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									                                      Catering Menu

Soups & Salads
S1. Mulli Gatawany Soup                                                                   3.50
Delicious lentils Cooked with chicken in mild spices.
S2. Sambar Bowl                                                                           2.75
Authentic lentil Madras soup seasoned with mild spices.
S3. Sweet corn Chicken or Veg Soup                                                        3.75
Mild sweet corn soup with Chicken or Vegetables
S4. Chutnys Veg Salad                                                                     4.75
Mixed Garden Vegetables with Lemon dressing
S5. Chutnys Chicken Salad                                                                 5.75
Mixed Salad with Tandoor Chicken, Bell peppers, onion and Cucumber with Chef’s dressing


A1. Idly                                                                                  3.50
2 pieces of steamed rice and lentil cakes, served with chutney and sambar.
Idly preparations are made with freshly fermented ground rice and urad lentil
(Add $1.00 for idly dipped in Sambar)
A2. Medu Vada                                                                             3.50
2 pieces deep fried lentil donuts (Add 1.00 for Vada dipped in Sambar or Rasam or Dahi)
A3. Vegetable Pakora                                                                      3.50
Mixed vegetable battered, deep fried slices of Potato, cauliflower, fresh onion, and spinach.
A4. Vegetable Samosa                                                                      3.50
2 pieces - Deep fried crispy crust stuffed with mixed vegetable and potatoes
A5. Andhra special Hot Chili Bajji                                                        3.50
Whole jalapenos deep fried with spiced chick pea flour
A6. Chicken Pakora                                                                        5.99
Sliced Chicken marinated and deep fried with spiced chick pea flour
A7. Chicken 65                                                                            6.50
A8. Cut Mirchi                                                                            3.50

D1. Sada Dosa                                                                          4.99
Plain Crepes made of rice and lentil dough
D2. Masala Dosa                                                                        5.75
Crepe stuffed with spiced cooked potatoes
D3. Sada Mysore Dosa                                                                   5.95
Plain crepe spread with red hot chutney
D4. Mysore Masala Dosa                                                                 6.50
Crepe spread with red hot chutney and served with spiced cooked potatoes
D5. Onion and Hot Chili Dosa                                                           6.50
Crepe stuffed with chopped onions and jalapenos
D6. Butter Masala Dosa                                                                 6.95
Butter on crispy crepe served with spiced cooked potatoes
D7. Spinach Masala Dosa                                                                6.95
Crepe roasted with freshly ground garlic, mint, & spinach
D8. Cheese Dosa                                                                        7.25
Crepe stuffed with spicy marinated mozzarella cheese
D9. Spring Dosa                                                                        7.25
Crepe stuffed with seasoned onions & mixed vegetables
D10. Rava Dosa                                                                         6.50
D11. Onion Rava Dosa                                                                   6.95
D12. Rava Masala Dosa                                                                  6.95

Special South Indian Made Pizza/Pan Cake with Variety of Toppings

U1. Plain Uthappam                                                                     5.95
U2. Onion Uthappam                                                                     6.95
Chopped onion topping
U3. Onion & Hot Chili Uthappam                                                         6.95
Chopped onion & jalapeno topping
U4. Vegetable Uthappam                                                                 6.95
U5. Hawaiian Special Uthappam                                                          7.25
Pineapple, raisins and cashew nuts garnished with mint leaves
U6. Cheese & Vegetable Uthappam                                                        7.25
Onion & cheese with mixed vegetable topping

Rice Specialties

R1. Bisi Bele Bath                                                                     6.95
Rice cooked in lentil sauce with fresh vegetables
R2. Ven Pongal - Madras Special                                                        7.75
Steamed rice cooked in lentils garnished with cashew nuts, cumin seeds & whole black
Pepper melted in butter
R3. Vegetable Biriyani                                                                9.95
Basmati rice cooked with fresh mixed vegetables & garnished with spices
R4. Chicken Biriyani                                                                  11.95
Basmati rice cooked with mild spicy chicken & special herbs
R5. Lamb, Shrimp or Goat Biriyani                                                     13.95
Basmati rice cooked with mild spicy chicken, shrimp, or goat & special herbs
R6. Spl Fried Rice                                                                    11.95
Spicy fried rice with egg, chick, mushroom & piece.
R7. Yougurt Rice                                                                       5.95


V1. Baingan ka Bartha                                                                 9.95
Fresh eggplant slices cooked over a low flame with diced tomatoes & chopped onions
Mixed with special spices
V2. Bhendi Masala                                                                     9.95
Madras Okra cooked with special spices, black pepper & curry leaves, garnished with
chili & ginger
V3. Dal of the Day (Chef’s Special)                                                   9.95
Deliciously flavored lentils seasoned & cooked with mild spices
V4. Channa Masala                                                                     9.95
Garbonzo beans cooked in mild tomato gravy
V5. Navratan Korma                                                                    9.95
Fresh vegetables cooked in creamy sauce with dices of dried fruits & mild spices
V6. Aloo Gobhi                                                                        9.95
Freshly cut potatoes, cauliflower, green chili, ginger stir-fried with spices
V7. Palak Paneer                                                                      9.95
Fresh spinach cooked with Indian cheese
V8. Mutter Paneer                                                                     9.95
Green peas and Indian cheese cooked in special sauces
V9. Kadai Paneer                                                                      9.95
Sauteed bell peppers & chopped onions cooked with cheese in tomato gravy
V10. Paneer Butter Masala                                                             9.95
Cheese cooked in tandoor clay oven and garnished with butter & tomato
V11. Malai Kofta                                                                      9.95
Fresh mixed vegetables & cheese balls cooked in a velvety badam and cashew gravy
V12. Bagara Baingan                                                                   9.95

