; Sample Buffet Menu for 100 guests
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Sample Buffet Menu for 100 guests


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                    Sample Buffet Menu for 100 guests

Passed:       Mini Maryland crab cakes with cocktail sauce
              Open faced filet of beef on French bread with horseradish sauce
              Assorted gourmet white pizza squares

Table:        Nice European cheese and fruit arrangement with breads

Buffet:      Crusted herb chicken breast
             Braised beef or fish of your choice
             Green salad of your choice
             Creamy mashed potatoes or polenta
             Haricot verts or other vegetable selection
             Crusty breads with butter

Cake:         3 tiered wedding cake of your choice to serve 100 guests

Rentals:      China dinner and cake plates
              Dinner forks, knives and dessert forks
              Linens for buffet, seating, bar and appetizer tables
              Linen napkins
              Champagne glasses
              All purpose stem glasses for bar and table

Servers:      5 servers and 1 dedicated bartender for 8 hours each

Bar:          Open bar with beer, wine, simple alcohol, mixers and champagne

       Palate Pleasers can provide the food, cake, rentals, bar and service staff as
described above for an estimated price of $70.00 to $75.00 per guest based on
service for 100 people. This is a suggested menu only that is totally customizable
to your personal preferences. We prepare all of our food in house from scratch to
order for your event. We can offer additional selections or plan a specific menu
based on your ideas. Please call or email to set up a meeting with our catering
consultant about your event.

Sally Kaiser, Owner & Catering Consultant
Amy Daniels, Executive Chef
Eric Daniels, General Manager

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