; Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy
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Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy

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									Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy

 Profiling Psychopathology
 Dr. Kelley Kline
      I. Ted Bundy-Early years
   Theodore Robert Cowell was born on November 24, 1946 in a
    home for unwed mothers in Vermont.

   After Bundy’s birth, his mother & he returned to her family’s
    home in Philadelphia, to live with his grandparents.

   Bundy’s mother portrayed herself as his older sister, & his
    grandparents portrayed themselves as his actual parents.

   Bundy’s grandfather was a violent & hostile person which
    strained the family.

   When Ted was 4 years-old, Bundy’s mother tired of her father’s
    abuse & took her son with her to Tacoma, Washington.
Early years-childhood
   A year following their move to Washington, Bundy’s
    mother married Johnnie Culpepper Bundy, who adopted
    Ted & gave him his last name.

   Four other children were born in Bundy’s family & Ted
    watched & cared for his siblings.

   Unfortunately, Bundy’s adoptive father’s attempts to
    “bond” with his son were unsuccessful. Ted only
    connected with his Grandfather who he respected &

   Ted later reported that he was special & his family didn’t
    see that.
    Ted-childhood & adolescence
   Personality– Ted was a shy & introverted child who
    was frequently teased & picked on by bullies. He
    found these experiences to be deeply humiliating.

   Academically- Ted did well in school throughout his
    life. In high school his peers perceived Bundy to be
    popular, well mannered, & a snazzy dresser.

   Interestingly, Ted didn’t date in high school. Rather
    his interests focused on skiing & politics. In fact, it
    was in high school that Ted's interest in politics
    began to bloom.
      Ted Bundy-College years
   Ted went to the University of Puget Sound & the University of
    Washington for college. He was perceived as charming,
    intelligent, & polite, but didn’t spend much time with others.
    He felt uncomfortable around other people.

   Ted paid for college by taking entry-level jobs such as bus boy
    & shoe salesman. He didn’t stay in any 1 job long, & was
    generally thought of as unreliable.

   A relationship with a woman would change his life. Ted met
    the girl of his dreams (a beautiful & intelligent woman from a
    wealthy family who wore her long brown hair parted in the
    center). While Ted was completely taken with this woman, the
    intensity of feelings was not returned. After she graduated, she
    ended their relationship seeing Ted as unambitious & lacking
Ted-learns his mother’s secret!
    In 1969, Ted learned that his “sister” was actually his mother & that his
     “parents” were actually his grandparents.

    This was devastating to Ted who felt betrayed by the lie he had been

   Ted became dominant & outgoing. He took psychology courses at the
    University of Washington & became an honors student.

   While studying at UW, Bundy met Elizabeth Kendall, a divorced
    single mother who worked as a secretary.

   Ted also became involved in local politics, and sent out law school
    applications. He worked on a campaign to re-elect the Washington
    governor & formed a strong relationship with the Republican party.

Ted’s Revenge
   Ted found the opportunity to “get-even” with his ex-girlfriend while
    on a business trip to California for the Washington Republican party.

   Ted met with his ex and found that she was amazed by his
    transformation. He was confident & mature, with a real direction.

   Ted met with his ex several times afterwards. During these “business”
    trips, Ted began seeing his ex romantically again & it was she who fell
    in love with him this time.

   After several romantic experiences, Ted became cold & indifferent
    with his ex. In February 1974, after almost a year of serious dating,
    Ted ended all contact with her without an explanation or reason.

   His plan to reject her the way she had rejected him worked. She never
    heard from him again.
Bundy’s First Murder
   Lynda Ann Healy, a 21-year-old college student at
    UW, came from an upper-middle class family.
    She majored in psychology and worked for a local
    radio station in the mornings.

   She also was pretty and had long brown hair,
    which she parted in the center.

   On January 31, 1974, Lynda went out with friends
    to a local tavern & then home to bed.
Lynda Healy
   The next morning when Lynda’s 5:30 AM alarm
    clock began buzzing, but Lynda wasn’t there to
    turn it off, her roommate thought Lynda had
    already left for work.

   That evening, when Lynda failed to show up for
    her parents for dinner, her family called the police.

   Police noted that Lynda's bed was made. This in
    itself was odd, because she never made it before.
    One of the pillowcases and the top sheet were
      Lynda Healy’s crime scene
   Blood stains– Small bloodstains of the same blood type as
    Lynda’s was found on the pillowcase & bottom sheet.

