Annual Report 2002-2003 - Future outlook

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					      Future Outlook

Future outlook
Australia is relatively well placed to avoid the increasingly tragic consequences of overfishing
being experienced across the world.

                          The contemporary fisheries management                      considerations regularly affect the management
                          environment is one in which the importance                 of these fisheries in an increasingly complex
                          of broader ecosystem management is                         operating environment. It is increasingly important
                          increasingly being appreciated. Sustainability             that the fishing industry, recreational, indigenous
                          of fishing practices, bycatch management, data             and other stakeholders develop a common well-
                          gathering and management, resource sharing,                informed understanding of the challenges and
                          management of all sectors which impact on the              negotiate management arrangements with AFMA
                          resource and maintaining biodiversity in our               that balance their interests and AFMA’s resource
                          ecosystems are key issues. These issues are                stewardship responsibilities. AFMA has a pivotal
                          shaping Commonwealth fisheries, AFMA’s future              role in this.
                          direction and defining stakeholders’ responses
                                                                                     With Government having affirmed the basic
                          needed for constructive outcomes.
                                                                                     framework for managing Commonwealth fisheries,
                          While AFMA seeks to ensure that Australia’s                AFMA is looking to the future with confidence
                          Commonwealth fisheries are ecologically                    and a commitment to managing Commonwealth
                          sustainable and economically efficient, we do not          fisheries for the fishing industry, other
                          control all the factors that influence that outcome.       stakeholders and the community. At the same
A fishing boat lying in   A range of local, national and international               time, we will develop both our people and our
harbour in Port Lincoln   political, economic, social and environmental              administrative processes and systems to ensure
                                                                                     that AFMA carries the lessons of the past into
                                                                                     meeting the needs of our clients and providing
                                                                                     them with value for money.

                                                                                     Over the next few years AFMA will continue to
                                                                                     place emphasis on

                                                                                     •   focusing on core business and completing the
                                                                                         development and implementation of statutory
                                                                                         management plans for key fisheries

                                                                                     •   data gathering and fisheries assessments to
                                                                                         assist in the determination of sustainable fish
                                                                                         stocks and responses to ecosystem impacts
                                                                                         of fishing

                                                                                     •   responding appropriately to strategic
                                                                                         assessments of fisheries as required under

      xiv                                                                        Australian Fisheries Management Authority
    the Environment Protection and Biodiversity          –   assessing business opportunities within
    Conservation Act 1999                                    the context of AFMA’s objectives

•   improving AFMA’s communications strategy             –   harnessing new technology
    to enhance the flow of information between
                                                     •   make informed decisions based on
    AFMA and stakeholders
                                                         information from improved research and
•   clarifying the roles and responsibilities            data programs
    of stakeholders in the management of
                                                     •   better engage stakeholders through improved
    Australian fisheries
                                                         communications and consultation processes
•   improving consultation with stakeholders
                                                     •   foster continuous improvement in our people,
    through improved direction setting by AFMA
                                                         processes, culture and values
    and the Management Advisory Committees.
                                                     •   give effect to the outcomes of compliance
The following key strategies will help AFMA to
                                                         reviews to provide for more cost-effective
achieve these priorities and to realise our vision
                                                         delivery of education, monitoring and fishery
over the next five years
                                                         enforcement services
•   deliver effective fisheries management
                                                     •   extend the use of risk management
                                                         processes in relation to compliance but also
    –    the best possible management of                 through broader corporate applications
         Commonwealth fisheries
                                                     •   improve resource management as it relates
    –    broadening our management framework             to the budget, people and costs.
                                                                                                         Fish boxes
         and developing an ecosystem based
         fisheries management approach

    –    integrating fisheries which share
         common regions, resources and

    –    reducing excess fishing effort

    –    addressing resource sharing between
         competing sectors

    –    increasing AFMA’s involvement in the
         international arena as necessary

    –    where appropriate, assisting in the
         development of new fishery resources

    –    drawing on independent advice for
         resource allocation

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