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									Communitech Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Awards Gala Dinner
Tuesday, October 7, 2008, 5:30PM, Embassy Room, Bingeman’s
Speaking Notes for David Johnston

Event Background: This annual event recognizes the very best in entrepreneurship in
Waterloo Region.

Key Participants:

David Johnston, President, UW
Carl Dare, Dare Foods
Charles Greb, Greb Shoes Limited
Frank Hasenfratz, Linamar
John Motz, Waterloo Region Record
Theodore Witzel, Onward Manufacturing
Tim Lee (emcee)
John Pollock (special guest)
Marc Morin (last year’s Intrepid Award winner)
Iain Klugman, Communitech

5:30PM – Cocktails

6:00PM – Tim Lee’s remarks (5 minutes)

6:05PM – David Johnston’s remarks (5-10 minutes)

    Thank you for the introduction Tim.

    Good evening everyone.

    Before I begin I would like to welcome two guests in
       particular tonight.

 The first is John Pollock, who accepted the Hall of
  Fame’s very first award on behalf of his father, Carl

 Carl’s legacy is well-known – long time president of
  Electrohome, founder of the University of Waterloo and
  member of its Board of Governors for 11 years, and he
  served as our institution’s third Chancellor from 1975 to
  1979. He was a true friend to this community, and
  supporter of innovation and entrepreneurship. Thank
  you for being here, John.

 I would like also to welcome Marc Morin, one of the
  Intrepid Award winners from last year.

 Marc is an alumnus of both the University of Waterloo
  and Wilfrid Laurier University, and an entrepreneur par
  excellence, helping to found both Pixstream and
  Sandvine Incorporated.

 As you’ll hear more about later, the Intrepid Award
  recognizes those fearless individuals who stand out
  among their peers for seizing opportunities and
  overcoming challenges while making a positive impact
  on the region’s entrepreneurial community.

 And so, on behalf of the Prosperity Council of
  Waterloo Region I would like to welcome all of our
  guests this evening.

 The Prosperity Council of Waterloo Region is a
  federation of the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber
  of Commerce, the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce,
  Canada’s Technology Triangle, and the Communitech
  Technology Association.

 You might say that entrepreneurship is the Prosperity
  Council’s bread and butter. We define prosperity as the
  initiatives and policies that support wealth creation
  while seeking to improve the social well-being and
  overall quality of life in our community.

 How is this accomplished? By our entrepreneurial
  business leaders who roll up their sleeves and say,
  “let’s get started.”

 That is what has turned this region from a small, quiet
  farming community to centre of manufacturing and put it
  on the path to becoming the Knowledge and Innovation
  Capital of Canada over the course of the last 150 years.

 These Hall of Fame awards are intended to celebrate
  the region’s entrepreneurial roots and to encourage a
  spirit of entrepreneurship amongst our citizens.

 Looking around the room tonight, I am reminded of just
  how much we have to celebrate.

 That entrepreneurial spirit that runs through Waterloo
  Region like the Grand River has been called many
  things, but I think the most fitting title is “The Waterloo

 The Waterloo Way is all about knowledge creation.
  And the dissemination and conversion of that
  knowledge into high-value innovation.

 There’s an equation for it, and it’s simple. From Know
  to Do though How to Do.

 And it’s that innovation in any number of diverse
  directions that has directly contributed to the robustness
  of this community and its ability to weather economic

 Entrepreneurialism is the foundation of Waterloo
  Region, from its first waves of Mennonite settlers in the
  early 19th Century to the hardworking Germans who
  followed. Immigrations who brought with them a belief
  in community, and a belief in change.

 I’ve often referred to Waterloo Region as a community
  of barn-raisers, who recognize the benefit of helping
  one’s neighbour.

 That’s the same spirit that underlies the philosophy of
  Communitech, of Canada’s Technology Triangle, and of
  our region’s innovation engines, our universities and

 Every generation has built on that spirit of adding value.

 Where we once relied on making beer, spirits, and
  shoes, we quickly turned to exporting mathematical
  software packages, large text software retrieval
  systems, process control software and wireless
  communications technology.

 The symbols of one generation’s success – the
  Seagram buildings, Kaufman’s Shoe, the Bauer
  mattress factory, those foundations of this region’s first
  successful exports, are being converted into living and
  working spaces for our current top export – talented

 Each generation has contributed something to the
  growth, prosperity and cultural flowering that make
  Waterloo Region such a fine place to live and work.

 And tonight, we celebrate the next generation.

 I had the immense pleasure of sitting on the selection
  panel for the Hall of Fame awards, alongside Laurier
  President Max Blouw, John Tibbits, President of
  Conestoga College, Tim Jackson of Communitech,
  Ross Wells of the Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber
  of Commerce, Helen Jowett of the Cambridge Chamber
  and CTT’s John Doherty.

 Let me tell you that the advisory committee truly had
  their work cut out for them this year, trying to whittle
  down so many high-quality nominations into the final
  roster of winners that we will celebrate tonight.

 It’s much easier to wield a rubber stamp than a red pen!

 As you will see tonight, I believe the right choices have
  been made as we take this opportunity to highlight the
  incredible, inspiration success stories that have led our
  winners to the podium.

    The entrepreneurs we are celebrating tonight truly
      embody the spirit of the Waterloo Way, and best of all;
      they inspire that spirit in others.

    The hallmark of Waterloo’s success is how well our
      community’s members work together, and it never hurts
      to celebrate together too. The successes of our
      winners are indeed the successes of this community,
      and tonight, the real winner is Waterloo Region.

    So without further ado, thank you all for coming, and
      please enjoy your evening.

6:20PM – Dinner Service

6:40PM – Awards Presentation begins

8:15PM – Tim Lee’s presentation

8:30PM – Iain Klugman’s remarks (5 minutes)

8:35PM – Formal portion of event ends

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