   Blood was also found on her nightgown, that was carefully hung
    in the closet & one of her outfit’s was missing.

   Other anomalies-Police also noticed that one of the doors to
    the house was unlocked, when the girls were always careful
    about locking it.

   No fingerprints, hair, or fiber evidence was collected at the
    scene. Police later argued surmised the intruder had gotten into
    the house, removed Lynda’s nightgown, hung it up in the closet,
    dressed her in one of her outfits, made up the bed, & wrapped
    the body in the top sheet & carried her out of the house.
      Killing Spree
   Several more female students suddenly vanished in the spring &
    summer months followed Healy’s disappearance,

   Interestingly, all the women were Caucasian, slender, single,
    wore slacks, & had long brown hair that was parted in the

   Police canvassed the college grounds asking for unusual
    activity. Several students noticed a man wearing a cast on either
    his arm or leg who seemed to be struggling with carrying books
    & asking young women for assistance.

   Other individuals reported a man in the campus parking lot who
    had a cast & asked girls for their assistance in getting his car
    started. This activity occurred in an area where two of the
    women had last been seen before disappearing.
        Washington Murders
   Police found the remains of two of the victims in August,
    1974 in Washington's Lake Sammamish State Park. The
    victims were Janice Ott & Denise Naslund, both
    reported missing July 14th, were later found in a park.

   The bodies were badly decomposed, & police made
    identifications from a few strands of hair, five thigh
    bones, a couple of skulls, & a jaw bone.

   Janice Ott was last seen in the park, when she was
    approached by a handsome young guy, who wore a cast
    & was asking for help loading his boat onto his car.
    Their conversation was heard by others, who said the man
    called himself Ted.
Washington Murders contd.
   Denise Naslund, the other victim, was
    spending time with her boyfriend & friends
    in the park. She went to the restroom &

   Using the same ruse, Bundy lored Naslund
    into his clutches, by asking while wearing a
Utah Murders
   Melissa Smith (Utah’s police chief’s daughter), a 17 year-
    old, disappeared on October 18, 1974. Nine days later, her
    body was found. She had been strangled, sodomized, &

   Laura Aime, 17 years-old, disappeared on Halloween, &
    was found in the Wasatch Mountains lying dead by a river
    on Thanksgiving Day.

   Aime’s head and face had been badly beaten by a crowbar
    & she had been raped & sodomized. It was suspected that
    Aime’s body had been dumped in the mountains, but that
    she was killed in another location due to the lack of blood
    found at the scene.
      Utah & Washington join forces to find the
      “same” killer
   The similarities with the Washington State murders caught the
    attention of local police in Utah, who were frantically searching
    for the man responsible for the grisly crimes.

   Utah police consulted with Washington State investigators, who
    believed the murders were the work of the same killer.

   Eyewitness accounts of a man in the cast seen near the areas
    where many of the women had disappeared, came up with a
    composite of the killer who called himself "Ted.“

   A close friend of Elizabeth Kendall (Ted’s girlfriend) read about
    Melissa Smith's murder & saw the composite of the suspected
    killer. She knew it was Ted & told Elizabeth about it.
Ted’s girlfriend calls the police.

   Kendall made an anonymous call to the Seattle Police
    Department in August 1974 & mentioned that her
    boyfriend "might be involved" in the recent murder cases.

   She called the police later that fall as well & gave more
    detailed information that might help the investigation.

   Elizabeth also sent in photos of Ted to the police.
    Unfortunately, witnesses couldn’t make a positive ID, so
    Ted Bundy was removed from the suspect list.
     A new lead….
   Carol DaRonch, 18-years-old, was approached on November
    8th, 1974, by an attractive man at a book store at a Utah mall.
   The man told Carol that her car had been burglarized & that he
    would go with her to see what items had been stolen.

   DaRonch, thought Bundy was a security guard for the mall &
    went with him. She didn’t notice anything unusual about her
    car. However, the man, identified himself as Officer Roseland,
    & insisted he drive her to the police station.

   The “officer” wanted to fill out a report for DaRonch. Bundy
    led DaRonch to a VW bug. Noticing the car didn’t have any
    police ID on it, she asked him for his badge ID. He showed
    her a gold badge & escorted her into the car.
        DaRonch gets away!!!!
   Bundy drove in the opposite direction of the police station &
    DaRonch knew something was wrong.

