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									                            C.T.A.B. presents the:

       The Rackiteer – Innovative Racking Device

Features & Construction:

       Threaded parts all 316 stainless steel
       All other metal parts 304 stainless steel

       135 degree Tri-Clover Sweep (No hose kinks)
       Sight glass with hands-free flashlight holder
       Sure grip wand adjustment lock nut
       Special lees cup with adjustment screw
       Optional non-drip sanitary foot valve
       Custom wand lengths available upon request
       Adjustability: adapts to different sized barrels and allows for locking the racking
        wand at the optimum location for clean racking
       Sight Glass and adjustable racking wand work together to get only the cleanest
       The bung expands and contracts to apply a tight and secure barrel seal
       Retractable locking fingers stabilize The Rackitteer in barrel which reduces
        manpower previously required for racking

       Safety pressure release at 13 psi to prevent damage to barrel from over
       Gas inlet and outlet
       Fingerless bung to use in kegs

                                     Greg Boege
                        CTAB ~ Tank & Barrel Cleaning Specialists
                     369 Capistrano St., Shell Beach, CA 93449 USA
                            T: 805-4590613 F: 866-5836497

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