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The Bradley Bugle - DOC - DOC by lifemate


									                                     The Bradley Bugle
                                                                                  April 2008
                                                        Issue 119

                 Aircraft Noise over Great Bradley?
                                      Save Our Silence
                               Read more inside - see pages 4 and 5
         Come to the Annual Village Meeting on Wed 30 April

                                              Village Diary
                           All events take place in the Village Hall unless otherwise noted

QUIZ NIGHT                         with question master Les Bunyan                            SATURDAY 5 APRIL
                               Fish or Chicken & Chips supper (details inside)                at 7.30pm
SCOTTISH COUNTRY           Lively, light exercise and fun!                                    Mondays 2 – 4pm
DANCING                    Contact Ella on 710340
CARPET BOWLS               Every Monday (except Bank Holidays)                                Mondays 7.30pm

ART CLASS                  Contact Anne on 783175 for details                                 Tuesdays 2 – 4pm

EDUCATIONAL                Spanish                                                            Tuesdays 7 – 9pm
(contact Gill on 783362)
EDUCATIONAL                Drawing                                                            Wednesdays 2 – 4pm
EDUCATIONAL                French                                                             Thursdays 7 – 9pm
AFTERNOON CLUB             All welcome, all ages, all interests                               Thursday 10 April
                           Come and meet friends and neighbours                               2.30pm
                                                                                              Wednesday 30 April
                           (details inside)                                                   at 7 for 7.30pm
                                                                                              (NB change of advertised date)

                                                                                              Wednesday 14 May
                                                                                              at 7.30pm
PARISH COUNCIL             AGM and Meeting                                                    Wednesday 21 May at
MOBILE LIBRARY             11.30 - 11.50am Evergreen                                          Mondays 7 and 21 April
                           11.55am - 12.10pm Thurlow Road
BLACK BIN                  Wednesday 2,16 and 30 April

BLUE/BROWN BINS            Wednesday 9 and 23 April
St Mary’s Church Great Bradley
Church services for March
Sunday 6 April       11 am                    Holy Communion        Great Bradley
                                              (followed by Annual Church Meeting)
Sunday 13 April            11 am              Holy Communion              Great Thurlow
Sunday 20 April            10 am              Benefice Service            Great Wratting
Sunday 27 April            9.30 am            Holy Communion              Little Bradley

Church cleaning for April                     Flowers for April
Arline and Geoffrey Vollam                    Marion Smith

Annual Church Meeting
This will be held on Sunday 6 April after the service in the church. All are welcome to attend this
meeting, at which we look back over the year in St Mary’s and elect the Churchwardens and Parochial
Church Council for the coming year.

Fete                                                                                 Great Bradley
Once again preparations for the fete are getting underway.
All the favourite stalls and sideshows will be there, plus a
few new ones.
                                                                                  CHURCH FETE
To make the fete another success we need your support.                             Sunday 13 July
We need volunteers to run stalls, help serve teas, help set                                   2 pm
up the tables beforehand and clear them away afterwards.
We also need a willing pony for pony rides! Most of all we                          in the grounds of
need donations - books, bottles, unwanted gifts, toys, bric                        Great Bradley Hall
a brac, plants, cakes etc.                                                        by kind permission of
If you would be willing to help or if you have an idea for a                        the Ryder family
stall, please let Sue (783595),Maria (783010) or Geoffrey                       A traditional church fete
(783132) know.                                                                      for all the family


 Great Bradley Village Hall                                Annual General Meeting
           The Village Hall Management Committee & Trustees have pleasure in inviting all residents of
                     Great Bradley to attend the next Village Hall AGM which is scheduled for
                                         Wednesday May 14th at 7.30pm.
 There will be a short agenda covering the following items:
      Chairperson report
      Treasurer Report
      Fabric
      Planned Projects
      Future Usage
      Committee Membership
 The most important factor will be your input as it is YOUR HALL!!!
 The last year has been relatively successful and has seen good use of the Hall. There have been problems for
 the VHMC particularly regarding that horrendous episode over Electricity charges. At the meeting there will be
 discussions regarding possible changes to the Constitution of the Hall and in particular concern that all activities
 in the Village have the opportunity to air their views regarding the future of the Hall
 So why not join us for a glass of wine & refreshments and give us your views and, if possible,
 your help to continue to use and maintain The Village Hall to its best potential.

