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					                                                                        January, February, March 2001

Human Resources, 103 Carruth-O’Leary Hall, University of Kansas, (785) 864-4946, fax (785) 864-5790,
                                                      room 102 Carruth-O’Leary.      To register call
Flexible Spending Account(s)                          864-7407.
Flexible Spending Accounts for calendar year          Voluntary Tax Sheltered Annuity
2001, will become effective on January 1, 2001.
The first 2001 deduction for health and/or            (VTSA)
dependent care flexible spending accounts will
be taken from the paycheck dated January 1            The Voluntary Tax Sheltered Annuity program
through December 31, 2001, and may be                 at the University of Kansas is an IRS 403(b)
submitted for reimbursement.                          plan. It helps both classified and unclassified,
                                                      benefits eligible employees accumulate personal
Group Health Insurance                                savings for use as future retirement income.
                                                      This program is in addition to retirement
Coverage elections made during Open                   contributions made through the Kansas Public
Enrollment became effective December 24,              Employees Retirement System (KPERS) and
2000. The first deduction for group health            the Kansas Board of Regents mandatory
insurance for 2001 will be taken from the             retirement programs. Participation in the VTSA
paycheck dated January 19, 2001.                      program is voluntary and may begin at any time
                                                      regardless of the eligibility date for mandatory
New identification cards were sent to employee        retirement.
home addresses last month to:
                                                      VTSA contributions are excludible from the
   •   Those who changed medical plan                 current year’s income which results in a lower
       providers,                                     income being reported to the IRS for tax
   •   Those who changed dental plan                  purposes. Taxes on these contributions, as well
       providers,                                     as the investment earnings on them, are
   •   Those who changed who were covered             postponed until annuity payments begin, usually
       with their current medical provider; and       after retirement.
   •   Those who remained in Kansas Choice
       (formerly named Blue Select).                  To participate in the VTSA program:

Employees who enrolled in vision coverage                1. Contact Staff Benefits and ask for a
were not sent identification cards but should               VTSA maximum deferral calculation. In
have received benefits summary information.                 a calendar year, deferrals of any amount
If you believe you should have received an                  may be contributed up to the calculated
identification card but did not, please contact the         maximum. Please notify Staff Benefits if
plan provider directly. You can find the toll-              you expect to receive salary above what
free 800 number in the green benefits booklet               appears in the University’s budget, to be
you received last October or on the HR website.             on sabbatical leave to take leave without
                                                            pay, or to change your appointment
                                                            status in any way. Such changes could
New Employee Orientation                                    affect the outcome of the calculation.

Orientation for new employees is held the                1. Contact one of the approved VTSA
second and f urth Mondays of each month in                  companies, or one of its approved
       representatives,    to   complete       an   Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
       application to establish an account,
       choose investment allocations, and name      Just a quick reminder that Martin Luther King
       beneficiaries. Staff Benefits will provide   Jr. Holiday is observed on Monday, January 15,
       a listing of the VTSA companies              2001. This is an academic as well as a state
       currently authorized by the Kansas           recognized holiday.        Consequently, offices
       Board of Regents.                            should be closed or staffed at reduced levels if
                                                    required.     The following bullets apply to
   2. Complete section B of a Salary                classified and unclassified staff:
      Reduction Agreement form indicating
      the percentage of salary to be deferred          •   Full- time and part-time staff members
      from each bi-weekly paycheck. This                   with regular schedules who do not work
      form should then be returned to Staff                the holiday will receive the same number
      Benefits. Please keep in mind that the               of hours of holiday credit as they are
      deferral amount may be changed/stopped               regularly scheduled to work.
      at any time during the year by
      submitting a new Salary Reduction                •   Full- time employees with irregular work
      Agreement form.                                      schedules will receive the same number
                                                           of hours of credit for the holiday as they
Staff Benefits will send VTSA deferrals to the             worked the day prior to the holiday.
company of your choice at the end of each bi-
weekly pay cycle, and monitor deferrals to             •   Part-time employees with irregular work
ensure they remain within the required limits.             schedules do not receive holiday credit.

