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									   Scholarships Available in the Counseling Office:
 See the Large Green Binder for complete applications
                   and materials!
Please note: The organizations sponsoring these awards mail things throughout the
year. When this year’s information has not yet been received, I will indicate last
year’s due dates for use as a probable deadline and indicate these with an asterisk
(*). Current dates will be used whenever possible.

Scholarships particular to schools (i.e. Sullivan Leadership from Seattle University
or Cataldo from Gonzaga) are not listed here! Interested students and parents can
inquire for more information as needed.

Local scholarships specific to our community are highlighted.

      American Legion’s “Need a Lift” book for parents and students is on the library
       college center’s shelf. Information in large green binder as well, including an
       oratorical skills scholarship contest.

      American Musical and Drama Academy—Various opportunities

      AXA Foundation: $670,000 in funding this year awarded to students who exhibit:
       “Ambition and drive, determination to set and reach goals, respect for self, family,
       and community, and ability to succeed in college.
                                  Due December 15

    Bank of America Financial Aid Sweepstakes: Five $1000 scholarships. Go to

      Blue Mountain Community Foundation: Many opportunities for local, need-
       based scholarships. Applications will be handed out and publicized to parents
       when the come in. You can check the website also:
                            *Approximate Deadline: March 1

    Chapel of Four Chaplains Essay (450 words or less) and art contest.
   email at for more information. *Due approx. Dec. 9

      Christian Connector, Inc. Free Christian college service plus a chance for a
       $2500 scholarship drawing. Log on to to be

      Coca Cola: National opportunity, pretty selective, but someone gets it each year.
       Apply online at
                             Approx. Deadline: October 31
   College Steps Sweepstakes through Wells Fargo: Free sweepstakes for college
    planning information and scholarship money at
                       *Monthy winners October through May

   Columbia REA: For students whose parents and families are members/customers.
    Uses a 100 point scale with five categories of equal weight. Top scholarship of
    $1,500, but others available as well—renewable for four years as long as 2.75
    college GPA is maintained.
                         *Annual Deadline: Late February

   Dixie PTSO: For students who attended Dixie Schools. Application in the past
    has arrived in late May, but those to whom it applies can preview last year’s
    application to plan ahead.

   Earl Ransom-Blue Mountain Horticulture Society Scholarship. For students with
    interest in horticultural careers.
                                       *April Deadline

       Educational Communications Scholarship Foundation: These are the “Who’s
        Who Among High School Students” folks. Applications in the office or green
        binder. Foundation’s goal is to award a minimum of $101,000 nationally each
                              *Approx Deadline: May 15

   Elks Betty C. Medlar Memorial $2,500 scholarship based on financial need,
    activities, and merit. Requires essay, counselor report, 2 letters of
    recommendation, official transcript, and parent financial statement.
                           *Approx. Annual Deadline March 1

   Elks: Most Valuable Student, Three Highly Competitive Scholarships
                          Approx. Deadline: January 12

   Elks Dave Nicholas Memorial Scholarship: For seniors with GPA between 2.2-
                          ApproxDeadline: March 15

   Elks Trade or Technical Program: Three scholarships up to $1,000 for pursuing
    associate degrees, based on GPA and test scores as well as leadership.
                             Approx. Deadline: March 1

   Fireside Essays: Honorees to submit essays decided upon by religion teachers.
          *Applicants chosen in mid-November, Essays Due mid-December
   Pat Gillette Memorial Scholarship: Must have been involved in at least one area
    of high school athletics and have a minimum GPA of 2.5 (including cheerleading
    and training).
                                  Deadline: April 15

  Got Milk? Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year (SAMMY). $7,500
Apply online at until *approximately March 3

   Horatio Alger Association: $8.5 million for students with financial need “who
    have exhibited integrity and perseverance in overcoming person adversity.”
    Apply online,
                                *Deadline: October 30

   Italian Heritage Association: $500 award to members only. Contact Mrs. Mary
    Hopkins at 509-529-2855 for more information, application likely requires an

   KeyBank $5,000 award sweepstakes. Register at for
    monthly drawing.

