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									                        )2007 .‫ِإّو اٌجٛهٕخ ٠ورفغ 51ه1% فٝ اٌزؼبِالد اٌٖجبؽ١خ االؽل )81 ٔٛفّجو‬

  ‫ٍغٍذ اٌجٛهٕخ اٌّٖو٠خ ْٔبٝب لٛ٠ب فٝ اٌزؼبِالد اٌٖجبؽ١خ ِٓ عٍَخ رلاٚي ٠َٛ االؽل ثلا٠خ االٍجٛع‬
          .‫ِلػِٛخ ثبٌزٛلؼبد اٌمٛ٠خ ثْٕبٛ ل١بٍٟ ٌٍَٛق ػمت أزٙبء اوززبة ٍٝؼذ ِٖٞفٝ اٌمبثٚخ‬

  1‫ٚلفي ِإّو ٚهٕخ اٌوئ١َٟ وبً 03 اٌنٜ ٠م١ٌ أكاء أْٜٔ 03 ّووخ ِم١لح ثبٌَٛق ثَٕجخ 51ه‬
                                   .‫فٝ اٌّبئخ اٚ ِب ٠ؼبكي 011 ٔمٞخ ٌ١ًٖ اٌٝ 60ه1259 ٔمٞخ‬

    ‫ٚلبي ٍٚٞبء ثبٌَٛق ئْ اهرفبع ؽغُ اٌزغٞ١خ فٝ اوززبة ٍٝؼذ ِٖٞفٝ ٍ١إكٜ اٌٝ فف٘ َٔجخ‬
     .‫اٌزقٖ١ٔ فٝ االوززبة ثّب ٍ١ؼ١ل ٍ١ٌٛخ ٙقّخ اٌٝ اٌَٛق ٍزَبُ٘ فٝ ى٠بكح ْٔبٛ اٌَٛق‬

   ٍٝ‫ٚأٙبفٛا اْ رؼبِالد ٠َٛ االؽل ّٙلد ْٔبٝب لٛ٠ب ٌؼلك ِٓ االٍُٙ اٌىجوٜ ٚاٌمبئلح فٝ اٌَٛق ػ‬
                                                           ٌ١ِ‫هأٍٙب اٌّغّٛػخ اٌّبٌ١خ ٘١و‬

Stock index rises 15 t 1% in morning dealings on Sunday (November 18. 2007)
Egyptian case recorded a very active in dealings of the morning trading session on Sunday
beginning of the week, supported by strong expectations index actively market following the
end of subscription Talaat Mostafa Holding.
The Stock Exchange main index jumped Cup 30 which measures the performance of the most
active 30 companies unrestricted market by 1.15 per cent, or the equivalent of 110 points for
up to 9521.06 points.
Brokers said the market that the high volume of coverage in subscription Talaat Mostafa will
lead to a reduction in the proportion of specialty subscription including restoring liquidity to
the huge market that will contribute to increased market activity.
They added that the transactions Sunday saw very active for a number of major shareholders
and the lead in the market led by Hermes group

                                          ‫اإلسماػٍهٍح ذحم مشاكم مىاطنٍها .. تاالنررند‬
        ‫االٔزؤذ أؽلس اٌٍٛبئً اٌزٟ ٌغأد ئٌ١ٙب ِؾبفظخ اإلٍّبػ١ٍ١خ ٌؾً ِْىالد ِٛإٝ١ٙب‬
 ْ‫فٟ ثبكهح ٟ٘ األٌٚٝ ِٓ ٔٛػٙب ثلأ اٌّٛلغ اٌوٍّٟ ٌٍّؾبفظخ ػٍْٜجىخ االٔزؤذ فٟ ا عواء اٍزج١ب‬
 ٖ‫ِٓ فالي ِٕزلٜ اٌؾٛاه ػٍٝ اٌّٛلغ اٌوٍّٟ ٌّؾبفظخ اإلٍّبػ١ٍ١خ ٌم١بً ارغب٘بد اٌوأٜ اٌؼبَ رغب‬
  ً‫ثؼ٘ اٌمٚب٠ب اٌّؾٍ١خ ٚاٌمِٛ١خ ٚاٌزٟ رٌّ ؽ١بح اٌّٛإٝ١ٓ كافً أٚ فبهط اٌّؾبفظخ ٚأّبه إٌّٙل‬
    ٟ‫ػجل اٌؼي٠و ثَ١ٟٛٔ ِل٠و ػبَ اٌجٛاثخ االٌىٕزوٚٔ١خ ٌّؾبفظخ اإلٍّبع ٠ٍ١خ ئٌٝ أٗ ِٓ اٌمٚب٠ب اٌز‬
 ‫ٍ١زٕبٌٚٙب االٍزج١بْ ٟ٘ اٌّوٚه ٚرؼو٠فخ هوٛة اٌّٛإالد ِإولا اْ اٌٙلف ِٓ االٍزج١بْ ٚٙغ اٌؾمبئك‬
            ‫ثْفبف١خ ٍِٞمخ أُِ اٌَّئٌٛ١ٓ ٌزالفٟ اٌّْىالد ٚاٌقوٚط ثبٌلهًٚ اٌَّزفبكح‬

Ismailia solve the problems of its citizens .. with Internet(18/11/2007)

The latest Internet means resorted to by the governorate to solve the problems of its citizens
In a gesture is the first of its kind to maintain its site official Web site in a questionnaire
through the forum of dialogue at the official website of the governorate to measure trends in
public opinion on some local and national issues that affect the lives of citizens within or
outside the governorate,Mr, Abd Elaziz Bassiouni, general director of electronic gate ( portal
lisiting)the Governorate Ismailia that the issues to be addressed by the questionnaire is
defined traffic and passenger transportation stressing that the aim of the questionnaire truth
is absolute transparency United officials to avoid problems and exit lessons learned
Taxis internal tariff increase for taxi Ismailia? 18/11/2007
Questions arise from many citizens on the crisis of transportation
It is anybody's passed this resolution; Is a resolution from the governor himself ... Or the
traffic .... Or the City Council ... Or is it the drivers themselves with the lifting of tariff taxis
Questions arise from many citizens on the crisis of transport and increased tariff Are taxis

Increased tariffs taxis contributed to solving the problem of transportation crisis? What do
citizens who count!

Children in schools? Are bus Assembly of Youth contributed to the solution of the crisis
communication with a particular school and university students and staff all activities at the
same time because of the bus because the definition "b" 25 pts and the local council had
discussed at its recent reopening of licenses for a number of taxis a thousand cars and many
consensus among OK, exhibitions and Brigadier Mahmoud Atta said that after work the study
found that there are 5503 taxi Ismailia addition to a number of cars microbus If reopen
licensing will lead to overcrowding and congestion and pointed to the need to reopen licenses
for a small number of cars is estimated at about one hundred cars.

