AT TOCKWITH SCHOOL ON MONDAY 16 APRIL 2007

Present: Councillors: Mr B J Smythe (Chairman), Mr T Smithson, Mrs L Paul (Treasurer),
Mr R Loach, Mr S Gray, Mr D J Gill, Mr E B Pope, Mr L T I Grant (Clerk)
Former District Councillor: Mr J Sturdy (Part Time)
Members of the Public: Mr C Jackson (Highways North Yorkshire Area Manager – Part Time), Mr J
Nettleton (Part Time), Mr A Paley (Part Time)
1.     Apologises for Absence

2.     Minutes of the meeting held on 19.03.07
       The minutes were approved as a true record, with minor changes to 4.1 b) (stone to scalpings)
       and 6.1 (was to is).
       Proposed by Mr E B Pope, Seconded by Mr R Loach

3.     Public Statements and Comments
       Former District Councillor Mr J Sturdy, explained the reasons and timing of his recent
       resignation as the District Councillor.

4.     Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Meeting held on 19.03.07
4.1    Highway Matters – NYCC
       a) Moor Lane Bilton in Ainsty Bridleway Gates. Mr T Smithson had spoken to the assistant
            PROW Officer, who had offered to install a chicane round the end of the fence for horse
            riders, at no cost to the Parish Council. Mr T Smithson will contact the assistant PROW and
            confirm the PC’s acceptance of this solution.                                                 TS
       b) Damaged Bus Shelter on B1224 at Bilton in Ainsty & 30 mph sign on Moor Lane. Mr C
            Jackson has spoken to the Integrated Transport Section of NYCC, about the bus shelter. A
            review will be carried out shortly on the bus route, when the PC will be consulted about a
            replacement bus shelter. Mr C Jackson agreed to remove the existing damaged structure.
            The damaged 30 mph sign has been straightened.
       c) Signage from the A1M to Thorp Arch Industrial Estate. Mr C Jackson confirmed that this
            was a Highways Agency promoted scheme and Highways North Yorkshire were not
            involved. He had been asked to provide the additional signage along the B1224 for HGVs,
            directing them to Rudgate, for access to Thorp Arch. Mr C Jackson will investigate the
            problem and advise the Clerk. He will also contact Leeds Highways to find if they have any
            plans to improve the road surface down Rudgate from the North Yorkshire boundary.
4.2    Other
       a) Village Safety Schemes. Nothing to report.
       b) Chequer’s Inn Car Park Hileys (Solicitors) of Easingwold, are to be asked to act for the PC
            with the new lease. They will be instructed after the AGM in May 2007. The Clerk was
            asked to request sight of the Insurance Documents for the car park, indemnifying the PC
            against any claim.                                                                            LTIG
       c) Damaged Village Notice Board Bilton in Ainsty. Punch Tavern’s Project Manager is to be
            reminded that no action has yet been taken by the notice board manufacturer.                  LTIG
       d) Rabbit Infestation Local farmers are to be asked what action they are taking to control the
            rabbit population explosion, in Bilton in Ainsty.                                             LTIG
4.3    Visit by Mr C Jackson, Area Manager Highways North Yorkshire.
             Mr C Jackson outlined the budget constraints for maintenance works and priorities for
                new schemes.
             He will ask the local Highway Inspector to contact the Clerk, to identify and mark those
                potholes which have been overlooked.
             He confirmed that he can only fund repair works to the Bilton to Bickerton footpath
                which is now very well used, in order to maintain safety standards. There are no funds
                to re-construct the footpath.
             The damaged culvert opposite Turnpike Lane will be repaired after the pot holes in road
                surfaces have been made good.
             The unacceptable repair to the unmade road in Bickerton leading to the Bridleway, will
                be addressed in the next month.
             The volunteer who paints the milestones will be reminded that those within this Parish
                were not decorated last year as promised.
       Discussions followed on the commuted funds obtained when the Encore Direct planning
       application was considered. The Clerk is to ask HBC if these funds could be used to create a
       cycle track from the B1224 towards Tockwith.                                                       LTIG
5.    Police Matters
      The Community Police Constable, Mark Ayres was unable to attend. He had advised that there
      had been no incidents since last month’s meeting. He will attend the AGM in May and will
      outline his current duties as a Community Police Constable.

6.    Financial Matters
6.1   Treasurer’s Report
      The Bank balances at 30.03.07 were:
      Treasurer’s Account £1650.77
      Business Account         £1416.75
6.2   Invoices Received and to be paid
      Tockwith School room hire £120.00 (£72.00 PC, £48.00 PCSC)
      Clerk’s quarterly invoice £579.55 (PC salary and expenses)
      Clerk’s quarterly invoice £179.90 (PCSC salary and expenses)
      Proposed by Mr S Gray, Seconded by Mr T Smithson
6.3   Payments Received
      Nothing received.
6.4   Responsible Financial Officers Role
      Advice has been received from the internal auditor. In view of the time constraints, it was
      agreed to defer discussion on this subject to the June meeting.

7.    Planning and Related Matters
7.1   Planning Applications Received
      A revised retrospective planning application has been received in connection with the wall at
      Nine Lives Tomcat Lane Bickerton.
7.2   Planning Decisions Received
      None received.
7.3   Parish Plan
      The final draft of the Parish Plan had been circulated, along with the prioritised action points for
      the objectives identified. John Nettleton and Andrew Paley, explained why the action points had
      not been incorporated within the body of The Plan. The Plan would not change, but the action
      points would need to be regularly reviewed and updated. After further discussion on minor
      points, it was agreed that the Parish Council would adopt The Parish Plan.
      Proposed by Mr E B Pope, seconded by Mr S Gray.
      John Nettleton and Andrew Paley were complimented on the considerable amount of work
      which had been put in by the sub committee and were asked to thank all the committee
      members involved. The launch date for The Plan has now been agreed for 5 June 2007 at the
      Chequer’s Inn.
7.4   Review of Open Spaces & Village Halls
      Nothing to report.
7.5   C E Electric
      The vegetation manager has been reminded that he has not formally confirmed his future
      actions. He will write to the PC in the next few days.

8.    PC Administration
8.1   S107 Community Grants
      No further requests received. Grant distribution decision deferred until after the AGM.
8.2   Commemoration of the life of the late Councillor Tom Pick
      The tree supplier has advised that the water table is too low for planting mature trees at this
      time. He has recommended deferring delivery and planting until October.
8.3   Parish Welcome Pack
      No action to date. The Chairman and Mr D J Gill will confer on action shortly.                         BJS/
9.    Councillor’s Business Items for next Meeting
      Nothing raised.

10.   Dates for future monthly meetings
      The dates for the next monthly meetings are:-
      21 May (followed by AGM), 18 June, 16 July and 17 September 2007 in St Helen’s Church.
      All meetings to be held at 7.30pm.

Clerk to the Parish Council: L T I Grant Tel 01423 359961
Email: biltonandbickertonpc@hotmail.co.uk
Chairman: B J Smythe Tel 01423358217
Email: brian.smythe@btopenworld.com

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