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The Newsletter of the Clara Fritzsche Library by sofiaie


                                Book Bytes
                         The Newsletter of the Clara Fritzsche Library
                         Volume 2, Issue 2                                                                        Spring 2006

                         Library Weeding Project                                                  Room to Grow: Library
                                                                                                  Gets New Storage Area
                         The library has started its spring   After the books have been
                                                                                                  Recently a new storage room
                         cleaning early this year.            withdrawn, subject areas are
                                                                                                  was created in the garage under
                         Recently, Notre Dame                 being shifted to make room for
                                                                                                  the library. Two bays were
                                                              new purchases. The shelves are
                         College faculty and staff have                                           sealed off, a wall was con-
                                                              also being relabeled. To date,
                         worked with the Library                                                  structed and a raised linoleum
                                                              the philosophy/ psychology/
                         Director in culling out old,                                             floor was installed to prevent
                                                              theology section (B) has been
                         outdated and obsolete materials                                          water damage and dampness.
                                                              completed. It is anticipated that
                         from its circulating book                                                The room also has new lighting
                                                                    the weeding and reorgani-
                         collection. A recent increase                                            and newly painted walls. Shelving
                                                                    zation project will be
                         in the library budget will                                               was erected, allowing plenty of
                                                                   completed by the end of
                         enable the library to                                                    room for storage of books and
Look familiar?           purchase updated
                                                                 the semester.
                                                                                                  other items. The library would
 (See page 3)            materials in all subject                    As always, the library       like to thank Tom Meeks and
                         areas, particularly in                      welcomes suggestions         the maintenance staff for their
                         support of new programs                   from all library patrons       work on this project.
                         such as Nursing and                     concerning additions to the
Inside this issue:       Intelligence Analysis. To             collection.
                         insure that materials of an          E-mail the Library Director at
                         historical nature or those that or drop your
                         should be part of the core           suggestion off in the library
                         collection are not withdrawn, all    mailbox in the ground floor
                         of the weeded books are first        mailroom in the Administration
Join the Book-A-     2
                         checked against Best Books for       Building.
Year Club
                         College Libraries, 2002.                                                     The new storage room
Gallery Talk         2

Calendar of          2   Falcon Café Goes Wireless

Library Event        2   The Falcon Café now has              now carries a variety of cold       in the Administration Building,
Form                     another convenience to                        beverages, including       the Keller Center information
                         offer its customers. On                       Coca-Cola (regular,        desk and the Dining Hall. The
Eastern Church       3   January 16 the Café                           diet, cherry and Zero),    full menu may also be accessed
Resource Center          added wireless                                POWERade, Red Bull         through the Falcon Café website
Celebration              capability. People can                        and Tazo Tea in            at
                         now use their laptops                         assorted flavors.          library/falconcafe.htm.
Employee Profile     3   to surf the internet,                         Another delicious new
                         study or check their e-                       addition is cheesecake     Other News
Mystery Photo        3   mail accounts while                           priced at 2.95 for a       As an additional service to its
Contest                  relaxing with a cup of coffee.       generously sized slice. Little      patrons, The Falcon Café now
                         The wireless range also extends      Debbies are also available at .35   accepts Visa and Mastercard.
Library Installs     3   up to the library’s second floor     each. To see the full menu          Gift certificates are also
New Printer              reading area directly above the      selection, pick up the new
                         Café and to the lawn outside.        carry-out menus at the Falcon        Monday-Thursday 8 a.m.-7 p.m.
Library Survey       4   New Menu Items Added                 Café, the library circulation        Friday-Saturday 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
Results                  The Falcon Café has recently         desk, in the ground floor            nonWECO Saturdays CLOSED
We Are Listening     4   added some new menu items. It        mailroom, the information table      Sunday              CLOSED
    Page 2                                                                                                                    Book Bytes

                                       Become Involved! – Join the Book-A-Year Club
                                       In 1935 Sister Genevieve           reference sets, videos and          Last year’s Book-A-Year
                                       Baker, SND, the first Head         DVD’s, plus special faculty         solicitation generated over
                                       Librarian of the Notre Dame        requests. Members can pick          $4,000 for the purchase of
                                       College Library, initiated the     from a list of books and audio-     library materials. This year’s
                                       Book-A-Year Club as a means        visual materials in a variety of    campaign is off to an auspicious
                                       of enhancing the collection of     subject areas or simply             start and promises to be one of
                                       the Clara Fritzsche Library.       designate an area where they        our most successful ever.
                                       Since then, the library has        would like their contribution to    Over $3,500 has been raised
                                       relied on the generosity of        be directed. Books are in all       since its kickoff on
                                       Book-A-Year Club members to        price ranges and any donation       February 15th.
                                       help build a collection that is    is appreciated. A commemora-         If you want to join the Club, it
                                       reflective of the mission of       tive bookplate signed by the        is not too late. Contact the
                                       Notre Dame College,                donor is placed in the gift book    Library Director at x5266 or
                                       supportive of the curriculum of    as a lasting reminder of his or     by e-mail at
                                       the College and responsive to      her generosity. Book-A-Year         For more information on the
                                       the needs of the Notre Dame        Club members are also listed        Book-A-Year Club, go to the
                                       community. Book-A-Year Club        on a walnut plaque in the           library website at
                                       funds are used to purchase         library outside of the Book-A-
                                       expensive multivolume              Year Club Gallery.                  library/bookay.htm .

