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					Federation of Alberta Bingo Associations
#201, 10712 – 176 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5S 1G7
                                                                 FABA Office
Phone: 780 443-1102 or 1-888-899-1112
Fax: 780 443-1208 or 1-888-899-1113

MEMO TO:                       Association Managers/Presidents
FROM:                          Shirley Cripps & Bill Graham
DATE:                          March 17, 2005

SUBJECT:                       Provincial Non-Smoking Legislation & Bingo Halls
                               Bill 201 – Smoke Free Places Act
                               Sponsored by MLA Dave Rodney
                               Passed Second Reading March 14 “on division” (not all in favor)

The bill states that:

               No Person shall smoke in the following places:
                           a) a public place,
                           b) a workplace,
                           c) a public vehicle.

This bill would have a vast impact on bingo halls.

The effect in other provinces has been substantial loss of players and closure of some halls. Charity
returns are definitely at risk if Bingo halls are forced to go non-smoking.

The Premier and some government members are also concerned about the welfare of the charitable
groups working in Bingo halls.

There has been some discussion regarding proposing amendments to the bill….

               excluding       - Bingo Halls
                               - Casinos
                               - Adult Lounges

If you and your member clubs are concerned and support having these amendments introduced, write to
your MLA and cc Premier Ralph Klein; Minister of Gaming, Gordon Graydon and all MLA’s who may be

The amendment can only be introduced at “Committee of the Whole” which will probably be April 4th, so
your concerns must be sent to the government immediately.

Write and phone your MLA’s or the Premier’s Office and please encourage your clubs to do the

For more information, you can access the website at Click on “Bills and
Amendments”, then click on the down arrow on the right and select “Bill 201 Smoke Free Places Act”,
then click on “View Bill 201”.

Since the Legislature is in session at the present time, all MLAs can be reached in Edmonton. The
address is:

                            (Name of MLA)
                            Legislature Building
                            10800 – 97 Avenue
                            Edmonton, Alberta
                            T5K 2B6

It is very important that you write immediately. Thank you.