Having decided Minister Abdul Jalil al governor after a meeting with responsabilities with the
Supreme Committee of Transport and Communications in Ismailia to increase tariffs for taxis
Taxiat ad hoc and experience for two months and discuss the cons have also been discussing
a number of specific problems Bmoaslat and make a number of proposals it

This news came from the site of Ismailia .com 14/11/2007

The reply came from the Department of electronic gateway to the governorate to the news
that the Minister's governor Abdul Jalil al Ismailia Governor has not ratified it as it applied
during the trial period of last November until the end of December to increase the current
tariff taxis Fifty pounds for the duration of the pilot told them that the governor and make the
necessary adjustments after measuring the pros and cons so that for the benefit of the
citizen Isma'ili.
      2007/11/20(‫حىار تٍن أصحاب األػمال وانحكىماخ حىل أجندج اإلصالح االقرصادي‬
                                       ‫ِٕبلْبد اٌّإرّو ٍٛف رلػُ ِب رُ اٌزًٕٛ ئٌ١ٗ ِٓ كهاٍبد‬

‫اوضو ِٓ 002 ّقٖ١خ الزٖبك٠خ ٍٚ١بٍ١خ ِٖو٠خ ٚػوث١خ ٚكٌٚ١خ ٠ْبهوْٛ فٟ اعزّبػبد ِغٌٍ االػّبي‬
 ٌ١‫اٌؼوثٟ اٌزٟ رجلأ اٌ١َٛ ثبٌمب٘وح ٚرَزّو ِلح ٠ِٛ١ٓ. ِٓ اٌّموه اْ ٠فززؼ اٌّإرّو ك .اؽّل ٔظ١ف هئ‬
   ‫اٌٛىهاء ٚ٠ْبهن ف١ٗ وً ِٓ ػّوٚ ٍِٟٛ اِ١ٓ ػبَ اٌغبِؼخ اٌؼوث١خ ٚأله٠ي ثَزبهأب هئ١ٌ وٌِٛٛج١ب‬
 ٞ‫اٌَبثك ٚػلك ِٓ اٌٛىهاء اٌّٖو٠١ٓ ٚاٌؼوة ٚوجبه اٌَّئٌٛ١ٓ ٚهؤٍبء إٌّظّبد اٌّبٌ١خ ٚاٌْووبد اٌىجو‬
 ‫اٌؼوث١خ ٚاٌؼبٌُ٠خ . ٠َزؼوٗ اٌّغٌٍ فالي اعزّبػبرٗ ٍجً رفؼ١ً اٌؾٛاه ث١ٓ ِّضٍٟ ٚإؾبة االػّبي‬
‫ٚث١ٓ اٌؾىِٛبد اٌؼوث١خ ٚثؾش اٌّْىالد االلزٖبك٠خ ِٚجبكهاد اٌزٞٛ٠و ٚاالٕالػ االلزٖبكٞ اٌؼوثٟ ٚفو٠ٞخ‬
 ‫إٌّبفَخ اٌؼوث١خ فٟ االلزٖبك اٌؼبٌّٟ . ٚ٠ٍمٟ ِؾّل ّف١ك عجو هئ١ٌ ِغٌٍ االػّبي اٌؼوثٟ نٌّخ‬
 ٟ‫٠َزؼوٗ فالٌٙب اٌزٞٛهاد االلزٖبك٠خ اٌزٟ ّٙلرٙب إٌّٞمخ اٌؼوث١خ ٚونا هؤ٠زٗ ٌزٞٛ٠و ث١ئخ اٌؼًّ ف‬
   ِٓ ٗ١ٌ‫ِغزّغ االػّبي اٌؼوثٟ. ٚلبي ّف١ك عجو اْ ِٕبلْبد اٌّإرّو ٍٛف رلػُ ِب رُ اٌزًٕٛ ئ‬
 ‫كهاٍبد ثبالٙبفخ ئٌٟ ٕ١بغخ اعٕلح ٚفٞخ اٌؼًّ فالي اٌؼبَ اٌّمجً رَزٙلف رؼي٠ي اٌملهح اٌزٕبفَ١خ‬
 ٟ‫وّب ٠لهً اػٚبء اٌّغٌٍ ِغ ثؼ٘ ِّضٍٟ اٌؾىِٛبد اٌؼوث١خ ِّٚضٍٟ اٌّغزّغ اٌّلٟٔ اٌّجبكهاد اٌز‬
                             ‫٠مٛك٘ب اٌمٞبع اٌقبٓ فٟ ِقزٍف اٌّغبالد‬

Dialogue between employers and governments on the agenda
                          of economic reform (20/11/2007)
           the discussions in Congress will support what has been reached studies

More than 200 personal economic and political Egyptian and Arab and international
participate in the meetings of the Arab Business Council, which begins in Cairo today and
continue for two days. Scheduled to be opened by d Conference. Ahmad Nazif, the Prime
Minister and attended by both Amr Moussa, the Arab League secretary general, Andries
Bestarana former President of Colombia and a number of Egyptian and Arab ministers, senior
officials and heads of financial organizations and large corporations and the Arab world.
Board reviews during meetings ways of activating dialogue between representatives of the
employers and between Arab governments and discuss economic problems and development
initiatives and economic reform and the Arab map of the Arab competition in the global
economy. The keynote Mohamed Shafik Gabr President of the Council of Arab Business word
which reviews economic developments in the Arab region as well as his vision for the
development of the work environment in the Arab business community. Shafik Gabr said that
the discussions in Congress will support what has been reached studies in addition to the
formulation of the agenda and plan of action during the next year aimed at strengthening the
competitiveness will also be considered members of the Council with some representatives of
Arab governments and representatives of civil society initiatives led by the private sector in
various areas
     ‫رشٍد: انحكىمه حرٌصح ػهى ذىثٍق ػالقاذها انرجارٌح واالقرصادٌح مغ االذحاد االوروتى‬
      ‫ثؤبِظ رؼي٠ي اٌزغبهح ٚاٌنٞ ٠ٌّٛٗ االرؾبك األٚهٚثٟ ِٕن ػبَ 4002 لل اٍزفبكد ِٕٗ وبفخ اٌمٞبػبد‬

 ‫أول إٌّٙلً هّ١ل ِؾّل هّ١ل، ٚى٠و اٌزغبهح ٚاٌٖٕبػخ، ؽوٓ اٌؾىِٛخ اٌّٖو٠خ ػٍٝ رٛص١ك ػاللبرٙب‬
            .‫اٌزغبه٠خ ٚااللزٖبك٠خ ِغ االرؾبك األٚهٚثٟ ثبػزجبهٖ اٌْو٠ه اٌزغبهٞ األٚي ٌّٖو‬

   ُ‫ٚلبي هّ١ل ، فالي اٌىٍّخ اٌزٟ أٌمب٘ب فٟ اٌّإرّو اٌقزبِٟ ٌجؤبِظ رؼي٠ي اٌزغبهح ٠َٛ االصٕ١ٓ ، ئٔٗ ر‬
‫ئْٔبء ٚؽلح كائّخ ثبٌٛىاهح الٍزىّبي االٔغبىاد اٌزٟ ؽممٙب ثؤبِظ رؼي٠ي رغبهح ٚٚٙغ آٌ١خ ٌي٠بكح ِؼلالد‬
                                                                                   ٓ١‫اٌزجبكي اٌزغبهٞ ث‬
                                                          .‫ِٖو ٚاالرؾبك االٚهٚثٟ ٚفٍك فوٓ ٌالٍزضّبه‬

