Alliance Care by tyndale


									Alliance Care
Sanitary Practices Test
October 2007

1. Thaw frozen meat
      a. on the counter
      b. in the refrigerator
      c. in the microwave
      d. b and c

2. A sanitizing beach solution can be made with
      a. 1 gallon of bleach to 1 gallon of water
      b. ½ cup bleach to 1 gallon of water
      c. 3 cups of bleach to 1 quart of water
      d. 1 cup of bleach to 1 quart of water

3. Throw out leftovers in the refrigerator after
      a. 72 hours
      b. 5 days
      c. 1 week
      d. 2 weeks

4. A safe item for use in the microwave is
      a. aluminum foil
      b. margarine containers
      c. heat proof glass
      d. all of the above

5. When using the dishwasher use
     a. only dishwasher detergent
     b. laundry detergent
     c. any dishwashing liquid
     d. any if the above

6. Your hands and fingers should never touch
      a. the tops of plates that you are serving food on
      b. the inside of glasses that your are serving drinks in
      c. the eating surface of silverware the client will use to eat with
      d. all of the above

7. After rinsing the commode bucket after use discard the water
      a. down the tub drain
      b. in the kitchen sink
      c. in the bathroom sink
      d. in the toilet
8. When bathing the client
     a. start with the feet and work up toward the head
     b. wash the perineal area first
     c. wash the eyes and face first
     d. wash arms from the hands up toward the body

9. When handling trash
     a. only use you feet to mash down the trash
     b. carry trash close to your body
     c. throw used needles into the trash
     d. wear gloves

10. When cleaning the bathroom
     a. disposable cloths are preferred
     b. use the kitchen sponge
     c. empty dirty water into the tub
     d. you do not need to use gloves


11. Do not buy food near their expiration date                  T   F

12. The commode bucket can be used to wash floors               T   F

13. Put meat on a paper towel in the refrigerator to defrost    T   F

14. Food may be left out up to 6 hours and put away for reuse   T   F

15. Do not refreeze foods that have been defrosted              T   F

16. Styrofoam is safe for microwave use                         T   F

17. Ink from paper towel designs can leach into food in the
    microwave                                                   T   F

18. Metallic trimmed plates should not be used in the microwave T   F

19. Sponges should be cleaned in the dishwasher                 T   F

20. Unplug electric equipment before cleaning                   T   F

21. Commode bucket contents should be flushed down the toilet T     F

22. A separate clean basin should be used for oral care         T   F

23. Kitchen floors should be damp mopped at least weekly        T   F
24. Always clean cutting boards after cutting raw meats   T   F

25. Wash female perineal areas back to front              T   F

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