DESSERTS by sofiaie



                                                     COFFEE WITH SPIRITS
                                                     Coffee Daniel’s                                         9
       Chocolate dipped strawberries, filled with
                                                     Drambuie, Grand Marnier, Daniel’s whipped cream
                  Grand Marnier 10
                                                     Lakeview Coffee                                         9
                                                     Bailey’s, Kahlua, Daniel’s whipped cream
          Flamed sugar crust, fresh berries 8        Coffee John Henry                                     10
                                                     Grand Marnier, Tia Maria, Daniel’s whipped cream

                                                     VSOP Coffee                                           10
            SEASONAL FRUIT TART                      Hennessy, Hot chocolate, Grand Marnier
          Caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream 9

  Served warm, molten center, vanilla ice cream 11   AFTER DINNER COCKTAILS

                                                     Brandy Alexander                                        9
                                                     Brandy, Dark Crème de Cacao, Half and Half
                  Daniel’s original 8                Grasshopper                                             9
                                                     Green Crème de Menthe, White Crème de Menthe,
                                                     Half and Half
               Fresh seasonal berries 9              Mud Slide                                               9
                                                     Vodka, Kahlua, Baileys Irish Crème

                                                     White Russian                                           9
    OLYMPIC MOUNTAIN ICE CREAM or                    Vodka, Kahlua, Half and Half
             With housemade cookies 6                Golden Cadillac                                       10
                                                     Galliano, Crème de Cacao, Half and Half

                                                     Rusty Nail                                            10
                                                     Scotch, Drambuie

                                                     Stinger                                               10
                                                     Courvoisier V.S., White Crème de Menthe

COFFEE                                               Toasted Almond                                        10
                                                     Amaretto, Kahlua, Half and Half
Starbucks Fresh Brewed Drip                     3
Starbucks Decaf                                 3    B-52                                                  12
Tazo Tea                                        3    Kahlua, Baileys Irish Crème, Grand Marnier
Espresso                                        4
Latte                                           4    Beautiful                                             12
Mocha                                           5    Grand Marnier, Courvoisier V.S.

                                    Rare and Selected Spirits
GRAPPA                                                                        Winemaker Events
Jacapo Poli Sarpa                               12            Experience the Marriage of Food and Wine at one of our
Jacapo Poli Muscato                             34             Educational Winemaker Dinner Series Events. Enjoy a
                                                               unique wine experience where guests join our featured
                                                              winemaker for an intimate educational segment followed
PORT                                                             by a five course dinner expertly paired with wine.
Sandeman’s “Founders Reserve”                    8                                  Time: 6:00pm
Taylor Fladgate and Yeatman LBV 2001             8                        Light Hors d’oeuvres and Seminar
Graham’s Six Grapes                              8                              7:30pm Dinner Seating
Dow’s Vintage Port, 1985                        24
                                                                                   September 14th
Tawny                                                                              McCrea Cellars
Graham’s 10 Year                                10                           Daniel’s Broiler, Lake Union
Porto Rocha 20 Year                             17
                                                                                    November 4th
Porto Rocha “Colheita” 1977, Vintage Tawny      25
                                                                               Long Shadows Vintners
Graham’s 30 Year                                26
                                                                               Daniel’s Broiler, Bellevue
Porto Rocha 40 Year                             34
Porto Rocha “3 Centuries”                       40                                  December 2

                                                                              Holiday Champagne Event
DESSERT WINE                                                                   Daniel’s Broiler, Bellevue
Ste. Chapelle Reserve Reisling Ice Wine          11
                                                               For reservations or more information, please contact the
Hedges “Red Mountain Limited” Port Style Wine    12
                                                                              Wine Events Coordinator at
Kiona Winery, Chenin Blanc Ice Wine              17
                                                        or 425-462-4662.
Alexandria Nicole Syrah Ice Wine                 24

Frangelico                                       9                             Fine Spirits Events
Grand Marnier                                   12            Experience the Marriage of Food and Fine Spirits at one of
Grand Marnier 100 year                          26            our Fine Spirits Events at Daniel’s Broiler. Guests will learn
Grand Marnier 150 year                          38              about the featured spirit of the evening, which will be
Kahlua                                           8            paired with a multi-course gourmet meal. The events will
Mataxa                                           9           feature speakers such as David Mays, Ari Shapiro (Master of
Sambuca                                          9                    Whiskey), Tom Bulleit and Simon Brooking.
Tuaca                                           11
                                                                                    Time: 6:30pm
COGNAC / BRANDY                                                                    September 15th
Armagnac Montal X.O.                             30                          Seattle Stampede featuring
Courvoisier V.S.                                 12                     Whiskeys from the west of the Rockies
Courvoisier V.S.O.P.                             15                         Daniel’s Broiler, Lake Union
Courvoisier X.O.                                 40
Germain Robin X.O.                               35                                September 22nd
Hennessy Paradis                                 80                       Bourbon Heritage Month featuring
Hennessy Richard 1 ½ oz.                        225                           the Small Batch Collection
Hennessy V.S.                                    12                          Daniel’s Broiler, Lake Union
Hennessy V.S.O.P.                                16
Hennessy X.O.                                    45                                 October 19th
Hine Rare                                        18                    The Johnnie Walker Collection of Scotch
Kelt V.S.O.P.                                    22                            Daniel’s Broiler, Leschi
Kelt X.O.                                        50
Leriche V.S.                                     10                                November 16th
Martell Cordon Bleu                              38                            Whiskeys of the World
Martell X.O.                                     45                          Daniel’s Broiler, Lake Union
Remy Martin Extra                                95
Remy Martin Louis XIII 1 ½ oz.                  195            For reservations or more information, please contact the
Remy Martin V.S.O.P.                             15                Beverage Manager at
Remy Martin X.O.                                 45                                or 206-621-8262.

                                        Daniel’s uses a Standard 2 ounce pour


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