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									                                                Meeting Agenda
                          On Sunday 7th March there will be an Ordinary Meeting
                       of the Junior Common Room at 6:30pm in the Ustinov Room.

39. Chair’s Welcome
40. Announcements
41. Minutes of the Last Meeting

42. Reports and Questions of Officers
Reports of officers are enclosed as Appendix I of this Agenda.

43. Ratifications
Ratifications are enclosed as Appendix II of this Agenda.

44. Motions
Motions are enclosed as Appendix III of this Agenda.

         a) Governance

         b) Boat Club Proposed Expenditure

         c) Fire Engine Motion

45. Elections
         a) Social Secretary

         b) Treasurer

         c) DSU Rep

         d) Arts Chair

         e) DUCKtator

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46. Chair’s Business
47. Points of Discussion
No points have been submitted for discussion

Appendix I – Reports of Officers
Sam Roseveare, JCR President

Student Experience Sub-Committee – students like Colleges & JCRs.
Hatfield formal – arrived 40 minutes late, got stuck in Queens.
College Officers – Postgraduate numbers are going to be increased.
Health & Safety – Gym Policy (by Hus) adopted, window restrainers will be installed over the summer
Exec – The College Grounds have been handed back to the College, from E&B
Discipline – Lots and lots – stop breaking things, it’s a waste of my time.
Congratulations to all the people who put in a huge amount of effort towards the Cabaret over the weekend, and also
Die Fledermaus, both great successes, by all accounts!
Glenda Reed has formally said goodbye to Van Mildert College, and shifted over to Collingwood College.
Folk Music – is over! Keep submissions coming in.
DUOS Concert is tonight – not only is it a complete bargain, but a Mildertian is the President of DUOS, so it would be
great if we could see some support there tonight!

Seb Payne, JCR Vice-President

Since the last JCR meeting I have been been working on some more meals feedback from you guys, assisting Sam around
with many little bits and bobs, responding to copious emails about fire engines, chickens, listening to sweaty folk
musicians, being raped by my degree and dissertation as well as being involved in some election that happened.

Steph Jackson, JCR Chair

Since the last JCR meeting I have been doing interviewes, checking over consitutions and running elections.

Simon Goatcher, JCR Treasurer

Since the last meeting I have been working with the accountant to get the annual accounts prepared.

Ed Macdonald, JCR Secretary

In addition to the usual Secretary stuff of taking minutes, processing paperwork and replying to emails I have been
working on a new form which will allow Livers’ Out to get food at large college events such as Cabaret. I’ve also been
looking into the feasibility of updating the archives website with the help of staff and Library Committee. I’ve looked at
summer events and the feasibility and logistics of running them. I’ve attended a Summer Ball meeting as well.

Patrick McConnell, Senior DSU Rep

Since the last JCR meeting I have attended DSU Council and Joint-Committee Meetings and ran the election station for
the DSU Sabbatical Elections, where we had a fantastic turnout of 54.16%! We've also been discussing a variety of

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issues, such as a DSU No Platform policy (which was rejected at the last DSU Council meeting) as well as a potential
minimum pricing policy for alcohol throughout Durham. We have also been preparing the NUS Referendum which is
going ahead from Monday onwards, and have been working on getting all the relevant information together in one easy-
to-access place so people can read all the arguments before making their decision. I have also seconded a motion with
Sam Roseveare on JCR independence and attending meetings with NUS Vice President for Union Development.

Adam Husler, Bar Steward

Since the last meeting, beside the normal running of the bar stuff, I’ve been making deals with drinks reps, trying to sort
seat covering and new carpet, setting up ale bar, sorting mari gras, doing YPP & Prison project, interviewing, making
new gym passes again and lots of end-of-month fun!

Andy Tattersfield, Livers’ Out Officer

Since the last JCR meeting the Livers' Out Committee and I have distributed the latest Mildertian to all the livers out and
the next one should be sent out before the end of term. I've attended the Livers' Out Officers meeting at the DSU which
focused on how we can encourage livers out to register and, when the time comes, vote in the General Elections. Also,
how we can promote a neighbourhood watch system with the help of the Police so to improve livers' out safety. I've also
been helping a few others with house hunting problems and finding house-mates via email.

Kerris Cooper, Welfare Officer

No report was submitted

Paula Barclay, Services Manager

Since the last JCR meeting I have: had a complete review of our profit margins and as a consequence increased prices
(sorry about that one guys), brownies have continued to sell put every single week depsite us doubling the number we
buy in, tried some other cake samples and decided not to buy, created a new toastie system which seems to be working
quite well, got moaned at a lot about the broken vending machine, started looking at furniture for the potential JCR
refurb, got yearbook stuff off the ground etc etc etc...

Bex King, Senior Freshers’ Rep

Since the last JCR meeting I have continued working with my amazing committee to organise Open Days, which will
now be an entirely in-college extravaganza including a silent disco. We have been working hard to put on the best
possible event for the least money. I have had a number of meetings with Petra on the same subject. I am also working on
tying up loose ends from last year, such as refunds for the freshers' DVD. We are looking into investments which will
save money in the long term.