For further information, please contact:               •   Any classified exempt or non-exempt
                                                           staff or any unclassified non-exempt
Mary Karten                                                employee required to work on the
Staff Benefits                                             holiday will receive time and one-half
864-7346                                                   compensation for hours worked on the
8 Carruth-O’Leary Hall                                     holiday.
                                                       •   Temporary employees do not receive
Federal Work -Study Renewal Deadline                       holiday credit.
If your department employs FWS students,
please remind them to file their Renewal
Application or a 2001-2002 Free Application for
                                                    Coca-Cola Merit Scholarships
Federal Student Aid prior to March 1, 2001.         Coca-Cola Merit Scholarships for children of
Students who have FWS authorization during          KU faculty and staff are available to entering
the 2000-2001 academic year and file by this        freshman and current KU students who meet the
priority date will be guaranteed a FWS award        eligibility requirements. This scholarship is
for the 2001-2002 academic year providing they      available to eligible students pursuing their first
are still financially and academically eligible.    undergraduate degree at the University of
For more information contact the Office of          Kansas.
Student Financial Aid at 864-4700.
                                                    A one-time $1,000 scholarship will be awarded
                                                    to first-time, incoming freshmen who:
•  Are the children (or step-children           are you will get an accurate picture of the
   claimed as dependents) of benefits           person.
   eligible KU faculty and staff;
• Are first-time, entering freshmen who         Change Management
   have not attended another college or         To help employees accept change, ask them
   university after graduating from high        to identify at least one benefit they will get
   school;                                      as a result of the change. This should give
• Enroll as degree-seeking, full-time           each employee a stake in the new venture.
   students; and
• Have satisfied the criteria for receiving a   Quote for the Quarter
   merit scholarship,
       o High school graduates with at          “You must learn from the mistakes of
           least a 24 ACT or 1090 SAT and       others. You can’t possibly live long enough
           a cumulative 2.5 GPA, OR             to make them all yourself.” Sam Levenson
       o High school graduates with at
           least a 21 ACT or 970 SAT and a      Walking Safety
           cumulative 3.0 GPA.
                                                Be aware of freezing rain, or wet surfaces.
The application deadline is April 1, 2001.
                                                You should be particularly cautious when
                                                surfaces have thawed during the day or from
Based on available funds, a one-time $250
                                                use of salt and sand, then have refrozen as
to $1,000 scholarship may be awarded to
                                                temperatures drop in the afternoon or
current KU students who:
                                                evening. Whenever possible, employees
                                                should be aware of weather conditions and
    •   Are the children (or step-children      wear footwear and clothing appropriate to
        claimed as dependents) of benefits      existing or forecast conditions. Crepe or
        eligible KU faculty or staff members    rubber soles usually provide a better grip on
        and                                     snow and ice. No high heels, leather, or
    •   Are enrolled as degree-seeking, full-   plastic soles.
        time students per semester.
                                                Try an alternate route to take advantage of
Current KU scholarship applicants will be       walkways and steps that have been cleared
awarded competitively based on their KU         and treated. If conditions where you are
cumulative grade point average. Transfer        walking are icy and hazardous, you may
students will be awarded competitively          find safer footing by walking alongside the
based on their cumulative transfer grade        sidewalk where snow may not be as packed
point average. The application deadline is      down or icy. If you find steps or sidewalks
June 1, 2001.                                   that have not been cleared or treated within
                                                four hours of the end of snowfall or freezing
Applications for both scholarships are          rain, it is suggested that you contact
available online at www.ku.edu/~provost         Facilities Operations or the Housing
and clicking the “forms” link.                  Maintenance Department, whichever is
A Question for Job Candidates                   appropriate to report these conditions.

Ask a candidate that you are interviewing,
“If I met your former or current boss and
asked to hear just one sentence about you,
what would that one sentence be?” Chances