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									APRIL 10.   1927.              NOTES AND QUERIES.                                              271
                    THIS WEEK:                        Frenchman was, therefore, vindicated.
   Joseph Bingham, Antiquary                 273        The Court has throughout this long trial
                                                      taken immense trouble. The Judges of
   Old London underground                    277      Appeal again visited the scene of. the
   Hatwearing       Customs, U.S.A.    ...   281      slaughter of the lapwing. They reclined
                                                      on the very spot where the Frenchman
                                                      had sat and taken his long, steady ain.
                             published every
NOTES AND20,QUERIES is 306). Wycombe,
   Friday, at   Kish Street, Hisjli
Bucks (Telephone: Wycombe           Subscrip-
                                                      at the sitting bird. They moved on a few
                                                      yards and examined the position where
tions (£2, 2s. a year, U.S.A. $10.50, including       the unwitting and over-confident lapwing
postage, two half-yearly indexes and two cloth        had watched the Frenchman plotting
binding cases, or £1 15s. 4d. a year, U.S.A. $9,      death. Tlis whole scene was re-enacted in
withont binding cases} should be 6ent to the          the presence of the entire Court, the wit-
Manager. The London Office is at 22, Essex            nesses, the police., and others. Of all who
Street, W.C.2 (Telephone: Central 396), where
rhe current issue is on sale. Orders for back         had figured in the tragedy only the lap-
numbers, indexes and bound volumes should be          wing was missing.
sent either ro London or to Wycombe; letters            The verdict has caused a certan amused
for the Editor to the London Office.                  satisfaction amongst the public. In diplo-
                                                      matic circles it is considered as shaking
                                                      the very foundations of Tangier's exist-
             Memorabilia.                             ence. . . . The offspring of diplomacy, the
                                                      Mixed Tribunal, has betrayed its trust.
TOEtE following account from The Times                The infallibility of the diplomatic boun-
 • • correspondent at Tangier of a trial for
 *                                                    daries has been questioned.
the shooting of a lapwing deserves a place           TN The Library for March will be found
among judicial and international curiosities.          the extraordinarily interesting paper read
We give it somewhat abbreviated; it ap-             by Dr. M. R. James last November to the
peared on April 8.                                   Bibliographical Society on the traces remain-
        " A message published in The Times of       ing of Greek learning in England from 500
    March 23 referred to the engrossing trial       to 1500. We cannot but hope there will be
    of a Frenchman accused of shooting a            response to its concluding appeal for mem-
    lapwing on land over which the diplo-           bers of the Society to " take up the subject
    matic representatives at Tangier claim,         of Greek learning in England and make a
    under a concession from a long-deceased         finished picture of it."         Mr. V. Schol-
    Sultan, to have sporting rights. . . . With     derer's paper on Printing at Milan in the
    admirable tenacity, generations of diplo-       Fifteenth Century follows this, and further
    matists lhave clung • to this concession.       on we have a paper by Dr. A. W. Pollard
    Sultans have come and gone, treaties have       on Greek Types, in which illustration is
    been made and unmade, Tangier's entire          given of the Greek fount designed by Mr.
    status has been altered, but this privilege     Scholderer for the Lanston Monotype Cor-
    has survived all the vicissitudes of fortune.   poration. Dr. Pollard finds himself more
    . . . In the lower Court the Frenchman lost     and more inclined to tolerate the old trian-
    his case and was fined 1.50f. He appealed       gular delta of this fount, which we confess
    and the case has just been reheard. Dur-        we have not yet taken to with any satisfac-
    ing this second trial extracts from the         tion.     Dr. Greg in Iiis paper about the-
    message to The Times of March 23 were           Stationers' Register records the observation
    read out in Court to show the importance        that for a considerable period the entries
    of the case. A majority of the Judges           in the Register are not in the handwriting
    of the Court of Appeal yesterday reversed       of either of the clerks, but in differing hands,
    the judgment of the lower Court. They           and possibly in that of the person sub-
    did not dispute the existence or legality       mitting the copy for registration. There
    of the concession, but found that the           was also in use for a short time a system
    limits of the sporting reserve have been        of signed entries. He gives illustrations of
    marked out with a certain traditional           three entries, all of which (as do many
    diplomatic disregard for exactitude and         others) bear the initials " G. S." beneath a
    precision. To put it delicately, the diplo-     star. These, Dr. Greg takes to be an eigh-
    matists' boundary posts, like their dis-        teenth centurv addition, and to stand for
    patches, left room for manoeuvring. The         "Gulielnuis Shakespeare." Another inter-

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