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									                      WORKPLACE VIOLENCE PREVENTION
The City of Chesapeake is committed to providing a safe environment for all City employees
and citizens conducting business on City property. All City employees are expected to treat
one another, our customers and citizens with mutual respect and to value one another in the

Employees are encouraged to attend the Workplace Violence Prevention training offered
through the In-House Training Program.

A Workplace Violence Prevention Policy is in place to educate employees, reduce the risk of
violence in our workplace, and to establish a standard procedure for dealing with threatening
and violent situations.

Workplace violence of any type will not be tolerated. Workplace violence is any behavior
which is sufficiently severe, offensive, or intimidating to cause an individual to reasonably
fear for his/her safety and/or property. Any employee engaging in an act of workplace
violence is subject to discipline as outlined in the City’s Disciplinary Policy.

For additional information, please refer to Administrative Regulation 2.46.

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