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        Plan Year
  4/1/2010- 3/31/2011
       Human Resources:
             HR Team
Mark Weinstein, President & CEO
Robin Long, Chief Operating Officer
    Information Technology
       Auxiliary Services
     Property Management
    Florida Tech Plan Offerings
   Group Life Insurance
   Short-Term and Long Term Disability
   Tuition Remission
   Retirement
   Prepaid Legal Services
   Additional Life Insurance with AD&D
   Long term care
   Medical
   Dental
   Vision
   Employee Assistance Program
               Group Life Insurance
                 Critical Update Request*

• Florida Tech continues to provide Group Life Insurance, at no
cost, to all benefits-eligible employees in an amount equal to
your annual salary rounded to the next highest $1,000. The
maximum group life insurance amount is $150,000.

• Benefits are payable to your named beneficiary(ies).

* To ensure all beneficiary(ies) designations are current and
complete, it is critical that we have updated information.
    Disability Insurance

Short-Term and Core Long-Term Disability coverage
is provided at no cost to benefits-eligible employees.

   Long-Term Disability Buy-Up coverage is available and
    is purchased by the employee through payroll
    deduction. This plan provides a benefit of 66 2/3% of
    salary up to a maximum of $14,000 per month.
 Tuition Remission

Florida Tech continues to provide tuition remission
to all benefits-eligible employees and eligible

For more information regarding tuition remission
policy and procedures please refer to the policy
located at: www.fit.edu/hr.
 403(b) Retirement Plan for 2010
Maximum Annual Employee Contribution
 Under age 50 -             $16,500
 At least age 50 (12/31) - $22,000

 *Age 50 with 15 years       $25,000
  of continuous service
  Employer Match is 1% for each 1% you
    contribute up to 5% per pay period.
* Additional criteria may be required.
AFLAC Insurance

 Personal Sickness Indemnity
 Personal Accident Indemnity

 AFLAC Cancer policy

For detailed information you may visit our AFLAC
representative at her table.
Prepaid Legal Services

Two plans are offered:
 Life Events Legal Plan

 Identity Theft Plan

 Life Events Legal Plan & Identity Theft Plan
Additional Life Insurance with AD&D
You have the opportunity to purchase Additional Life
Insurance for yourself, your spouse, and your children.
 Employee: Up to 5 times salary in increments of
  $10,000. Not to exceed $500,000.
 Spouse: Up to 50% of employee amount in
  increments of $5,000. Not to exceed $250,000.
 Child: Up to 50% of employee coverage amount in

  increments of $2,000. Not to exceed $10,000.
 Long Term Care
You have the opportunity to purchase Long Term
Care for yourself, your spouse, or other family
Three plans are offered:
 Plan A: 2 Years benefit duration.

 Plan B: 4 Years benefit duration.

 Plan C: 6 Years benefit duration.
Welcome ICUBA
Better Benefits through Collaboration

   We are pleased to be here for Florida Tech’s Open
    Enrollment presentation.

   The mission of our partnership with Florida Tech is to
    provide high quality, cost effective health and
    welfare benefits to the employees of Florida Tech.
ICUBA now has twelve member Institutions
         Plan Enhancements for 2010

 Addition of PPO 70 Blue Options Plan
 No limits on eligible Mental Health or Substance
  Abuse Benefits
 Free Labs at In-Network Freestanding Laboratory

 Reduction in Generic Drug co-payments

 New MHNet Integrated Behavioral Health and

  Employee Assistance Program
          PPO 80 & PPO 70 Blue Choice

              Florida Tech cost of total premium – 70%
              Staff/Faculty cost of total premium - 30%
PPO 80        Premium increase
Blue Choice   Does NOT include Health Reimbursement
              Account (HRA)

              Florida Tech cost of total premium – 75%
PPO 70        Staff/Faculty cost of total premium - 25%
Blue Choice   Premium increase
              Continue current monthly HRA
              PPO 70 Blue Options
              with HRA
                  Florida Tech cost of total premium – 75%
                  Staff/Faculty cost of total premium - 25%
PPO 70             Monthly HRA
Blue Options          $ 60 employee only
                      $120 employee + spouse
                      $120 employee + child(ren)
                      $120 family
The difference between the Blue Choice and Blue Options is the
provider network and a lower per pay premium.
To locate an in-network provider, please visit Blue Cross Blue
Shield of Florida’s website at www.bcbsfl.com.
         PPO Risk/Reward Blue Choice &
         PPO Risk/Reward Blue Options

