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  Sydney’s Largest Hospitality,
   Catering & BakeryAuction

        112 Lilyfield Road, Lilyfield

 Monday 10th November at 10.30am

        Inspection: 8am Prior to Sale
Terms: 15% Buyer’s Premium applies to all Lots
         Sold. Sale is GST Inclusive.

              V A L UE R S & A U CT I O N E E R S

                   02 9555 7000
      Information for Buyers
Buyer’s Premium
A Buyer’s Premium of 15% will be added to the price of each lot sold eg bid
$100 invoice will be $115.00 inclusive of GST.

A deposit of 25% of the will be required on the fall of the hammer.

Payment is by cash, bank cheque, EFTPOS or credit card (Visa,
Mastercard, Bankcard). The following charges apply - EFTPOS $5.00 per
transaction; Credit Cards $15.00 per $1,000.00 or part thereof
Account Name; O’Mara’s
BSB; 032102
Account 470798

All goods must be paid in full by Wednesday 12th Nov
Goods cannot be collected until paid in full. Goods may NOT be collected
until after the auction is completed. Collection is available until 4pm
Wednesday 12 Nov (No Exceptions)
A storage fee for each item of $10.00 per day will apply after this.
We will assist where possible, however it is the buyer’s responsibility to arrange
labour & transport.
All items are at the purchaser’s risk and expense on the fall of the hammer – you
must effect your own insurance.
All sales are final. No refunds. No warranty.

   Sydney In Rooms Sales                        Online Auctions
    Monday 24 November                               Wine
    Monday 8 December                               Clothing

                                                   W:\Reception1\omaras\Auction\Special Instruction Page.doc
                                                              A.B.N. 83 073 168 680
                                                 TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE

1.    The Vendor has the right to bid.
      1.1. Subject to the above, the highest bidder at an Auction is the Purchaser, and in the event of any dispute arising the lot will be put up again and
             the Auctioneer's decision will be final.
      1.2. Terms are strictly cash or bank cheque before delivery.
      1.3. Where applicable, the Purchaser must pay GST. The Auctioneer will announce whether the sale/or particular lots are sold GST inclusive, GST
             exclusive or GST free.
      1.4. The Purchaser agrees to pay any buyers premium or processing charge which may be applicable.
2.    Unless the Auctioneer specifically states otherwise:
      2.1. Each bid must be at least twenty five percent in advance of the previous one; and
      2.2. No party is allowed to retract his or her bid after making it.
3.    The Auctioneer may accept or refuse any bid or bids without having to state his/her reasons.
4.    Prior to bidding the Purchaser must complete a Bidder's Registration form and provide:
      4.1. his or her name and place of abode;
      4.2. if the Auctioneer requires, must immediately pay down twenty-five cents in the dollar in part payment purchase money; If the Purchaser fails to
             do the above the Auctioneer may in his/her absolute discretion immediately put the lot or lots purchased up again for re-auction.
5.    The Auctioneer assumes that the Purchaser is the Principal.
6.    The Purchaser and the Vendor authorise the Auctioneer and/or the Auctioneer's clerk to sign the Sale Book on their behalf. The Sale Book and these
      conditions, except as otherwise provided by State or Federal law, constitute the whole contract between the Vendor and the Purchaser.
7.    On the fall of the hammer:
      7.1. each lot shall be at the Purchaser's risk and expense; and
      7.2. except as detailed elsewhere in the contract, each lot must be paid for by cash or bank cheque immediately on completion of the sale, and prior
             to delivery. If delivery is made or possession is obtained by the Purchaser or his/her representative prior to the payment of the purchase money,
             then the property of the lot does not pass to the Purchaser until payment in full of the purchase money or the clearing of any cheque given on
             account of same.
      7.3. All security is at the purchasers volition
      7.4. The Purchaser is required to effect all/any insurances at his/her expense
8.    Except as otherwise provided by state or federal law, no condition or warranty is given or implied by the Auctioneer with any lot offered. As all lots have
      been available for inspection prior to commencement of sale, the Auctioneer assumes the Purchaser has inspected the goods and all goods sold with
      any faults. Except as otherwise provided by state or federal law, the Auctioneer will make no compensation in respect of fault or error of description of
      any lot sold.
9.    Any statement as to the quantity is approximate only and is as represented to the Auctioneer. The Auctioneer gives no warranty that the quantities as
      stated are correct. In addition to any other rights the Purchaser may have compensation for shortages in quantity shall be given if demanded in writing
      before delivery of the goods. If any dispute as to compensation arises, the dispute shall be settled by an arbitrator who shall be somebody mutually
      agreed upon by both parties.
10.   To prevent inaccuracy in delivery and inconvenience in the settlement of purchases, the Purchaser may not remove any lot during the sale. However
      the Purchaser must remove all lots purchased within one (1) day of the completion of the sale or as specified at the time of sale.
11.   If any Purchaser fails to comply with any of these conditions or if any cheque given on account of his/her purchase is dishonoured, any moneys which
      the Purchaser has paid to the Auctioneer on account of his/her purchase or purchases is absolutely forfeited to the Vendor. In this event, the Vendor
      and/or the Auctioneer is at liberty to sue the Purchaser for damages, or at their option to resell the lot in any manner and upon such terms and
      conditions as they think proper.
12.   All losses and expenses incurred by the Vendor and/or the Auctioneer resulting from any resale pursuant to clause 11 and all damages which the
      Vendor and/or the Auctioneer may sustain are recoverable from the Purchaser as liquidated damages. The Vendor and/or the Auctioneer is not
      obliged to give any notice of a resale. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Auctioneer is entitled in the event of a resale to:
      12.1. The amount of any commission and buyer's premium lost on a purchase as a result of the purchaser not proceeding with the purchase
      12.2. The cost of advertising in respect of any such purchase
      12.3. Any other costs incurred in such resale.
13.   The Purchaser is deemed to have waived or abandoned any claim under these conditions unless the claim is made at or before the time the goods
      leave the premises.
14.   No servant or agent of the Auctioneer is authorised to waive, add to or vary these terms and conditions without written authority of the Company
      Secretary or The Managing Director.
15.   All members of the public, including Purchasers, enter these premises entirely at their own risk. Purchasers and members of the public are warned that
      dangerous machinery, chemicals or other dangerous items and features may be on these premises. Everyone entering these premises should be
16.   Purchasers of any lot indemnify the Auctioneer, the Vendor and the Owner of the premises against any damage whatsoever caused by the purchaser
      or his/her servants during removal of goods.
17.   Items may be withdrawn from Auction without any prior notice and the Auctioneer is not liable for any loss or compensation whether consequential or
18.   The purchaser recognises that there may be software installed on computer equipment and that use of such software, without license may infringe the
      rights of the software owner. Prospective purchasers should consider terms & conditions contained in licensing agreements before purchase. The
      purchaser expressly undertakes to be bound by the terms & conditions of the license for any software which may be installed on computer equipment
      purchased at auction. Purchasers indemnify the vendor and the Auctioneer against any legal action or claim by the software owner.

