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BUILDING and IN-          Volume 4 Issue 3              The Official Newsletter of the Spotsylvania Building Department

  8:00 A.M. – 4:30
                                        HOME SWEET HOME
                                                                                    By: Lewis Watss, Building Official
    Bldg. & Insp.        On June 24, 2005, the            customers for their patience           Permit Intake: (540)
                     Code Compliance Department           and understanding during this              507-7382
   540-507-7222      of Spotsylvania County               tremendous undertaking.          • Our office hours for all
                     moved into out new location             Here are some of the               employees are 8:00 a.m.-
 Bldg Fax Number
                     at 10304 Spotsylvania Ave-           things I believe our customers        4:30 p.m.
   540-507-7283      nue (the former Capital One          need to know:                    • Our mailing address con-
                     Building) after being in the         • We are located on the 4th           tinues to be P.O Box 220,
 Insp. Fax Number
                     Holbert Building for over 20             floor                             Spotsylvania, VA 22553
   540-507-7281      years. This move combined            • Our main telephone num-        • As you call our main
                     inspections, building, zoning,           ber is (540)507-7222              number, please listen
    P.O Box 220
                     erosion and planning. This           • The inspections number              carefully because the
 Spotsylvania, VA    will help with communica-                is still the same; (540)          prompts have changed.
      22553          tions in the future as we strive         582-7038                          If you are unable to talk
                     to serve our customers. This         • We accept checks and                to someone immediately,
                     move did not occur without               money orders only for             please leave a message
                     many unforeseen issues such              payment of permits at             with the party you are
    ISSUE:           as problems with the tele-               this location. Other              trying to contact and they
                     phone, fax machines and in-              forms of payment must             will call you back as soon
Code          2      spection lines. I would like to          be taken to the Treas-            as possible.
Change,              give a special thank you to the          urer’s Office in the Hol-       As we grow accustomed to
Training             IS Department, especially                bert Building.               out new location in the up-
days,                Jane Reeve for all the help          • Our fax lines are as fol-      coming months, please let me
                     they gave us during this                 lows:                        know if there is anything hat
Other Code    3      move. Without them, this                                              the building office can do to
                                                              Building: (540) 507-7283
Change               could not have taken place. I             Inspections: (540) 507-     better serve you. Your input
News, Con-           would also like to thank our             7281                         is always appreciated!!
Statistics,   4
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                   It is Code Change Time Again
                                                                      By: Dave Ansell, Inspection Supervisor
                       That’s right, Virginia is     the interest Gov. Mark War-     cations. In August we at-
                   changing building codes. If       ner has expressed in the        tended training on the
                   it seems like we just did         new Existing Structures         Plumbing, Electric, Me-
                   this, your right. The current     Code which has been added       chanical and Fuel Gas
                   2000 editions of the Inter-       to the Model Codes being        codes. On Thursday Octo-
                   national Codes (I-Codes)          adopted.                        ber 6, 2003 no building
  Inspector        were adopted by the State             In addition to the 2003     inspections will be made so
Training Days      and became effective about
                   two years ago on October 1,
                                                     International Existing
                                                     Building Code, the follow-
                                                                                     that our entire staff may
                                                                                     attend the required training
                   2003.                             ing Model Codes are in-         on the 2003 International
    On the             Currently the Virginia        cluded in the 2003 USBC:        Building Code, 2003 Inter-
                   Department of Housing and         2003 International Building     national Residential Code.
following days     Community Development is          Code, 2003 International        In November on the
there will be      in he final stages of the
                   code adoption process to
                                                     Residential Code, 2003
                                                     International Plumbing
                                                                                     Wednesday the 9th, the of-
                                                                                     fice will once again be
NO inspections     make the 2003 edition of          Code, 2003 International        closed while we attend
                   the I- Codes the building         Mechanical Code, 2003           training on the USBC ad-
performed.         code of Virginia.                 International Fuel Gas          ministration portion. Please
                       At the time of this article   Code, 2003 International        note on these days the in-
                   the soonest the 2003 Vir-         Energy Conservation Code,       spection and plan review
Thursday, Oct.     ginia Uniform Statewide           and the 2002 National Elec-     staffs will not be available
    6th            Building Code (USBC)
                   could be effective is No-
                                                     tric Code.
                                                         An interesting piece of
                                                                                     and no inspections will be
                                                                                     made. The intake counters
                   vember 16, 2005.                  trivia for you code junkies,    and office will remain open.
                       This date is contingent       the 2003 USBC gets its year     Additionally, the usual de-
  Wednesday,       upon the proposed USBC            (2003) from the model code      partment training days (3rd
   Nov. 9th        regulations being published
                   in the Virginia Register on
                                                     edition that it references.
                                                     So, even though the code is
                                                                                     Wednesday of every month)
                                                                                     will not be observed and
                   October 17, 2005. State           adopted in 2005 by Vir-         inspections and plan review
                   law requires that all new         ginia, it will bear the 2003    will take place on those
These are          regulations be published in       in the name. And the cur-       Wednesdays in October &
State manda-       the register 30 days prior to
                   becoming effective. If the
                                                     rent code adopted in 2003
                                                     by Virginia is officially the
                                                                                       The Building staff is con-
tory meetings      October 17th date is missed       2000 USBC.                      sidering holding contractor
that all inspec-   the regulations will become
                   effective 30 days from
                                                         Currently the inspection
                                                     department’s staff is under-
                                                                                     training on the new codes in
                                                                                     the near future. At this time
tors must          when it is published. The         going mandatory training,       nothing has been finalized.
                   folks I spoke with at DHCD        required by the state. All      Watch future Post and
attend.            feel pretty confident that the    inspection staff must attend    Beams for more informa-
                   October 17th publication          these classes in order to       tion on possible training
                   date will be met because of       maintain their state certifi-   opportunities.