PPO Risk/Reward   Florida Tech cost of total premium – 75%
  Blue Choice     Staff/Faculty cost of total premium - 25%
                  Premium increase
                  Continue current monthly HRA

                   Florida Tech cost of total premium – 75%
PPO Risk/Reward    Staff/Faculty cost of total premium - 25%
  Blue Options     Premium increase
                   Continue current monthly HRA
                    In-Network Plan Comparison
                                    PPO 80 Blue Choice    PPO 70 Blue Choice    PPO 70 Blue           PPO Risk/Reward   PPO Risk/Reward
                                                                                Options               Blue Choice       BlueOptions

Deductible                          $300/$900             $500/$1,500           $500/$1,500           $1,500/$4,500     $1,500/$4,500
Coinsurance (after Ded)             80/20%                70/30%                70/30%                80/20%            80/20%

Out-of-Pocket Limits                $2,500/$5,000         $3,000/$6,000         $3,000/$6,000         $3,500/$7,000     $3,500/$7,000

Primary Physician Services          $15 co-pay- No Ded    $20 co-pay – No Ded   $20 co-pay – No       80/20% - No Ded   80/20% - No Ded
Routine Wellness Exams              $15 or $25 copay-     $20 or $30 co-pay-    $20 or $30 co-pay-    80/20% - No Ded   80/20% - No Ded
                                    No Ded                No Ded                No Ded

Specialist Physician                $25 co-pay- No Ded    $30 co-pay – No Ded   $30 co-pay – No       80/20% - No Ded   80/20% - No Ded
Outpatient Surgery in Drs’ Office   $15 or $25 copay-     $20 or $30 co-pay-    $20 or $30 co-pay-    80/20%- No Ded    80/20%- No Ded
                                    No Ded                No Ded                No Ded

Outpatient Surgery in Outpatient    $100 co-pay,          $100 co-pay,          $100 co-pay,          Ded, 80/20%       Ded, 80/20%
Facility                            Ded, 80/20%           Ded, 70/30%           Ded, 70/30%

Outpatient Pre-Admission            Ded, 80/20%           Ded, 70/30%           Ded, 70/30%           Ded, 80/20%       Ded, 80/20%

MRI, MRA, CAT, PET                  $100 co-pay, Ded,     $100 co-pay,          $100 co-pay,          Ded, 80/20%       Ded, 80/20%
                                    80/20%                Ded, 70/30%           Ded, 70/30%
Chiropractor                        $25 co-pay per day-   $30 co-pay per day-   $30 co-pay per day-   80/20% - No Ded   80/20% - No Ded
                                    No Ded                No Ded                No Ded                60 visits         60 visits
                                                          60 visits             60 visits
                                                                                                                                  OE 2010
                  In-Network Plan Comparison

                                  PPO 80 Blue           PPO 70 Blue            PPO 70 Blue        PPO              PPO Risk/
                                  Choice                Choice                 Options            Risk/Reward      Reward
                                                                                                  Blue Choice      BlueOptions
Physical, Speech and              $25 co-pay per day-   $30 co-pay per day-    $30 co-pay per     80/20% - No      80/20% - No
Occupational Therapy              No Ded                No Ded                 day-No Ded         Ded              Ded
                                  30 visits each        30 visits each         30 visits each     30 visits each   30 visits each
Inpatient Hospital Services       $250 co-pay, Ded,     $250 co-pay,           $250 co-pay,       Ded, 80/20%      Ded, 80/20%
                                  80/20%                Ded, 70/30%            Ded, 70/30%
Emergency Room                    $100 co-pay- No Ded   $100 co-pay – No       $100 co-pay –      $100 co-pay –    $100 co-pay –
                                                        Ded                    No Ded             No Ded           No Ded