           Great Bradley Village Hall Quiz -Saturday 5 April 7-30pm
                             with Les Bunyan asking the questions
                           Bar and Raffle The chippy cooking supper
               Price still only £5.00 with choice of Fish or Chicken and Chips
                           Book your tickets early as they go quickly
                    Ring Gill on 01440 783362 or Pam on 01440 783450

We have had a good number of people become members of the Village Hall Lottery once again this
year. The numbers have increased slightly on last year from 104 to 107 and therefore the prizes have
increased pro rata.
The cost of joining is £12 per year, with 50% of the income going to the Village Hall and 50% going in
prize money. Each month there are four prizewinners and obviously the more members we have the
higher the prizes given out.
If anybody wishes to join they can still do so at a cost of £10, giving them membership from May until
next February when our „year‟ ends. Please contact me for an application form on 783102.

Many thanks from the Village Hall committee for your continued support.
Simon Kiddy

               MARCH                                             APRIL
First          Steven Knight          c/o The Street             Caroline Ryder The Hall
Second         E Minton               Water Lane                 Roy Smith      Clarendale
Third          Mrs Buck               Evergreen Lane             Sally Taylor   Evergreen Lane
Fourth         Elaine Bareham         Evergreen Lane             John Barnett The Street

Thanks to Jane Midwood:
We have to say a big thank you to our County Councillor Jane Midwood for once again giving Great
Bradley grant aid from her Locality Budget.
We have received £560, shared equally with Cowlinge, which completely covers the cost of a new
colour laser duplex (prints both sides) printer. This was purchased to produce the Great Bradley Bugle
and the Cowlinge Chronicle after our old joint printer finally cracked under the strain.
This was not something the Parish Council had budgeted to purchase this year so it was welcome news
that Jane was able to fund it for us.
John Barnett

     LOCAL HOME TUTOR                                  Eye2Property
 12 years Primary classroom experience                 Property Protection
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                                                       while you are away, or at home?
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                                                        from ANYWHERE in the WORLD
     Professional and caring service                   We have a range of systems to meet all your requirements
                                                       Dummy cameras from £6
Please call Ellen Foster on 01440 783542               Complete Home systems from £98+VAT
                                                       Complete internet server systems from £259+VAT
    Introductory session free of charge
                                                       Go to or ring Ross on
                                                       01440 783304 for a demonstration or more information

There are two public consultations currently in progress on subjects which will affect life in Great
Bradley for decades into the future. These are:
1. The proposal by the National Air Traffic Service (NATS) to change air traffic routes over the SE of
   England, including putting a “hold” or stacking area for aircraft approaching Stansted immediately
   over Great Bradley. The consultation period for this proposal closes on 22 May.
2. The Local Development Framework, which will establish the rules used to grant or deny planning
   permission in West Suffolk from 2016 to 2031. Various options are being proposed, some of which
   will involve the construction of a new town, others may involve enlargement or infilling of villages.
   The consultation for this closes on 9 May (for Parish Councils – see below).
Residents of Great Bradley should have the opportunity to be informed about these proposals, and to
take an active role in the consultation if they wish. We have decided therefore to advance the date of
the Annual Village Meeting to Wednesday 30 April. Please note the date in your diary!
In addition to the normal update on activities by the Parish Council and many other village
organisations, there will be a presentation on each of these consultations, an opportunity for you to
discuss them and make your views known, and information on how you can take an active part in the
consultations. Wine and nibbles will be served. See the separate leaflet for full details of the meeting.