  ‫ٚأٙبف هّ١ل أْ اٌّوؽٍخ اٌّمجٍخ ٍزْٙل ػمل اعزّبع ِْزون ِغ َِئٌٟٛ االرؾبك االهٚٚثٟ ثبٌمب٘وح‬
  ‫ٌالرفبق ػٍٟ ثؤبِظ ٌالٔزٙبء ِٓ فبهٝخ ٝو٠ك ٌٍؼاللبد اٌزغبه٠خ ٚااللزٖبك٠خ ْ ِٖو ٚاالرؾبك ٚاٌّزٛلغ‬
                                                                           .2010 َ‫االٔزٙبء ِٕٙب ػب‬

     ٟ‫ٚأول والًٚ ا٠جوِبْ ، هئ١ٌ اٌّفٛٙ١خ األٚهٚث١خ ، أْ ِٖو إٔجؾذ أوجو كٌٚخ عبمثخ ٌالٍزضّبهاد ف‬
 ‫إٌّٞمخ ٚمٌه ٝجمب ألؽلس رمو٠و ٌٍجٕه اٌلٌٟٚ، ٔز١غخ ٌإلٕالؽبد االلزٖبك٠خ اٌزٟ أزٙغزٙب اٌؾىِٛخ ٕ٘ب‬
                                                                            . ‫ِٕن صالس أػٛاَ ٖٚٔف‬

   ‫ٚأٚٙؼ أْ ؽغُ اٌزغبهح ث١ٓ ِٖو ٚاالرؾبك االٚهٚثٟ لل ىاك ثَٕجخ 65% ِٕن ػبَ 4002 ؽزٝ ا٢ْ ؽ١ش‬
                                                                     .ٚ‫ًٕٚ اٌٝ 6ه1 ٍِ١به ٠ٛه‬

              Rashid: "The government is keen on closer trade and
                      economic relations with the European Union
Trade Promotion Program, which is funded by the European Union since 2004 has
                                                         benefited all sectors

   Rashid, Minister of Trade and Industry, the Egyptian government's Eng Rashid Mohamed
 closer economic and trade relations with the EU as the first commercial partner keenness on
                                             .to Egypt
promotion of trade on Monday, Rashid said during his speech at the closing conference of the
   complete the achievements of the Trade that unit was established permanent ministry to
         increasing trade exchange between the Promotion Program, a mechanism for
           .create opportunities for investment Egypt and the European Union and to
witness a joint meeting with officials of the European Rashid added that the coming stage will
 on a program of the end of the road map for trade and economic in Cairo of the agreement
   .Egypt and the European Union and expected to be completed in 2010 relations between
    Eiberman, President of the European Commission, said Egypt has become the The Klaus
 latest World Bank biggest country attractive for investments in the region, according to the
government here for three and a half report, as a result of economic reforms pursued by the
 Egypt and the European Union has grown by 56% since 2004 The volume of trade between
                              euros billion to date amounted to 1.6
               ‫طهثاخ من مسرثمرٌن مصرٌٍن وأجانة نهمشاركح فً إقامحانمناطق االسرثمارٌح‬
                                        ‫ٕ٘بن ِفِٙٛب عل٠لا ٌٍزّٕ١خ ٠ٙلف اٌٟ رؾم١ك اٌؼلاٌخ االعزّبػ١خ‬
‫أول ػبُٕ هعت هئ١ٌ اٌٙ١ئخ اٌؼبِخ ٌالٍزضّبه ٚإٌّبٝك اٌؾوح ,أْ ٔظبَ ئلبِخ ِٕبٝك اٍزضّبه٠خ ِزىبٍِخ‬
   ِٓ ‫٠زٌٟٛ اٌمٞبع اٌقبٓ ئكاهرٙب ,ٌمٟ هؽ١جب ِٓ هعبي األػّبي كافً ٚفبهط ِٖو ,ٚلل رٍم١ٕب ٍٝجبد‬
   . ‫َِزضّو٠ٓ ِٖو٠١ٓ ٚأعبٔت ٌٍّْبهوخ فٟ ئلبِخ ٘نٖ إٌّبٝك ,ٚ٠غوٞ ؽبٌ١ب كهاٍخ ٘نٖ اٌٍٞجبد‬
 ‫ٚلبي ئْ ٔظبَ إٌّبٝك اإلٍزضّبه٠خ ٠ز١ؼ ٌٍمٞبع اٌقبٓ اٌّْبهوخ فٟ ئكاهح ِْوٚػبد اٌزّٕ١خ ثّقزٍف‬
  ٜٞ‫اٌّؾبفظبد,ثٕظبَ اٌؾيَ أٚ اٌزىزالد اإللزٖبك٠خ ,ثؾ١ش ٠ىْٛ اٌَّزضّو ٘ٛاٌَّئٛي ػٓ ٚٙغ اٌّق‬
‫ٚاٌزوٚ٠ظ ٚاإلكاهح,ٕٚ٘بن ِغٌٍ ٌٍّوالجخ ٠زىْٛ ِٓ ِّّضٍٟ األعٙيح اٌّؼٕ١خ , ٠ّٚٓ رٛف١و وً اٌز١َ١واد‬
  ً‫اءاد ِض‬   ‫ٚاإلعواءاد ٚفٟ اٌٛلذ ٔفَٗ رؾم١ك األ٘لاف إٌّْٛكح ,ٚرّٕؼ ٘نٖ إٌّبٝك اِز١بىاد ٚئػف‬
                                              ‫إٌّبٝك اٌؾوح‬
        ‫ٚلبي اثٛ اٌؼٕ١ٓ هئ١ٌ اٌْؼجخ ٚهئ١ٌ ٌغٕخ اٌٖٕبػخ ٚاٌٞبلخ ثّغٌٍ اٌْؼت اْ رْغ١غ االٍزضّبه‬
‫اٌّزٛاىْ فٟ وً أٔؾبء ِٖو ٚفبٕخ فٟ إٌّبٝك إٌبئ١خ ِضً اٌٖؼ١ل ٍٚ١ٕبء , ٖٚٔٛ فٟ ٘نا اٌٖلك ثبٌغٙٛك‬
  ‫اٌزٟ ٠جنٌٙب اٌّؾبفظْٛ ٚاٌّغبٌٌ اٌْؼج١خ ٌٍزوٚ٠ظ ٌال ٍزضّبه فٟ ِؾبفظبرُٙ . ٚأّبه اٌٟ فٜ اٌّؾٛه‬
   ..' ‫اٌغل٠ل اٌنٞ ٠ْك اٌٖؾواء اٌغوث١خ ِٓ ّّبي ِٖو اٌٟ عٕٛثٙب ' اٌنٞ رؾلس ػٕٗ اٌلوزٛه فبهٚق اٌجبى‬
    ‫ٚلبي ئٔٗ ِْوٚع ٙقُ ٠ّضً رؾل٠ب وج١وا ٌَّزمجً ِٖو ٚأول اّ٘١خ ٚٙغ ِقٜٞ ػٍّٟ ّبًِ ٌزٕف١ن‬
                                    ‫٘نا اٌّْوٚع ٚروعّزٗ ػٍٟ اهٗ اٌٛ الغ اٌٟ ِٕبٝك ػّوأ١خ ِزىبٍِخ‬

 requests from Egyptian and foreign investors to participate in
                        the investment areas in governorates
There is a new concept of development aimed at achieving social justice

