

Eden/Hannah: Um hum.

Juan Carlos: 6

Eden/Hannah: 69

Juan Carlos: 69

Eden/Hannah: at

James: um…but yeah, it is um unfortunately prostitution is illegal in California. So I’ve got to

be really careful about, you know, cause I took the bar exam I had to take the oath on the


Juan Carlos: Yeah.

James: Where it’s you know, your not going to breaking any law. So I have to keep her at a

distance. I can’t, I can’t be really involved in this aside from just you know,

Juan Carlos: Yeah, cause you maybe you get in trouble with you when you get a lawyer.

James: That’s right.

San Diego

Juan Carlos: Yeah.

James: So I’ve got to be really careful not only about the girls and about the bringing the

girls in on Saturday but also about the ah keeping myself distant from this you know.

Eden/Hannah: But being in love and making money shouldn’t be against the law. You

know? So.

Juan Carlos: You need, you need, you need see. I probably what I need, I want to call you


James: Tomorrow?

Juan Carlos: Tomorrow, yeah. That’s you, that’s you, that’s your cell phone number.

Eden/Hannah: That’s, that’s my cell phone.

James: Yeah. Um hum.

Juan Carlos: That’s your cell phone number.

James: Um hum.

Juan Carlos:   That’s, that’s that’s both, that’s your contact. I contact you any hour.

James: Um hum.

Juan Carlos: Ok

James: And you’ll contact me before the girls come over?

Juan Carlos: Yeah.

James: And let me know any thoughts?

Juan Carlos: Yeah.

Eden/Hannah: So …what’s

James: We’re, we’re gonna, we’re gonna talk to the, the um ah, the person whose doing the


Juan Carlos: Yeah.

James: Um.

Juan Carlos: Yeah and get more information – that’s good.

James: I need to figure out like what, what things do you need um from, for our phone call

San Diego

tomorrow? What things do you need from me in terms of like the shipment information. What

can I give you, what information would you further need would help you in, in advice you

would give me?

Juan Carlos: The location.

James: The location?

Juan Carlos: Yeah.

James: Where, whereabouts like what type like the city? State? What do you need?

Juan Carlos: Ahhh the location, they gonna, they ga [wispers] [unintelligible] afternoon.

James: That’s fine. Any time after five works actually.

Juan Carlos: Ok, [unintelligible]

James: So what information do you need from me the location where the girls are being


Juan Carlos: Yeah.

James: What else?

Juan Carlos: And I need that its possible to maybe I like dis is you say private.

James: Yes

Juan Carlos: I ah because we work before with the lawyers

James: Ok

Juan Carlos: Ah, ah, you say um, district lawyers.

James: What are they called?

Juan Carlos: District lawyers.

James: District attorneys?

Juan Carlos: District attorneys.

James: The prosecutors?

Juan Carlos: Yes.

James: You’re working with the prosecutors?

Juan Carlos: Yeah.

San Diego

James: Well then that’s, that’s not good.

Juan Carlos: Yeah, that’s not good but le me, le me see. [long pause] I think I want to

send an email to you.

James: Okay.

Juan Carlos: I’m gonna send email what you’re looking for.

Eden/Hannah: You know but how do we know like, honestly like I don’t feel very comfortable

right now. Like, I just like gave you a bunch of info and I don’t know if we trust you like.

James: Oh, that, that they said, they said that ACORN was a. they’re different then the


Eden/Hannah: I know but like I’m still scared. I don’t know

James: These people are not gonna

Juan Carlos: No, we help people.

James: You have a, you’re not going to take her [inaudible]

Juan Carlos: No.

James: They’re not going to do it. They’re not like the bankers. They’re not like them. Um

Juan Carlos: So why you scared? [unintelligible]

Eden/Hannah: Well because its like a lot, its like my future because you guys got an

organization. I just don’t want to get in trouble. Like how, how, I don’t know.

Juan Carlos: Yeah.

Eden/Hannah: Like, like do you guys? I don’t know.

James: They’re not, they’re not like those bankers. These people are like legitimate. They,

they are different then all the people that you met with before. I told you this.