Urgent Care                       $25 copay- No Ded     $30 co-pay – No        $30 co-pay – No    80/20% - No      80/20% - No
                                                        Ded                    Ded                Ded              Ded
Maternity Care                    $25 initial- No Ded   $30 initial – No Ded   $30 initial – No   80/20% - No      80/20% - No
                                                                               Ded                Ded              Ded
Inpatient                         $250 co-pay, Ded,     $250 co-pay,
                                  80/20%                Ded, 70/30%            $250 co-pay,       Ded, 80/20%      Ded, 80/20%
                                                                               Ded, 70/30%
Mental Health & Substance Abuse   $250 co-pay, Ded,     $250 co-pay,           $250 co-pay,       Ded, 80/20%      Ded, 80/20%
Inpatient                         80/20%                Ded, 70/30%            Ded, 70/30%

Mental Health & Substance Abuse   $25 co-pay- No Ded    $30 co-pay – No Ded    $30 co-pay – No    80/20%- No       80/20%- No Ded
Outpatient                                                                     Ded                Ded

Full Benefits Summaries available at http://icubabenefits.org                                                                       OE 2010
            Plan comparisons
What is the difference between the plans?

  Similarities                    Differences

     Prescription Drug Benefit      Premiums
     Annual Wellness Benefit        Blue Options Provider
     Plan Rules                      Network
     24/7 Health Info Hotline       Annual Out-of-Pocket
     ER & Urgent Care                Maximums
                                     HRA contributions
   Deductibles: The cumulative amount that you must pay in the Plan Year before benefits will
    be paid by the Plan. If the Plan has a $500 deductible, the Plan begins to pay after you
    have paid the first $500 for services in which the deductible is required.
   Coinsurance: The percentage of a covered expense that you pay after the satisfaction of
    any applicable deductible. It is a defined percentage of the covered charges for services
    rendered. For example, the plan may pay for 70% of covered services and you pay
   Co-pays (Co-payments): The fixed dollar amount you are required to pay each time a
    particular service is used. The co-pay does not apply to out-of-pocket, and does not
    reduce amounts applied to the deductible or coinsurance. A co-pay may be $20 for an
    office visit.
   Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum: The maximum amount of deductible and coinsurance
    during any Plan Year that you pay before the Plan begins to pay 100% of covered
    expenses for the balance of the Plan Year.
   Flexible Spending Account: A Medical Care or Dependent Care Savings account in which
    you put aside pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible expenses.
   $2 Million Lifetime Maximum: The total dollars you can receive in Medical Benefits in your
   Centers of Excellence: Preferred places of care with the best outcomes, finest operational
    standings and best patient care.
                  Medical Costs & Your Decision
You may want to consider the following when making your decision
for which plans to choose and how much to fund your Health Care
Spending Account (HCSA):

       Total premiums for your health insurance which are deducted on
        a before-tax basis
       Out-of-pocket maximum (OOP) which is the maximum cost you
        could be responsible for in a year (co-pays are not included)
       Co-pays
Put these pieces together as follows to determine your total financial
risk In a worst case scenario, one where your expenses would hit the
OOP maximum:

          Premiums + OOP Max + Co-pays = Total OOP Risk
Remember to use Urgent Care when
   According to some estimates, more than three-quarters of the people who visit emergency rooms do
    not need to be there. Many of these patients are likely better candidates for a visit to an urgent care
   An emergency is defined as a condition that may cause loss of life or permanent or severe disability if
    it isn’t treated immediately. You should go directly to the nearest emergency room if you experience
    any of the following:
    •   Chest pain                                                • Serious burns, cuts, or infections
    •   Shortness of breath                                       • Inability to swallow
    •   Severe abdominal pain following an injury                  • Seizure
    •   Uncontrollable bleeding                                   • Paralysis
    •   Poisoning or suspected poisoning                          • Broken Bones
    •   Confusion or loss of consciousness, especially after a head injury

   Urgent care centers are usually located in clinics or hospitals, and like emergency rooms, offer after-
    hours care. They are not equipped to handle life-threatening situations but are designed to handle
    situations which require immediate attention – those where delaying treatment could cause serious
    problems or discomfort. Urgent care centers are usually more cost-effective than ERs for these
    conditions. In addition, the waiting time in urgent care centers is usually much shorter. Some examples
    of conditions that require urgent care are:
    •   Ear infections                               • Sprains
    •   Urinary tract infections                     • High fever
    •   Vomiting
Free Services available to You