   Bundy tried to put handcuffs on DaRonch. She screamed & he
    pulled out a handgun & threatened to kill her if she didn’t stop

   Bundy stopped the car and DaRonch fell out. Bundy pushed her
    up against the car & was about to hit her with a crowbar, when
    she kicked him in the groin & ran.

   DaRonch was able to get the attention of another car & jumped in
    with the couple driving it. Taken to the police station, she
    immediately provided a statement of the attacker. Luckily, Bundy
    bled on DaRonch’s coat, provided evidence of his blood type (O).
   Bundy was arrested in Utah, but escaped from the police and
    fled to Tallahassee, Florida.

   Bundy continued his killing spree, killing two young women in
    the Chi Omega Sorority house. He bludgeoned the women to
    death before fleeing the scene.

   Bundy’s last murder was Kimberly Leach, a 12 year-old girl.
    Bundy drove around in a stolen car, before he was finally
    picked up.

   Bundy killed between 35 to 50 young women. He usually
    bludgeoned his victims with a crow bar either killing them or
    knocking them out. Following this he would commit gross
    sexual acts (anal sex) with the unconscious women & then
    strangle them.
Bundy’s execution
   On July 23, 1979, Bundy was convicted of the Chi
    Omega murders largely because his teeth matched
    the bite marks left on Lisa Levy's buttocks.

   Bundy was electrocuted in 1989.
John Wayne Gacy
   Childhood– had a protective mother & a harsh alcoholic
    for a father who frequently beat John & his siblings.

   John had a blow to the head as a child & apart from being
    a petty thief, he had an uneventful childhood.

   He later attended business school & got married. He
    managed a fried chicken business in Waterloo, where he
    became a respected community member.

   Then at aged 26, Gacy was arrested for sexually assaulting
    a young boy. The trial disclosed that he had forced the
    handcuffed boy to have sex with him. He then paid his
    victim to keep quiet about the incident. But the youth
    testified against him anyway.
Gacy’s revenge
   Gacy hired a young guy to beat up the boy who testified
    against him. News of this led Gacy’s wife to leave him.

   Gacy was sentenced and served his time, being the
    model prisoner. His good behavior didn’t go unoticed,
    & Gacy received early parole.

   After getting out of prison, Gacy met & remarried
    another woman. He started a construction business,
    which he ran from his house, & got involved in local

   It was so important to Gacy that he be perceived
    positively by local society, that he dressed up as a clown
    to entertain children at social functions.
Gacy’s taste for young boys & murder!!!
   Although Gacy appeared to be getting his act together
    in society, his sexual interest in young boys was still

   In 1975, while still married, one of his teenage
    employees vanished.

   Shortly after Gacy’s young employee had vanished, his
    wife noticed an unpleasant odor in their house. A year
    later Gacy & his second wife separated.

   Alone, Gacy went hunting for young gay males he
    could lure to his house for sex. He was charming, had
    money, and power in society so the boys were thrilled
    at the prospect.
Gacy sexual-capades
   Gacy lured young males to his home,
    handcuffed them, & sodomized them
    repeatedly. He would keep them a few days to
    a week, before strangling them.

   For Gacy “Home is where the boys are!!” He
    buried the boys’ bodies in the crawl spaces
    under the house & elsewhere.
Gacy’s luck runs out!
   In March 1978, a 27 year-old named Jeffrey
    Rignall accepted an invitation to smoke pot in
    Gacy's Oldmobile.

   Gacy clapped a chloroform-soaked rag over
    Rignall’s face & took him to his house.

   Rignall woke up as he was being sodomized.
    Gacy then raped him repeatedly & flogged him
    with a whip. Gacy chloroformed him again
    and left him in a park.
Gacy gets caught.

   Rignall spotted Gacy’s vehical, copied down the
    license plate number & gave it to police. Gacy
    was arrested, but released for lack of evidence.

   The police came back to search Gacy’s house,
    due to an odor that neighbors complained
    about. Police found 15 bodies in a crawl space.
    After removing the floor, a total of 28 bodies
    were found. In all Gacy murdered 33 males.
Gacy executed by lethal injection.
   Gacy went to trial in March 1980 and pleaded
    not guilty by reason of insanity.

   Nobody bought his insanity plea, and he was
    found guilty and sentenced to die in the electric

   Gacy was actually executed by lethal injection
    May 10th, 1994.

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