APPENDIX 2


                         LAND DESIGNTED BY DESCRIPTION

To the north by the edge of the residential area with properties leading off Martlet Avenue,
The Ridgeway, Hollinwood Road and Dryhurst Lane;
To the east by Redhouse Lane, the railway line and the edge of the residential area with
properties leading off Chantry Road, Heysbank Road, Counting House Road and Crabtree
To the south by Red Lane and the edge of the residential area with properties leading off
Elizabeth Avenue, Royal Road, Goyt Road, Brentside Road and St Mary‟s Road; and
To the east by the edge of the residential area with properties leading off Lymewood Drive
and Homestead Road.
                                                                             APPENDIX 3

                                    Postal card responses



Comments in support

Why does it not cover the community centre where kids hang out?

The area within which the Community Centre is located (in the centre of the plan at
Appendix 1) is already covered by an alcohol designation order made in 2006.

This is not before time

More police on the beat would help. Someone who could get to know the locals and we
could rely on the officer

Back on main shops drinking (evenings) leaving empties all over the area!! Certain “pub”
people on pavements drinking not good for residents adjacent

We need to more visible police to enforce this

A good idea

We have a growing problem youths congregations in the evenings and circa 01.00 hrs on
the grass verge in front of this property empty bear have been thrown onto the garden
several times recently

Areas of concern particularly around station buildings and Fountain Square

Can this be enforced even late at night?

I think this order should be made

Doesn‟t go far enough this will encourage drinking on Green and Cooks lane can you
extend up to Mudhurst Road?
We welcome a proportionate policing response. Please do not make pubs take extreme
burden in these matters as they struggle to make a living

Should extend area up Jacksons Edge Road to include areas adjacent to the sports club
grassy area is always littered with beer cans/small spirits bottles

Drinking in the street should be banned country wise

Common sense works for all

Having said yes I have reservations about the outer boundary near Hagg Bank and Hitton
Road (white areas) which could be vulnerable

Excellent pro-active idea - stop problems before they start - get street boozing under

It should cover the whole area the centre triangle should not be left out

The central area is already covered by and order made in 2006.

Why is the area around the library exempt this is were people congregate to drink alcohol

The central area within which the library is located is already covered by and order made
in 2006

Proving your true to your word be peaceful picnics your also might not get that much
support with it not being free post

Why was the area not extended to cover the whole of Disley? Jackson‟s Edge/Carr Brow
is a problem I have to pick up beer cans wine bottles every weekend – it could get worse
with the present proposal.

Under age drinking (back of Disley library on park off Dane Hill Close back of Halifax shop

Since the smoking ban increasing number of people are drinking outs ide pubs
I would like to see street signs to indicate no drinking areas

As set out the report is a statutory requirement that signage is put up to indicate the extent
of the designated area.

A sound proposal. Stop anti social drinking

Anything that can curb the constant abuse that we to put up with from teenagers who
drink at the civic centre and road behind the shops will have our full support

In support of this - however this should apply anywhere in the village re anti social
behaviour affected by drink hope that it wont displace offenders from centre to other areas

Its worth a try

Very supportive of this proposal

We have nothing against licensed premises but do not like people standing along the
pavements outside drinking it means you sometimes have to walk on the road in a difficult
area amongst the traffic

Thank you

Please extend area to higher Disley

We often find empty spirit wine bottles and glasses in Memorial Park

Are the laws not already sufficient but not enforced?

Why was this not extended to cover the total garage area which sells alcohol and will
become a target area?

If the centre of the village is not included then it will be a waste of time and money

The central area is already covered by and order made in 2006.

Yes good idea
A visit to Lower Greenshaw Lane near Disley filling station is worth doing, cars parking,
drinking and smoking!

Thursday and Friday nights are worst, we need police in those nights around 12 till 1

This seems to a good idea provided it can be policed effectively

I am particularly anxious to stop the fouling and lettering which now takes place at the
station precincts

We hope the ban will include around Rhodes playing field

If the white area in the centre of the map is already covered fine, if not it should be

The central area is already covered by and order made in 2006.

