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									      Awards 2007
Saturday September 29th
Award Nominees 2007
  Daydreams & Nighthawks (12m, U S A)
              dir. by David Dilley
 Coming To Terms With Solitude (4m, UK)
      dir. Martin 'Sonny Boy' Williams
     Memories Make Me... (5m, U S A)
          dir. by Kent Youngblood,
             IBÉRIA (64m, U S A)
            dir. by eddy falconer
   Eiras A Glass (30m, United Kingdom)
            dir. by Blue Macaskill
        Startle Pattern (13m, U S A)
              dir. by Eric Patrick
 Award Nominees 2007
          Single Tracks (92m, U S A)
                 dir. by An Dinh
              Sinners (85m, U S A)
            dir. by Tory Christopher
              Diving (40m, U S A)
               dir. by Jojo Barker
      Thick Lips, Thin Lips (6m Canada)
                   Dir. Paul Lee
Bob and Jack's 52-Year Adventure (41m, U S A)
               dir. by Stu Maddux
       A Soldier's Choice (10m, U S A)
        dir. by Adrian Benjamin Burke
    Award Nominees 2007
                 Race the Drop (40m, Ireland)
                       dir. by Will Nugent
     Please Talk to Kids about AIDS (27m, Canada, U S A)
                    dir. by Brian Hennessey
              ‘Can you help ?’ (22m Switzerland)
                       dir Francois Ecole.
                     One is 8 (54m Turkey)
                        Dir Hassan Butte
         101 reasons to do the right thing (101m USA)
                        dir Alison Barnes
  Award Nominees 2007
  A Ripple in the Water: Healing Through Art
          (57m, South Africa, U S A)
                dir:Patricia Piroh
       Glamour Burkinabé (29m, Italy)
             dir. by Angela Rosati
       Do You Believe? (116m, Egypt)
           dir. by Salma Hassaballa
      Wind of Change (50mins Uganda)
             dir Soloman Hawkes
       Lucy’s Family (35 mins Kenya )
                dir Kwezi Paledi
  Award Nominees 2007
9/11 Fear in Silence: The Forgotten Underdogs (144m, USA)
                   dir. by Ann Marie Bryan
               Don't Eat The Baby(90m, U S A)
                     dir. by Todd Berger
            From The 50 Yard Line (108m, U S A)
                      dir. by Doug Lantz
             Ismini Melek Koydum (30m, U S A)
                       dir. by Nefin Dinc
                  River Ways (90m, U S A)
                     dir. by Colin Stryker
     Award Nominees 2007
         Behind Forgotten Eyes (86m, South Korea)
                  dir. by Anthony Gilmore
                Odelsgutane (28m, Norway)
                   dir. by Marianne Sleire
                 dir. by Martin Dunkerton
            From Silence to Sound (48m, U S A)
                  dir. by Chase Matthews
        Seasons of Migration (56m, Cambodia, U S A)
                    dir. by John Bishop
   Award Nominees 2007
  Fighting In Sunshine: The Untold Story of Banood
                      (90m, Canada)
        dir. by Lorne Yudcovitch, Michael Bain
               À part égale (19m, Canada)
                 dir. by Melissa Vincelli
Ayen's Cooking School for African Men (52m, Australia)
                 dir. by Sieh Mchawala
        Keepers Of Eden (76m, Ecuador, U S A)
                  dir. by Yoram Porath
  Committing Poetry in Times of War (110m, U S A)
                 dir. by Stavros Stavros
Award Nominees 2007
   Gone 'Bill Madden'. (3m, U S A)
      dir. by Andrew Watson
     Go (4m, United Kingdom)
       dir. by David Beynon
       Serenade (5m, U S A)
         dir. by Sara Huslig
     Talk Straight (3m, U S A)
      dir. by Gorham Kindem
     Ode to Fredo (3m, U S A)
       sub. by Zeke Hawkins
   Award Nominees 2007
                  Carpa Diem (2m, Italy)
                  dir. by Sergio Cannella
          Cheat Neutral (13m, United Kingdom)
                   dir. by Beth Stratford
                 Desert Gold (20m, U S A)
          dir. by Melanie Rhalter, Peter Rhalter
 Between Creation and Destruction (84m, United Kingdom)
                   dir. by Philip Becque
       The Amadis Project (53m, United Kingdom)
                  dir. by Anne Gallagher
               The Recyclergy (33m, U S A)
                   dir. by Jeremy kaller
Award Nominees 2007
