Wandering through time and the vast planes of the universe is by housework


									Wandering through time and the vast planes of the universe is Dragoniade, a human
turned dragon paladin. His life was never easy, violently he was ripped from the world he
knew and thrust into a world of dragons and monsters and forced to become one. Rather
then admit defeat and become destroyed he persevered. He focused his raw energies and
emotions bestowed to him from his ordeal and rose to a new power as a draconic Paladin.
A just warrior even in a dragon’s body, he grew to accept his fate and stop referring to it
as a fate or bad, it became his reality.

He through his new life found love, a dragoness by the name of Sil'vah, and she became
his mate. But tragedy struck, and fate took her from him, parting the lovers, and sending
Sil'vah’s essence to scatter across the universe. It was this quest to find his beloved’s soul
that rumors of a library of infinite information in the Helios Ocean reached his ear. This
library called the Archive of Boreas was said to house all of the universe’s knowledge.
But the catch was you needed to talk with the merfolk who lived in it and guarded it.

Dragoniade, now a master of portal making, tore a rift in the veil of realities and
transcended to the plane of Helios. He landed on the shores of Boreas, where a creature
the likes of which Dragoniade had never seen. The creature, male, was a blue sheened
humanoid with fins coming off of his legs and arms, his muscles on his chest and arms
had a green sheen. As Dragoniade would say later he looked like a combination of an elf
and fish. The man bore two swords at his side, and his tail flicked nervously. Although he
said nothing he was obviously not complete comfortable in Dragoniade’s presence.

Rather then grab his sword the man put up a scaly hand and spoke, “Hello stranger, the
name’s Alpheus. What can I do you for?” Dragoniade returned the gesture, and told him,
“My name is Dragoniade, and I come from a distant world to seek the knowledge of
archive of Boreas.”

Alpheus responded. “The archive is below us, and is under the jurisdiction of Ageaus. He
gave me permission to allow people, under the circumstances that those desiring to go to
it accept the customs of the Archmages.”

Dragoniade, a respectful being said “Of course”.

Alpheus smiled and answered, “They don’t reveal their customs; first, the arcane mages
can be quite sneaky.”

“I understand their desire for secrecy” Dragoniade said back, he just wanted to see if the
legends where true and find his beloved quicker.

“Then you have only to go into the water, and say I accept. Then you may return here.
They’ll call you.”

“Are you going to get them?”
“They have telepathy. They heard our entire conversation just now. The archmages will
allow you in if you verbalize it in the water.”
Dragoniade ran from Alpheus, and dove into the ocean. Almost at once he felt a jolt, like
jelly fish sting. He flung himself out as the pain receded.

“Hey, fish man what jus-”Alpheus was gone. Now alone and confused he wandered
about the shore waiting for the calling, and then something went wrong.

His body shook violently, and a shooting pain shot from his legs down. His wings ached
at all the joints, and in seconds it became a burden just to hold them up. Dragoniade went
to scratch his head trying to determine how or why the pains were so fierce, and instead
got another shocker, his hands felt hair. Why on earth was he growing hair? While this
distracted him, his wings hit the ground, having lost all of their muscular strength. They
felt like lead weights.

Still pondering of the sudden appearance of hair, and the horrible fear of his wings
become inert, tried to walk to find someone, anyone. Where did Alpheus go? He had to
get help even if he had to cut off his wings, they could grow back right? He didn’t get
much further. His legs gave out, he felt his tail snap next to his legs and he fell down.
Face down in the dirt; he pulled himself up to a sitting postion, barely, after fighting all of
the dead weight his body now encompassed. From this new postion eh surveyed the
damage, his wings fell backward and laid on the ground uselessly, and then his legs, there
was something wrong. His legs could no longer move, and to his horror, they were
becoming indiscernible from his tail. The barriers fused and his legs pressed into his tail.

Opening his mouth to yell or growl, he noticed something else, his feet elongated and
continued to fan out, webbing matching the coloration of his wings spread in-between
them. While his feet changed and his legs and tail fused, the arrow head spine at the end
of his tail began to wobble, beneath it to about halfway to his feet/fins more fin structures
appeared, fanning just like his feet. Another fin grew on the backside of his tail,
disconcerting him further with the ferocity in which it grew. Tingling sensations spread
across his chest, and arms, and his attention turned to his arms. At about midway on his
biceps, his scales were melting off.

They weren’t falling off, they were vanishing, leaving behind pink-orange flesh tone, like
a human… his head horns quickly retracted into his head, and the scale distingration
finally ceased, with his entire chest and upper arms bare. His hands lost all of the nails,
and each finger became webbed with blue webbing. By the passing moment more
apparent what he was becoming. His muzzle began painstakingly retracting into his face,
bones snapped and crunched, and the sounds sickened him to his stomach. The same
sounds Dragoniade heard in his wings, the formerly powerful structures now useless
hunks of flesh were shrinking. They were losing mass, and like his face pulling into his
While his wings shrunk, his face began to lose scales like his chest ad arms, his neck
followed suit. Dragoniade reached to try to stop the scales vanishing, and then a moment
later, pain opened in his neck, three vertical slit on each side of his neck tripped
themselves open in his skin, hastening the loss of his scales. His face was devoid of
scales save his earfin, which grew, and sounds intensified in his ears. His spinal dorsal fin
grew, snaking along his back stopping at his waist. His tail had completely encompassed
his legs and his feet were completely fins. He felt another pair of fin structures grow this
time where his thighs would have been and finally all was silent.

He looked himself over. He was a merman. How alien that sounded, he was dragon
moments ago walking on the beach, and now was a merman.

“You’ll get used to it.” Alpheus voice returned he flung his head out of the water. “And
yours isn’t even permanent. I wasn’t so lucky.” He motioned towards himself, “The
archmages are ready to see you know, just slither like a snake until you get in the water.”

Dragoniade nodded his head, and followed Alpheus into the water, well it least he knew
it wasn’t permanent. As an absolute after thought, he recalled his sword, which had fallen
off before his transformation. With a mere thought he sent the sword into a gap between
worlds, where it would be completely safe from harm or theft. To his great surprise,
despite his change, his powers had not been hindered, if they were altered at all.

Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all.

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