W:\Reception-1\O'MARAS\Masters\Contracts & Standard Terms & Conditions forms\TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE.doc                                        October 24, 2008
                          O ’M A R A SVALUERS                       & A U C T IO N E E R S
                                                               112 Lilyfield Road

                                                    Catering 10/11/08
                                                         Monday 10 November 2008
                                                         Commencing at 10:30 am
                                                              Number System applies
                                                   Intending Bidders please register at the office
                                                A 15.00% Buyers Premium applies to all purchases
                                       GST of 10% will be included in the final bid for all items marked (GST)
  Lot Description                                                          Lot    Description
     1 Winterhalter Pass Thru Dishwasher "As Is" (GST)            (GST)      28 Stainless Steel 2 Door Underbar Refrigerator with
     2 Stainless Steel Gelato Refrigerator Flat Glass "As Is"     (GST)           Sink & Dry L Shape Bench with Splashback Remote
         (GST)                                                                    Compressor
     3   Stainless Steel 3 Tier Free Standing Wet Bench with      (GST)      29   Stainless Steel Wall Mount 1/2 Pot Rack, 1/2 Shelf
         Splashback & Dish Washer Outlet 700 x 800 (GST)                          1200 x 300
     4   Stainless Steel 2 Tier Free Standing Dry Bench with      (GST)      30   Stainless Steel Bench Shelf 550 x 1100 x 300
         Splashback 1800 x 600 (GST)                                         31   Stainless Steel 2 Tier Free Standing Bench with
     5   Mobile 5 Tier Rack                                                       Drawer 2100 x 820
     6   Nolex Butchers Saw, 3 Phase (GST)                        (GST)      32   Ceramic Hand Basin with Taps
     7   Linde Open Face Display Refrigerator 4 Tier              (GST)      33   Stainless Steel Bench with Sliding Doors Under &
         (Carlingford 8801) (GST)                                                 Sink 1500 x 650
     8   Cooling Rack Stand 18 Trays Mobile                                  34   Qty of Self Cutting Oval Pie Mould Trays
     9   French Wrought Iron Bread Display Rack with Light                   35   Stainless Steel Wet Bench Dishwasher Inlet 300 x 750
         Fittings, Wall Mount 2.4m                                           36   Stainless Steel Wet Bench with Single Bowl Sink,
   10    Kirby Refrigerator Compressor (GST)                      (GST)           Free Standing Dish Waste Outlet, Shelf Under
   11    Kirby Refrigerator Compressor (GST)                      (GST)      37   3 x Assorted Cafe Tables (GST)                         (GST)
   12    4 x Floor Mats, Non Slip 1500 x 900                                 38   13 x Timber Top Cafe Table Cherry Stain Metal          (GST)
   13    2 x Cafe Wind Breaks                                                     Frame Twin Pedestal Base 1100 x 600 (GST)
                                                                             39   2 x Timber Top Cafe Table Cherry Stain 4 Way           (GST)
   14    35 x Cafe Table Steel Single Pedestal Base with          (GST)
                                                                                  Single Pedestal Base 600 x 600 (GST)
         Melamine & Timber Top 760mm Square (GST)
                                                                             40   2 x Timber Top Cafe Table Cherry Stain 4 Way           (GST)
   15    23 x Cafe Table on Double Pedestal Base with             (GST)
                                                                                  Single Pedestal Base 750 x 750 (GST)
         Melamine & Timber Top 1700 x 750mm (GST)
                                                                             41   2 x Timber Top Cafe Table Cherry Stain 4 Way           (GST)
   16    Qty of Stainless Steel Racks
                                                                                  Single Pedestal Base 750 x 600 (GST)
   17    Qty of Cool Room Racking
                                                                             42   4 x Assorted Round Tables
   18    Stainless Steel 2 Tier Wall Shelf
                                                                             43   40 x Timber dining Chair Cherry Stain, Padded          (GST)
   19    Stainless Steel 2 Tier Wall Shelf 1200 x 300                             Geometric Seat, Geometric Fabric Back Rest (GST)
   20    Free Standing Metal 2 Shelf Unit 900 x 250                          44   20 x Timber Dining Chair Cherry stain half Tub Red     (GST)
   21    Stainless Steel Wall Mount 2 Tier Shelf                                  Velvet Padded Seat & Velvet Back Rest (GST)
   22    Stainless Steel 2 Tier Wall Shelf 300 x 500                         45   4 x Stacking Metal Frame & PVC Chairs
   23    Stainless Steel 4 Tier Wall Shelf 600 x 300                         46   4 x Assorted Tub Chairs
   25    Stainless Steel Cabinet Bench Top 4 Sliding Doors                   47   2 x Fan Tech Exhaust Fan Motors with Metal             (GST)
         Under 2300 x 700                                                         Cowling (GST)
   26    Skope TME1000C 2 Door Upright Refrigerator on                       48   Stuarts 150kg Ice Machine with Storage Bin (GST)       (GST)
         Castors                                                             49   Kam Self contained Upright Glass Cake Display          (GST)
   27    Stainless Steel 3 Tier Corner Bench Free Standing                        Refrigerqtor (GST)
                                                                             50   Gas 4 Burner Range with 300mm Grill and Oven           (GST)

