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Whole of Life

                                                                                      The Whole of Life Plan is a long-term life assurance plan. It is

             At a glance                                                              specifically designed to provide a pre-determined level of life cover

             A long-term plan designed to be self-funding                             at a fixed premium over your lifetime.

                                                                                      As we age, the cost of insurance normally increases and health
                                                                                      problems can often make it difficult to obtain the protection that is
     A long-term life assurance plan which allows you
                                                                                      needed. By planning ahead and putting Whole of Life protection in
     to add various investment options to make an
                                                                                      place, you can relieve such issues in the retirement years and know
     ‘all-in-one’ package.                                                            that cover will be there should you need it.
     You can add in lump-sums at any stage.
                                                                                      Whole of Life Plan spreads the cost of cover over the duration
     Fidelity Life is rated A- Excellent by AM Best*.                                 of the plan so you pay a level premium throughout the term. At
                                                                                      commencement, you select the level of cover you need and the
                                                                                      term for which premiums will be paid (this is usually to age 65).
                                                                                      Fidelity Life will estimate the level of contributions required to ensure

?              Why you need it                                                        sufficient funds will accrue to pay for life cover indefinitely after the
                                                                                      date at which you choose to cease paying premiums. Factors such
                                                                                      as investment returns may impact on the policy over time so this
                                                                                      premium is not guaranteed.
 Building security for your future is one of the most important
 financial commitments you will make. The Whole of Life plan                          Initially, some of your contribution is invested while the remainder

 enables you to combine cost-effective and flexible insurance                         pays for your insurance premiums. Although your investment portion

 options with the benefits of consistent long-term investing. This                    reduces over time as the cost of insurance rises with age, the earlier

 combination provides the benefits of Fidelity Life’s partnerships                    contributions accrue with interest to pay for the life premiums

 with some of the world’s largest reinsurers and fund managers,                       later on.

 enabling us to access the financial strength and expertise of                        You choose a maturity date, at which time you have three options:
 global leaders in their given fields.
                                                                                         Draw all the money for your retirement;

                                                                                         Take a portion and leave a portion for your life assurance cover;

                                                                                         Have a fully-paid reduced life assurance benefit.

                                                                                      Fix the term you would like to pay premiums knowing you have the
                                                                                      security of life cover for life. (With some other forms of life insurance,
                                                                                      as soon as you stop paying the premiums, the cover ceases).

                                                                                      Note: The whole of Life Plan is principally designed to provide life
                                                                                      assurance cover rather than a savings account.

 * The A.M. Best financial strength rating relates to Fidelity Life’s insurance and

  investment business, not money invested in the Fidelity Capital Guaranteed Bond

  or the Fidelity KiwiSaver scheme. This should not be read as a recommendation.
                 Whole of Life

                 Optional Benefits
                 Total and Permanent Disability – If you are totally and permanently
                 disabled and have been off work for at least six months, a lump sum
                 benefit is paid.

                 Critical Care Cover – This benefit provides you with a lump sum payment
                 to meet the cost of serious illness and subsequent recovery if you suffer
                 one of the wide range of conditions covered by the policy. Such costs
                 may include travel for treatment, private hospitalization, rehabilitation,
                 nursing costs or supporting a business while you are recuperating.

                 Income Protection – Your income is your greatest asset. Income Protec-
                 tion provides up to 75% of your income if you are unable to work due to
                 sickness or injury. Benefits are paid on a monthly basis after the waiting
                 period you have chosen has elapsed and will continue until you recover
                 or reach the end of your benefit period.

                 Business Overheads/Locum Cover – This benefit pays the approved
                 ongoing expenses incurred in the normal running of your business or
                 the cost of a locum, while you are unable to work due to sickness or
                 injury. Approved expenses or locum costs to the maximum of 100% of
                 the insured benefit are covered in the first year and up to 50% of the
                 insured benefit in the second year of the claim.

                 Waiver of premium option – If included, Fidelity Life pays the premiums
                 of your policy while you are unable to work due to sickness or injury up
                 to a maximum age of 65 years.

           Important note about this factsheet
           This factsheet is a convenient summary of the key points of this insurance policy. It is not, and is not intended to be, a policy document. Details of definitions, benefits, terms and conditions are contained in the official
           policy document which is available from your financial adviser. You should read the policy document carefully to make sure you understand exactly what cover is provided under each benefit.

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WOL 0809

                       Did you know? This product is printed on paper with fibre sourced from sustainable resources                                            GIVEN BY A.M. BEST, * A SPECIALIST INSURANCE RATING AGENCY
                       – Fidelity Life preserving our environment

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