Assem Ragab Chairman of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones, areas that
the system of integrated investment by the private sector management, was welcomed by
businessmen inside and outside Egypt, We have received requests from Egyptian and foreign
investors to participate in the administration of these areas, The study is now such requests.
He said that the areas of investment allows the private sector to participate in the
management of development projects in various governorates, a beam or economic blocs,
with the investor Houalemsl planned for the development, promotion and administration, and
there is a board of control as consisting of the organs concerned, ensures provide all the
facilities and procedures at the same time to achieve the desired goals, and gives these areas
privileges and exemptions, such as the free zones
Abul-Enein said that Division Chief and Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Industry to
encourage investment in a balanced throughout Egypt, especially in remote areas such as the
level and Sinai, and noted in this regard the efforts of conservatives and popular councils for
the promotion of investment in the governorates. Pointed to the line of hub the new find his
Western Sahara from northern Egypt to the south 'who spoke about Dr. Farouk Al-Baz' .. It
was a huge project represents a major challenge for the future of Egypt and stressed the
importance of establishing a scientific blueprint for a comprehensive implementation of this
project and translated on the ground into areas complementary upswing .

2007 .‫ارذفاع طفٍف نمؤشر انثىرصح انمصرٌح فى انرؼامالخ انصثاحٍح انثالثاء 02 نىفمثر‬
                        ‫اهرفبع َٔجٟ ٌالٍُٙ اٌم١بك٠خ ٚاٌىجوٜ ثبٌَٛق ػٍٝ هأٍٙب ٘١وِ١ٌ ٚؽل٠ل ػي‬
‫ٍغٍذ اٌجٛهٕخ اٌّٖو٠خ اهرفبػب ٝف١فب فٝ اٌزؼبِالد اٌٖجبؽ١خ ِٓ عٍَخ رلاٚي ٠َٛ اٌضالصبءٍٜٚ اه رفبع‬
              .‫َٔجٟ ٌالٍُٙ اٌم١بك٠خ ٚاٌىجوٜ ثبٌَٛق ػٍٝ هأٍٙب ٘١وِ١ٌ ٚؽل٠ل ػي‬
‫ٚثٍغ ِإّو اٌَٛق وبً 03 اٌنٜ ٠م١ٌ أكاء أْٜ 03 ّووخ ِم١لح ثبٌَٛق َِزٜٛ 58ه9479 ٔمٞخ‬
                           ٛ‫ثي٠بكح َٔجزٙب 50ه0 فٝ اٌّبئخ اٚ ِب ٠ؼبكي 5 ٔمب‬

           SLIGHT RISE indicator of the Egyptian case in morning
                         dealings Tuesday( 20 November. 2007 )
    high relative to the shares of leadership and the major market topped Hermes
                                                                                 and Ezz iron
  - Egyptian Stock Exchange recorded a slight rise in morning dealings on the circulation of a
  meeting high relative to the shares of leadership and the major market topped Hermes and
                                                                                      Ezz iron
 The market index Cup 30 which measures the performance of the most active 30 companies
    restricted market level 9749.85 points, an increase of 0.05 per cent or the equivalent of 5

    The reopening of the microbus license to operate within the
                                    25 pts taxi and bus transport facility east of the Delta
Major General al stresses the importance of discipline and means of transportation, and lifting
    the suffering of ordinary announced Major General Abdul Jalil al Ismailia Governor approve
   the reopening of the vehicle license microbus to work in the passenger transportation within
 the city taxis and the same tariff of $ 25 pts for domestic airlines and traffic management will
         receive applications from those who wish until Wednesday November 21 had also been
agreed to increase the number of cars inland transportation and consolidation of a number 25
Mkrobasa enter service this week to confront the crisis and internal communications aimed at
  facilitating the citizens, asserting that he has to be to provide a means of transport at such a
                 low price and easy to contribute to ending the suffering on the citizen Isma'ili ..

     He noted that the experience of lifting the governor taxis taxi password Vis from 25 to 50
     pounds but is the experience subject of the study is part of a project to restore discipline
 means of transportation internal study by the Traffic Department and the Higher Committee
  for Transport and Communications as of the end of December 2007 and with the beginning
 of the new year 2008 will be to take the appropriate decision, which must be consistent with
      the interests of the citizen and the public interest in the context of resolving the crisis in
               coordination with the local council of the province to be issued from resolution

                                                                    Newspaper Canal 18/11/2007
         ismailia audiences refuse to accuse them of treason and
                  demanding loyalty and the media remember tha
      National and only invest this talk simple ignite sedition among the two teams

     audiences all its communities on the total rejection of the fierce media Ismailia crossed
                                     campaign that exercise
   lack of fans expressing her delight to Against the latest "hunt" some of the media for the
 loss of the African Cup and portrayed that position defeat the National Coastal Star and the
  masses of Ismailia, which had long been and will continue to and a general feeling of the
and clubs during the games and championships and international audiences support all teams
     address demanded that the media path for treatment, and not to raise the sense that
              intolerance among the masses is not the cause of pouring oil on fire
                                  Newspaper Canal 18/11/2007

      A reception for guests wonderful session Arab atheist ten
       Major General / Abdel Jalil El Fakhrany al Ismailia Governor witnessed held a
                                                            reception Palace culture Ismailia
Members of the two teams Saudi Arabia, Sudan participants in the championship Arab atheist
   Ten residents Ismailia paragraphs ceremony included art, music and songs number of Arab
music and paragraphs diverse and multi-functional task Ismailia of Arts and the People's Task
Alsemsmih providing substantive paragraphs of the famous Suez Canal, Ismailia, in particular,
    praised the good reception guests What enjoyed by the governorate of possibilities makes
     them eligible to participate in such championships Arab, African and international Another
  praised Captain Magdi Abdel Ghani, a member of the technical committee heroic role played
   by Major General / Abdel Jalil al Fakhrany Ismailia Governor of the follow-up minutes for all
stages of the preparations and renovations and additions that have been Ismailia Stadium, as
           well as a reception difference resident Ismailia and the participation of the masses in
watching matches. confirmed that the preparations that have been very impressive in Ismailia
               and always be chosen within Ismailia governorate eligible to participate in all the
    championships which are being held in Egypt, given the masses of the club Isma'ili special
      taste The experience in the area of high Riyadahbesvh general and football in particular.