Printed on Fri 7 Nov 2008 at 3:28pm                                                                                                       Page 1
  Lot Description                                                   Lot    Description
   50a Fantech Exhaust Fan Motor with PVC Cowling (GST) (GST)         95 6 x Box Containing 3 Bottles "Ezi Clean" Solution
   50b Stainless Steel Cross Fin Cold Display Bar with 6 (GST)             Hypo Foam Liquid Chlorine Detergent
       door Underbench Refrigerator at Rear with Remote               96 Assorted Aluminium Trays
       Compressor 4650 x 1000 (GST)                                   97 Qty of Oval Plastic Catering Trays 40cm (approx 160)
   50c Hobart Pass Thru Dishwasher (GST)                    (GST)     98 Stainless Steel Colanders, Plastic Strainer Bowls,
   51 Curved Glass Cake Display Refrigerated with Remote                   Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl
       Compressor 700 x 800                                           99 8 x Aluminium Baking Trays
   52 Boldgett Pizza Oven Gas Single Deck on Stand                   100 Qty of Wire Cooling Racks
   53 ACR Bakery Refrigeration Stainless Steel with                  101 1414 x Suisse Langenthal White Coffee Cup and             (GST)
       Runners, 2 Glass Doors, Double Glazed, Suite 400 x                  Saucer (GST)
       600 Baking Trays, Self Contained 1300 x 900 x 2000            102   180 x Swisse Langenthal Soup Bowl (GST)                 (GST)
                                                                     103   Qty of Takeaway Container Lids
   54 Stainless Steel 3 Deck Steam Over Gas
                                                                     104   Qty of Plastic Platters 50cm
   55 Zanussi Combo Oven on Stand (GST)                     (GST)
                                                                     105   Assorted Bread Tins, Tripple, Single, High Top, Cob
   56 Compressor (GST)                                      (GST)
                                                                     106   Qty of Champagne Glasses & Tea Pots (GST)               (GST)
   57 Electrolux WH30 Underbar Glass Washer (GST)           (GST)
                                                                     107   NEC 3000 Cash Register with Posiflex Thermal
   58 Stainless Steel Glass 2 Door Upright Refrigerator
   59 Cureved Glass Cold Food Bar with 3 Door Under                                                                                (GST)
                                                                     108   Qty of Clip Boards (GST)
       Storage, Self Contained
                                                                     109   2 x Stainless Steel Wall Pot Rack 1m x 300mm (GST)      (GST)
   60 Austhead Mobile Dry Bain Marie, 6 Tray Capacity       (GST)
                                                                     110   6 x Stainless Steel Wall Pot Rack 1.2m x 300mm          (GST)
       with Warming Under Cabinet 2100 x 1100 x 860
       (GST)                                                               (GST)
                                                                     111   4 x Stainless Steel Wall Pot Rack 1.5m x 300mm          (GST)
   61 Garland Gas 10 Burner Range with Dual Ovens
   62 Stainless Steel Gas Spit Oven
                                                                     112   3 x Stainless Steel Wall Pot Rack 1.8m x 300mm          (GST)
   63 2 Group Esspresso Coffee Machine, No Groups
   64 Stainless Steel Prep Bench with Under Shelf and                                                                              (GST)
                                                                     113   6 x Stainless Steel Wall Pot Rack 2m x 300mm (GST)
       Baking Tray Rack on Castors 1200 x 800
                                                                     114   Qty of Pressure Cream Dispensers (GST)                  (GST)
   65 Qty of 1/3 Poly Trays
                                                                     115   Cutlery Tray with approx 48 x Knives, 48 x Forks, 48    (GST)
   66 4 x Quart Cob Bread Moulds
                                                                           x Dessert Spoons, 48 x Teaspoons (GST)
   67 Box of Assorted Utensils                                       116   Qty of 300mm White Dinner Plates
   68 Electric Cooker                                                117   Assorted Friand and Muffin Trays
   69 Sunbeam 4 Slice Toaster                                        118   Qty of Stainless Steel Display Racks
   70 Breville Blender                                               119   Qty of Assorted Size Stainless Steel Milk Jugs (8)
   71 Woodson Milk Shake Mixer with Stainless Steel Cups             120   Stainless Steel 6 Bowl Cutlery Container with 5 Bowls
   72 Assorted Serving Trays                                         121   6 x Cake/Quiche Baking Trays, 40cm Round
   73 Breville Super Wizz Duo                                        122   Approx 30 x Assorted Glass with Dishes
   74 Rice Cooker                                                    123   Qty of Assorted Pasta Strainers (5)
   75 LG Microwave                                                   124   Qty of Oval Pie Tins Self Cutting Single (85)
   76 Commercial Blender                                             125   Qty of Knives, Spoons, Forks in Cutlery Tray
   77 5kg Clock Face Scale (GST)                            (GST)    126   Assorted Tartlet Moulds
   78 Assorted Coffee Cups, Mugs, Saucers                            127   9 x Boxes of Tart Moulds Code 3948
   79 Crate of Assorted Round Plates                                 128   9 x Boxes of Tart Moulds Code 3946
   80 Crate of Assorted Oval Plates                                  129   9 x Boxes of Tart Moulds Code 3942
   81 Qty of Water Bottles/Jugs                                      130   Box of Assorted Mugs & Saucers & Glass Dishes
   82 Qty of Assorted Cutlery                                        131   Box of Assorted Cake Tins, Frying Pans etc
   83 Assorted Glassware                                                                                                           (GST)
                                                                     132   Garland Twin Burner Target Top with Oven (GST)
   84 Qty of Assorted Poly GN Trays                                  133   Wards 2 Burner Gas Wok
   85 Qty of Assorted Stainless Steel Jugs, Coffee Pots,             134   Box of Foil Takeaway Containers
       Cake Stand, Bowl
                                                                     135   Large Poacher Pot
   86 Qty of Menu Folders
                                                                     136   Walford Bench Top Hot Plate Griddle Gas 3 Burner
   87 6 x Napkin Holders
                                                                           500 x 850
   88 Qty of Assorted Stainless Steel GN Trays                                                                                     (GST)
                                                                     137   Benchtop Stainless Steel Hot Plate/Griddle (DBL)
   89 Inset OCutter Bug Zapper                                             (HOT002) (GST)
   90 Qty of Friand Baking Trays and Ceramic Serving        (GST)    138   2 x Cutlery Trays
       Plates (GST)                                                  139   Stainless Steel Splashback Bench 2100 x 700 with        (GST)
   91 Crate of Assorted Ceramic Bowls                                      Undershelf (GST)
   92 Tastic 3 in 1 Heater Light Fan                                 140   Box of Gelato Cups
   93 Crate of Assorted Plates, Dishes, Bowls etc                    141   Qty of Cane Baskets
   94 Tub of Assorted Wheels & Legs                                  142   2 x Cooling Racks and Dishwasher Tray (GST)             (GST)