   In-Network Labs at a free standing facility
   Wellness Benefits
   Health Dialog®
   Care Coordination
   Blue 365and MyBlueService at www.bcbsfl.com
   $25 Health Incentives
    Diabetic Supplies
    5% Walgreens Discount Card
    MasterCard® Health Debit Card
    MHNet EAP for everyone
Free Wellness Benefits
   ICUBA covers all these services:
       NEW for 2010 - All lab work done at an in-network freestanding laboratory
       Bone Mineral Density Screenings
       Mammograms
       Colorectal Cancer Screenings
       Colonoscopies
       Sigmoidoscopies
       Venipunctures
       Electrocardiograms
       Urinalysis
       Echocardiograms
       PAP tests
       Prostrate Cancer Screenings
       Adult Immunizations
       Child Immunizations
     Health Incentives

Health incentives available to you:
   $25 upon completion of the Personal Wellness Profile Online
   $25 upon completion of the Maternity Wellness Profile Online

    Take it today on www.bcbsfl.com
              HEALTH DIALOG®

   Health Coaching is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by
    calling 1-877-789-2583.
   Immediate Health Care Assessment - You can also phone Health
    Dialog® about an immediate Illness or injury. When you do so, the
    Health Coach can perform a comprehensive health care assessment
    to help you determine your next step.

Please take advantage of this program offered to you through
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida!

You may contact a Health Coach at Health Dialog at 1-877-789-2583.
You may also access the Dialog CenterSM website through My Blue
Service at www.BCBSFL.com
    Care Coordination

If you have questions, call Blue Cross Blue Shield’s 24-hour Health
Care Assistance number for access to nurses who provide health
education and support services is 1-877-789-2583.

 An   important benefit all members enrolled in an ICUBA Blue
    Cross Blue Shield Medical Plan receive is free access to Care
    Coordination Services from a Nurse Case Manager. Some
    examples of when you or your family member may wish to
    access such services are when:

   Skilled nursing facility services are needed or contemplated
   Complex health issues develop, with medical conditions such as
    cancer, diabetes, heart disease or musculoskeletal conditions
   Major surgical procedures are planned, such as a total hip
    replacement, organ or bone marrow transplant
       Blue       365 ® Discount                Program

     Blue 365® replaces Blue Complements Two convenient ways to access:
     as the BCBS national member discount   1) www.bcbsfl.com
                                                •Log onto MyBlueService
     program delivering health and wellness
                                                •Member Resources
     tools and services, information and        •Member Discounts
     discounts to help members manage their 2) www.blue-365.com
     healthcare experience and make healthy

     Save on fitness clubs (i.e., Gold’s Gym)
     exercise equipment, nutrition and weight
     management programs (i.e., Curves
     International®, Jenny Craig®,
     Nutrisystem®, ) massages, vitamins and
     much more.                                                      OE 2010
     Blue Cross Blue Shield/MHNet Card

                                   For mental health or
                                      EAP use MHNet
                                    information on the
                                  back of the BCBS card
                        OE 2010
 Prescription Plan provides you
 value based RX drugs

        Same co-pays for Specialty Drugs
        $5 (30 day supply) or $10 (90 day supply) Generic Copays
        No deductible EVER for drugs
        Same benefits for all plans
        90-Day supply at Retail
        Mail Order
        Free diabetic supplies
         - One Touch Brand meters, lancets, and strips
         - Novofine® needles

                                                                    OE 2010
                Diabetic Supply Overview

      Every Florida Tech Medical Rx Plan covers
       diabetic supplies at NO cost
      Ask your Pharmacist for information regarding

       diabetes, and access resources such as the
       American Diabetes Association for additional
       resources regarding Diabetes
      You can also call WHI at 1-800-207-2568