                                                             Information and Press Department

                      2007/11/21 ‫ِإّو اٌجٛهٕخ ٠ورفغ 2ه0 فٝ اٌّبئخ فٝ اٌزؼبِالد اٌٖجبؽ١خ االهثؼبء‬

    ‫اهرفؼذ اٌجٛهٕخ اٌّٖو٠خ فٝ اٌزؼبِالد اٌٖجبؽ١خ ِٓ عٍَخ رلاٚي ٠َٛ االهثؼبء ِغ ثلء اٍزوكاك فوٚق‬
                                                     . ‫اٌزقٖ١ٔ ِٓ اوززبة ٍٝؼذ ِٖٞفٝ اٌمبثٚخ‬

   0‫ٍٚغً ِإّو اٌجٛهٕخ اٌوئ١َٟ وبً 03 اٌنٜ ٠م١ٌ أكاء أِٔٛ 03 ّووخ ِم١لح اهرفبػب ثَٕجخ 2ه‬
                                      . ‫فٝ اٌّبئخ اٚ ِب ٠ؼبكي 02 ٔمٞخ ٌ١ًٖ اٌٝ 99ه7279 ٔمٞخ‬

Stock index rises 0.2 per cent in morning dealings Wednesday
Egyptian case rose in morning dealings circulation of a meeting on Wednesday with the start
of the recovery of specialty differences subscription Talaat Mostafa Holding.
The main case index recorded Cup 30 which measures the performance of the most active 30
companies tied rise by 0.2 per cent or the equivalent of 20 points to reach 9727.99 points
                               The visit of President Hosni Mubarak to the Ismailia governorate

     The public reception received considerable popular governorate President Hosni Mubarak
                                                              during his visit to the province

reception received considerable popular governorate President Hosni Mubarak The public
which fall during his visit to the province, in which the opening of the important projects
sovereignty in the areas of within the framework of the implementation of the electoral
opportunities for young people include the housing, infrastructure and creating job
the draft Mubarak's National Housing, which amount 7232 distribution of housing contracts in
investments 376 million pounds from 1232 units have been alone population size of
by 100%, Mr. President distribution contracts today 19/11/2007 completed, implemented
unit population Gary termination proceedings begin implementation in 5000 addition to the
population coordination with the Ministry of Housing, in addition to ten thousand units
meters of rental Sfrali 30 families of the first two phases care area from 30 to 40 square
will be paid percent prior to the delivery of those units that According to social research that
.Mubarak 15 thousand pounds of non-refundable have bonus
station Faid cost of 125 million pounds, the water station sewage in Also, the opening of the
.in Abo Sawyer, costing 50 million pounds
Abdul Jalil al Ismailia Governor made a presentation on the governorate The Major General
pounds for a discrimination in the housing project and stabilize the monthly premium 160
of the governorate in period of 30 years to facilitate the barricades, as well as models
and ongoing investment, pointing to the industrial zone in Abu Khalifa
first phase 25 million Where was the inclusion of 90 million pounds, of which the

    President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak word before the closing
                         session of the General Conference
  The Conference emphasized the correlation Party homeland issues, priorities and
                                       concerns of people and the aspirations of its citizens
The Conference emphasized the correlation Party homeland issues, priorities and concerns of
people and the aspirations of its citizens
National Party march in the heart of the nation and spearheaded
Progress and hope spring from solid ground realities and does not accept the argument or
Going through a transitional stage on the path of reform and development .. It is a civil state
based on the values of citizenship
Social justice is a crucial part of our economic policy
 and the new government steps to ensure greater levels of investment and I call on the party
                                                 employment opportunities for his children provide
    establishment of infrastructure projects for attracting investment ... Call for expediting the
                                  expansion in the availability of construction for low-income The
     party and government to strengthen agriculture and address the problems of I call on the
          from the farmers .. And quickly finalize the detailed plans for the new Ahozh .. Away
                 by the implementation of any sanctions may have made for a violation or spent
.. economic development We recognize that the population increase swallow I. Powell returns
     .dimensions of the problem of population I call for a dialogue with community address all
                                   * .. challenges, but not intractable We have problems and new
   during the previous round and we look forward to a We have achieved our including Egypt
                                                                                         better future
         the sovereignty and independence will of Egypt. To Anqubl any pressure or To protect
                                                               conditionalities in our internal affairs
  security of water .. And we have no hesitation in securing Learn Strategy importance to the
                                                                        needs the necessary energy
                           We defend the interests of Egypt and its people wherever they are
                                                                           The National Party

           2007 .‫اٌٖوافخ:وجبه اٌزغبه ٚاٌَّزٛهك٠ٓ ٚهاء ػٛكح اٌلٚاله ٌالهرفبع ثبٌَٛق اٌّٖوٜ 12ٔٛفّجو‬

‫اهرفؼذ أٍؼبه اٌلٚاله ِوح أفوٞ كافً ّووبد اٌٖوافخ ِغ ريا٠ل اٌٍٞت ػٍٟ ّوائٗ ِٓ عبٔت وجبه اٌزغبه‬
‫ٚ اٌَّزٛهك٠ٓ اٌن٠ٓ أزٙيٚا فوٕخ رواعغ أٍؼبهٖ فالي األٍبث١غ اٌّبٙ١خ ٚ ألجٍٛا ػٍٟ ّواء ِجبٌغ ٙقّخ‬
                                                 ‫ِٕٗ ِّب أكٞ ئٌٟ ػٛكح أٍؼبهٖ ٌالهرفبع ِٓ عل٠ل‬

                          ‫ب‬      ‫ب‬
‫ِٚٓ عبٔت آفو ػٍٟ اٌوغُ ِٓ اهرفبع ٍؼو اٌ١ٛهٚ ئال اْ ٕ٘بن ٍٝجً ٍِؾٛظً ػٍٟ ّوائٗ ِٓ عبٔت األفواك‬
                                .‫الوزٕبىٖ ثغوٗ رؾم١ك أهثبػ فٟ ؽبٌخ اٍزّواه أٍؼبهٖ فٟ االهرفبع‬

    ‫ٚفٟ ٔفٌ اٌٛلذ ؽبئيٚ اٌ١ٛهٚ ثلأٚا فٟ ث١ؼٗ ثؼل االهرفبع اٌّزٛإً ألٍؼبهٖ فبٕخ ِٓ اّزواٖ ثأٍؼبه‬
 .‫هف١ٖخ ٚثلأ اٌٍٞت ػٍٟ ّواء اٌو٠بي اٌَؼٛكٞ ِغ الزواة ٍُِٛ اٌؾظ ؽَجّب موود عو٠لح اٌغّٙٛه٠خ‬

   ‫ٚ٠مٛي ِؾّل عبثو ِؾّل ػٚٛ ِغٌٍ ئكاهح اٌْؼت اٌؼبِخ ٌٍٖوافخ ِٚل٠و ػبَ ئؽلٞ اٌْووبد اْ وضوح‬
  ‫اٌٍٞت اٌّزيا٠ل ٞ ّواء اٌلٚاله ِٓ عبٔت وجبه اٌزغبه ٚاٌَّزٛهك٠ٓ ٍبُ٘ فٟ ػٛكح األٍؼبه ٌالهرفبع‬
                             .‫ٚلل ثٍغذ أٍؼبهٖ 155.5 لوُ ٌَؼو اٌْواء ٚ 255.70 لوُ ٌَؼو اٌج١غ‬

