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					                     All Saints Catholic Boys College, Liverpool
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 No. 3                                                                                           9 March 2009

Dear Parents,

The Year 7 Parent Information Evening was held early last week in order for our new parents to meet their son’s teachers, put a
face to a name and gain an understanding of life in Year 7.

I would like to thank the parents for their strong support of the evening and overwhelming positive feedback about their son’s
Catholic education. The Year 7 students have adjusted well to high school, this has been made easier due to the wonderful work
of Mr Donnolley (Year 7 Coordinator), the homeroom teachers and subject teachers.

In today’s newsletter I have included an article from the Berne Education Centre. It contains some valuable information on

                                   ‘On the Job Training’ - Strategies and Tips for Parents

Being a parent is not an easy task; in fact it will probably be one of the most challenging things you will ever do. There is no
‘instruction manual’, nor is there any qualification you need before becoming one, yet parenting is one of the most important
processes of any healthy society. Parenting is really learnt ‘on the job’. There are times however, when you do not know what to
do or how to respond to your child – in these times you may need some external support – from parents, friends, colleagues, or
professionals such as school counsellors, psychologists, paediatricians etc.

           Some reasons why parenting strategies fail
     1. Too many rules;
     2. Too many expectations;
     3. No boundaries or consequences;
     4. Inconsistency;
     5. Tired/stressed parents.

             Qualities of good parenting
There are a number of qualities that are consistent with good parenting:
• Patience: Lots of it!
• Tolerance: Ability to tolerate their mistakes, realising that they are
‘adults in training’;
• Understanding: Making an effort to understand their experiences, and
their stories;
• Unconditional love: During the most difficult times, being able to
separate the person from their behaviour, and loving the child for who
they are.

           Parenting strategies that work!
Set clear boundaries: A boundary is an imaginary line that sets apart appropriate/acceptable behaviour from inappropriate/
unacceptable behaviour.

Consequences: Identify and set clear expectations of your son/daughters behaviour. Young people, especially adolescents, need
to know that in life consequences are normal and natural. Protecting your child from consequences can do more harm than good
– they may grow up with an unrealistic view of the world, while not developing the coping mechanisms to deal with consequences
as they arise in later life. Your child needs to know that there are consequences when expectations are not met and rewards
when they are.

Consistency: Being a consistent parent means to follow through with the things you say and the boundaries that you set. This will
help your child learn that boundaries are not negotiable (remember all children will naturally push boundaries).

Learn to ignore the little things: Some things are not worth fighting. For example, an unmade bed in the morning is not worth
fighting about if your daughter/son has much bigger issues, such as drug use, abusive towards siblings, etc. Let them know that
you are not happy with the unmade bed, but do not engage in an argument about it. Save the emotional energy.
Learn how to ‘reconvene’ your arguments: Don’t engage in verbal slinging matches with your son or daughter. This is usually an
indication of deeper conflict, pain and anger in your relationship, not of the emotion of the immediate issue. In these situations,
things will be said and done that are not really meant, often making the deeper problem harder to confront and resolve. When you
can feel this occurring tell your son/daughter that you are “too angry to discuss the issue right now” and that you “will discuss it in
30 minutes” when you have both cooled off a bit. Not only will this help you to resolve the right issue through healthier
communication, but it will also teach your child/daughter (through your example) good communication and coping techniques.

Stop pushing buttons: This is when you intentionally do something to frustrate, annoy or anger someone. We are all experts at
this, especially to those people we are closest to. This is a maladaptive coping technique, and serves no constructive purpose – in
fact it will teach your children the wrong way to cope with frustration. When there are underlying issues irritating the relationship,
try to work them out constructively, rather than letting them fester.

Reward good behaviour: Rewards will help motivate your child to use their initiative and do the right thing. It will also nurture your
relationship with them. It is very important to have good times with your son/daughter.

            Nurturing the relationship with your son/daughter
It is most important to nurture the relationship with your children. A good relationship is a key to good behaviour, and one of the
best ways to have a good relationship is to engage in something you’ll both enjoy together, whether it be learning to do
something, going fishing, building a boat, making a cake – the list is endless.

