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									Lund University Centre for studies of Carbon Cycle and Climate Interactions – LUCCI

                           Second ANNUAL MEETING
                              17-18 MARCH 2010
                        Venue: Bäckaskog Slott, Fjälkinge

                                  DRAFT AGENDA

      Date                Time                                 Activity
   17th March             10.00       Bus will leave from outside Sölvegatan 12
                          12.00       Lunch
                          13.00       Welcome and introduction to the workshop
                                      Coordinator Anders Lindroth
                         13.15        Practical details - Margareta Johansson
                        Presentations from Work Packages
                               Chair: Anders Lindroth
                         13.20        Moa Sporre - A study of the indirect aerosol effect on
                                      liquid stratocumulus clouds over a cold ocean using
                                      MODIS satellite data and ground-based aerosol
                         13.40        Torben R. Christensen – WP 2 plans new
                                      collaboration with other WP within LUCCI
                         14.00        Anna Broström - Estimates of human induced carbon
                                      release to the atmosphere based on fossil pollen
                                      records and quantitative landscape reconstructions –
                                      a pilot study on European scale
                         14.20        Mini break
                         14.25        Dan Hammarlund - Climate variability and change in
                                      southern Sweden during the last millennium based
                                      on isotope dendroclimatology
                         14.45        Vivi Vajda - Evidence of climate change from the
                                      deep time terrestrial record
                         15.05        Coffee break
                 Continuation of presentations from Work Packages
                            Chair: Torben R. Christensen
                         15.30        Birger Schmitz - A test of kaolinite as a proxy of
                                      global humidity change during the Initial Eocene
                                      Thermal Maximum
                         15.50        Guy Schurgers - Simulating emissions of biogenic
                                      volatile organic compounds for the Holocene
                         16.00        Paul Miller - Modelling of Trace Gas Emission and
                                      Carbon Storage at High Latitudes with LPJ-GUESS
                         16.20        Margareta Hellström - LUCCI-web - our window to
                                      the world
                         16.30        Anders Lindroth - ICOS - a new research
                                      infrastructure for integrated carbon observations in
                         16.50        Poster presentation
                         17.30        Social event
                         19.30        Dinner
   Date             Time                                Activity
18th March          07.30       Breakfast
             Presentations from the Advisory Board Members
                             Chair: Vivi Vajda
                    08.30       Jan Backman
                    08.40       Clare Robinson
                    08.50       Martin Heimann
                   Integration and group discussions
                    09.00       Integration between WP and discussion on potential
                                new joint projects
                    10.00       Coffee break
                    10.30       Continue: Integration between the WP and
                                discussion on potential new projects
                    11.30       Concluding remarks and next steps
                    11.45       Lunch
                    13.00       Bus will leave and bring us back to Sölvegatan 12

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