Exchange: senior traders and importers for the return of the dollar to rise in the Egyptian
market November 21. 2007
Prices rose again in the dollar exchange companies with the increasing demand to sell by
senior traders and importers who seized the opportunity prices retreated during the last
weeks and turned to buy large amounts of it, which led to the return of oil prices to rise again
On the other hand, despite the high price of the euro but there is a request to sell the
remarkable individuals for the purpose of exchanging the profit if the price to rise.
At the same time Holders of the euro started to sell after the continuous rise of oil prices in
particular bought at cheap prices and demand started to buy Saudi riyal with the pilgrimage
season approaches, according to the Al Gomhouria.
Says Mohammed Jaber Mohammed board member of the People's Assembly of the exchange
and general manager of a large number of companies that the growing demand for the dollar
buying by big traders and importers contributed to the return of price rises has reached price
5,551 penny of the purchase price and 07,552 penny of the sale price.
                                       ‫اٌوئ١ٌ ِجبهن ٠فززؼ ػلكا ِٓ اٌّْوٚػبد اٌقلِ١خ ثبإلٍّبػ١ٍ١خ‬
  ‫فٟ ئٝبه ِزبثؼخ اٌوئ١ٌ ؽَٕٟ ِجبهن ٌزٕف١ن اٌّْوٚػبد اٌزّٕٛ٠خ ٚاٌقلِ١خ اٌؾ١ٛ٠خ ٚفٟ ئٝبه‬
‫ثؤبِغٗ االٔزقبثٟ.. افززؼ اٌوئ١ٌ أٌِ ٚرفمل ػلكا ِٓ اٌّْوٚػبد ثّؾبفظخ اإلٍّبػ١ٍ١خ فٟ ِملَ رٙب‬
  ٖ‫ِؾٞخ اٌٖوف اٌٖؾٟ ثّل٠ٕخ فب٠ل ثزىٍفخ 721 ٍِ١ْٛ عٕ١ٗ ٚرقلَ 07 أٌف َّٔخ .ِٚؾٞخ رٕم١خ ِ١ب‬
    ُ١ٍَ‫اٌْوة ثّل٠ٕخ أثٕٛٛ٠و ثزىٍفخ 05 ٍِ١ْٛ عٕ١ٗ ٚرقلَ 021 أٌف َّٔخ .وّب لبَ اٌوئ١ٌ ِجبهن ثز‬
 ً‫ٍزمج‬        ٌُ‫ػلك ِٓ ػمٛك رٍّ١ه ٚؽلاد ٍىٕ١خ ٌٍّٛإٝ١ٓ ّٙٓ اٌّْوٚع اٌمِٟٛ ٌإلٍىبْ ثّل٠ٕخ ا‬
        ‫ثبٌّؾبفظخٚوبْ اٌوئ١ٌ ؽَٕٟ ِجبهن لل ًٕٚ ئٌٟ ِؾٞخ اٌٖوف اٌٖؾٟ ثفب٠ل فٟ رّبَ اٌَبػخ‬
  ‫اٌزبٍؼخ ٕجبؽب ؽ١ش وبْ فٟ اٍزمجبٌٗ اٌلوزٛه أؽّل ٔظ١ف هئ١ٌ اٌٛىهاء ٚإٌّٙلً أؽّل اٌّغوثٟ ٚى٠و‬
   ‫اإلٍىبْ ٚاٌلوزٛه ِؾّٛك أثٛ ى٠ل ٚى٠و اٌّٛاهك اٌّبئ١خ ٚاٌوٞ ٚاٌلوزٛه ؽَٓ ٠ٌٛٔ ٚ ى٠و اٌىٙوثبء ٚاٌٞبلخ‬
      ٍّٟ‫ٚاٌلوزٛه ػضّبْ ِؾّل ػضّبْ ٚى٠و اٌلٌٚخ ٌٍزّٕ١خ االلزٖبك٠خ ٚأٌٔ اٌفمٟ ٚى٠و اإلػالَ ٚاٌلوزٛه ؽ‬
  ٌ١‫اٌغجٍٟ ٚى٠و اٌٖؾخ ٚػجل اٌَالَ اٌّؾغٛة ٚى٠و اٌزّٕ١خ اٌّؾٍ١خ ٚاٌلوزٛه ىوو٠ب ػيِٟ هئ١ٌ ك٠ٛاْ هئ‬
                                                   ٟ‫اٌغّٙٛه٠خ ٚػجل اٌغٍ١ً اٌفقوأٟ ِؾبفظ اإلٍّبػ‬
 ‫ٌ١خ صُ أىاػ اٌوئ١ٌ ِجبهن اٌَزبه ػٓ اٌٍٛؽخ اٌزنوبه٠خ‬
     ‫ئ٠نأب ثبفززبػ ِؾٞخ اٌٖوف اٌٖؾٟ ثّل٠ٕخ فب٠ل ثزىٍفخ 721 ٍِ١ْٛ عٕ١ٗ ٚٙغٜ اٌوئ١ٌ ػٍٟ ِفزبػ‬
   ‫اٌزْغ١ً ئ٠نأب ثجلء ػًّ ٚرْغ١ً اٌّؾٞخ ..ٚلل اٍزّغ اٌوئ١ٌ ئٌٟ ّوػ رفٖ١ٍٟ ِٓ إٌّٙلً أؽّل‬
      ٟ‫اٌّغوثٟ ٚى٠و اإلٍىبْ ؽٛي فٞخ ٚىاهح اإلٍىبْ اٌّزؼٍمخ ثّْوٚػبد اٌّ١بٖ ِٚؾٞبد اٌٖوف اٌٖؾ‬
       ٟ‫ػٍٟ َِزٛٞ اٌغّٙٛه٠خ صُ افزٔ ِؾبفظخ اإلٍّبػ١ٍ١خ ثْوػ رفٖ١ٍٟ ػٓ ِؾٞخ اٌٖوف اٌٖؾ‬
  ْ‫ثفب٠ل ِٚؾٞخ رٕم١خ اٌّ١بٖ ثأثٕٛٛ٠و .36 ٍِ١به عٕ١ٗ ٌٍٖوف ٚاٌّ١بٖ ٚلبي إٌّٙلً اٌّغوثٟ فٟ ّوؽٗ ئ‬
‫ئعّبٌٟ اٍزضّبهاد اٌٛىاهح ٌّْوٚػبد اٌّ١بٖ ٚاٌٖوف اٌٖؾٟ ٌٍقٞخ اٌقَّ١خ 7002/2102رجٍغ 36 ٍِ١به‬
‫عٕ١ٗ ِٕٙب 23 ٍِ١به عٕ١ٗ فٟ فٞخ اٌلٌٚخ ٚ 11 ٍِ١به عٕ١ٗ رّٛ٠ال مار١ب ٚ02 ٍِ١به عٕ١ٗ فٟ ِؾٍٖخ ثؤبِظ‬
      ٌ١‫رلٚ٠و األٕٛي اٌزبثغ ٌٍّْوٚع اٌمِٟٛ ٌٖوف ٕؾٟ اٌموٜ ٚ٘ٛ اٌلػُ اإلٙبفٟ اٌنٞ ٝبٌت ثٗ اٌوئ‬
                                                        .ٜ‫ِجبهن ٌٖبٌؼ ِْوٚػبد اٌٖوف اٌٖؾٟ ثبٌمو‬
           ‫ٚأٙبف أْ اٌّجٍغ اٌّقٖٔ ٌّؾبفظبد اٌٛعٗ اٌجؾوٞ ِٓ اػزّبكاد اٌلٌٚخ فالي اٌقٞخ‬
  ‫اٌقَّ١خ ٠جٍغ 5.7 ٍِ١به عٕ١ٗ ٚ 7 ٍِ١بهاد عٕ١ٗ ٌّؾبفظبد اٌٛعٗ اٌمجٍٟ ٚ 01 ٍِ١بهاد عٕ١ٗ ٌٍمب٘وح‬
     ‫ٚ5 ٍِ١بهاد عٕ١ٗ ٌّْوٚػبد اإلؽالي‬       ‫اٌىجوٜ ٚاإلٍىٕله٠خ ٚ 5.2 ٍِ١به عٕ١ٗ ٌٍّؾبفظبد اٌؾلٚك٠خ‬
President Mubarak will open a number of service projects in Ismailia
In a follow-up to President Hosni Mubarak to implement development projects and vital
services in the context of his election platform ..yesterday Chairman opened and inspected a
number of projects in Ismailia in the forefront the plant sanitation in Fayed its cost about 127
million pounds, serving 70 thousand people. Station and purification of drinking water in
Abossoer City cost 50 million pounds, serving 120 thousand people. As President Mubarak to
hand over a number of decades of ownership of units housing for citizens within the national
project for the city of the El Mostebal housing preservation.
 . The President Hosni Mubarak arrived in plant sanitation in faid at nine o'clock sharp, where
he was received by Dr. Ahmed Nazif, the Prime Minister, Engineer Ahmed Moroccan Minister
of Housing, Dr. Mahmoud Abu-Zeid, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, Dr. Hassan
Younis, Minister of Electricity and Energy, Dr. Othman Mohammed Othman, Minister of State
economic development and Anas Al Fiqi and Minister of Information, Dr Hilmi Mountain
Health Minister Abdel Salam Mahgoub, Minister of Local Development, Dr. Zakaria Azmi, Chief
of Staff of the President of the Republic, Abdul Jalil al Ismailia governor, and then pushed
President Mubarak curtain on the memorial plaque to mark the opening of a sewage City
Fayed cost 127 million pounds and the pressure President key operation marked the
beginning of the work and operation of the station .. The President listened to a detailed
explanation of Engineer Ahmed Moroccan Minister of Housing on the plan to the Ministry of
Housing projects on water and sanitation plants on the republic's level and then singled out
by the governorate detailed explanation on the station in Faid sanitation and water
purification station in Abossoer .63 billion for the exchange, water, "said Al Moroccan
explained that the total investment projects in the ministry of water and sanitation for the
plan year 2007/2012 totaled 63 billion pounds from 32 billion pounds in the state plan, 11
billion self-funded and 20 billion pounds in the outcome of the recycling assets of the project
national the sewage villages which additional support demanded by President Mubarak in
favor of sanitary drainage projects villages.
He added that the amount allocated for the Lower Egyptian governorates of state
appropriations during the five-year plan of 7.5 billion pounds and 7 billion pounds for the
provinces of Upper Egypt and 10 billion pounds for the big and compelling and 2.5 billion
Alexandria billion to the provinces border and 5 billion pounds for replacement and renovation
projects                                                     20/11/2007
          2007/11/22 ْ٢‫ك.ٔظ١ف:ِؼلالد إٌّٛ ٍزي٠ل ٚااللزٖبك اٌّٖوٜ ٌُ ٠ؼًّ ثىبًِ ٝبلزٗ ؽزٟ ا‬

