What is Treasure Hunt by housework


									What is Treasure Hunt?
As supervised by a domineering Pirate with a peg leg and a
really bad attitude, Treasure Hunt is a game reserved for
scurvy knaves and escaped convicts whose idea of working
for a living consists of nothing more than clicking a
computer mouse in the hopes of uncovering a hidden treasure
"buried" beneath one of the shimmering pixels comprising
the computer map on your monitor.

While we stomp our peg legs and raise our beer mugs to your
courage, we do not suggest that you give up your day-glow
job, if you should be fortunate enough to have one:
Treasure Hunting can be finger-breaking work to those not
accustomed to it.

Be prepared to be yelled at, cursed, and given a thoroughly
foul tongue-lashing by the domineering Pirate we put in
charge of this little escapade. After all, while we want
you to win, we also want you to know that you just can't
steal our treasure without taking some abuse for it.

Our Pirate Captain has absolutely no patience with inept
mouse-clickers, shirkers with an extraordinarily long
streak of bad luck, or shipwrecked types who can't find
treasure when it's put right in front of their eyes.

But, if you've got the stomach for it, you better get
aboard quickly, because the game runs in ten-minute
segments, and whoever finds the treasure first in those
ten-minute segments, gets to keep it.

Underneath the shimmering pixels of our treasure map, we've
scattered all kinds of real world prizes --from icoins you
can spend to enter our drawings, to $10,000 in cash that
you can spend wisely in an expensive department store, blow
off during a wild night in Rio, or use to head north to
Alaska, far away from our lovable, but foul-smelling,
abusive Pirate.

Heck, we don't care how you spend the dough. There are no
restrictions. You don't even have to send us any receipts.
Just have fun. We know you're unlikely to find treasure on
your very first click, so we figure that if you can take
all the abuse our Pirate will dish out while you're
clicking off the pixels, you'll deserve a vacation after

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