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					                         Nashoba Regional High School
              NEWS FROM GUIDANCE
                                            OCTOBER, 2007

                Ellin Tsiaras                        A-E
                Trevor Short                           F - Le
                Jodi Specht, Director of Guidance       Li - Pe
                Dan Glover                            Pf - Z
                Sue Allaire, Career Counselor  

                                         Calendar of Upcoming Dates
                10/16          7 pm          Senior College Planning Night, Auditorium
                11/7           7 pm          Parent Financial Aid Night, Auditorium
                            Junior College Parent Nights are scheduled for the spring

       SENIOR PARENTS: Please sign up for Naviance Family Connection on your students
       account (About me→ My profile→Add New Parent). Add your email -- we use this as a
       primary means of communication with seniors and parents.

                                                            New brochures are not available yet. For more
THE GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT WELCOMES                            information and details, please see Mrs. Allaire, our
SUE ALLAIRE AS OUR NEW CAREER                               new career counselor.
CENTER” TO LEARN ABOUT HER PLANS.                            PSAT EXAMS
                                                            PSAT exams will be given to all juniors and
ALYSSA BROWN SELECTED TO ATTEND                             interested sophomores here at Nashoba on
PRINCETON HUMANITIES SYMPOSIUM                              Saturday, October 20, 2007. Students should
Alyssa will be one of 75 high school seniors                arrive by 7:45 with pencils and a calculator. They
attending a Humanities Symposium titled, “Paris,            should be finished with the exam by 11:45.
Capital of the Nineteenth Century” at Princeton
University. This is an opportunity to meet and              Students who have not signed up yet may still sign
interact with faculty and undergraduates in specially       up for the exam with Mrs. Lauritano in the guidance
arranged seminars, workshops and performances.              office. Please bring $20 in cash or a check made
Nashoba traditionally has been invited to nominate          out to Nashoba Regional High School to guidance
an outstanding senior to attend. The intent of the          by October 17. At the time of sign up, students will
seminar is to reinforce interest in the humanities.         be given the practice tests to take home. Students
Congratulations Alyssa!                                     who are eligible for extended time should let
                                                            guidance know immediately!
Nashoba in Nicaragua is a contest for high school           IMPORTANT TEST DATES
students from Bolton, Harvard and Hudson, that              Students need to register for the SAT and ACT
provides the winner with a trip to Nicaragua with a         exams by mail, phone or on-line at
team of doctors and medical students, to provide   or
medical care fro the people of the Siuna region.            Register now to get your preferred test site. SAT
                                                            Exams will be offered at Nashoba on Nov. 3. Our
To qualify for the program, students must have              test center number is #22-176 and our school code
parental permission and must be conversant in               (for the purpose of score reporting) is 220162. If
Spanish. The lectures are scheduled for:                    you have any other questions regarding
Nov. 6 4-7 pm                                               registration, please call the guidance office.
Nov. 10 4-8 pm (lecture, then test in the last part of      SAT               Registration Late Reg.
the day)                                                    Test Dates        Deadline         Deadline
Location: Hudson High School, Mini amphitheater             Nov. 3            Oct. 2           Oct. 11
                                                            Dec. 1            Oct. 30          Nov. 8
                                                        NATIONAL CHRISTIAN COLLEGE FAIR
ACT             Registration     Late Reg.              NACCAP is holding the national Christian college
Test Dates      Deadline         Deadline               fair at Gordon College in Wenham, MA on Tuesday,
Oct. 27         Sept. 21         Oct. 5                 October 2, See for more
Dec. 8          Nov. 2           Nov. 15                information.

FALL?                                                   FAIR COMES TO BOSTON-OCTOBER 23
The guidance department does not recommend that         This fair is for students interested in pursuing
juniors take the SAT exam in the fall. Traditionally,   programs of study in the areas of music, dance,
juniors take their first SAT in the spring of their     theater, visual arts, graphic design, and other
junior year. This gives students another complete       related disciplines. Attendees learn about
year of math and English in preparation for the         educational opportunities, admission and financial
exam. All scores are reported to the colleges and if    aid, portfolio days, audition and entrance
a junior is not ready for the exam and receives poor    requirements and more. The fair will be held at
scores it could hurt them in such a competitive         Northeastern University, Cabot Physical Education
environment. The College Board also does not            Center (7-9 pm)
recommend that juniors take the fall test.
                                                        GUIDANCE BULLETIN BOARDS
Students who cannot take the test due to religious      Encourage your students (grades 9-12) to check
beliefs, see guidance about taking the test at South    out the guidance bulletin boards outside the
Lancaster Academy.                                      guidance office. We are posting information on test
                                                        deadlines, college fairs, college visits, job
Students with any financial hardship should see Mr.     opportunities, scholarship opportunities and more!
Glover privately. Confidential fee waivers are
available for all test programs. Every student should   FROM THE CAREER CENTER
be able to take the test.
                                                        Sue Allaire has joined us as a Career Counselor
                                                        and will be in the Career Center Monday through
(Excerpt form the College Impressions
                                                        Friday, 8:30-2:30. Sue will be focusing on assisting
                                                        students in career exploration by assessing their
Careful preparation for the SAT and/or ACT can
                                                        strengths and interests, envisioning their goals, and
result in a substantial increase in your final score
                                                        examining the tools and opportunities available in
but test prep courses often carry a hefty price tag.
                                                        our community to realize their futures. The career
Individual tutoring also shows good results but
                                                        exploration process will be designed to incorporate
again, the cost can be substantial. Families need to
                                                        a thoughtful and individual approach to assist every
determine the best way for their child to prepare
considering cost among other factors. Here are
some additional test prep options-ways you can get
                                                        We will be looking to our parent community as a
ready for admissions tests at little or no costs.
                                                        resource to help in providing career exploration
                                                        opportunities for our students such as Internships,
All students should begin by reading a copy of the
                                                        Job Shadowing, Guest Speakers and Mentoring
free test bulletins produced by College Board (SAT)
                                                        opportunities through your own employment sites.
and/or ACT. These are available in guidance. Take
                                                        Please contact Sue, if you or your employer might
the sample test and complete it at home under
                                                        be interested in participating in Nashoba’s Career
simulated test conditions. Free on-line practice is
                                                        Center Programs, at or 978-779-
also available on the web at
and at