                                                           Beth Shealy: New Zoning Code
                                                           Enforcement Officer

                                                           Dena Slingerland: New Zoning Code
                                                           Enforcement Officer

                                                           Robert Snellings: New Environmental
VOLUME        4   ISSUE      3                                                                                           PAGE         3

Other Code Change News
                                                                                 By: Dave Ansell, Inspection Supervisor
   If you think the code in Virginia          needs to change and grow to meet these new     Chesterfield County, VA prompted
changes often, don’t even bother to look at   products. Also events happen in the world      changes in the foundation and foot-
the national level. On September 25 thru      that cause building officials, and building    ing requirements in new homes.
October 2 the International Code Council      designers to take a hard look at the code to   House fires in Loundon and Prince
meets in Detroit, Michigan to take final      see if something was missed or if a new        William Counties prompted the
action on proposed changes to the 2004        regulation is needed to keep the public safe   State to adopt a provision in the code
Supplements to the 2003 I- codes which        in our homes and places of work and recrea-    requiring house to be a minimum of
will produce the new 2006 International       tion.                                          five feet off the property line in
Codes.                                           The World Trade Centers and recent          stead of the previous three feet.
   On the national level code changes are     night club fires, all generated significant       So, if the code seems to change
on an 18 month cycle. Every three years a     code change proposals. Not all proposal        too often, it is simply adjusting to
new set of codes is published. Shortly        make it into the code. Changes typically       changing world. These changes are
after publication the process begins to       require documentation and technical justifi-   good for all of us. These code
evaluate proposed changes to that code        cation to be approved. All proposals must      change keeps the citizens of Spotsyl-
and mid-cycle Supplement is published.        be debated and then voted on by the mem-       vania and Virginia safe, and that
And as soon as that hits the street, the      bership of the International Code Council      what building codes are all about.
process begins to evaluate new code           (ICC) prior to becoming part of the code.
changes.                                      Currently Spotsylvania has twelve voting
   The I- codes are constantly in the proc-   members of the ICC.
ess of being changed. New products are           Two issues closer to home that have in-
constantly being developed and the code       fluenced the code. Shrink swell soils in

               To John Schaffer and Dave             Dave is now our Inspection Su-
               Ansell on their resent                pervisor. He has been with
               promotions.                           Spotsylvania County for 4 years.
                  John is now our Deputy Build-      Dave was one of our Commer-
               ing Official. John has been with      cial Plans Reviewers before get-
                Spotsylvania County for 9 years.     ting his new position.
               He was previously the Inspection         We wish them good luck in
               Supervisor and before that he         their new positions!
               was an inspector.
        TATISTICS                                                          HOLIDAY SCHEDULE

COMPLIANCE ISSUED THE                                            Monday, Oct. 10th – Columbus Day
FOLLOWING NUMBER OF                                              Friday, Nov. 11th – Veteran’s Day
                                                                 Thursday, Nov. 24th – Thanksgiving
                                                                 Friday, Nov. 25th – Day after
      MARCH 2005: 391 TOTAL                                      Thanksgiving
         (152 Single Family)                                     Friday, Dec. 23rd – ½ Christmas Eve
      APRIL 2005: 491 TOTAL                                      Monday, Dec. 26th – Christmas Day
         (131 Single Family)                                     Monday, Jan. 2nd – New Year’s Day
       MAY 2005: 405 TOTAL
         (112 Single Family)
       JUNE 2005: 518 TOTAL
         (153 Single Family)
       JULY 2005: 368 TOTAL
                   (120 Single Family

                                                           We’re on the Web

                                       Employee Profiles
                 Eric Lowe                       Annette Wisniewski                     Nancy McCabe
       Is Code Compliance’s new Residen-
                                                  Started working in Code
                                                                                        Began working in Code
                                               Compliance full time August
    tial Plans Reviewer. He comes to us                                            Compliance on August 29,
                                               19th, 2004 as a Permit Techni-
    with extensive construction, carpentry,                                        2005. Prior to coming to work
                                               cian. Prior to working with
    concrete, plaster, cable transportation,
                                               Spotsylvania County Annette         here, she was employed with
    residential and commercial experience.     worked in social work in a          J.M. Quann Mechanical con-
    Before joining the Code Compliance         treatment foster care program
    staff, Eric was a Site Superintendent ,
                                                                                   tractor for six years.
                                               and training of foster and
    responsible for construction of several    adoptive parents.                      Nancy was born and raised
    local schools and office buildings.            Annette has been a foster       in New Hampshire. She has
       Eric grew up in Delaware, lived in      parent herself for 22 years for     four children ages 2,4,13 and
    Utah and eventually married and settled    40+ children and she has 10         16. She enjoys cooking,
    in Spotsylvania County. He graduated       grandchildren. She lives in         plants, horses and spending
    from Mary Washington with a degree         Caroline County with her hus-
                                                                                   time with her children
    in Business Administration.                band of 30 years. Annette
                                               raises sheep and enjoys read-
       Eric has been married for 19 years      ing, being outdoors (especially
    (plus or minus one). They have a           activities around water) and
    daughter, who is a senior at               spending time with family and
    Courtland High School.                     friends.