Hopefully this will stop broken glass and bottles being thrown about and reduce abusive
behaviour. Also we require more policing presence.

Good plan but needs to be enforced

Only problem need police in village to undertake the powers if given - otherwise a waste
of time

What‟s the point we don‟t have any police force to enforce it

In support of the proposed order

An excellent proposal

We get the teenagers round Crabtree Court at night and they leave their cans or take
away boxes etc

Whether its proves to be effective or otherwise any strategy that try‟s to cut down anti
social behaviour under age drinking in public spaces is deserving of support

Very important to help put alcohol in its proper place
I experience problems on the area adjacent to my property and am very supportive of this

I strongly support this proposal

Welcome order!!

As a weekly user of Disley Community Centre I will welcome any measure to stop
teenagers collecting there

The younger ones need a youth club which they can go to at night

We support this proposal 100%

Problem area - Rams Head car park witnessed under age drinking not only drunk but
smashed bottles - dangerous glass

As drinking occurs under my flat at approximately 10 -12 pm, beer cans etc thrown on
grass field at the side of my flat

I welcome this kind of peaceful life enforcement, some traffic calming would be welcomed
as young people in fast cars use Disley as a race track

Youth persistently drink alcohol by the railway station leaving bottles and cans littering the
railway tracks. Waiting room used as a WC!

Police should be in the area in the evenings especially weekends to enforce the order

Problems arise due to irresponsible disposal of empty drink can/bottles. Increase the
number of litter cans in the central area outside licensed premises

Good idea

Would the community support officers have the authority here?

Yes – PSCOs have the power to enforce the order
The canal is filled with cans and bottles a weekend this is not good for wildlife or tourists I
cleans as much as I can

Good - perhaps then a shall stop getting beer cans and bottles thrown into my garden

I would truly welcome this move. A great idea

Support measure as anti social drinking by youths is a problem need alternatives for them
like sport facilities

Excellent idea!

Could we also address dog excrement in the village, as it is of a poor standard. Not
enough signs up or wardens. Rarely return your call when I have rung dog wardens.

We strongly support all efforts to be combat drinking in the street and youths hanging

Excellent idea please ensure that the John Rhodes playing field are patrolled as this is a
nuisance spot for drinking

Fine by us

And there enough police officers to exercise these power?

Area should include Hagg Bank Lane in Disley + down the canal these areas are frequent
for under age drinking

Proposal is fully supported

I have suffered damage to my car by partying teenagers

Anything which reduces vandalism and unruly behaviour and helps reduce the amount of
drinking must be a good idea.

Suggest you include the area I have shown outlined in green i.e. the at the top of
Jackson‟s Edge – the Amalgamated Club [see attached at Appendix 5]
Alcohol can and does exacerbate a negative though process and should be drunk in a
good social setting with food preferably but can this be found.

The map is unclear. Does it refer to the dead centre of Disley or the whole of the
conservation area?

The centre of Disley is already covered by an order the proposal is to extend the
designated area to that shown shaded on the plan.

In agreement with the general proposal, but as the area included on the map is all private
property, it is difficult to image what the effect of the new order will be as private property
is excluded. The small island that includes the library is also excluded and that is to be
regretted. There is also concern about the unsavoury antics of some of the Disley pubs
clientele, whose bonhomie spreads greetings to any passer by with some embarrassment.

The highways and open spaces within the area are public and would therefore be covered
by the powers within the order. The centre of Disley is already covered by an order the

Comments not in support

A further erosion of civil liberties. I am not reassured by the statement that the powers are
not intended to disrupt peaceful activities. The authorities will interpret this as they wish
and will abuse it if it suits them.

The police have plenty of powers already, but just don‟t exercise them sufficiently, either
through lack of resources or lack of interest. No need for further pointless powers.

Just another move from the „nanny state‟ we live in

Do we really need it? Pretty quiet round here. More work and more laws.

I‟m reluctant to give the police even more power

Additional comments

As they cannot drink in the village they all come down Hagg Bank Lane on the green near
the canal and leave cans of beer and litter everywhere so please make this area safe.

Can only be for the general good of the community?