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  Lot Description                                                        Lot    Description
  143 5 x Perspex Counter Top Display with Stainless Steel                186 Fisher & Paykel Chest Freezer 1500 x 750
         Shelving                                                         187 NoAW NS300 Meat Slicer 300mm (As Is)
  144 Bain Marie with Bath 4 x 1.6 Trays & Lids                           188 Gaggia Single Group Coffee Machine
  145 Stockpot & Slow Cooker                                              189 Contact Panni Grill (CON001) (GST)                         (GST)
  146 Langco Electric Hot Water Dispensor, Wall Mounted                   190 2 Door Freezer 1500mm Long (GST)                           (GST)
  147 Roband Single Milk Shake Machine with 4 x                           191 Everest Stainless Steel 2 Solid Door Upright Freezer       (GST)
         Stainless Steel Cups                                                   (GST)
  148    6 x Baking Trays 400 x 600mm                                     192   Everest 2 Door Upright Fridge/Freezer (GST)              (GST)
  149    Stainless Steel 2 Door Underbench Refrigerator, Self             193   Display Refrigerator, 2 Glass Door, Upright 1100 x
         Contained                                                              700 x 1900mm
  150    Box of Assorted Plastic Bowls & Takeaway                         194   Skope Single Door Display Refrigerator Model             (GST)
         Containers                                                             SK650 S/N 971071174 (GST)
  151    22 x Black Rubber Mat 90 x 150 (MAT001) (GST)           (GST)    195   2 Glass Door Display Refrigerator
  152    Stainless Steel Chilled Pizza Cabinet 1800 x 800 (CH-   (GST)    196   Skope Single Door Display Refrigerator Model             (GST)
         PICL2) (GST)                                                           TME475 S/N A000826162 (GST)
  153    Robot Coupe Gold Top Planetary Mixer SP25, 3                     197   SUILING single glass door upright display refigerator
         Phase on Stainless Steel Stand with Undershelf,                  198   Boema Coffee Grinder RR459OAA
         Hook, Whisk, & Paddle
                                                                          199   Spray Rinse Arm & Tap Set (GST)                          (GST)
  154    3 x Electric Fruit Juicer Large (JUI002) (GST)          (GST)
                                                                          200   4 x Blender 850w, 2 Ltr Bowl (BLE102) (GST)              (GST)
  155    6 x Jens Stainless Steel Microwave 900w, 30 ltr         (GST)
                                                                          201   3 x Digital Price Computing Scale 30kg Graduation        (GST)
         (WD1000) (GST)
                                                                                5g Double Sided Display (GST)
  156    Casio TK6000 Cash Register with Function Keys, No
                                                                          202   Bench Stainless Steel 1520 x 610 (BEN150) (GST)          (GST)
         Cash Drawer
  157    Everest Stainless Steel 2 Glass Door Underbench         (GST)    203   Single Gas Wok on Stand
         Refrigerator 1500 x 700 (GST)                                    204   2 x Hot Plate/Griddle (SGL) (HOT001) (GST)               (GST)
  158    A Frame Blackboard                                               205   Clock Face Scale 5kg x 20g (GST)                         (GST)
  159    3 x Box of 3 Doz Champagne Glasses                               206   Assorted Stainless Steel GN Trays
  160    Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink with Splashback        (GST)    207   Everest 1.3 Freezer 2.3 Fridge Bench Freezer/Fridge      (GST)
         1000 x 610 (GST)                                                       (GST)
  161    Qty of Wooden/Plastic Trays                                      208   Electronic Pricing Scale 30kg (GST)                      (GST)
  162    Cutlery Tray with approx 48 x Knives, 48 x Forks, 48    (GST)    209   2 x Chip Fryer Baskets 340 x 160 x 150 (GST)             (GST)
         x Dessert Spoons, 48 x Teaspoons (GST)                           210   Robot Coupe Stick Blender 490 Watt
  163    2 x Convex Security Mirrors, 60cm                                211   Stainless Steel Dry Bench 1525 x 610 with                (GST)
  164    2 x Bench Stainless Steel 1300 x 690mm (BEN130)         (GST)          Splashback (GST)
         (GST)                                                            212   Cookon Gas Twin Well Deep Fryer with 3 Baskets
  165    Stainless Steel 1/2 GN Trays 120mm                               213   Williams 3 Glass Door Upright Display Refrigerator
  166    Stainless Steel Hand Sink Wall Mount (GST)              (GST)    214   Greenline Upright Display Refrigerator, Single Door,     (GST)
  167    Woodson Single Milk Shake Machine with Cup                             230 Litre Capacity (GST)
  168    Stainless Steel Splashback Bench 1830x610x900mm         (GST)    215   Everest 2 Door Upright Fridge (GST)                      (GST)
         (GST)                                                            216   2 Door Upright Freezer/Fridge (GST)                      (GST)
  169    Sharp ERA170 Cash Register with Key (GST)               (GST)    217   Cake Display Flat Glass Refrigerated Self Contained
  170    ETA 0118 Electric Twin Bench Top Hot Plate (GST)        (GST)          930 x 670
  171    Qty of Assorted Pastry and Baking Trays (approx 20)              218   Mellco Stainless Steel Outdoor Gas Heater (no gas        (GST)
  172    Qty of Cocktail Serving Tongs and Assorted Knives                      bottle) (GST)
                                                                 (GST)    219   Stainless Steel Circular Bar Table with Undershelf       (GST)
  173    Nitsuko CRS2000 P:OS with Cash Drawer & Slip
         Printer "As Is" No Keys (GST)                                          Single Pedestal Base (10 available) (GST)
                                                                          220   Stainless Steel Bar Table, Circular 60cm with Circular   (GST)
  174    Assorted GN Trays
                                                                                Under Shelf, 4 Way Pedestal Base (10 available)
  175    Stainless Steel Dry Bench 2400 x 600 with               (GST)
         Undershelf (GST)
                                                                          221   Singing Santa Figurine
  176    Cutlery Tray with approx 48 x Knives, 48 x Forks, 48    (GST)
         x Dessert Spoons, 48 x Teaspoons (GST)                           222   Santa Figurine
  177    Assorted Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls                            223   3 x Metal & Fabric Bar Stools
  178    Casio Cash Register 120CR-B No Keys                              224   Serving Cart Mobile
  179    Assorted Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls                            225   Wooden Chopping Board on Castors with Shelving
                                                                                Under & Drawers
  180    Roband Twin Milk Shake Machine Missing Rear Plate
                                                                          226   5 x Wine Chiller 320Ltr (GST)                            (GST)
  181    Sharp ER A570 Cash Register
                                                                          227   Science Magnifying Light
  182    7 x Stainless Steel 1/2 GN Trays, 80mm
                                                                          228   Brother 920 Fax Machine
  183    Approx 48 x Assorted Salad Bowls
                                                                          229   Kenwood Hi Fi Component System
  184    Stainless Steel Bench with Splashback Undershelf
         1200 x 400                                                       230   Dyson DC21 Vacuum cleaner with Attachments on
                                                                                Motor Head, 3 Months Old RRP $ 1099
  185    Quirks Display Refrigerator
                                                                          231   Qty of Packaged Gift Ball Point Pens
Printed on Fri 7 Nov 2008 at 3:28pm                                                                                                       Page 3
  Lot Description                                                        Lot   Description