Tim Logue

From the Religious Education Coordinator

2009 Retreat Program
Throughout this term all year groups will be involved in a Retreat day at various venues. It
is ideal that our students are provided with a range of Retreat experiences during their time
in secondary education. Retreats are designed to take time away from school and the
regular routine of the school day, and to offer the boys the opportunity to further develop
positive relationships with their peers and teachers. The various activities experienced on a
Retreat present personal challenges, team building opportunities and time for individual
reflection and group discussion that focuses on a relationship with God.

The Year 7 and 8 Retreats are held at the Don Bosco Youth Centre, St Mary's, and are
facilitated by the Catholic Youth Services Team. This group of energetic, committed, young
Catholics use a variety of strategies to engage the boys, including movie clips, story telling
and personal testimony. This year, the Year 9 and 10 Retreats are being run by the
College staff, many of whom have a wealth of experience in planning and facilitating
student Retreats. The Retreats and activities are purposely designed to compliment the
Pastoral Care program. The Year 10 Retreat earlier this term was at The Christian
Brothers Conference Centre at Mulgoa, and the Year 9 Retreat will be at The Tops Conference Centre, Stanwell Tops, at the end
of Week 7. The SRC leadership group also spent the day at Mulgoa in Week 3 as they focussed on their roles in the College in
2009. The success of these Retreats is due to the commitment and interest from the staff who attend them.

Ash Wednesday & Lent
On February 25 we gathered in prayer and reflection for Ash Wednesday, as we marked the beginning of the season of Lent. The
boys were asked to consider their own Lenten commitment, with a particular focus on prayer, fasting and alms giving. As the
shops become more and more crowded with Easter eggs, bunnies, baskets, etc. we have the opportunity to resist the temptation
of eating the chocolate eggs before we have finished the Season of Lent and are rejoicing in the Risen Lord at Easter. During
Lent, our Monday lunchtime prayer group will have a Lenten focus, with reflection on the Gospel reading from the day before.
Lunchtime prayer is in Loretto Place between 12:40 and 12:55. All students and staff are welcome to attend.

Caritas Australia’s Annual Appeal
Year 10 have started collecting money from each Pastoral class for Project Compassion.
Project Compassion began in 1966 and is now the largest humanitarian fundraising campaign in Australia. Caritas Australia has
helped so many marginalized people throughout the world thanks to the past efforts with Project Compassion throughout
Australia. With continued support, Caritas Australia is working hard to support communities living in poverty to help people to help
themselves. In 2009, Caritas Australia has set a target for the Project Compassion appeal to raise $10.4 million. Project
Compassion 2009 began on Ash Wednesday, February 25, 2009 and ends on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009.
Caritas Australia belongs to an international network called Caritas Internationalis. Caritas Internationalis is one of the largest aid
and development agencies in the world comprising a network of 162 Catholic relief aid, development and social service
organisations working to build a better world, especially for the poor and oppressed, in over 200 countries and territories
A great way to find out more about Caritas Australia and Project Compassion 09 is to view their website: http://

Assessment in Religious Education
All students in Years 8, 9 and 10 have received their first Assessment task in Religious Education. These are due in the next
week or two and are an extension of the content covered in class. Year 7 will receive their first task this week.

Ms Jennifer Foldes
Religious Education Coordinator
From the Assistant Principal

We are half-way through the term and the boys now should be settled and have established a regular study routine. I hear
students from time to time mention that they have no homework. My response is that there is no such thing as “no homework.”
Homework can take the form of formal work that has been set by the teachers that your son has during the day. It may also take
the form of revision of the day’s work or study for upcoming exams. Students have also received a number assessment tasks that
they should be working on during their homework time. Added to the diary this year is “Automatic Homework” (pages 22-23), this
includes educational websites for students when they just don't have anything else to do. As you can see there is no such thing
as “no homework.”

It is great to see the number of students volunteering to participate in a wide range of activities from enrichment programs, MCS
sporting teams, choir and the social justice group. Boys are expected to use their talents to the best of their abilities. Students
who involve themselves in the life of the College feel more connected and happy to be at school.

The College will be celebrating St Patrick's Day on Tuesday 17 March. The day will involve the College celebrating Mass
together. In the afternoon students will participate in House activities with Years 7 and 8 staying at school, Year 9 going to
Chipping Norton Lakes and Year 10 going to the Liverpool Catholic Club
oval. More details will be distributed to students closer to the date.

Your support in all these matters is greatly appreciated.