Pooja Kumari, Social Secretary

Since the last JCR meeting I have attended Summer Ball meetings, liaised with the Arts chair for the Arts Formal, and
arranged for a joint formal with Environment Committee. I have also been on the radio with Andy Tatts, participated on
Mildert Take Me Out and presented Cabaret.

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Junior Common Room                                                                                         Agenda

Appendix II - Ratifications
   1) JCR President

a) Tom Pickard

   2) JCR Bar Steward

a) Steph Morris

   3) JCR Welfare Officer

a) Joe Le-Page

   4) Sports Committee

a) Livvy Amos
b) Andy Rudlin
c) Emily Reed
d) Tom Illingworth
e) Alex Trickle
f) Andrew Forsyth

   5) Gym Committee

a) Oli Stoten
b) Chris Wheatley
c) James Lo
d) Kirsty Irvine
e) Chris Ballard

   6) Team Bar

a) Drew Campbell
b) Jonney Yeates
c) Jon Winthrop
d) Oli Stoten
e) Stefan Arnold

         III Motions
Appendix III - Motions
Governance Motion
Proposed by Sam Roseveare
Seconded by Patrick McConnell

This JCR Notes
       a) The introduction of the 2006 Charities Act has removed the status of the JCR as an exempt charity under the
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       b) The JCR is defined as a Student Union under the 1994 Education Act
       c) There are two legal identities being discussed by Presidents’ Committee in consultation with the Governance
          Support Unit, the Deputy Warden and the Registrar
       d) That one of these options involves registering as an independent charity
       e) That one of these options involves incorporating underneath the University
       f) The dialogue between the University and the Presidents’ Committee has been going on since the introduction
          of the Charities Act in 2006.
       g) The large amount of capital in the JCR Savings Account
       h) That the representational side of the JCR is not insignificant.
       i) That the DSU has been mandated to support any route taken by any individual JCR

This JCR Believes
       a) That limited, or no progress has been made since 2006
       b) A decision is long overdue after 3 years
       c) That at some point, a decision is going to have to be made
       d) That Van Mildert JCR is in a place to make a decision regarding this issue
       e) It is not in the best interests of the JCR to have a succession of JCR Presidents who have had to work on this
          issue rather than issues that could directly impact the student experience of the members of the JCR
       f) That the identity of the JCR as a independent Student Union aids the ability of the JCR to represent students
       g) The independent nature of the JCR allows it a degree of self-determination that would not be possible as an
          incorporated body under the University
       h) That this self-determination maximises the ability of the JCR to provide the best student experience, personal
          development opportunities and a sense of belonging to a student community.
       i) Regardless of whether the JCR is successful in registering as an independent charity, a proactive approach is
          better than a reactive one.

This JCR Resolves
       a) To mandate the JCR President and JCR Executive to negotiate an independent charitable status for the JCR,
          as a matter of urgency
       b) To mandate the JCR Chair and Constitution Committee to produce a Constitution and any supporting
          Governing Documents and Policy that are necessary to meet the stipulations of the Charities Committee to
          present to the JCR.
       c) To mandate the JCR Treasurer and Finance Committee to produce a set of annual accounts in the form
          required by the Charities Commission
       d) To register as an independent Charity before any other JCR in the University of Durham, but especially the
          JCR of St. Cuthbert’s Society.

Boat Club Capital Expenditure Motion
Proposed: Boat Club
Seconded: Finance Committee

This JCR notes;
   a) The Boat Club’s capital expenditure proposal to purchase a new InterSport Racing Shells coxed four for £7300
      +VAT and four Concept 2 Adjustable Sweep Blades for £1266.

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   b) The fact the Boat Club has only two race worthy boats which restricts the number of members that can participate
      in racing to 8 per division.
   c) The benefits of buying a new boat over an old boat are momentous, as it cannot be guaranteed that an old boat
      will be in a good condition.
   d) A new coxed four should last the Boat Club in excess of 30 years.

This JCR believes;
   a) That the JCR should be consulted before this sum of money is spent.
   b) That the best way to consult the JCR would be via ballot.

This JCR resolves;
   a) To conduct a ballot on Thursday 11th March.

Fire Engine Motion
Proposed: Matt Dyson
Seconded: PA Committee

This JCR notes
   c)   The large amount of money in the Part III account for capital expenditure
   d)   The JCR’s dependence on the help of external parties in the role of fire safety
   e)   The lack of large-scale equipment available to assist in the event of fire
   f)   The Capital Spending Request submitted by Matthew Dyson and endorsed by PA Committee for the purchase of
        a fire engine

This JCR believes
   g) The safety of JCR members in the case of fire is paramount
   h) That a fire engine satisfies the requirements for large-scale fire safety equipment
   i) That a fire engine has many other uses besides firefighting, including but not limited to storage space and
   j) Owning a fire engine would improve the image of the JCR in general, particularly during Freshers’ Week, Open
      Days and fire-related incidents.

This JCR resolves
   k) To approve the spending of £3250 outlined in the Capital Spending Request
   l) To approve the spending of any further monies in the training of drivers and the upkeep of the vehicle

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