                                                   OE 2010
      Understanding Your Pharmacy Benefit
      Tiered Co-pays
     Your pharmacy benefit plan offers three categories— or tiers—of drugs that determine
      your cost share or co-pay
     Whenever possible, have your doctor consult your formulary guide for the lowest cost
      generic or brand medications available for your therapy.
 Tier                                    the Walgreens Health Initiatives Customer Care Center
      You may visit www.mywhi.com or callDefinition
      toll free at 1-800-207-2568.Mail
                       30 day Retail/
                       Order/90 day
    1st Tier:          $5/10/10          Generics contain the same active ingredient as their brand-
    Generics                             name equivalents and offer the same effectiveness and safety.
                                         Some generics use a brand name instead of a chemical name.
                                         Both have the lowest co-pay.
    2nd Tier:          $27/50/60         Medications in this tier have been selected by your pharmacy
    Preferred                            benefit plan as preferred brand drugs. These drugs have
                                         higher co-pays than generics but are less costly than non-
                                         preferred medications on the third tier.
    3rd Tier:          $60/120/145       Because a generic version or a second-tier alternative is
    Non preferred                        available, non-preferred medications have the highest co-pays
                                         and are not listed on the WHI Preferred Medication List.OE 2010
                 Employee Assistance Program

    Confidential assistance is available every hour of every
     day. MHNet offers information on hundreds of topics,
     including: health and wellness, child and elder care, family
     or parenting issues, anxiety, depression and many more.
    To access 24 hour care, call MHNet at 1-877-398-5816.

There is a new website www.mhnet.com to search for

                                                             OE 2010
    MHNet Transition of Care for Behavioral Health/
    Substance Abuse and EAP

    Effective April 1, 2010, Mental Health and Substance Abuse (MH/SA)
     benefits will be provided by MHNet. You will no longer access these
     services through the BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS Network).
    Your new BCBS card will provide the MHNet phone number on the back.
    All EAP and inpatient services must be pre-authorized by calling MHNet.
    If you are currently utilizing MH/SA or EAP benefits, MHNet guarantees a
     smooth transition of care:
       Any member in active treatment will be authorized to continue treatment
         from their current provider.
       For members receiving services from a non MHNet provider, MHNet will
         continue to authorize care as long as there is not greater than a six
         month gap in services.
       MHNet continues to actively recruit providers.                         OE 2010
       ICUBA Benefits                 Card TM

      Login to http://icubabenefits.org

      P.O. Box 616927, Orlando, FL 32861-6927

      Email: benefitsadministration@icuba.org

      Phone: 866-377-5102

      Fax: 866-377-5180

      You must re-enroll in your HCSA and
                                                 OE 2010
              HRA and HCSA Differences

     Health Care Spending Account            Health Reimbursement Account
     (HCSA)                                  (HRA)

           Funded by employee pre-tax             Funded by Florida Teach
           Funds available first day of           Available for PPO 70 and
            Plan Year                               Risk/Reward Plans
           Available for eligible medical         Funds roll over at the end of
            expenses                                each plan year indefinitely
           No carry-over of funds from
                                                   Portable after 36 months of
            year to year (by law)
                                                    continuous participation in the
            - Use-it-or-lose-it
                                                    PPO 70 or Risk/Reward Plan
           HCSA funds are used before
            using the HRA funds                    Can have HRA alone with no
           Can have HCSA and no HRA                FSA
                                                    OE 2010
     FSA- Flexible Spending Account
      Health Care and Dependent Care
    Funded by employee with pre-tax contributions and used to pay for qualified
     health care or dependent care expenses
    Health Care Spending Account Allowable expenses defined in Plan Document
     accessed at icubabenefits.org
    Maximum annual limit of $5,000
    Dependent Care Spending Account is for qualified expenses for care of
     dependents under age 13, physically or mentally challenged adults who are
     unable to care for themselves; cannot earn more than $3,200 a year
    Dependent Care Funds available as deducted from your paycheck
    Funds available by using the ICUBA Benefits CardTM
    File your claims online at http://icubabenefits.org
    Direct Deposit Available
                                                                                   OE 2010
    Subject to use-it-or-lose-it rule
Managed Care CS-250

    No benefit changes
   No waiting period
   Co-payments per Schedule CS-250 Benefits
   No Annual or Lifetime Maximums
   Select and use participating network dental
    providers and specialists
    PPO Low
 No benefit changes
 Annual Deductible         $50/year/person
 Maximum Benefits          $1,000/year/person
 $1,000 lifetime maximum for adult and child

 No waiting period

 You can use any dentist you choose
PPO High
 No benefit changes
 Annual Deductible         $50/year/person
 Maximum Benefits          $2,000/year/person
 $2,000 lifetime maximum for adult and child

