REACT promotional activities in France (workshops

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					   REACT: promotional activities in France

√ . Solar thermal: national seminar held on October
14th in Paris with 450 participants
             (ADEME / ENERPLAN initiative)
  . Public awareness campaign documents,
brochures, video …..

√ . PV applications in building: workshop held in
Paris on PV and architecture (150 participants).
  . Brochure and CD ROM: « L’Electricité
photovoltaïque dans le bâtiment »
  . Guidelines (brochure) on technical aspects
« Systèmes photovoltaïques raccordés au réseau »
           Promotional activities (2)

√ Wind: Major event in Caen - 9/10 December 2004
on Wind energy programme (1200 participants

√ All renewables (policy issues): 9 June 2004
A national conference on policy issues regarding all
renewables (with the participation of all ministries,
trade unions, members of the parliament) with 1500

√ REACT specific seminar: not yet organised as
such, can be set up (January 2005) on the basis of
the contibutions of the Athen meeting (synthesis
documents) with decision makers (30).