                                       Gallery Talk
                                       Our Gallery in the News            inspired by the heartbreaking       Upcoming Events
                                       The library’s recent “Faces of     story and accounts of Halle’s
                                       Distinction” exhibit was the       wonderful spirit, finished the      March 30-April 30, 2006
                                       subject of full-page articles in   painting in two days, in time for   “The Art, History and
                                       the Call & Post and the City       the memorial service, and           Theology of Romanian Icons
                                       News. The artist, Alice            charged only a nominal fee.         on Glass” an exhibit of icons
                                       Seifullah, was also the subject    The family, members of St.          from Transylvania held in con-
                                       of an interview by A. Grace        Dominic’s parish in Shaker          junction with the Seventh Anni-
                                       Lee Mims on WCLV’s “Black          Heights, has since visited the      versary of the Eastern Church
                                       Arts” radio program on             exhibit. The beautiful              Resource Center. Opening re-
                                       March 10.                          comments written in the             ception and lecture: Thursday,
                                       Seifullah recently gave a lively   show’s guestbook are a lasting      March 30 at 7 p.m.
                                       gallery talk and demonstration     treasure to the artist and a
   Alice Seifullah discusses her art
                                       on March 15th. Attendees had       testimony of the indomitable        June 22-August 3, 2006
                                       an impromptu bonus art lesson      spirit of love present in this      “A Celebration of Seasons”
Library Event Form                     by fellow art instructor           family touched by so much           a series of nature scenes by Ron
                                       Thomas Osborne. Guests             adversity.                          Friedman. Opening reception:
                                       were having such an enjoyable      The library’s next exhibit “The     Thursday, June 22 from 7 to
There is now an all-campus             time that the evening,             Art, History and Theology of        9 p.m.
event evaluation form available        scheduled to end at 8 p.m.,        Romanian Icons on Glass” was
for assessing campus events            lasted until 9:30 p.m.!            also the subject of a feature       September 14-October 27,
and activities. If you attend an       Seifullah also recently received   article in the “Mosaic” section     2006
art opening, view an exhibit,          a commission for a painting to     of the February 21, 2006 issue      “Time and Travel: A
attend a lecture, poetry               be done in memory of Halle         of The Plain Dealer. For more       Watercolorist Visits Some
reading, book signing, concert         Gibson, the eleven year-old girl   details, see page 3 of this         Favorite Places” works by
or other event where                   who died tragically in a car       newsletter.                         John Pfordresher.
evaluation forms are available,        crash along with her grandpar-         Now Showing in the              Opening reception: Thursday,
please take a few moments to           ents while going to visit her               Falcon Café:               September 14 from 5 to 7 p.m.
fill one out. All results will be      brother in Louisiana before he
tabulated and used in the                                                 “Images” photographs by
                                       was deployed to Iraq. A friend     students in Malinda Smyth’s         For more information on these
College Self-Study process.            of her brother found the artist    AR 210 Photography II class-        and other library exhibits,
Remember—We value your                 on the internet and visited the    Sang Ihn Lee, Nico Menefield        contact Karen Zoller at x5267.
opinion!                               gallery. Seifullah, touched and    and Rosalie Ward.
Volume 2, Issue 2                                                                                                             Page 3