 No waiting period

 You can use any dentist you choose
                                    Vision Insurance

  No premium changes
 $5 co-pay for comprehensive eye exam

 Covers an eye exam every 12 months

 Covers prescription lenses every 12 months

 Covers eyeglass frames every 24 months

 Covers contact lenses every 12 months

Please visit our website at www.advanticaeyecare.com to
view our entire provider network, or contact our Service Center at
                                     YOUR ICUBA BENEFIT CARDS
     BlueCross BlueShield                                  Walgreens Prescription                                      Walgreens Product
          of Florida *                                                                                                     Discount

    Advantica Eyecare                                          Humana Dental                                     ICUBA Debit MasterCard™

                                                 Member Number      Effective Date   Group Number
                                                  999999999         MM/DD/YY             777777
                                                 Member Last Name        Example
                                                 Member Name
                                                 Suzie Q                             Happy Teeth
                                                 John D                              Lasting Smiles

* MHNet Behavioral Health for mental health, substance abuse, and Employee Assistance Program – toll free phone number and website on back of BCBSFL ID card.
     Open Enrollment Recap

    April 1, 2010 through March 31, 2011
     - addition of the PPO 70 Blue Options Plan is being offered.
     - no limits on Mental Health or Substance Abuse Benefits
    - free labs at In Network, freestanding facilities
    - Rx Coverage will continue with Walgreens Health Initiatives
    MHNet Behavioral Health/ Substance Abuse/ EAP
    No change in ICUBA MasterCard® Health Debit Card; new
     elections are required for Health Care Spending Account and
     Dependent Care Spending Account
    Humana Dental Plans- same rate as last year
    Advantica Vision Plan- same rate as last year
    Benefits Website is http://icubabenefits.org
    Remember there are two BCBSFL Provider Networks: Blue
     Choice and Blue Options
                                                                     OE 2010
     Important In-Network Access Reminder

    Blue Cross Blue Shield’s dedicated ICUBA customer service
     number is 1-800-664-5295 or My Blue Service at
      The hours of operation are Monday through Thursday
       8AM – 6PM Eastern, and 9AM – 6PM Eastern on
    WHI 24/7 Customer Service is 1-800-207-2568 or WHI
     member website: www.mywhi.com
                                                             OE 2010
Plan Year 2010-2011
      Benefit Plan Year Elections Cover:
         4/1/2010 – 3/31/2011
    Premium changes will be effective
        In your April 9th Paycheck

 HR will gladly assist you with your elections!
Mid-Year Changes

If you experience a qualifying change in family
status as defined by the IRS during the Benefit
Plan Year, i.e. marriage, divorce, birth - you may
request a change in your pre-tax benefit elections
 This request must by made within 31 DAYS of
   the qualifying event.
 Notify Human Resources in writing.
Flexible spending account
      ***Re-enroll EACH Plan Year***
    Accounts are Administered By ICUBA

      Health Care Spending Account
     Dependent Care Spending Account
    Human Resources Website
Visit www.fit.edu/hr under
―Open Enrollment‖ for:
   Plan Comparisons
   Benefit Summaries
   Enrollment Forms
   Premiums
   Links to Insurance Websites
   Presentation
   Frequently Asked Questions
                          We are here for you!

   Blue Cross Blue Shield
   Walgreens Health Initiatives
   MHNet Services
   HUMANA Dental Insurance
   ADVANTICA Vision Insurance
   UNUM Supplemental Life Insurance
   Pre-Paid Legal Services

Please visit representatives at their tables to learn more
about their products…

  Return Benefit Enrollment Forms to the
     Office of Human Resources by
     Tuesday, February 26th, 2010
Employees who return completed Benefit Enrollment
Forms to HR by Friday, Feb. 19, 2010, will be eligible
to participate in the ―Open Enrollment Raffle‖.
    Questions                                 Questions

 Interested in a one-on-one meeting?
 A Human Resources representative will be available in

the Hartley Room, Wed., Feb.17, 2010 from 8am-5pm.
 A conference call is scheduled for the offsite locations

on Thu., Feb.18, 2010 from 2pm-3pm. A Human
Resources representative will be available during this

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