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									                                     County of Henrico, Virginia
                                    Capital Improvement Program
                                   FY 2009-10 through FY 2013-14

Fund 21 Capital Projects Fund

                                                             Request   Request     Request     Request Request        Total
Project/Work Phase                         Priority         FY 09-10   FY10-11    FY 11-12    FY 12-13 FY 13-14   Five Year
06516   Electronic Polling Books              1              687,950    165,500     165,500         0         0    1,018,950
Total                                                        687,950    165,500     165,500         0         0    1,018,950

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                           Capital Improvement Program
               FY2009/10 - FY2013/14 - Fund - 21 - Capital Projects Fund
 Project No:           06516                                Project Name:                  Electronic Polling Books
 Department:           Registrar                            Department Priority:           1
 Project Type:         Technology Improvemen                Fiscal Year:                   2010
 District:             General Government                   Revenue Source:                General Fund
Description and Scope
Electronic poll (e-poll) book is a technology process importing voter data from our voter registration system and then automating voting
locations, eliminating the costs associated with paper poll books, streamlining the collection of voting history, seeking to prevent voter fraud,
capturing voter ID requirement compliance, directing the voters to their correct poll place, and efficiently interfacing with electronic voting
systems. Taking the poll book concept to a whole new level, the e-poll book replaces traditional voter check-in with an automated system that
allows instant access to voter profiles. For each voter, poll workers can verify eligibility, print directions to correct polling locations, update
voter information, record voting credit and update voter registration databases in real-time.
Purpose and Need
By automating voter check-in and enhancing security; administrators, poll workers and voters all benefit from the e-poll book. For
administrators it will increase cost-effectivness, enhance efficiency and give greater security of voter information. For poll workers it will be
time-saving process and empower election material and tools at the precinct level. For voters it will reduce long lines at the polls.
History and Current Status
The epoll book objective is to replace paper poll books. Virginia localities are authorized to use epoll books approved by the State Board of
Elections (24.2-611). An e-poll book will require Election Day Management hardware (laptops), Election Day Managemnet Software licenses,
installation and training.
Registrar Office
Capital Expenditures
                                                  FY2010                FY2011                 FY2012                  FY2013               FY2014
    Planning and Design                                 0                       0                      0                          0                      0
                   Land                                 0                       0                      0                          0                      0
      Site Improvements                                 0                       0                      0                          0                      0
            Construction                                0                       0                      0                          0                      0
       Direct Equipment                                 0                       0                      0                          0                      0
         Direct Material                                0                       0                      0                          0                      0
     Other project Costs                         687,950                 165,500                165,500                           0                      0
  Furniture and Fixtures                                0                       0                      0                          0                      0
           Total Request                       $687,950                $165,500               $165,500                       $0                     $0
Estimated Operating Costs                                 Map
       FY2010                                 $0

          FY2011                        $25,128

          FY2012                        $31,410

          FY2013                        $37,492

          FY2014                        $37,492

Prior Request Year:                             New
Prior Request Priority:                         New
Prior Request Amount:                           $0


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