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									                                         May-June 2008

 Strawberry season and                                                       Bakery features
  festival coming soon                                                        Look for special fea-
                                                                           tures each month in our
        at Triple B                                                        bakery.
      Strawberries are al-                                                 features:
  most ready! Call for the                                                    ● Sky-
  first picking date.                                                      High
      Our Strawberry Fes-                                                  Strawberry Pie
  tival will be June 14-15.                                                   ● Strawberry Angel
      Highlights include:                                                  Roll
      ● Strawberry Pancake Breakfast until 1 p.m.                             ● Strawberry cookies
      ● Hayrides, pony rides, Liberty Tube Slide.
      ● Visit from Strawberry Girl.
      ● Sky-High Strawberry Pies.                                            Fudge features
                                                                               Featured fudge flavors
                                                                           this summer:
                                                                               ● June: Strawberries &
   New: Our own brand of                                                   Cream and Strawberry Nut.
     specialty coffees                                                         ● July: Chocolate Rasp-
                                                                           berry and Raspberry Sher-
   Triple B now has its own brand of                                       bet.
specialty coffees! Flavors include:                                            ● August: Peach and
  ● Chocolate-covered Strawberry                                           Peach Pecan.
  ● Oreo Cheesecake                                                            Also look for our popular
  ● Very Berry                                                             chocolate and nut-
  ● Chocolate Raspberry Crème                                              flavored homemade

                                Triple B Bakery                                     Visit us for
          To order                  $1.00 off                                     ‘Sampling
    sour cherries,               Triple B’s New                                   Sundays’!
    pitted and packed in                                                      All summer, taste our
   their own juices in 10-     Strawberry Mango
                                                                              jams, baked goods,
     pound tubs, call us               Pie                                   cheeses and more on
      at 724-258-3557.          Valid June 2008 only. Not valid with any
                                 other offer. Please call ahead to order     Sundays in the market.
                                     quantity of pies. 724-258-3557
                                                                                                           May-June 2007

      Kids’ Club: Fun on the farm                                                              Hours & Info
   Kids ages 4-9 (with an                           Fee of $12 per two-                       Business hours during
adult) can come to Triple                        hour session (10 a.m.-                        strawberry seasons
B Kids’ Club.                                    noon) includes program,                       (through mid-June):
   Dates and themes:                             craft, snack, visit with                        Monday-Friday:
   • June 18: From Seed                          farm animals, playground                          9 a.m.-7 p.m.
to Plant                                         time, giant slides and                             Saturday:
   • July 18: Pig Out                            rope maze.                                        9 a.m.-5 p.m.
   • Aug. 6: Everything                             See you this summer!                             Sunday:
Apples                                                                                            10 a.m.-5 p.m.

                                                                                             After strawberry season,
                          Kids’ Club Registration                                                call for schedule.

Name:___________________________________ Age:_____                                           HAYRIDES available for
                                                                                              strawberries until 2pm
City:__________________________________ Zip:________

Phone:______________ Parent’s name:__________________
Circle dates attending:           June 18              July 18            Aug. 6             Check our Web site for
Mail completed form and $12 per session to Triple B Farms, 823 Berry Lane, Monongahela,         special offers!
PA, 15063, no later than five days before Kids’ Club session. Or call 724-258-3557.

                                                                              Schedule a birthday party on the farm!
   Don’t forget raspberries around
                                                                            Hayrides, farm animals, playground… a fun
       June 20; call for exact date.                                        day. Strawberry Girl can even visit your party.

                      Triple B Farms                                                                       Bulk Rate
                      823 Berry Lane                                                                       U.S. Postage
                      Monongahela, PA 15063                                                                PAID
                                                                                                           Bunola, PA
                      724-258-3557                                                                         Permit No. 01

      Strawberries will be ready
                                                                                                            Bring this label to
          ________________                                                                                   the farm for our
                                                                                                             raffle box. New
       Call for updated picking
                                                                                                               prizes every
             724-258-3557                                                                                         month!

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