  232 Dymo Label Maker                                                    277 2 x Stainless Steel Circular Table 60cm with           (GST)
  233 Dymo Tag Printer & Assorted Rolls                                       Umbrella Hole (2 available) (GST)
  234 A3 Size Paper Guillotine Cutter                                    278 Mozaic Table 60cm with Chess Board, Pedestal Base       (GST)
  235 Nec Multisync LCD 3210 TV No Remote                                     (GST)
                                                                         279 Timber Slat Top Cafe Table 60 Current Retail Price      (GST)
  236 Nec Multisync LCD 3210 TV No Remote
                                                                              60 5 Way Metal Pedestal Base (14 available) (GST)
  237 Nec LCD 300 Screen Cracked, No Remote
                                                                         280 2 x Round Metal Outdoor Table (GST)                     (GST)
  238 Cane Bar with Storage Shelves Under, Glass Top             (GST)
                                                                         281 Stainless Steel Folding Top Table 70 x 70 with 4 Way    (GST)
                                                                              Pedestal Base (20 available) (GST)
  239    2 x Bar Stools Metal & Cane (GST)                       (GST)
                                                                         282 4 x Wicker Outdoor Stacking Chairs (GST)                (GST)
  240    2 x Cane 3 Seater Lounge (GST)                          (GST)
                                                                         283 11 x Timber Colonial Dining Chair
  241    4 x Cane Lounge Chairs (GST)                            (GST)
                                                                         283a 19 x Timber Top Cafe Table with Single Metal           (GST)
  242    12 x Cane Lounge Chair Single Seater (GST)              (GST)
                                                                              Pedestal 4 Way Base 750 x 750 (GST)
  243    2 x Cane & Glass Large Coffee Table (GST)               (GST)   283b 69 x Timber Dining Chair Slat Back (GST)               (GST)
  244    3 x PVC & Fabric Chair (GST)                            (GST)   283c White Veneer Cafe Table Top Stainless Steel Single     (GST)
  245    19 x 9 Piece Knife & Steel & Scissor (KN1033) (GST)     (GST)        Pedestal 4 Way Base 60 x 60 (12 available) (GST)
  246    7 x Stainless Steel Grater (KIT001) (GST)               (GST)   283d Smart White Powdercoat Aluminium Cafe Chair (24        (GST)
  247    Docket Holders 60cm (DOC001) (GST)                      (GST)        available) (GST)
  248    7 x 24 Piece Canteen of Cutlery (KNI051) (GST)          (GST)   284 4 x Scale Dial 10kg/50kg Grey (SCA500) (GST)            (GST)
  249    22 x Double Handle Herb Cutter (KN1035) (GST)           (GST)   285 12 x Insect Killer 2 x 20w (ELE004) (GST)               (GST)
  250    93 x Serving Spoon Plain 38cm (KU-SSP380) (GST)         (GST)   286 5 x 4 Tier 1550 x 450 x 1800 Epox Shelf (SHE205E)       (GST)
  251    Chainex Steel Mesh Cutting Glove Reversable (small                   (GST)
         size)                                                           287 2 x Roasting Dish with Rack (POT004) (GST)              (GST)
  252    7 x 12x Atlantis Dessert Knife (TO1171D) (GST)          (GST)   288 2 x Blender 500W Glass Bowl (BLE101) (GST)              (GST)
  253    37 x Atlantis Dessert Fork (TO1152D) (GST)              (GST)   289 60 x Stainless Steel Flat Tray 60 x 40 x 2cm            (GST)
  254    12x Atlantis Dessert Spoon (TO1153D) (GST)              (GST)        (TRA009) (GST)
                                                                         290 122 x Stainless Steel Steampan 100mm 1/2 Size           (GST)
  255    15 x Atlantis Soup Spoon (TO1154D) (GST)                (GST)
                                                                              (STE054) (GST)
  256    13 x Atlantis Teaspoon (TO1155D) (GST)                  (GST)
                                                                         291 17 x Aluminium Frying Pan 30cm (FPAN02) (GST)           (GST)
  257    20 x Mixing Bowl Stainless Steel 18 ltr (TO7220)        (GST)
                                                                         292 16 x Stainless Steel Flat Tray 55 x 40 x 4.8 (TRA008)   (GST)
  258    20 x Cutlery Holder 4 Bin (CUT050) (GST)                (GST)
                                                                         293 23 x Wet Floor Sign Yellow/Black (SIGN001) (GST)        (GST)
  259    16 x Blender 500w Stainless Steel Bowl (BLE101)         (GST)
                                                                         294 19 x Stacking Chairs, Metal Frame, Navy Blue Fabric
                                                                         295 7 x Stainless Steel Stockpot 8 ltr (T10756) (GST)       (GST)
  260    4 x Bench Mount Can Opener 44cm (CAN044) (GST)          (GST)
                                                                         296 6 x Stainless Steel Stockpot 11.6 ltr (T10757) (GST)    (GST)
  261    7 x Pasta Maker 2 Function (PAS001) (GST)               (GST)
                                                                         297 5 x Stainless Steel Stockpot 17 ltr (T10758) (GST)      (GST)
  262    14 x Stainless Steel Steam Pans 1/1 65mm (GST)          (GST)
                                                                 (GST)   298 Stainless Steel Stockpot 36 ltr (T10761) (GST)          (GST)
  263    5 x Bakers Tray 16" Aluminium 60 x 40 (BAK050)
         (GST)                                                           299 3 x Spray Rinse Arm & Fittings (GST)                    (GST)
  264    6 x 4 Tier 915 x 445 x 1800 Shelf (SHE1951) (GST)       (GST)   300 59 x Stainless Steel Steampan 65mm 1/2 Size             (GST)
  265    Mevco Wall Clock Time, Day, Date, Battery Op (5         (GST)        (STE053) (GST)
         available) (GST)                                                301 33 x Stainless Steel Steampan 150mm 1/1 (STE052)        (GST)
  266    Cova Bay chair Wooden Slats (30 available) (GST)        (GST)        (GST)
                                                                         302 50 x Stainless Steel Steampan 100mm 1/1 Size            (GST)
  267    COVA Aluminium blue slat cafe chair fully welded        (GST)
         frame (30 available) (GST)                                           (STE051) (GST)
                                                                 (GST)   303 15 x Iron Fryping Pan 24cm (FPAN03) (GST)               (GST)
  268    Alloy & Black Wicker Outdoor Cafe Chair (24
         available) (GST)                                                304 20 x Docket Holders 120cm (DOC003) (GST)                (GST)
  269    Cafe Chair Cova XJ105A Aluminium Fully Welded           (GST)   304a Planetary Mixer 10 Litre (switch faulty)
         Frame, Stackable (6 available) (GST)                            305 3 x Hanging Scale 1.50kg (GST)                          (GST)
  270    Cova "Lady chair" Alloy and Slat Timber Cherry          (GST)   306 10 x Aluminium Frying Pan 26cm (FPAN01) (GST)           (GST)
         Stain (34 available) (GST)                                      307 Electronic Kitchen Scales (GST)                         (GST)
  271    3 x Stainless Steel Circular Table 80cm with 4 Leg      (GST)   308 20 x Iron Frying Pan 28cm (FPAN05) (GST)                (GST)
         Base & Umbrella Hole (GST)                                      309 Electronic Scale Battery 5kg (GST)                      (GST)
  272    7 x Timber Slat Top Table with Metal Frame on           (GST)
                                                                         310 SGL Handle Wok 36cm (WOK07) (GST)                       (GST)
         Single Pedestal Base (20 available) (GST)
                                                                         311 2 x 10" Light Sieve (KIT003) (GST)                      (GST)
  273    Stainless Steel Folding Table 60 x 60 Single Pedestal   (GST)
         Base (11 available) (GST)                                       312 5 x 16mm Hand Burleight Mincer (FG-MIN101)              (GST)
  274    11 x Cafe Tables Cream Melamine Top, Pedestal Base                   (GST)
         700 x 550                                                       313 15 x 26cm Heavy Duty Double Mesh Sieve (KIT002)         (GST)
  275    4 x Cafe Tables, Cream Melamine Top, Twin Pedestal                   (GST)