  ٗٔ‫أول اٌلوزٛه أؽّل ٔظ١ف هئ١ٌ ِغٌٍ اٌٛىهاء أْ االلزٖبك اٌّٖوٞ ٌل٠ٗ اٌملهح ػٍٟ إٌّٛ اٌَّزّو أل‬
                                                                 . ‫ال ٠ؼزّل ػٍٟ لٞبع ِؼ١ٓ كْٚ آفو‬

  ً٠‫ٚلبي: ئْ اٌؾىِٛخ رؼًّ ػٍٟ ى٠بكح َٔجخ إٌّٛ اٌؾبٌ١خ ٟٚ٘ 7% ِٓ فالي ى٠بكح االٍزضّبهاد، ٚرْغ‬
  ‫اٌّٖبٔغ ثىبًِ ٝبلزٙب، ٚرؾَ١ٓ اإلٔزبع١خ فٟ لٞبع اٌيهاػخ ، ٚإٌّٛ اٌىج١و فٟ لٞبع اٌـكِبد ، ؽَجّب‬
                                                                             .َ‫موود عو٠لح اال٘وا‬

   ‫ٚأٚٙؼ اٌلوزٛه أؽّل ٔظ١ف أْ اإلٕالػ االلزٖبكٞ َِزّو ٌٚٓ ٠زٛلف ، ٚأْ اٌضمخ ثّٕبؿ االٍزضّبه ثّٖو‬
     ‫لٛ٠خ غب٠خ ٚرٞوق اٌؾٛاه ِغ هئ١ٌ ِغٌٍ اٌٛى هاء ئٌٟ لٚ١خ ثبٌغخ األّ٘١خ ، ٟٚ٘ اٌلػُ اٌنٞ كػب‬
                                                       . ٖ‫اٌوئ١ٌ ِجبهن ئٌٟ ِٕبلْخ اٌّغزّغ ألثؼبك‬

  ‫ٚلبي: ئْ اٌؾىِٛخ ٍزؼوٗ ػٍٟ اٌّٛإٝ١ٓ عّ١غ اٌّؼٍِٛبد ٌ١ؾلكٚا ِب ٠و٠لٚٔٗ ِٓ اٌلػُ، ِإولا أٔٙب‬
                                                                        .ٓٝ‫لٚ١خ رٌّ وً ِٛا‬

D. Nazif: the growth rates will increase and the Egyptian economy was not fully operational
until now 22/11/2007
Dr. Ahmed Nazif, the Prime Minister said that the Egyptian economy has the capacity to
continued growth because it does not depend on a particular sector without the other.
He said that: the government was working to increase the proportion of the current growth is
7% through increased investment, and operation of factories at full capacity, and improve
productivity in the agriculture sector, and significant growth in the services sector, according
to Al-Ahram newspaper.
Dr. Ahmed Nazif explained that the ongoing economic reform will depend, and that the
investment climate confidence in Egypt is very strong and the dialogue turning with the Prime
Minister to the critical issue, namely the support that the President Mubarak to discuss the
dimensions of the community.
He said: The government will on the citizens of all information to determine what they want
support, stressing that the issue affects all citizens.
                                                                                     ‫هّ١ل ٠فزذ‬
                         2007/11/ 22 ‫ػ اٌ١َٛ اٌّمو اٌوئ١َٟ ٌّواوي ِٖو ٌٕمً اٌزىٌٕٛٛع١ب‬