Juan Carlos:    We’ve got good persons at our business.

Eden/Hannah: You’re the good guys?

Juan Carlos: Yeah.

Eden/Hannah: He told me that you guys were.

James: That’s what – remember my friend Dave? He’s, he had that issue I told you about. I

San Diego

was telling you about up in San Bernadino? They’re, these people are legit their not gonna,

their not gonna, its fine. But, I know you’re a busy man so I just want ta is is just this guys

gonna call me in about an hour actually.

Juan Carlos: Okay.

James: You say need the location. Now he said the location might be in um, it might be over

the boarder in Mexico.

Juan Carlos: Okay.

James: Um is it? Ahhh

Juan Carlos: Boarder?

James: It’s over the boarder, over the boarder in Mexico in Tijuana.

Juan Carlos: Okay.

James: Okay that’s where their gonna get shipped.

Eden/Hannah: Maybe.

James: Maybe. Um, I’m, I’m gonna.

Juan Carlos: You’re gonna cross the ..

James: I’m givin ‘em some cash. Okay. So logistically, I mean is it better if it’s Tijuana, is it

better if it’s um somewhere inland? Where, where is the best place? Um its like all these

answers he wants right away.

Juan Carlos: Is better in Tijuana.

James: Tijuana? Why?

Juan Carlos: Because I have a lot of contact in Tijuana.

James: Okay. And, they might be able to ah assist in crossing the boarder?

Juan Carlos: Yeah.

James: Okay. There’s like twelve of them is that okay?

Juan Carlos: Twelve?

James: Twelve

Eden/Hannah: Twelve girls.

San Diego

James: There’s twelve girls but they’re like there’s like thirteen to fifteen years old.

Juan Carlos: Oh yeah?

James: Yeah.

Juan Carlos: Wha, I want to contact you only now for email.

James: Got it . Got it.

Eden/Hannah: Okay.

Juan Carlos: [unintelligible]

James: Okay, Well I’ll …

Juan Carlos: Gimme, gimme, gimme, I want to contact you email tomorrow.

James: Okay. But I’m going to find out what the prices are for that option and he had some

kind of other option. He said Tijuana and he said by the water right downtown, right on the


Juan Carlos: Okay

James: And then he said some other option like way far inland. Like, like 50 or 100 miles

inland. I have no idea how this works. I’m new to this but he, he wanted a s, a sum of money

up front. So that’s why it’s like a little bit shady and ahhh

Eden/Hannah: We’re doing this behind the pimps back with the guy, with the guy whose

James: I’m trying to orchestrate this all by myself but I don’t know anything…

Eden/Hannah: We thought the pimp was …

James: I don’t know anything about this stuff it’s like completely screwed up to me. I don’t

know, well I wouldn’t do it this way and he goes “ You give me this much money, I’ll set up

for like this.” So I gotta find out some information.

Juan Carlos: You need, I going to contact you by email

James: Okay, Alright. Alright.

Juan Carlos: Okay.

James: Thank you. [pause] Thank you again. Um hum. What? Are you comfortable? You


San Diego

Eden/Hannah: Um hum.

James: Do you have like a phone number we can call or a card or something with your


[long pause]

Juan Carlos: Don’ give me that, his telephone number.

James: Just give me your cell phone or something like that.

Juan Carlos: What I’ll do is….

James: And like, she’s pretty freaked out right now, can you not tell anyone because she’s

been giving me a hard time about people finding out.

Juan Carlos: I’ll call you.

James: Thank you.

Juan Carlos: This is the telephone for my office. I’m going to give you my private number.

[long pause] Well its better I can send you an email.

James: Okay. That’s fine.

Juan Carlos: This is ah, this is a cell phone number. This is a cell phone number.

James: You’re name is Juan?

Juan Carlos: Juan Carlos.

James: Oh , well appreciate you’re time. I really appreciate that. Oh, I’m sorry.

Juan Carlos: Okay, take care

James: Thank you.

Eden/Hannah: Thank you.

James: Bye bye. This way? This way? [whispers]

San Diego Audio 1 - Complete


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