Here are some websites that offer free or low cost      SENIOR REMINDERS!!!
test prep. Log on to to prepare
for the SAT or ACT and you will get immediate           ATTENTION SENIORS WHO ARE PLANNING TO
feedback on incorrect responses and instructions        APPLY EARLY DECISION OR EARLY ACTION!
on how to correctly answer questions. Free!             If you are planning to apply early decision to also offers a free online SAT         college, please let Mrs. Lauritano know ASAP and
improvement program.                                    schedule an appointment with your counselor. The
                                                        early application deadlines come very quickly and
Remember, the very best preparation comes from          we want to make sure we have all the application
the habit of reading for pleasure and active            requirements ready. It is your responsibility to let
participation in challenging academic classes.          the teachers who are writing your recommendations
                                                        know that you are going early, so that they can plan
                                                         are leaders in their schools and balance all their
TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS                                      extra curricular activities with a strong performance
Due to the rising cost of postage, there will be a       in school. Historically, students with a GPA of 3.0
nominal charge for each transcript request which is      or better have a better chance of advancement.
mailed ($1). Students using the common
application will not be required to pay for transcript   Simon Youth Foundation Community
requests. We will be submitting all common               Scholarship - For details and Information check
application college packets online this year.            out the website at after 10/15

COLLEGE VISITS                                           FOR ALL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS
In order to receive an excused absence for a
college visit, you must bring back a signed letter       Inspire the Future “Write on” Scholarship
from the admissions office. You must also have a         Students between the ages 13-18 may enter. Write
permission sheet signed by all your teachers. The        an essay between 500-750 words about the
form is available in the guidance office.                Patriots’ most recent game. You will be eligible for
                                                         up to $20,000 in scholarship awards. There are 4
COLLEGE ADMISSIONS OFFICER VISITS at                     essay deadlines (10/6, 11/10, 12/8, 1/5/07). Submit
NRHS – Why attend?                                       your essay through or
College Admissions Office Representatives visit          send it to Kraft Sports Productions, Gillette
with Nashoba students to discuss admissions              Stadium, 1 Patriots Place, Foxboro, MA 02035.
standards, and academic & extra-curricular
programs at their institutions. These college reps       National Peace Essay Contest –(Deadline Feb. 1,
often read the applications for our school’s students    2008). For registration and information see
and so this is a good opportunity to begin the  - Winners receive
process of networking with a college admissions          scholarships up to $10,000 and an all-expense paid
office.                                                  trip to Washington, D.C. Essay topic: Natural
                                                         resources and conflict
Make sure to check the most up to date schedule
on Naviance ( and           Voice of Democracy Scholarship Contest –
sign up at least 1 day in advance on Naviance. You       deadline Nov. 1- The theme of the contest is
must sign up online for all college visits and           “Freedom’s Challenge”. An audio essay is
you must bring a yellow college visit card               required. 1st place National Scholarship is $25,000.
signed by your teacher.                                  Full contest details can be found at

DOCUMENTS ON NAVIANCE                                    John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay
Please check out the Document Library section of         Contest (Deadline 1/12/08) Visit
Naviance (under From Your School). Many of the  for contest requirements
forms in the guidance office are available here for
viewing and printing.                                    SAE Engineering Scholarships – (Deadline
                                                         December 1). For those interested in earning a
                                                         degree in engineering or a related science.
SCHOLARSHIP SCOOP                                        Application available and more information
                                                         available at
Coca Cola Scholarship-deadline Oct. 31-the
application is available on-line at www.coca-            Check out for more ideas on This scholarship recognizes            finding money and scholarships for college.
outstanding seniors who spend time volunteering,

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