Eastern Church Resource Center Celebrates Seventh Anniversary
Notre Dame College’s Eastern        The Eastern Church Resource           spines. Many of the materials
Church Resource Center,             Center was recently the sub-          in the Eastern Church Re-
located on the first floor of the   ject of a feature article in the      source Center’s holdings are
Clara Fritzsche Library, will       “Mosaic” section of The Plain         unique among the 87 Ohio-
celebrate its Seventh Anniver-      Dealer. The article discussed         LINK libraries. The collection
sary with a lecture by the Rev.     the history of the Center and         can now be accessed through
Fr. Remus Grama, D. Min.,           its collection books, audio-          our online catalog making it
entitled “The Art, History and      visual materials, journals and        possible for remote users to
Theology of Romanian Icons on       icons and included two photos.        view the Center’s holdings.
Glass.” The lecture will take       The article can be found online       Last month, the library re-
place on Thursday, March 30th       at:                                   ceived a reference inquiry from
at 7 p.m. with a brief question             an individual in Canada pertain-
and answer session afterwards.      index.ssf?/base/                      ing to the Orthodox Church.
A reception will follow and         zmosa/114016887074770.xml?            When asked why she had
refreshments will be served.        zmosa&coll=2 .                        called the Clara Fritzsche
An accompanying exhibit of the                                            Library, she replied that our
same name will be on view in        In addition to this, the Eastern      Eastern Church Resource
the Clara Fritzsche Library’s       Church Resource Center web-           Center web page was “the best
Book-A-Year Club Gallery until      site has recently been ex-            site” for a special collection on
April 30, 2006. The exhibit         panded and enhanced. A list of        the topic that she could find on
was made possible through the       past events and the Eastern           the internet. The new en-
cooperation of Fr. Grama,           Church Planning Committee             hancements will serve to make
Parish Priest of St. Mary Roma-     membership roster was added           the resources in this special          Mystery Photo
nian Orthodox Cathedral, Mr.        to the site. The holdings of the      collection even more widely
George Dobreas, Honorary            Center were cataloged and             available to faculty, students,        If you can identify
Consul to Romania for Cleve-        new spine labels with the East-       scholars and clergy.                   the artifact
land, and the Romanian Ethnic       ern Church Resource Center                                                   pictured on the first
Art Museum (REAM).                  logo were affixed to the book                                                page and where it is
                                                                                                                 in the library, send
                                                                                                                 your answer to
Employee Profile: Grace Spletzer                                                                       
                                                                                                                 The first person to
Grace Spletzer has been a            Seasonal Guest (Poem #5)             withdrawing materials, shift-          respond correctly
Student Assistant at the                          Grace Spletzer          ing books and organizing the           will win a $10 gift
Clara Fritzsche Library since                                             periodicals collection in              certificate to the
                                    The towering pines swagger,                                                  Falcon Café.
September 2005. Grace is a          In the presence of a howling wind.    addition to her daily duties
freshman majoring in                Tiny flakes whip violently about.     of making phone calls, get-
Biology and hails from              Mountains of crystals congregate,     ting the mail, and packing          Library Installs New
Warren, Ohio. Since                 Upon the frozen earth,                and unpacking interlibrary          Printer
coming to Notre Dame, she           And the frigid fingertips of winter   loan and OhioLINK
                                                                                                              In response to increased
has become involved in a            Knock once more.                      materials. Grace is a
                                                                                                              usage and in an effort to
variety of student activities.                                            welcome addition to the
                                                                                                              improve printer access,
Grace is a member of                between Dominic Russo’s               library staff.
                                                                                                              the library now has a new
Student Government,                 graphic design class, Amy
                                                                                                              printer located behind the
serving as a senator. She is        Kesegich’s creative writing                                               circulation desk. All pub-
also a member of Masquers,          class and Greater Cleveland                                               lic access computers in
the schools drama group,            RTA. She read two of her
                                                                                                              the library are now con-
and performed in the                original poetry composi-                                                  nected to this printer,
Masquers production of              tions which were illustrated
                                                                                                              eliminating the need to go
Rhinoceros. Recently Grace          by students in the design                                                 through the Technical
was selected to be a                class. One of these poems                                                 Services area. To retrieve
Resident Advisor in the             is reproduced on this page.
                                                                                                              your printouts, please ring
dorms. She also partici-            Since starting at the library                                             the bell for service and a
pated in “Moving Minds,”            Grace has been an enor-                                                   library staff member will
the recent collaboration            mous help, assisting in                                                   assist you.
   Book Bytes                        Library Survey Results – Preliminary Findings
                                     Last fall, the library distributed a   Suggestions for improvement          book sales and an online inter-
                                     user survey to faculty, students,      were more up-to-date books           library loan form. 29% of
Clara Fritzsche Library              staff and guest patrons. Copies        (21%), new décor and more            respondents felt that the library
                                     of the print survey were               comfortable furniture (11%),         was fine as it is.