Mr Christopher Agnew
Assistant Principal

The College has recently finished the MCS Basketball and Cricket
competitions with mixed success. Special mention must go to the Year 8
Basketball team who narrowly went down in a hard fought semi final against Penrith.           Staff v Students Soccer Match
A mention must also go to the Under 14s Cricket team who finished equal 5th
and just outside the semi finals after a season of outstanding team and
individual performances. All MCS Basketball and Cricket teams should be
congratulated on the spirit in which they competed and represented the College.

The College Swim squad has been announced this week with those boys
competing on Tuesday, March 10th at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre,
Homebush. Good luck to all the boys competing and we look forward to good
results in the pool.

The College MCS Rugby League and Soccer teams are in the middle of trials
with the beginning of the winter sport season just around the corner.

Mr David Cody
Sports Coordinator

Italian and Drama

On the 27th of February Year 8 Italian students and Years 9 and 10 Drama
students enjoyed a cultural experience of Commedia Dell’arte. Commedia
Dell’arte is a form of improvisational theatre that began in the 16th century. The
performance included a variety of stereotypical characters who were involved in
a web of deception of love that proved to be very amusing as it finally
unraveled. The result was a fun
filled and valuable experience for
all students; enabling them to
appreciate the importance of the
Italian language and culture as
well as live theatre.

Mrs Holland, Ms Sacco and
Ms Laurenzi

Only 69 days to the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). All Year 7 & 9 students will complete the
tests in the following areas:

*LANGUAGE CONVENTIONS & WRITING (12th May) *READING (13th May) *NUMERACY (14th May) Teachers have been
preparing students for these tests through their classroom teaching. Students that read regularly, complete given homework and
assessment tasks will be ready for the exams.

Students are encouraged to ask for help and continue practising their reading, writing and number skills.

Mrs Anastasio
NAPLAN Co-ordinator

                                           ALL SAINTS CATHOLIC SENIOR

                                           Year 11 2010 Information Evening
                                             All Saints Catholic Senior College
                                                   Leacocks Lane Casula
                                                       March 25th 2009
                                                                 7 pm
                            All fully completed Applications for Enrolment received by May 29 2009,
                                                from students presently attending

                                    •    All Saints Catholic Girls’ College [for entry into Year 11]
                                    •    All Saints Catholic Boys’ College [for entry into Year 11]

                                 will receive priority for acceptance for 2010. All late enrolments will
                                         be placed (in order of date received) on a waiting list.

                                                                                      HISTORY / GEOGRAPHY
                                                                                  MORNING REVISION CLASSES
                                                                         Attention parents and students the Year 10 History
                                                                          and Geography morning revision classes are on
                                                                            every Wednesday and Friday mornings from
         ALL SAINTS CATHOLIC BOYS                                                   7.45am - 8.30am in room 208.
         43 Bigge Street, Liverpool Ph: 9602 4555
                                                          HOMEWORK CLUB
                                                                      Attention parents and students the Homework Club is on
                                                                       every Wednesday afternoon from 3.15pm to 4.00pm in
                      YEAR 7 2010                                                             room C2.
                       OPEN DAY
           Saturday 28 March, 2009 10am – 1pm
                                                                                         CLOTHING POOL
                                                                              The second hand clothing pool is open on a
      (Enter through College gate off Campbell Street)                           Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from
                                                                                          9.30am - 2.00pm
     - In the tradition of the Patrician Brothers since                       Uniform donations are greatly appreciated.
                            1954 -

 Dates to Remember                                                  Tue 24 Mar                -   Yr 7 Camp
 Tues 10 Mar           -    MCS Swimming                            Wed 25 Mar                -   Yr 10 Food Tech Excursion
 Wed 11 Mar            -    Yr 10 Geography Excursion               Sat 28 Mar                -   Open Day 10am - 1pm
 Fri 13 Mar            -    Yr 9 Retreat                            Mon 30 Mar - Fri 3 Apr   -    Yr 10 Work Ed Work Experience
 Tues 17 Mar           -    St Patrick’s Day Mass                   Wed 1 Apr                 -   Yr 9 & 10 Drama Excursion
 Fri 20 Mar            -    Yr 9 & 10 Art Excursion                 Thur 9 Apr                -   Last Day of Term One
 Mon 23 Mar            -    Yr 7 Camp                               Fri 10 Apr                -   Good Friday
                                                                    Tue 28 Apr                -   First Day of Term Two

                                    In the tradition of the Patrician Brothers since 1954