         ً‫٠فززؼ إٌّٙلً هّ١ل ِؾّل هّ١ل ٚى٠و اٌزغبهح ٚاٌٖٕبػخ اٌ١َٛ اٌّمو اٌوئ١َٟ ٌّواوي ِٖو ٌٕم‬
 ‫اٌزىٌٕٛٛع١ب ٚاالثزىبه ٚاٌنٞ ٠ُٚ ػلكا ِٓ اٌّواوي اٌزىٌٕٛٛع١خ ٌقلِخ إٌّزغ١ٓ ٚاٌّٖٕؼ١ٓ فٟ اٌمٞبػبد‬
      . ٗ‫د ِٚؼوٗ كائُ ٌٍوفبَ ِٕٚزغبر‬  ٟٔ‫اٌٖٕبػ١خ اٌّقزٍفخ, ثبإلٙبفخ ئٌٟ ِؼًّ الفزجبهاد اٌوفبَ ٚاٌغوا‬
‫ٚلبي اٌلوزٛه ٘بٟٔ ثووبد هئ١ٌ لٞبع اٌزّٕ١خ اٌزىٌٕٛٛع١خ ثٛىاهح اٌزغبهح ٚاٌٖٕبػخ ئٔٗ ٍ١زُ ػمل اعزّبع‬
  ‫ٍِٛغ ِغ هؤٍبء ٌغبْ اٌز١َ١و ٌٍّواوي اٌزىٌٕٛٛع١خ ثوئبٍخ إٌّٙلً هّ١ل الٍزغ هاٗ ٔزبئظ ٚأْٔٞخ‬
                  . ‫أػّبي اٌّواوي ٚفلِبرٙب اٌّملِخ ٌٍمٞبع اٌٖٕبػٟ َِزٙلفخ فالي اٌّوؽٍخ اٌّمجٍخ‬
  ُ‫ٚأّبه ئٌٟ أٔٗ ٍ١زُ افززبػ ِووي رىٌٕٛٛع١ب اٌزَٛ٠ك اٌلٌٟٚ ٌٍّالثٌ اٌغب٘يح ٚإٌَّٛعبد ٚاٌنٞ ر‬
      ‫ئْٔبؤٖ ثبٌزؼبْٚ ِغ أٌّبٔ١ب ثزىٍفخ رًٖ اٌٟ 02 ٍِ١ْٛ عٕ١ٗ, ثبإلٙبفخ ئٌٟ افززبػ ِؼًّ افزجبه عل٠ل‬
ًّ‫ِؼزّل كٌٚ١ب فٟ ِغبي اٌوفبَ ٚاٌغوأ١ذ ثبٌزؼبْٚ ِغ ئ٠ٞبٌ١ب ثزىٍفخ اٍزضّبه٠خ 5 ِال٠١ٓ عٕ١ٗ وأٚي ِؼ‬
‫ِزقٖٔ فٟ رمل٠ُ فلِبد االفزجبهاد ٚاٌفؾٔ ٌٍّىٛٔبد ٚإٌّزغبد ربِخ اٌٖٕغ ٚافزجبه اٌّٛاك اٌقبَ ثلال‬
                                                                            .‫ِٓ افزجبه٘ب فٟ اٌقبهط‬

Rashid opens today, the headquarters of the Centers Egypt for technology transfer 22 /
Engineer Rashid Mohamed Rashid, Minister of Trade and Industry Opens today headquarters
of the Centers Egypt for the transfer of technology and innovation, which includes a number
of technology centers to service producers and manufacturers in the different industrial
sectors, in addition to laboratory tests for marble, granite and marble permanent exhibition of
Dr. Hani Barakat Head sector of Technological Development Ministry of Trade and Industry
said that it would hold an expanded meeting with the heads of committees facilitation of
technological centers headed by Engineer Rashid to review the results and activities of the
centers and services for the industrial sector and the target in the coming stage.
He noted that the technology center will be open international marketing of garments and
textiles, which was established in cooperation with Germany at a cost of up to 20 million
pounds, in addition to the opening of a new test laboratory accredited internationally in the
field of marble and granite in collaboration with Italy at an investment cost of 5 million
pounds first factory specializes in providing services testing and inspection of components
and finished products and testing of raw materials, rather than tested abroad.
                             ‫ك.ٔظ١ف فٟ اعزّبع ِغٌٍ اٌٛىهاء ثوئبٍخ‬
                   ‫ٌٞوؽٗ ٌٍؾٛاه اٌّغزّؼٟ ال ئٌغبء أٚ رقف١٘ ٌٍلػُ ٌٚغٕخ ٚىاه٠خ‬
                          ‫رْو٠ؼب عل٠لا رٕف١نا ٌجؤبِظ اٌوئ١ٌ االٔزقبثٟ 51‬

    ‫لوه ِغٌٍ اٌٛىهاء فٟ اعزّبػٗ اٌِ ثوئبٍخ ك . اؽّل ٔظ١ف هئ١ٌ اٌّغٌٍ رْى١ً ِغّٛػخ ٚىاه٠خ‬
    ‫رُٚ ٚىهاء اٌّبٌ١خ ٚاٌزّٕ١خ االكاه٠خ ٚاالٍزضُاه ٚاٌزٚبِٓ االعزّبػٟ الػلاك ٚهلخ ػًّ ؽٛي اٌلػُ ٠زُ‬
‫ػوٙٙب ػٍٟ اٌّغٌٍ فٟ اعزّبػٗ اٌمبكَ ٚرّضً اٍبٍب ٌّٕبلْبد اٌؾٛاه اٌّغزّؼٟ ؽٛي اٌلػُ .. اول‬
  ‫ك. ٔظ١ف أْ ٘لف ٘نٖ اٌمٚ١خ ٌ١ٌ اٌغبء اٌلػُ اٚ رقف١ٚٗ ٚأّب ٠قٍك فٟ االٍبً ثزوّ١لٖ ٚرٛع١ٙٗ‬
 ‫اٌٟ َِزؾم١ٗ ّٚٙبْ رمٍ١ً الل ِٕٗ .. وّب اول اْ اٌٙلف اٌضبٟٔ فٟ ٚٙغ االٌ١بد اٌغل٠لح ٘ٛ ّٙبْ‬
 ‫ػلَ اغفبي اٞ َِزؾك ٌٍلػُ .. ٚأٗ ٌُ رزقن اعواءاد َِجمخ فٟ ٘نا اٌْأْ ٍٚ١زُ ِٓ فالي اٌؾٛاه‬
     ‫اٌّغزّؼٟ اٌّمجً ثٍٛهح اٌٍ ارقبم ِضً رٍه اٌمواهاد .. ٕٚوػ ك. ِغلٞ هاٟٙ اٌّزؾلس اٌوٍّٟ‬
‫ٌّغٌٍ اٌٛىهاء ثأْ ا ٌّغٌٍ ٚافك ػٍٟ اٌقٞخ اٌزْو٠ؼ١خ ٌٍؾىِٛخ فالي اٌلٚهح اٌجوٌّبٔ١خ اٌغل٠لح ٚاٌزٟ‬
   ‫ػوٙٙب ك. ِف١ل ّٙبة ٚى٠و اٌْئْٛ اٌمبٔٛٔ١خ ٚاٌّغبٌٌ إٌ١بث١خ .. ٚرزّٚٓ 3 ِغّٛػبد ِٓ ِْوٚػبد‬
  ‫اٌمٛأ١ٓ رًّْ 51 رْو٠ؼب عل٠لا ِٕٙب صالصخ رمزٚ١ٙب اٌزؼل٠الد اٌلٍزٛه٠خ ٚ 8 رْو٠ؼبد رٕف١نا ٌٍجو ٔبِظ‬
                                                 ‫االٔزقبثٟ ٌٍوئ١ٌ ِجبهن ٚ4 عل٠لح ِملِخ ِٓ اٌٛىاهاد‬

         ‫عو٠لح االفجبه 22/11/7002‬

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