Air Traffic Changes
NATS is proposing substantial changes to air traffic routes over the SE of England. Their scheme is
called Terminal Control North (TCN). Aspects affecting Great Bradley include:
   The “holds” where aircraft stack when waiting to land at Stansted are to be separated from those for
    Luton airport (currently Stansted and Luton share two holds), and their position is to be moved.
    NATS propose that one of these should be in the area between Newmarket and Haverhill, with its
    centre close to Great Bradley. Aircraft may pass over Great Bradley at heights as low as 4,000 feet.
    When the airport is not busy, planes don‟t need to stack, but they may still fly over us on their
    approach to the airport. When it‟s very busy there will be up to 8 planes stacking at heights between
    7,000 feet and 14,000 feet over us.
   The number of aircraft landing at Stansted between 6am and 11pm in 2006 was an average of 14.9
    per hour (i.e. 253 per day), and in a typical busiest hour 33. The 6am to 11pm average is expected
    to increase to 19.6 per hour by 2014. It‟s not clear whether this assumes that the second runway
    will or will not be built, but clearly this too will increase the number of flights.
   NATS claim to be implementing a government policy to move flight paths to the least populated
    areas of the country, with some protection for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty such as
    Dedham Vale. This has the almost automatic consequence of moving air traffic to the most
    peaceful parts of the countryside, including our area.
You can read about the TCN proposal and download the documentation from There‟s a link on this page which you can use to submit your
comments and opinions on the proposal. You can also write to our County Councillor Jane Midwood, or
to our MP Richard Spring if you have strong views. Other “action groups” are being formed as I write.
Local Development Framework
St Edmundsbury Borough Council are in the early stages of defining their core planning strategy for
West Suffolk to last until 2031. This is our best and possibly only chance to influence the direction in
which the county develops over the coming decades. Unfortunately the closing date for submissions
from the public is 25 April, so if you want to make your own contribution, you will have to do this by
then. You can download the 83 page Local Development Framework Core Strategy – Issues and
Options document from This page also
gives instructions for how you can submit your views. Parish Councils have until 9 May to submit their
inputs, so we will be able to make a submission based on the views expressed at the Village Meeting
on 30 April.
The document contains 5 major alternatives for development planning – some involve substantial
expansion of Bury St. Edmunds and Haverhill, some a much lower level in the towns but more
development in the larger villages. One involves building a substantial new town. It‟s a fascinating and
readable document, and there are 40 interesting questions on which the public‟s views are sought. I
encourage you to read it and submit your views.
Rowan Sylvester-Bradley
PC Chairman

Stacks of Positives!
How many of us, when packing for a trip abroad, have forgotten our Jane’s Aircraft Recognition
Guide? Or, near Haverhill, watched frustrated as an inbound Stansted flight turns too far away for a
clear sighting? Who has not been annoyed to hear a low-flying jet or helicopter, only to rush out
and to discover it vanishing in the distance?
The recent announcement of a proposed re-siting of the Westerly Stack for Stansted Arrivals must
have gladdened the hearts of many in the village and beyond. Ex-Londoners, for instance,
nostalgic for childhoods under the Thames flightpath, will rejoice as the advantages hitherto
enjoyed by those in the Sudbury and Dunmow areas are transferred to Great Bradley.
The possibility of observing that the 12.30 flight is late, will allow us to linger a little longer before
picking up Grandad from his stag weekend in Tallinn, or the couple next door from a romantic
break in Gdansk. With the ability to observe a whole range of aircraft types from the comfort of our
own home, it will no longer be necessary to contend with bad weather and traffic jams to join the
other millions at the Duxford and Lakenheath Air Shows.
Life under the stack will take on a new rhythm. The treble notes of the dawn chorus will be
counterpointed by the gentle bass of a Boeing 737 bidding the day a friendly welcome. At the
Village Hall, details of arrival times will be exchanged at regular coffee mornings held by the Great
Bradley chapter of SAPS (Suffolk Amateur Planespotters Society). Later, with a G&T and
binoculars for company on the lawn, and the throaty rumble of Pratt & Whitney or Rolls-Royce at
five-minute intervals overhead, the summer soundscape of strimmers, mowers, tractors and
power-tools will, for a few moments, be shut out. Later still, the reassuring drone of the midnight
Airbus 310 will round off our day.
Down at St Mary‟s, where the advantages of height and wide vistas have long been appreciated, a
stroke of genius has inspired the planned construction of a sliding Perspex dome on the tower.
Complete with high-tech observation equipment, it will proudly announce the letters „GB‟ in bold
red Niteglo paint. These will not only serve to reassure foreign pilots that they are over the right
country, but also hint at the central role of the village in its modest expression of local patriotism.
There will, of course, be downsides: in low cloud, it might be difficult to recognize an aircraft type,
though this, in turn, can be turned to advantage by sharpening skills in identification of engine
sounds. Sightings of the Superjumbo A380 must, regrettably, await runway expansion, and the
more sensitive of our village naturists will need to be alert for appreciative eyes in the sky.
Questions do remain: will aircraft be sufficiently low for their markings to be visible? Will silhouettes
be the best we can expect, or may we hope for an angle of turn that will prove more rewarding?
Whatever else the new arrangements bring, they will certainly afford a salutary reminder of the
Outside World beyond our own parochial boundaries, and surely encourage us to exchange
NIMBY for POMBY (Please Over My Back Yard).
Ken Ireland
Thanks Ken, for this thought- provoking look into the near future …
                               or, of course, we could stir ourselves into action! Ed.