         Base 1200 x 700                                                 314 9 x 4 Tier 1220 x 445 x 1800 Epox Shelf (SHE200E)       (GST)
  276    Stainless Steel Circular Table 70cm Pedestal Base (8    (GST)        (GST)
         available) (GST)
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  Lot Description                                                       Lot   Description
  315 4 x Stainless Steel Trolley 945 x 860 x 540mm             (GST)    353 2 x Single Milkshake Machine (MIL001) (GST)            (GST)
         (TRO001) (GST)                                                  354 Ino commercial Microwave
  316    Optimas ER480 Electronic Cash Register 12 Months       (GST)    355 Eswood Underbench Dishwasher Model ASC-2
         Warranty (GST)                                                  356 Roband Pie Warmer, 4 Shelf, 600 Long
  317    Casio 130CR Standard Electronic Cash Drawer 12         (GST)
                                                                         357 Stainless Steel 2 Solid Door Underbench Freezer        (GST)
         Months Warranty (GST)
                                                                              1500 x 700 (GST)
  318    Casio 130CR Large Cash Drawer Electronic Cash          (GST)
                                                                         358 Roband Contact Grill
         Register. 12 monthw Warranty (GST)
                                                                         359 Cookon LPG/Fryer with Cover
  319    Eswood Under Counter Glass Washer Model B42G,          (GST)
                                                                         360 Stainless Steel Dry Bench with Splashback &            (GST)
         Serial No 24376, 3 Months Warranty Parts and
         Labour ORP $ 3471 Plus GST (GST)                                     Undershelf 600 x 600 (GST)
                                                                (GST)    361 6 x 450mm Stick Blender 1000w (BLE050) (GST)           (GST)
  320    Eswood Under Counter Glass Washer Model B42G,
         Serial No 24373, 3 Months Warranty Parts and                    362 Roller Grill Toaster (GST)                             (GST)
         Labour ORP $ 3471 Plus GST (GST)                                363 4 x Platform Scale up to 100kg , 50g Intervals
  321    Eswood Under Counter Glass Washer Model B42G,          (GST)         Electronic with Overhead Display
         Serial No 24377, 3 Months Warranty Parts and                    364 Stainless Steel Overshelf 1200 x 300 (GST)             (GST)
         Labour ORP $ 3471 Plus GST (GST)                                365 Stainless Steel Dry Bench with Splashback &            (GST)
  322    Wine Selection Blackboard with Figurine (2             (GST)         Undfershelf 1200 x 610 (GST)
         available) (GST)                                                366 Turbo Fan Oven
  323    2 Door Sandwich Fridge (GST)                           (GST)    367 Stainless Steel Dry Bench 760x610x900mm (GST)          (GST)
  324    Stainless Steel Double Sink Bench (BEN002) (GST)       (GST)    368 French Crouguen Bopuche Cake Cone Tin
  325    Terooha Pricing Scale (GST)                            (GST)    369 Johnston Underbench Glass Washer
  326    Blendtec in Bench Blender with 3 Poly Jugs & Cover     (GST)    370 Chest Freezer Sliding Curved Glass Top 1000 x 630 x    (GST)
         (GST)                                                                870, White, Model SD256, S/n 66291035401, 12
  327    Large Stainless Steel Round Chafer (POT008) (GST)      (GST)         Months Warranty (GST)
  328    Dry Bench 610 x 610 x 900 (GST)                        (GST)    371 Roband 6 Slice Toaster
  329    Panasonic The Genius Microwave                                  372 New Stainless Steel Prep Bench with Under Shelf,       (GST)
  330    Eswood EF300 Dishwasher                                              Fully Backed 1100 x 500 (GST)
  331    4 x Stainless Steel Bench with Undershelf, 900 x 700   (GST)    373 NOAW, NS250 Meat Slicer 250mm
         x 900 RA790 (GST)                                               374 3 x Wet Floor Stand Witches Hat Type 1.2m High
  332    Boema 2 Group Coffee Machine with 2 Groups &                    375 Roband Bain Marie with Bath Large
         Pump, Filter                                                    376 Single Well Bench Top Fryer (GST)                      (GST)
  333    Stainless Steel Dry Bench 910x610x900mm (GST)          (GST)    377 CAS Ticket Printing Scale (GST)                        (GST)
  334    Double Fryer (FRY004) (GST)                            (GST)    378 Stainless Steel 2 Solid Door Underbench Refrigerator   (GST)
  335    Icemaker 15kg Silver (IM-ZB15P) (GST)                  (GST)         1500 x 700 (GST)
  336    Benchtop Bainmarie 3 Pot Small ,240v,1500w,600 X       (GST)    379 Everest Sandwich Prep Refrigerator (GST)               (GST)
         360 X 290mm (BAI003) (GST)                                      380 Cold Bar with Glass Guard & Under Storage. Self
  337    Stainless Steel Dishwasher Outlet Bench with Left      (GST)         Contaiuned with Compressor
         Hand Side Outlet & Splashback, 1200 x 700 x 900                 381 Waldorf 8 Burner Gas Range with Oven
         R0712OL (GST)
                                                                         382 Benchtop Electric Fryer
  338    Grani Single Flavour Slushee Machine (GST)             (GST)
                                                                         383 Eswood IW3V Glasswasher Underbar (GST)                 (GST)
  339    Nitsuko CRS200 POS with Cash Drawer & Slip             (GST)
                                                                         384 4 x Double Handle Large Iron Wok 60cm (WOK05)          (GST)
         Printer with keys (GST)
  340    Stainless Steel Meat Mincer (MIN005) (GST)             (GST)
                                                                         385 Electric Wet Head Soup Warmer, Stainless Steel Bowl
  341    Bench Top Bain Marie 3 Pot Large (BA1013) (GST)        (GST)
                                                                         386 Bench Top Bain Marie 3 x 1/2 Tray (GST)                (GST)
  342    Mainline Meat Slicer 300mm
                                                                         387 Stainless Steel Under Bench Refrigerator 4 Glass
  343    Eswood UC-25 Dishwasher                                              Doors with Remote Compressor 1970 x 620
  344    Stainless Steel Dry Bench with Undershelf 600 x 600    (GST)    388 Wedderburn Digital Scale with Overhead Display
                                                                         388a Eswood IW-3 Glass Washer
  345    Roband Eco Ray Auto Toaster
                                                                         389 FED MSE30A Dough Mixer, 2 Speed, 45 kg,
  346    Curved Glass Gold Trim & Black Granite Cake                          Finished on Castors, 415v, 4a, 1.8kw
         Display Refrigerated Self Contained On Castors
                                                                         390 3 x Wisco USA Pizza Warmer Oven (GST)                  (GST)
  347    3 x Bench Top Bain Marie 4 x 1/2 Servings (BAI001)     (GST)
                                                                         390a Mistral Bar Freezer
                                                                         391 Euro Gas Mushroom Heater With Circular Table - No      (GST)
  348    6 x Scales Digital 30kg/10g Grey (SCA501) (GST)        (GST)
                                                                              Gas Bottle (GST)
  349    Qty of Assorted Ceramic Serving Dishes (GST)           (GST)
                                                                         392 Quirks Display Refrigerator
  350    Everest 3 Door Stainless Steel Bench Fridge 1800 x     (GST)
                                                                         393 NEC Microwave
         700 x 860 (GST)
                                                                         394 Single Bench Top Fryer
  351    Stainless Steel Dry Bench With Splashback and          (GST)
         Undershelf 910 x 610 (GST)                                      395 2 x Stainless Steel Sink Bench with Splashback &       (GST)
  352    Eurolab Automatic Coffee Machine with Grinder                        25mm Tubular Undershelf, 1500 x 700 x 900
         Built In                                                             R571501C (GST)

