OPM Agenda FINAL by gyw33944


									                                        2010 National OPM Conference
                                           Location: Nashville, TN
                                           Date: 18-19 March 2010
                                          Proposed Agenda Topics

Thursday, 18 MARCH 2010, 1300–1630 hrs

JOINT OPENING – East Ballroom
1300-1330   Opening Comments and Operations Division National Perspective: Mike Ensch, Chief Operations,
1330–1400   OPM CoP Brief: M. Keith Crowe, OPM CoP Advisory Board Chair and Operations Project Manager,
            Richard B. Russell Project, SAS
1400–1415   OPM CAP 2009: M. Keith Crowe and 2009 CAP Participants

1415–1430       Break


Breakout Session #1 (1430–1500)
ROOM 201      HYDRO-Spillway Trunion Rod Repairs: Steve Logan, Operations Project Manager West Point Project,
ROOM 206      NAV-Miter Gate Issues and ERDC Installed Strain Gauges (The Dalles): Tom Hood, Operations
              Project Manager Eastern Tennessee Area Office, LRN
ROOM 203      Environmental Compliance and Sustainability: John Coho, Senior Advisor for Environmental
              Compliance, HQUSACE

Breakout Session #2 (1510- 1540)
ROOM 201      FRM-Going from DSAC II to DSAC I – Howard Hanson Project: Stu Cook, Chief Operations Division,
ROOM 206      NAV-MVS ARRA Major Rehab at Lock 27: Andy Schimpf, Operations Project Manager, Mississippi
              Rivers Project, MVS
ROOM 203      Water Control Manual Update/Lake Lanier Water Withdrawal Issues: Randall Harvey, Hydrology and
              Hydraulics Branch, SAM

Breakout Session #3 (1550–1620)
ROOM 201      HYDRO-Key ARRA project–Stockton Powerplant Blade Failure: Rod Hendricks, Natural Resource
              Specialist, Stockton Lake Project, NWK
ROOM 206
              NAV-A Case for Regional Dredging Contracts: Jim Walker, Chief Navigation Branch, HQUSACE
ROOM 203
              Arcflash Mitigation Initiatives: Olga Beddingfield, Power Project Manager, J. Percy Priest Project, LRN

1620–1630       Break

1630–1730       Division OPM Meeting Time
                LRD – Room 206
                MVD – Room 210
                NAD – Room 203
                NWD – Room 201
                POD – Room 202
                SAD – Room 208
                SPD – Room 211/212
                SWD – Room 209
1800-2000       OPM and OPs Chiefs Icebreaker – East Ballroom
                                     2010 National OPM Conference
                                        Location: Nashville, TN
                                        Date: 18-19 March 2010
                                       Proposed Agenda Topics

FRIDAY, 19 MARCH 2010, 0800–1200 hrs

JOINT SESSION – East Ballroom

0800–0850    Green Projects/ Initiatives at existing facilities
             Dissolved Oxygen Systems on the Savannah River: Virgil Hobbs, OPM Hartwell Project, SAS
             ReRoof and Solar Power Install - Lessons Learned: Mike Dillabough, Chief Operations, SPN
0900–0945    Aging Infrastructure Challenges
0900–0920    Miter Gate Failure at Markland: Gene Dowell, Operations Project Manager, Locks and Dams Project,
0920–0945    Russian Powerplant Catastrophic Failure and Implications to Corps Hydropower: Jim Kerr, Chief
             Mechanical/Structural Branch, HydroElectric Design Center (HDC)

0945–1000    Break

1000–1030    Lessons Learned
1000–1015    Foster Spillway Gate Structural Deformation: Dustin Bengtson, Operations Project Manager,
             Willamette Valley Project, NWP
1015–1030    Design/Build Contracts with ARRA: Sandra Spence, Operations Project Manager, Mark Twain Project,
1030–1100    Asset Management: Dr. Elliot Ng, Acting Chief Asset Management, HQUSACE
1100–1200    Open Discussion / Q&A / Closing Remarks: Mike Ensch
1200         Evaluations and Adjourn

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