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									                  Request for Proposal
               HEALTH PROTECTION

                   Central Tender No. (129/2009)

The Water Authority of Jordan, through Jordan Government Tenders Directorate
(GTD), invites U.S. and Jordanian construction contractors to submit proposals to
construction of Suf Trunk Sewer.

The Project will be co-funded by the United States Agency for International
Development (USAID) and the Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ).

The Suf Trunk Sewer Project consists of the supply, delivery, construction, clean up
and reinstatement of a new Trunk Sewer extending from the MH JS 126 existing
manhole located adjacent to Wadi Suf to the existing Suf Sewer located adjacent to
Qirawan spring in Jerash as shown on the Drawings with specific components of the
project consisting of:

   1-   231 meters of concrete pipe sewers for branch connections to Suf Trunk Sewer
   2-   1,359 meters of 300 mm High Density Polyethylene Profile Wall Gravity Pipe
   3-   3,968 meters of 400 mm High Density Polyethylene Profile Wall Gravity Pipe
   4-   2,931 meters of 500 mm High Density Polyethylene Profile Wall Gravity Pipe
   5-   116 Type A manholes and 161 Type B wadi manholes.
   6-   14,335 m2 rock fill mattress for sewers in wadi area
   7-   Other sewer miscellaneous works including, concrete encasement, demolition
        and decommissioning abandoned existing manholes

Prospective contractors must qualify based on their eligibility, required resources,
financial capacity, and technical experience with projects of similar scope and
magnitude as described in the technical proposal document. Local Jordanian
contractors must be listed by the Jordanian Ministry of Public Works and
Housing/GTD at the time of execution in the classification Grade 1 in the field of
Water and Wastewater.

Contractors interested in obtaining the Request for Proposals (RFP) and tender
documents can collect a copy, for the non-refundable fee of JOD 200, at the GTD
address mentioned below beginning on Monday, 28 September, 2009, at 0900 hours,
Jordan local time. The last day for purchasing Tender Documents is Monday, 5
October, 2009.

A site visit is scheduled on Tuesday, 13 October, 2009. This site visit will begin
from WAJ office at 0900 hours Jordan local time. Interested contractors will be
responsible for their own transportation to the site.

Questions may be submitted by the contractors to GTD via fax or email not later than
Thursday, 22 October, 2009, 1500 hours Jordan local time, contractors are requested
to follow up GTD website www.gtd.gov.jo as answers to inquiries will be will be
responded to in the form of addenda published at the above mentioned GTD website.

The last date for submission of proposals will be no later than 1200 hours, Jordan
local time on Sunday 8 November, 2009 at the offices of the GTD at the following

       Government Tenders Directorate,
       Ministry of Public Work and Housing,
       8th Circle, King Abdullah Street, Amman, Jordan,
       Tel: (962-6) 585-8311/14, Fax: (962-6) 585 7583, (962-6) 585 7639,
       Website: www.gtd.gov.jo; email: biddings@gtd.gov.jo

A two envelop tender procedure will be followed;
   a. All Tenderers are required to submit two sealed envelopes:
       (1) the first envelope shall include the contractor pre qualification application
       (2) the second envelope shall contain the Tender including all the documents
           required in Section 00100 Article 1.12 “Content of Tender”.
   b. The pre-qualification application will be opened publicly on Sunday, 8
       November, 2009, at 1500 hours Jordan local time, the opening will be
       transmitted live Audio, Video at GTD Website mentioned above.
       Subsequently, the evaluation according to qualification criteria stated in the
       tender documents will be performed.
   c. Only pre-qualified contractors will be notified of the date of the tender public
   d. The Tender of unqualified Offerors will be returned un-open (sealed as
       submitted by the Offeror ).
Please be advised that in the past some firms have experienced delays with
international air courier services. These delays are not uncommon and may be a result
of packages being held by customs. RFP and Tender packages received after the
closing date and time will not be accepted. In the event prospective contractors elect
to utilize the service of an independent local courier to deliver the RFP and tender
package, please be certain that he/she understands that the prospective contractor must
submit their documentation to the above no later than the time and due date
mentioned above. Neither USAID nor the Government of Jordan will accept liability
for late deliverance. The Employer will not be responsible for lost and/or undelivered
documents sent by mail, FedEx or similar means.

Issuance of the RFP and tender documents does not in any way obligate the
Government of Jordan or the US Government to award a contract nor does it commit
the Government of Jordan or the U.S. Government to pay for the cost incurred in
preparation and submission of this RFP and tender package.

Eng. Mohammad Khaled Alhazaimeh
Chairman of Central Tenders Committee
Director General

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