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  Lot Description                                                       Lot   Description
  396 Super Nova Bench Top Soft Serve Ice Cream                 (GST)    438 Stainless Steel Overshelf 1800 x 300 (GST)           (GST)
         Dispenser (GST)                                                 439 Crepe Machine with Trolley (GST)                     (GST)
  397    4 x Paragon Popcorn Warmer (GST)                       (GST)    440 Everest 3 Solid Door Underbench Freezer 1800 x 700   (GST)
  398    Large Commercial Juicer                                             (GST)
  399    Stainless Steel 2 Door Chiller & Workbench (CH-        (GST)   441 Stainless Steel Dry Bench 2100 x 600 with             (GST)
         S901) (GST)                                                         Undershelf (GST)
  400    Hot & Cold Glass Display (GST)                         (GST)   442 5 x Starlet Refrigerated Show Cases, Assorted Case    (GST)
  401    2 Gas Burner Boiling Table                                          Colours (GST)
  402    Eswood ES-50 Pass Thru Dishwasher                              443 Grani 3 Flavour Slushee Machine (GST)                 (GST)
  403    Chest Freezer, Glass Sliding Tops, Linde 2500mm                444 Stainless Steel Dry Bench 1200 (GST)                  (GST)
  404    Curtin Single Pan Electric Fryer, 3 Phase (GST)        (GST)   445 Qty of Long Pastry Baking Trays & Assorted Trays
  405    Broaster Model 1800 Electric Chicken Pressure                  446 19 x Oval Non Slip Serving Platter (GST)              (GST)
         Cooker                                                         447 Benchtop Refrigerated Bain Marie 4 x 1/3 Trays        (GST)
  406    Stainless Steel Wall Shelf 2100 x 300 (GST)            (GST)        (GST)
  407    Stainless Steel Wall Shelf 2400 x 300 (GST)            (GST)   448 Everest Stainless Steel Bench Refrigerator, 2 Solid   (GST)
  408    Stainless Steel Wall Shelf 1800 x 300 (GST)            (GST)        Doors on Castors 1200 x 700 (GST)
                                                                        449 Stainless Steel Dry Bench with Splashback &           (GST)
  409    Stainless Steel Wall Shelf 1800 x 300 (GST)            (GST)
                                                                             Undershelf 1800 x 600 (GST)
  410    Stainless Steel Overshelf 1800 x 300 (GST)             (GST)
                                                                        450 Meat Slicer (GST)                                     (GST)
  411    Stainless Steel Wall Shelf 900 x 300 (GST)             (GST)
                                                                        451 Stainless Steel Kitchen Wall Shelf 1200 x 300 (GST)   (GST)
  412    Insect OCutor Bug Zapper
                                                                        452 Refrigerated Cake Display Unit with 3 Door            (GST)
  413    Stainless Steel Wet Bench with Sink Bowl Sink &                     Understorage Self Contained with Compressor (GST)
         Splashback 3500 x 700                                          453 Panasonic Inverter Microwave (GST)                    (GST)
  414    Stainless Steel Overshelf 1500 x 300 (GST)             (GST)
                                                                        454 Stainless Steel Double Bowl Sink Bench with
  415    La San Marco 3 Group Espresso Coffee Machine with                   Undershelf and Open Space for Underbench
         Pump, Filter and 4 Groups                                           Dishwasher, Splashback Rear & Right Side 2200 x
  416    Stainless Steel 2 Solid Door Underbench Refrigerator   (GST)        750
         Self Contained Motor (GST)                                     455 FSM Contact Grill
  417    Starline Compubake Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven 3      (GST)   456 Walford Gas 8 Burner Range with Twin Oven (GST)       (GST)
         Phase (GST)
                                                                        457 Blue Seal Vee Ray Twin Well Gas Deep Fryer
  418    Angelo Po 900 Series Pasta Cooker (GST)                (GST)
                                                                        458 Blue Seal 4 Burner Gas Oven Range
  419    Cookon Flat Plate with Grill (GST)                     (GST)
                                                                        459 Blue Seal Gas 1/2 Ribbed & 1/2 Flat Griddle Plate
  420    Stainless Steel and Flat Glass Cold Display Self                    with Undershelf
         Contained with Rear Storage Shelves
                                                                        460 Washtec ME0295 Pass Thru Dishwasher
  421    Zanussi Gas Griddle on stand with Under Shelf
                                                                        461 Kym 2000 Dough Moulder (GST)                          (GST)
  422    Roband Pie Warmer Stainless Steel with Glass Doors     (GST)
                                                                        461a Mobile Warming Cabinet (GST)                         (GST)
         Model PA50 (GST)
                                                                        461b Mobile 3 x 2 Dish Hot Bain Marie with Over Head 2    (GST)
  423    Stainless Steel Dry Bench with Undershelf 600 x 600    (GST)
         (GST)                                                               Tier with Heat Lamps (GST)
                                                                        461c Trueheat Gas Salamander (GST)                        (GST)
  424    Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink 600 x 600 (GST)       (GST)
                                                                        461d Bakbar Turbo Fan Oven (GST)                          (GST)
  425    Casio 230ER Cash Register Key Only
                                                                        462 Fagor 3 Door Bench Refrigerator Model FAGMFP          (GST)
  426    Stainless Steel Bench 610 x 610 x 910 (BEN060)         (GST)
         (GST)                                                               180GN S/N 610100688 (GST)
                                                                        463 Fagor 3 Door Bench Refrigerator Model                 (GST)
  427    Demarco Curved Glass Refrigerated Food Display
         Bar Self Contained 6 x 1/2 Trays                                    FAGMFP180GN S/N 511200595 with Splashback
  428    2 x Bench Stainless Steel 2440 x 780mm (BEN240)        (GST)
                                                                        464 Stainless Steel 2 Door Under Bar Freezer, Self
                                                                             Contained 1750 x 700
  429    Demarco Curved Glass Bench Top Wet Bain Marie 8
                                                                        465 Bakbar Electric Oven (GST)                            (GST)
         x 1/2 Pots
                                                                (GST)   466 Bakbar Turbo Fan Oven on Stand with 5 Tray
  430    Stainless Steel Double Bowl Sink 1500 (GST)
  432    Magic Wrap Heat Shrink Machine 1 Meter with 2
                                                                        467 Orford Single Door Display Refrigerator Model         (GST)
         Rolls Heat Shrink Film
                                                                             TM21 S/N 12990955 (GST)
  433    Everest 3 Glass Door Underbench Refrigerator on        (GST)
                                                                        468 Orford Single Door Display Refrigerator Model         (GST)
         Castors 1800 x 700 (GST)
                                                                             TM21 S/N 01001763 (GST)
  434    Sharp 1300 watt Microwave Model R2380 S/N              (GST)
                                                                        469 Orford Single Door Display Refrigerator Model         (GST)
         204602650 with Splashback (GST)
                                                                             TM22, S/N 01002010 (GST)
  435    Eswood Under Counter Compact Glasswasher Model         (GST)
                                                                        470 Orford Single Door Display Refrigerator Model         (GST)
         C1-3B, Serial No 34033 3 Months Warranty Parts &
         Labour ORP $ 2357 Plus GST (GST)                                    TM22 S/N 01001745 (GST)
                                                                        474 Orford Single Door Display Refrigerator Model         (GST)
  436    Eswood Under Counter Compact Glasswasher Model         (GST)
         C1-3B, Serial No 31129 3 Months Warranty Parts &                    BME550 S/N 990911061 (GST)
         Labour ORP $ 2357 Plus GST (GST)                               475 Orford 2 Glass Door Upright Refrigerator S/N          (GST)
  437    1200w Microwave                                                     12991355 (GST)