   Kids’ Chance of Washington: For students whose parents have suffered a fatal or
    debilitating injury. Information in green binder.

   Kiwanis Club: $500 scholarships available, based on service and merit. CD rom
    in green binder along with information packet.
       *Last year’s application can be used as a template: due approx. April 20.

   John McGillis Jr. Memorial Education Trust: Merit based local award for $1,600
    or more per year over four years. Requires cover page (not yet available, but
    brief), a biography and statement of goals, transcript, essay on any subject
    between 500-1500 words (students may use a coursework for this), and two letters
    of recommendation.
            *Approximate Deadline: April 14, based on last year’s deadline.

   McGregor Company, for students interested in agriculture. Three $1,000 awards.
    Application, 2 letters of recommendation, 500 word essay (topic on application,
    and transcript required.
                               Approx. Deadline: March 28

   McKelvey Foundation: Scholarships available for entrepreneurial vision. Apply
    online at
                         Approx. Deadline: January 31

   National Multiple Sclerosis Society: For children with MS or children of parents
    with MS, Applications accepted Jan 1-February 16 of last year.
   Northwest Career Colleges Federation: Up to three $1,000 awards per high
    school toward tuition for students attending the numerous schools within this

   Northwest Grain Growers Robert Abbey Memorial Scholarship: Eight
    scholarships of $500 each for graduates from area schools. Transcript, biography,
    essay, and two letters of recommendation needed.
                             Approx. Deadline: April 1

   Outstanding Students of America: Many scholarships available, $1000. to apply online.
                          *Annual Deadline: October 15

   Presidential Freedom Scholarship: Requires 100 or more hours of documented
    community service.
                          *Approximate deadline: May 12

   Prudential Spirit of Community Award: Based on community service.
                               Deadline: October 31

   Society of Automotive Engineers Scholarship: This one requires a fee—not sure
    if it’s a good deal or not . . . application for last year was due December 1. See
    green binder.

   St. Mary Service League: $500 Health Career Scholarship, 2.5 minimum GPA
                         *Approximate Deadline, May 15

   St. Mary Medical Center Scholarship Program: Lovely application with no date
    listed! Can obtain information for interested parties.

   Questbridge College Match: For high-achieving low-income students.
                         Approx. Deadline September 30

   School Employees Credit Union of Washington: $50,000 college grant program
                       *Approximate Deadline: March 15

   Trippeer Charitable Foundation: Awards for area youths based upon academic
    performance, financial ability, community service, and extracurricular and non-
    academic activities.
                         *Approx. Annual Deadline: March 15

   USA Today All Academic Team: Counselor nominates students who may apply.
    School nominees due in February, awards announced in May. Details in binder.
      Walla Walla Community College: Various awards available for students who
       apply to WWCC. Engineering scholarships in particular have been under-utilized
       in the past
                         *Approximate Deadline: April 15

      WASA/Pemco: Three $4000 ($1000 per year for four years) scholarships for
       students with GPA’s of at least 3.0 who plan to pursue careers in education.
                             Approx. Deadline: Early March

      Washington State School Retirees’ Association Robert J. Handy Memorial
       Scholarship and WSSR Foundation Scholarship: For students who plan to enter
       teaching professions. Requires transcript, 3 letters, form, essay questions.
                              Approx. Deadline: Early March

      George T. Welch Foundation: Available for any student graduating from a Walla
       Walla County High School. Requires CSS/Financial Aid Profile, available only

      Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE): Significantly reduce out of state
       tuition at most western colleges. See website here or counselor for details.

 . . . And many more! Please be resourceful and apply for as many scholarships as you
can. Once you’ve done one application process, you will see that there is a lot of overlap,
and you can do many, many more.

* Dates with asterisks are approximate based upon previous year’s due dates.

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