Please tell us your news – We’ll be delighted hear from you!
In order that your Bugle reaches you early in the month all copy must be received
by the 15th of the previous month. Deadline for May 2008 is 15 April 2008.

The Editorial team
Anne Pigden                            01440 783175        
Helen Smith                            01440 783278        
Sue Sylvester-Bradley                  01440 783157        

We thank our advertisers who help to fund this village newsletter – contact Anne, Helen or Sue (see
above) if you would like to place an ad.
Please note that the advertisements in this magazine are accepted in good faith but are not personal recommendations
of the editorial team.

Looking for a home…

I will be going to the US for a year in mid-April and am looking for a cat lover to foster my two ragdoll
cats, Mojo and Mystical. Ragdolls are a large long-haired breed with a friendly and playful nature.
Mystical (pictured) is a lilac point and Mojo has seal (dark brown) points.
They are indoor cats and only go outside under supervision as they are not very streetwise. They are
neutered and up to date with their vaccinations.
If you think you might be able to help, please give me a call on 713436 or 783595, or email

Thank you,
Amelia Ireland.

Burrough Green Primary School News
Following the recent Ofsted visit the school had a Church Inspection for which we
had a pleasing result. Both reports are available for the community to read. If you
wish to obtain a copy, please contact the school – 01638 507236.
February was a very short month and the school managed one or two extra curricular
activities. Pancake races were fun and passers-by beyond the school gate stopped to
watch the hilarity!
Class 1 invited friends and family to their school assembly on the subject of Chinese
New Year. Reception and Year 1 pupils counted and sung in Chinese and displayed beautiful, colourful
artwork with willow plate designs, flowers and dragons! They also performed a play as well as a dragon
dance. Well done to Mrs Downes, her helpers and especially the children! Class 4 visited Stibbington near
Peterborough where they were evacuees for the day. For more information and photos please visit our
website at the address below.
A Play in a Day kept class 4 busy. They learnt about performing and put on a play of their own. March will
see the students perform their annual play to parents for which they are currently in rehearsal. The end of
half term came around quickly and the PTA held its regular fundraising party.

The children from class 1 enjoyed a trip to the Toy Museum in Bethnal Green. The children and adults
enjoyed looking at toys old and new! The children were very well behaved and a credit to the school. Class
2‟s assembly was an educating assembly about the Romans and their conquests. This will be followed by a
visit to the Museum in Colchester.

Sport Relief also saw relief in the weather. This was very welcomed as the children had an afternoon of
sporting activities to which they invited family along to join in. All money raised from non-uniform and
activities will benefit the charity.
Don‟t forget to visit our website at
Alison Brewin - Community Liaison Officer 01638 507941 -

Numbers limited. Bookings taken one calendar month before each event.
For further details, please contact us on: 01473 264263 or see

Type of walk:   Easy – gentle stroll with locations that are very accessible by everyone.
                Moderate – country walking may include some rougher ground/stiles.
                T – easy by train. B – easy by bus.
Sunday 27 April 5.30am - 9.00am
Rise early to experience the awakening of woodland wildlife in Assington. Expect plenty of birdsong and
bluebells as we walk through ancient woodland at Arger Fen. Be rewarded with breakfast at Assington Mill
where we‟ll hear how the owners have been restoring land and buildings with the environment in mind.
Approx. 3 miles – Easy (Note: Charge £4.50 – includes breakfast).