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  Lot Description                                                       Lot   Description
  476 Orford 2 Glass Door Upright Refrigerator S/N              (GST)   1236 Jimsa Cool Line Pec Deck (GST)             (GST)
         12991215 (GST)                                                 1237 Concept II Rowing Machine (GST)            (GST)
  477    Orford 2 Glass Door Upright Refrigerator S/N           (GST)   1238 Diamondback 600 series Elliptical (GST)    (GST)
         01002192 (GST)                                                 1239 Jimsa Cool Line Lower Back (GST)           (GST)
  478    Orford 2 Glass Door Upright Refrigerator S/N           (GST)
                                                                        1240 Jimsa Cool Line Leg Curl (GST)             (GST)
         12991347 (GST)
                                                                        1241 Jimsa Cool Line Pec Deck (GST)             (GST)
  479    Nvova 2 Group Espresso Machine (GST)                   (GST)
                                                                        1242 Jimsa Cool Line Calf (GST)                 (GST)
  480    Stainless Steel Dry Bench with Undershelf 2100 x       (GST)
                                                                        1243 Jimsa Cool Line Leg Extension (GST)        (GST)
         600 (GST)
  481    Stainless Steel Dry Bench with Undershelf 2400 x       (GST)   1244 Jimsa Cool Line Leg Curl (GST)             (GST)
         600 (GST)                                                      1245 Jimsa Cool Line Lat Pulley Machine (GST)   (GST)
  482    Meat Slicer 300mm Blade (GST)                          (GST)   1246 Jimsa Cool Line Lower Back (GST)           (GST)
  483    Imola 3 Group Espresso Machine (GST)                   (GST)   1247 Sportart 6003 Treadmill (GST)              (GST)
  484    Goldstein Mobile Heated Plate Warmer, Electric         (GST)   1248 Sportsart 6005 Treadmill (GST)             (GST)
         (GST)                                                          1249 Bodyguard Treadmill (GST)                  (GST)
  485    Goldstein Mobile Heated Plate Warmer, Electric         (GST)   1250 Sportsart 6150E Treadmill (GST)            (GST)
         (GST)                                                          1251 Sportsart 6005 Treadmill (GST)             (GST)
  486    Norpe Flower Fridge (GST)                              (GST)
                                                                        1252 Taeha Intertrack 5016 Treadmill (GST)      (GST)
1201     Nury Tec Treadmill VR2000 Pro (GST)                    (GST)
                                                                        1253 Jimsa weight Tree (GST)                    (GST)
1202     Precor EFx544 Elliptical Fitness Cross Trainer (GST)   (GST)
                                                                        1254 Jimsa Dumbell Rack (GST)                   (GST)
1203     Precor EFX544 Elliptical Fitness Cross Trainer (GST)   (GST)                                                   (GST)
                                                                        1255 Jimsa Dumbell Rack (GST)
1204     "Bodyline" Seated Chest Raise in White Powdercoat      (GST)
                                                                        1256 Jimsa Cool Line Leg Press (GST)            (GST)
         and Black Vinyl Padded Seat (pin loaded 90kg max)
                                                                        1257 Jimsa Cool Line Incline Leg Press (GST)    (GST)
                                                                        1258 Jimsa Cooline Smith Machine (GST)          (GST)
1205     "Body Wise" Seated Preacher Curl in White              (GST)
         Powdercoat and Black Vinyl Padded Vinyl Seat (GST)             1259 Jimsa Cool Line Chin Dip Assist (GST)      (GST)
1206     Powerfit 2002 Upright Bike (GST)                       (GST)   1260 Jimsa Cool Line Lat Pulley Machine (GST)   (GST)
1207     Preference HRT2000 Upright Cycle (GST)                 (GST)   1261 Jimsa Cool Line Leg Press (GST)            (GST)
1208     Sportsart 7100 Stepper (GST)                           (GST)
1209     Jimsa Cool Line Abdominal (GST)                        (GST)
1210     Jimsa Cool Line Chest Press (GST)                      (GST)
1211     Jimsa Cool Line Shoulder Press (GST)                   (GST)
1212     Jimsa Cool Line Butterfly Press (GST)                  (GST)
1213     Sportsart 7003 Stepper (GST)                           (GST)
1214     Jimsa Cool Line Biceps (GST)                           (GST)
1215     Jimsa Cool LIne Lower Back (GST)                       (GST)
1216     Jimsa Cool Line Abdominal (GST)                        (GST)
1217     Jimsa Cool Line Leg Extension (GST)                    (GST)
1218     Jimsa Cool Line Preacher Curl (GST)                    (GST)
1219     Jimsa Cool Line Pec Deck (GST)                         (GST)
1220     Jimsa Cool Line Lower Back (GST)                       (GST)
1221     Nordic track Achiever Ski Machine (GST)                (GST)
1222     Nordic track Achiever Ski Machine (GST)                (GST)
1223     Nordic track Achiever Ski Machine (GST)                (GST)
1224     Norditrack 900 Achiever Ski Machine (GST)              (GST)
1225     Nordic Track 900 Achiever Ski Machine (GST)            (GST)
1226     "Body Wise" Seated Lat Pull Down Machine in White      (GST)
         Powdercoat and Black Padded Vinyl (has some wear)
         (pin loaded 100kg max) (GST)
1227     Sportsart 5003C Upright Bike (GST)                     (GST)
1228     Spirit Leg Extension (GST)                             (GST)
1229     Lifecycle Hunter River Upright Bike (GST)              (GST)
1230     Schwinn Evolution Ergo Bike (GST)                      (GST)
1231     Lifecycle Upright Bike (GST)                           (GST)
1232     Seated Row Machine and Lat Pull Down all in White      (GST)
         Powdercoat and Black Vinyl Padded Seat (pin loaded,
         weight unknown) (GST)
1233     Woodway Desmo M Treadmill (GST)                        (GST)
1234     Hur Leg Raise (GST)                                    (GST)
1235     Jimsa Cool Line Pec Deck (GST)                         (GST)

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