How do you define „anti-social‟ drinking? Does constable include PCSO?
Nuisance/annoyance should be the target regardless of alcohol, drugs or any other cause

Go to the railway station any night to find examples

                                                                          APPENDIX 4
                                      E-mail responses


As I mentioned our principal concern is the exclusion of the Towpath on the North side of
the Peak Forest canal. This is a very well used public footpath and two benches have
been placed on the path. Unfortunately these are venues from time to time for drinking
parties of teenagers, many of whom may have come from the New Mills direction. The
resulting litter is also a problem.

We therefore think that this area should be included in the alcohol free zone.

We wish to support the introduction of the proposed order for Disley

Regarding the above could I ask you to consider the following please:

There is a path leading from Hagg Bank Lane, off Hollinwood Road.
This path leads to the Ridgegway. Youths do congregate there and drink alcohol.
The present proposal appears to (just) omit this area. Could the restriction be widened
very slightly to encompass this area if possible.
Residents leaving the village centre via Hollinwood Road at present do encounter groups
congregating there, in relation to which these powers might be of assistance to the Police

We support the introduction of the proposed order

Would it be possible to extend the boundary on Hagg Bank Lane to the canal .Since the
introduction of the camera we have seen on several occasions anti-social drinking on this

I have received your postcard entitled "Proposal in Relation to Alcohol Consumption in
Public Places in Disley"

I have some questions that I think are relevant.

1. You do not quote the actual Statute or Act or Parliament that you are proposing to
introduce here, though you do describe some of its intent. It is not even clear if it is a civil
or criminal offence that is being covered. I cannot see that the vote can carry much
weight if it is not clear what is actually being voted for.

2. What evidence is there that there is a problem requiring the introduction of this. For
example, on how many occasions have Police attended a disturbance involving alcohol
and not been able to act because this power was not available, in say, the last 2 years?

3. What has set the boundary of the area. It appears to encompass most of the populated
area of Disley. Is there good evidence that Police have attended disturbances involving
alcohol at locations spread around the whole of this area ?
4. How do you intend to enforce this? If the problem is on a scale that warrants such a
widespread coverage of this order it is not clear that there are sufficient Police resourc es
available to act effectively. Any order that is not enforced will fall into disrepute.

You might gather from the flavour of the questions that I am sceptical about giving Police
additional powers, no matter how apparently small, if there is no demonstrably good
reason. This is especially pertinent at this time when the subject of civil liberties and state
surveillance has a high profile in the media.

Question 1
The legislation which provides local authorities with the powers to introduce Designated
Public Place Orders (DPPOs) is the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001; specifically
sections 12 - 16 of the Act. In addition, the Local Authorities (Alcohol Consumption in
Designated Public Places) Regulations 2007 prescribe the procedure in relation to the
introduction of such Orders.

Questions 2 & 3
The request to the Borough Council to consider the introduction of an Order was made by
Disley Parish Council. The boundary for the proposed area was formulated by the Parish
Council in consultation with the local Police. Please find attached below a link to the report
to the Licensing Committee on 2 February 2009 when they resolved that the proposals
should go out for statutory consultation. As you will note paragraph 2.4 of the report
quotes the Home Office publication "Guidance on Designated Public Places Orders
(DPPOs): For Local Authorities in England and Wales" in relation to the evidence required
to support the introduction of an Order. In making their decision to go forward with a
consultation exercise the Committee took into account information supplied by the Parish
Council including correspondence from local residents and the Police.

Question 4
The powers provided within a DPPO area may be enforced by Police Officers and other
accredited persons (under section 41 and 42 and Schedule 5 to the Police Reform Act),
including Police Community Support Officers. My understanding is that the local PSCOs
would utilise the powers under the Order were it to be introduced within the wider
proposed area in Disley.

We fully support your proposal to provide the police with powers to restrict antisocial
drinking in public places in Disley. We hope that this will include the pavement outside the
Mousetrap public house in the centre of Disley and that the police will pay partic ular
attention to this site; overspill of drinkers outside this pub has worsened since the smoking
ban keeps them outside.

I support the introduction of the proposed order

 Although we strongly support the initiative it may be helpful to provide somewhere for the
young people to meet!

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