Non-Veg Curries

N1. Chicken Tikka Masala                                                              10.95
Boneless Tandooir chicken breast piece cooked in rich tomato cream sauce
N2. Badsahi Badam Korma                                                               11.95
Lamb cubes cooked in mild almond & yogurt sauce with dry spices
N3. Murgh Palak or Lamb Palak                                                          11.95
Fresh spinach cooked with boneless chicken or lamb pieces & Indian cheese
N4. Chicken Curry or Lamb Curry                                                        11.95
N5. Chicken/Lamb Chettinad (add $2.00 for Lamb)                                        11.95
Boneless chicken/shrimp cooked in onion & tomato gravy spiced with chettinad spices/masala
N6. Malabar Fish/Shrimp Curry                                                          13.95
Fish/shrimp Southern stew cooked with cashew & coconut gravy
N7. Madras Fish/Shrimp Masala                                                          13.95
Fish/shrimp cooked with special Southern spices
N8. Andhra fish Pulusu                                                                 12.95
N9. Boti Kabab Masala                                                                  11.50
Marinated lamb cubes baked in tandoor & cooked in a buttery fresh tomato sauce & garlic
N10. Chicken Vindaloo                                                                  11.95
N11. Lamb Vindalooo                                                                    11.95
N12. Goat Curry                                                                        11.95


T1. Tandoori Murg                                                                      9.99
Chicken marinated overnight in yogurt and spices baked in oven to perfection
T2. Murg Tikka                                                                         12.50
White meat, chicken pieces marinated overnight in yogurt and spices baked in oven to perfection
T3. Murg Reshmi Kabab                                                                  11.50
Boneless minced chicken seasoned with onions and capsicum skewered and roasted in oven
T4. Boti-Kabab                                                                         14.50
Boneless lamb cubes marinated overnight in yogurt and spices baked in oven to perfection

Chutnys Specials

C1. Bombay Pav Bhaji                                                                   8.95
Grilled bun served with special spicy mashed mixed vegetables in gravy
C2. Puri (Choice of Spicy Potato or Chana Masala)                                      7.95
C3. Paratha with Korma                                                                 9.95
Multi-layered fine flour bread cooked with butter and served with Authentic Tamil
vegetable korma
C4. Veg Thali                                                                          9.95
Served with rice and chapathi
C5. Gobi Manchurian                                                                    11.50
C6. Chicken Manchurian                                                                 12.50
C7. Chili Garlic Fish/Shrimp                                                           13.50
C8. Chili Chicken                                                                      11.95
C9. 555 Chicken                                                                        11.95
Side Orders

O1. Yogurt/Plain curd                                                                  1.50
O2. Raita                                                                              2.50
Yogurt garnished with cucumber, tomato & cilantro
O3. Fried Papad                                                                        2.00
4 pieces of deep fried rice and lentil tortilla

Oven Baked Indian Breads

B1. Tandoor Roti                                                                       1.95
Whole wheat round bread cooked in tandoor clay oven
B2. Naan                                                                               1.95
Delicious fine flour Indian bread cooked in tandoor clay oven
B3. Butter Naan                                                                        2.25
Indian bread with butter cooked in tandoor clay oven
B4. Garlic Naan                                                                        2.50
Indian bread with garlic cooked in tandoor clay oven
B5. Paneer Kulcha                                                                      3.50
Refined flour bread stuffed with mild house spices & Indian chhese cooked in tandoor
clay oven
B6. Aloo Paratha                                                                       2.50
Whole wheat flour bread stuffed with spiced potato & peas and cooked with butter and
served with yogurt sauce
B7. Onion Kulcha                                                                       2.50
Freshly baked bread stuffed with spinach & herbs


D1. Gajar Halwa                                                                        3.50
Fresh grated carrots cooked in heavy milk sauce & melted butter
D2. Gulab Jamun                                                                        2.50
Deep fried milk balls served in light syrup
D3. Ice Cream                                                                          2.25
Choice of Vanilla, Mango or Chocolate
D4. Malai or Mango Kulfi                                                               4.50
D5. Gajar Halwa with Vanilla Ice Cream                                                 4.25
D6. Rasmalai                                                                           3.50
Creamy cheese cake served in reduced milky sauce and garnished with pistachios

Cold and Hot Beverages

Drinks                                                                                 2.00
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Lemonade and Iced Tea
Juices                                                                                  2.50
Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Mango and Cranberry.
Lassi                                                                                   2.95
(Smooth and Delicious Flavored Yogurt Drink) Sweet, Salted, Mango and Kesar
Milk Shakes                                                                             3.50
Mango, Banana, Pineapple, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Elaichi Kesar and Roohafzaa
Masala Darjeeling Chai                                                                  2.50
(Darjeeling Tea brewed with Milk a special blend of mild spices.)
Mineral Water                                                                           1.50


Chutnys (Fine authentic south and north Indian cuisine)
195 E Campus View Blvd (Next to Starbucks)
Columbus, Ohio 43235
Phone # 614-430-0090
Fax # 614-430-9117

Lunch Hours:
       Tue. to Fri. 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
       Sat. to Sun. 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Dinner Hours:
       Tue to Thu. 5:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
       Fri. to Sun. 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

**Closed on Mondays

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