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					                                                 POINTS                                  Customer

Customer Account Number:

Name of Company:

Name of Person:
(Authorised to claim rewards)

Will receive 1 Points 2Go for every $100 spent on product purchased from Go Electrical Pty Ltd Preferred Suppliers through until the
conclusion of the program. Once the threshold of 100 points has been accumulated they can be used at any time during the promotion
to claim incentive rewards. Points 2Go is a Freedom of Choice Rewards Program. You purchase your reward and send us the receipt,
a claim form and your bank details. We then transfer the money to your bank account. It is that simple to choose exactly what you want
with Points 2Go!

          Signed:                                                                Date:             /    /

          Name:                                                                  Business Title:

          (We must have an email address to send your monthly points statement) Please print clearly

          Phone: (      )                              Mobile:

Rules and conditions apply see for more information.

Customers Signature:

          Points accumulated in Points 2Go Rewards are emailed to you each month.
                      Please let us know if you change your details.
     To ensure your registration is processed please check you have filled in the following areas:
     •       Signed - please sign
     •       Date - fill in date registration is signed
     •       Business Title & Details: fill in your business title and details within your company.
     •       Name of Person - fill in person within your company who is authorised to receive the reward.
     •       Email Address
                 Please give this form to your sales rep, hand it in at
                     your local branch or fax to (07) 3274 6577

Office Use Only:

Sales Rep:                                                             Branch:

Letter Type:                                                           Processed By:                            Date:       /     /

At Go Electrical we want to say THANK YOU for giving an Independent a

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