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					                                                           January 2009

                 Brew Your                                                              Make Your
                 Own Beer                                                               Own Wine
                                                                     Own Wine

                                                                           NEW ENHANCED REFERRAL PROGRAM
                       JANUARY                                        With the assistance of one of our RJ Spagnols,
              RESTOCKING SALE                                        we can now offer a referral bonus of $15.00 for
         Now that 2009 is here we have several                              both the referrer and the “referee”
         exiting events to get the new year started.                 Have you ever had friends or neighbours tell you how
                                                                      good your wine or beer is? Now you can have them
         First of all, during all of January, we have                making the same great wines and beers you make, by
         our “JANUARY RESTOCKING SALE”. We                                   introducing them to the Brew Kettle.
         know your wine cellar took a beating over                    All new customers will save $15.00 off their first
         the holidays, so to help you restock we are                                order, and you will save
         offering our best sale of the year. *                           $15.00 off your next batch of wine or beer.
         These savings apply to the featured wines
         of the month, which are Merlot (red) and
                                                                                       Now for the bad news
         Chardonnay (white)
         -Buy one 4 week VDV and get $10.00 off.                     Unfortunately, during the past year there have been
         Buy 2 kits and get $25.00 off.                              numerous cost increases in both wine and beer making
          -For the 6 week Cellar Classic Merlot and                  products.
         Chardonnay kits it’s even better---buy one                  In March 2008 the manufacturer’s price of most of
         kit and get $15 off, buy 2 kits and you save                our wine kits went up 3.2%.
         $35.00.                                                      In keeping with my policy of only changing prices
                                                                     once a year, effective January 1 there will be price
               BREW KETTLE WEBSITE                                   increases for some of our wine products.
         The other piece of news is that you can now                 Beer making product prices went crazy during 2008.
         check on the latest events happening at the                 The cost of a bag of hops tripled, and barley malts
         Brew Kettle, new prize draws and contest                    went up by 20%.
         winners, newsletters etc by logging onto                    Due to these increases, we will be increasing our beer
         our new website. Not surprisingly, the                      prices by $5.00 per batch.
         address is                                 On the good side, this is still only just over $17.00
                                                                     per 24 for a batch of the best beer money can buy.

                       FREE GIFT
                                                                    The Buffalo Theory of Beer Drinking and Brain Development
         Just to see how many of our customers                      A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest
         are reading our newsletter, bring in                       buffalo, much like the brain can only operate as fast as the
                                                                    slowest brain cells. The slowest buffalo are the sick and weak
         your copy of this newletter and receive                    so they die off first, making it possible for the herd to move at
         a free 4 wine bottle carry bag or a pair                   a faster pace. Like the buffalo, the weak, slow brain cells are
                                                                    the ones that are killed off by excessive beer drinking and
         of picnic wine glasses                                     socializing, making the brain operate faster.
                                                                    The moral of the story: Drink more beer, it will make you
* This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion   smarter.
                                                                              Beer of the Month
                                                             January – Belgium Beer
                                                             Medium bodied, moderate hoppiness- 5%
                                                             February - Czech Pilsener
               FEATURED WINES
                                                             Robust, refreshing, clean hoppy – 5%
   During September, October, November and
                                                             March – Munich Lager
   December, 2008 the Brew Kettle will feature
                                                             Dry, Crisp, Full-bodied – 5%
   both a (6 week) Cellar Classic red and white wine
                                                             April – Nova Scotia Ale
   of the month and a Beer of the Month
                                                             Clean, refreshing medium bodied- 5%

   Enjoy $10.00 OFF each batch of
   these wonderful Wines and Beers.                                         Q&A
   January- Merlot
   Soft, full flavoured, with subtle oak and fruit                Why 750 ml bottles?
   (3,3,0)                                             Have you ever wondered why most glass wine bottles are 750
   Chardonnay                                          ml?
   Our version of this classic is clean and crisp,     There are a few theories, but first, a little history…
   with rich, toasted oak flavours and a hint of       Although glass blowing has been around since ancient Roman
                                                       times, glass was expensive. Wine was usually carried and stored
   apples and pears. (2,3,0)                           in clay jugs with glass more often used for serving wine. It wasn’t
                                                       until the 18th Century, that something close to the modern day
   February – Cabernet-Shiraz                          wine bottle could be found in common use. Not coincidentally, the
   This blend marries the firm flavour of Cabernet     use of the cork stopper developed at this time.
   Sauvignon with Shiraz, creating a lush, full red
                                                       As far as size is concerned, most antique wine bottles fall into the
   wine, nicely rounded with oak. (4,4,0)              range of 600 ml to 800 ml. Eventually, Great Britain legalized the
   Piesporter                                          "fifth" bottle - one-fifth of a gallon - as the standard size for wine
   This off-dry white wine offers a fragrant           and liquor and the United States followed with a standard one-fifth
   bouquet of ripe fruit, vivid with honeyed melon     of a U.S. gallon (approximately 757 ml). Meanwhile, Europe
                                                       gravitated to the similar 750 ml metric size which Canada
   and peach. (0,3,0)
                                                       changed to when we “went Metric”. The US changed to the 750
                                                       ml metric measurement for wine in 1979.
   March -Valpolicella
   This refreshing, lighter Italian-style red has a    But all this begs a question: Why the specific "fifth" or 750ml size?
   delicately fragrant and fruity bouquet and rich     The three most common theories are:
                                                       1) This is the average capacity of a glass-blower's lungs, and thus
   texture. (0,3,0)                                    the size of a bottle created in one steady blow.
   Chardonnay-Semillion                                2) A typical "fifth" weighs about 2½ pounds, a convenient size to
   A delicious, buttery-textured wine with hints of    pack and carry.
   honey and oak. (3,3,0)                              3) The "fifth" size originated as proper ration for a grown man at a
                                                       No one seems to know for certain!
  April - Bergamais
  A youthful, fruity and refreshing wine with a
  juicy aroma. Best served slightly chilled.( 0,2,0)                 Our Privacy Policy
  Sauvignon Blanc                                      Although the Federal and Provincial Governments require us to
  Intense aromas of honeydew melon and pears           retain you name, address and telephone number for our
  entice the nose while zesty flavours of              production records, we want you to know that it is, and always
  grapefruits and herbs grace the palate. (0,3,0)      will be, the Brew Kettle’s official policy to not disclose this
         The Brew Kettle is located at:                information to any third party. This includes your email
20D-282 Monarch Avenue, Ajax On. L1S 2G6               address. If you are one of our many Customers who like to
            Phone 905-619-0633                         receive periodic news from the Brew Kettle, note that we hold
         Chuck Symington, Proprietor                   your information in strict confidence. You can remove yourself
            Email:                       from our mailing or email list at any time by contacting the
         Website:                    store.

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