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Data-Driven Decision Making for

        Presentation to the Lowell City Council
                    March 2, 2010
“You Can’t Manage What You Can’t
                        Peter Drucker
PerformanceStat – What Is It?

  A management and public policy tool
  using comprehensive data analysis,
  performance measurement,
  collaborative problem solving and
  strategic planning to achieve goals.
LowellStat -Goals

 Savings          Quality Services
 Efficiency       Public
LowellStat – Why Now?
Declining Revenues
Escalating Fixed Costs
Staff Reductions
Demand for Services Constant
Taxpayers are Counting Every Penny Too
Captured “Low-Hanging Fruit”
LowellStat – Why Now?
                  FY08 General Fund Expenditures Per Capita for 50,000+ Population Cities
                                                Source:Mass DOR Muncipal Databank/Local Aid Section

 3500           3,320
                                                                2,521 2,519 2,469 2,459
 2500                                                                                     2,412 2,363 2,356
                                                                                                              2,245 2,227 2,210 2,186
                                                                                                                                        2,137 2,080
 2000                                                                                                                                                                 1,922 1,887




LowellStat – Why Now?

 “Now is Not the Time for Business As
LowellStat – What it Does

 Measures performance through statistical
  analysis of programs and services
 Identifies opportunities for improvements
 Promotes improved services through
  frequent review
LowellStat – What it Does

 Encourages information sharing, collaboration
  and creative problem-solving across
 Fosters a culture of accountability and
  continuous improvement
 Expedites timely response and problem
 Benchmarks operations against best practices
LowellStat – Where it Works
 Private Industry - UPS
    Towards a More Business-Like Government
 “Packages are not just objects; they are also data, and
   in all its decisions, UPS has used the latter to make
   delivering the former more efficient….And all of
   those hundreds of little things add up to impressive
   advantages in efficiency, in cost and in keeping
   service levels high.”
 “Rapid Strategic Shifts put Big Brown in Position to Motor out of Recession”
    K.Kingsbury; TIME Magazine, March 8, 2010
LowellStat – Where It Works

                          $12.4 Million in
                         State and Federal
LowellStat – Where It Works
CitiStat – Baltimore, MD                        1999
   $6 Million in Overtime Savings in 1st Year
   Cited for saving $100 Million by Year 4
SomerStat- Somerville, MA                       2004
   Anticipated $270,000 increase in 21D ticketing
   Pioneer Institute 2009 – Better Government Award
   New Initiatives Launched: ResiStat, Customer
    Service Initiative
PerformanceStat – Springfield, MA               2005
   $1.7 Million in Savings and Efficiencies
LowellStat – How is it Effective?
 Four Tenets of CitiStat:

 Accurate timely intelligence shared by all
 Rapid Deployment of Resources
 Effective Tactics and Strategies
 Relentless Follow-up and Assessment
LowellStat – What it Measures
    Comprehensive Data Across Departments
  Personnel Data                 Service Operation Data
       Overtime                       Inspections per day
       Sick Leave                     Miles paved
       Comp Time                      # Cars Ticketed
       Workers Comp…                  Acres Mowed
  Financial (Expenditures             Birth Certificates Issues
   & Revenue) Data                     Maintenance Requests
       Bond Rating                    Fuel Consumption
       Operating Expenditures         Motions Answered
       Abatements                     Pothole Abatement Time
       Collection                     Citations Issued
       Receipts…                      # Books Borrowed
                                       Recreation Program Use…
  “Realize that Everything
Connects to Everything Else”
                 Leonardo DaVinci
LowellStat – Meetings
Other Department Staff and Observers


                                           Personnel Director                            Labor Attorney
                                           SomerStat Analyst                              City Solicitor
                                       Dir of Constituent Services                       Finance Director
                                          SomerStat Director                              Mayoral Aide


                                                                From SomerStat Program
LowellStat – Meetings
  Key Decisions Makers Attend
     City Manager, ACM, Data Analyst, CFO, Dept. Head, and Key
     Involvement allows for quick problem solving
  Highly Structured Format
     Participating departments meet on a set revolving schedule
     Well-defined time limit, format and protocol
     Detailed materials including reports, charts, and graphs
      prepared by analyst and sent out in advance
  Meetings Result in Task Tracking and Follow-up
     Next steps recorded and tracked in central database
LowellStat – Process
       LowellStat analyzes data from administrative systems and prepares reports:
  •Financial (Expenditures &       •Personnel Data          •Service Operations Data
       Revenues) Data
 STEP 1: Pre-meeting: identify important data trends/issues with key
 department staff and develop goals and objectives for addressing issues

Step 2: Analysis Phase: Assist departments in analyzing and tracking data

Step 3: AT MEETING: Report accomplishments, highlight pressing issues, engage
staff in open forum to enhance department performance

Step 4: Track Performance Results (expanding Task List): track goals,
accomplishments, pressing issues, next steps
LowellStat – Keys to Success

 Commitment of City Manager
 Consistency of Meetings and Relentless
 Incremental Progress
 Leadership of Core Management
 Dedicated Staff with Analytical Expertise
LowellStat – Investment

 Start from where we are:
 Existing Data Sources (MS Office,              $0
 MUNIS, E-Gov, Envista, GIS)
 Existing Facilities (EOC)                      $0

 Anticipated Costs:
  Data Analyst                       $40,000-50,000
LowellStat – Return on Investment
 Cost Savings
    Example - Better Bond Rating = Better Borrowing
LowellStat – Bond Rating

            Bond Ratings of Selected Municipalities
                    Began Stat

     2003    2004        2005    2006     2007     2008    2009

                Somerville       Springfield   State Ave
LowellStat – Return on Investment
 Cost Savings
    Example - Better Bond Rating = Better Borrowing
 Cost Avoidance
    Example – Strategic Deployment of Staff for More
 Increased Revenue
    Example - 21D Code Enforcement
LowellStat – Potential
MassStat – Benchmarking against Best
Partnerships - UML, Rapport Institute,
    Pioneer Institute
Grant Opportunities
GFOA - Performance Based Budgeting
LowellStat – Concerns
Now is Not the Time….

Employees have been Laid-off…

A Position Should be Cut be Cut First…

We Can’t Afford It…
LowellStat – Anticipated Results

 Savings          Quality Services
 Efficiency       Public