                                     inserted in the Fall 2005 issue of     reinstate the fall and spring
                                     Book Bytes in all faculty and staff    book sales (11%), better access      Falcon Café Findings
                                     mailboxes. Stacks of the survey        to printers (5%), getting new        All respondents were aware
                                     were also placed in the                books on the shelves faster          that there was a coffee shop in
                                     mailroom, the library and other        (5%), notifying library patrons      the library, indicating that initial
                                     locations on campus. The               by e-mail (5%), more storage         marketing was effective. 90%
                                     survey was conducted in                space (2.5%) and better              said they had visited the coffee
                                     conjunction with the campus-           temperature control (2.5%).          shop. Only 11% said they did
            4545 College Road        wide Self Study the College is         37% of library users said that no    not plan to frequent the coffee
        South Euclid, OH 44121       undergoing in preparation for          improvements were needed.            shop in the future. Reasons
           Phone: 216-373-5267       the site visit of the Higher           Activities people would like to      included not liking the
             Fax: 216-381-3227       Learning Commission. The               see added were more art or art       “imitation Frappuchino,” not
        E-mail:      NorthCentral visiting team will        related activities (31%), more       accepting credit cards or simply
                                     come in March 2007 to deter-           book sales (23%), children’s         not liking coffee. Foods and
                                     mine academic accreditation for        storytime (15%), more poetry         beverages that people wanted
                                     Notre Dame College. A                  readings (12%), live music (12%)     to see added were soup (16%),
        We’re on the Web!            section on the new Falcon Café         and book discussion groups           sandwiches or wraps (15%),
                                     was also included in the survey.       (7%). Respondents said the           herbal or decaffeinated tea
                                     Preliminary results indicate that,     following factors would cause        (12%), muffins, bagels and low-
                                     in general, there is a high level      them to use the library more:        cal breakfast foods (11%),
            WRITER/EDITOR            of satisfaction among library          more time (14%), more library        donuts and other pastries
               Karen Zoller          users. 74% of library users            assignments (14%), free copies       (10%), salads (7%) and hot
                                     rated library service as               14%), more computers,                foods (7%). Other suggestions
                                     excellent, 21% as very good and        especially upstairs (7%), wireless   included flavored coffees, free
                                     5% as good. No one rated               technology (7%), extended            trade coffee and orange juice
                 Joe Glass
                                     service as fair or poor. Library       hours (7%), current fiction,         (1%). 21% thought the Falcon
                                     activities also received a high        biography or books on tape           Café menu was fine the way it
                                     rating. 44% of the respondents         (7%), current magazines display      was. Things people would most
                  Karen Zoller
                                     rated library activities as            (7%), more book sales (7%),          like to see in the Falcon Cafe to
                                     excellent, 38% rated them as           closer to home (7%), hot food        make it more hospitable were
                                     very good and 18% rated them           in the coffee shop (5%) and CD       in order of preference: 1)
                     Joe Glass
                                     as good, with no one rating            and video rental (4%). There         artwork, 2) poetry readings, 3)
                  Karen Zoller
                                     library activities as fair or poor.    was a diverse array of opinions      new furniture, magazines and
                                     58% of the respondents said the        on what patrons would most           live music (tied), 4) newspapers
                                     thing they liked most about the        like to see in the library. These    and 5) lower prices. Other
                                     library was the helpfulness of         included more African-               suggestions included television,
                                     the library staff and 21%              American magazines, more use         no television, a payphone and
                                     enjoyed the quiet atmosphere,          of the library, a bulletin board     soft classical background music.
                                     11% liked the art exhibits and         exclusively for business cards       One person said the Café was
                                     10% said availability of               and job opportunities, a color       excellent and need no
                                     information through books and          copier, reading chairs, a wi-fi      improvement.
It’s Not Too Late!                   OhioLINK.                              connection, more plants, more

If you have not yet filled out a
library survey, you still have      We Are Listening!
time to do so. Simply access
the survey on the library           Many of your survey suggestions         done to remedy the temperature        Since the survey was distributed,
website or the campus Intranet,     have already been implemented.          control problem. An additional        the Falcon Café has added muf-
or pick up a copy at the library    The library is updating its collec-     venue for art has been added in       fins, bagels, pastries, artwork,
circulation desk. Leave your        tions, added a printer and is in        the Falcon Café. More com-            magazines, newspapers and televi-
completed survey in the library     the process of cataloging its spe-      puters will soon be installed on      sion. The Poetry Club now
mailbox in the mailroom on the      cial collections.                       the second floor of the library       meets there regularly and credit
ground floor of the Administra-     E-mail is being used more fre-          and wi-fi access is now available.    cards are now accepted.
tion Building or at the library     quently for reference questions         Library hours have been ex-           Additional feedback and sugges-
circulation desk.                   and notifying patrons about their       panded and the library now sub-       tions are always welcome.
                                    OhioLINK and interlibrary loan          scribes to American Legacy, a         E-mail the Library Director at
                                    orders. We now have more                magazine dealing with African-, call x5266 or
                                    storage space and work is being         American history and culture.         stop by the library.

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