'Chicken Chat'- Week 24 in the Chicken House - It‟s all in the design.

'An Englishman‟s home is his castle' - The same could be said for one‟s chickens and their coop.

Chicken houses come in an amazing array of types,‟materials,‟colours and the all important 'price'.
Initially, in my quest to find the perfect coop I trawled endless internet websites and found that the
prices can range from £60 to £6,000 (a replica of a Turkish palace!). I was drawn to those dreamy more
elaborate designs. Mentally I pictured them in situ, in my garden. My darling 'girlies' peeking out from
their shuttered windows.
It was hard, VERY hard, to pull myself back to reality - I was teetering on the brink of 'chicken
purchasing bankruptcy'.
Where it may have previously been easy to say to my dear husband (a female prerogative) "Oh, that
OLD thing" about a latest designer handbag purchase, this concept starts to get a little harder and, well
murky, when you are trying to relate it to an 8ft tall, wooden hen coop which is a replica of 'Enniskillen
Castle' in County Fermanagh (yes - there is such a coup) which has suddenly appeared in the centre of
your husband‟s well cared-for prize lawn.
So, I decided for harmony sake (and possibly my marriage) that it wouldn't be Enniskillen Castle (not
just yet…). I viewed many coups. Mainly of the wooden variety, imagining them having been painted in
a variety of lovely shades with amazing names such as 'garden heather' and 'beachhut blue'.
It was at this time that I had one of those 'eureka' moments - the sort of moment that you only normally
find yourself reading about (yes-we are still talking about a chicken coup).
I came across a coup made from a somewhat untraditional material - PLASTIC - of the 'little-tykes' era
and variety. For the first time in my quest I actually started to think of the practicalities. The cleaning of
the coup and the poop. This newly found website relished clean-living and uniqueness of concept and
design. Their coups were called 'eglu' and 'eglu-cube'. I was - if we are going to be honest - 'sold' on the
glossy design blurb and name alone. Further reading led me to view the words 'can be cleaned with a
jet-wash'. Well - there was just no contest.
I placed an order for a green cube with attached pen. For all of you who are 'design' followers and
yearn for further detail, the 'cube' is a cube in its design, with sleek curved edges and moving entrance
door. Internally there is a generously sized roosting area and a compact laying area. The roof can be
slid across. The 'plastic' shell is twin-layered with an inner-core. There is an attached adequate pen
area with bulbous shaped attached 'grub' and 'glug' holders.

The excitement of waiting for delivery day became unbearable. Looking back it is at this stage that the
previously mentioned 'chicken-madness' was born. Looking back I now feel a little sorry for my
behaviour towards the 'delivery man'. He had NEVER had such a welcome.
The delivery man, having spent ages trying to find our house, arrived and was duly dragged down the
garden path by my daughters and I. All parcels (and there were a few) were grabbed from his hands.
He had a somewhat complex look of someone pleased to have finally found an address - mixed with his
concern of now being alone in a rather remote location with a gibbering female who was intermittently
muttering things about chickens, two somewhat unruly 'garden grubby' children and a couple of semi-
feral cats.
He… didn't stay for long. He… didn't seem to want a cup of tea. Not sure WHY?
The green Eglu cube is now erected in full glory and stands in splendour on a grass area close to our
The 'girlies' love it and it is definitely their 'little castle'. They always get excited when I slide open the
'sun-roof' to take advantage of the early morning sun.
Happy Days! Egg Tally: 610

LIVE MUSIC in a relaxing style
     The GRANTA CHORALE is a recently formed 20 voice chamber choir who are performing at
                  Great Chesterford Church on Thursday 24 April at 8pm.
                                             NIGHT VOICES
evokes the enchantment of nightfall in words and music by Monteverdi, Dowland, Brahms and more…
see or poster on Village Hall noticeboard for more details.
Tickets £7.50 available from Sue S-B (783157) or at the door.

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                                                                          Motorcycle Bay
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                07900 198587                                         01440 783248 or 07976 298706

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