Upper River Valley Hospital New Name for Hospital Approved by housework


									                                                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
                                                      September 17, 2007

                    Upper River Valley Hospital
                  New Name for Hospital Approved

River Valley Health has received approval from the Province of New Brunswick
to rename the new hospital in Waterville. In March 2007, local residents were
invited to submit name suggestions. Based on input received, the Board of
Directors selected the name “Waterville Community Hospital”. However after
receiving significant feedback from the local community, a change was
recommended to Government.

The Board of Directors reviewed additional suggestions put forward from the
community and proposed that the new hospital be named the “Upper River
Valley Hospital”. River Valley Health has now received approval from the
Government to make this name change.

The Upper River Valley Hospital is scheduled to open mid November. The Board
of Directors of River Valley Health is looking forward to the opening of this state-
of-the-art hospital. A comprehensive communication campaign is being
launched to ensure that all residents are aware of important information
regarding services, move dates, directions, contact numbers, official ceremonies
and tours for public.


Contact:      Shelley Fletcher, Director of Communications
              (506) 452-5668

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