      Sam and Piccolo (15m, Australia)
             dir. by Adam Walker
Once Upon a Christmas Village (15m, U S A)
            dir. by Michael Attardi
               Way (13m, U S A)
         dir. by Elizabeth Pasieczny
          Pilot / Gamer (12m, U S A)
            dir. by gerald habarth
   Queer Duck: the Movie (73m, U S A)
              sub. by Mike Reiss
  D-I-M, Deus in Machina (29m, Germany)
     dir. by Axel Ricke, Henning Ricke
    Award Nominees 2007
        FIRST FILM
              big mistake (105m, U S A)
               dir. by Richard Hempton
        CAPRI, YOU LOVE? (85m, Germany)
            dir. by Alexander Oppersdorff
               Chaurahen (100m, India)
                 dir. by Rajshree Ojha
                    ing (17m, U S A)
             dir. by nicole adette romine
      Jonna's Body, please hold (46m, U S A)
                 dir. by Adam Bluming
One Last Drink Before Morning (22m, United Kingdom)
                   dir. by JD Kelleher
Award Nominees 2007
         Screenplay (50m, South Africa)
                dir. by Ben Collins
              Glimpse (9m, U S A)
               dir. by Dustin Grella
  Fledging Expectations (24m, New Zealand)
     dir. by Aneeta Chana & Sally Williams
    Migrating to a Mystery (22m, Australia)
            dir. by Suhasini K Seelin
       Surviving Grandpop (17m, U S A)
             dir. by Scott Sheppard
      The Clearing (10m, United Kingdom)
              dir. by Helen Watkins
Award Nominees 2007
            Moon Cake (7m, U S A)
               dir. by Marty Stano
                20Q (35m, U S A)
             dir. by Benjamin Keith
Léonce et Léna (ou l'habit bariolé) (56m, France)
              dir. by Anna Knight
      De Groote Stilte (23m, Netherlands)
        dir. by Wypke Jannette Walen
             VEND (11m, Australia)
             dir. by James Findlay
     Fluke (Zufallstreffer) (27m, Germany)
              dir. by Martin Levis
Award Nominees 2007
The Willing Suspension of Disbelief (139m, U S A)
             sub. by Ryan Hauser on
       Waiting For Tomorrow (90m, U S A)
              dir. by George Gomez
          East of Euclid (88m, Canada)
                dir. by Jeff Solylo
          The Eyes Have It (23m, U S A)
              dir. by Steven Addair
        He Works In A Suit (7m, Australia)
              dir. by Robert Davies
     The Detective (14m, United Kingdom)
              dir. by Barry Brennan
Award Nominees 2007
             LILY (37m, U S A)
       dir. by HIROSHI NAKAJIMA
          Zoe's Day (10m, U S A)
         dir. by Rebecca Gwynne
Pismo (15m, Canada, Russian Federation)
           dir. by Matvei Zhivov
   Die Flugbegleiterin (11m, Germany)
         dir. by Marcin Glowacki
            Solitude (8m, U S A)
                 dir. by Lux _
          The Bath (12m, U S A)
            dir. by Boris Wexler
Award Nominees 2007
In a Moment (12m, U S A, United Kingdom)
            dir. by Emma Pacilli
Just One More Bite (11m, United Kingdom)
             dir. by Pat Garrett
           A.W.O.L. (22m, U S A)
          dir. by Jack Swanstrom
          Blind Spot (28m, U S A)
        dir. by Gianluca Galtrucco
      Blue Suede Wings (17m, U S A)
           dir. by Marian Yeager
         Droomtijd (20m, Belgium)
        dir. by Tom Van Avermaet
  Award Nominees 2007
     Die Großstadtjäger (15m, Austria)
           dir. by Robert Familiant
    The Stronger (16m, United Kingdom)
         dir. by Helene Oosthuizen
           Ten Paces (12m, U S A)
         dir. by Christopher Casper
              A SIGN (7m, U S A)
        dir. by Josephine Mackerras
           The Von (7m, Australia)
             dir. by John Mavety
          OCCUPIED (9m, Austria)
            dir. by Christian Filek
  Award Nominees 2007
Bud zdorov, Maestro ! (26 min) (25m, Russian Federation)
                     by Pavel Starikin
           Double Act (23m, United Kingdom)
                 dir. by Jason Beresford
    Most latszom, most nem latszom (30m, Hungary)
                    dir. by Attila Szasz
             Detroit Unleaded (20m, U S A)
            dir. by Rola Nashef, Rola Nashef
             Price Of The View (23m, U S A)
                  dir. by Dave Bergeson
             CHERRY BLOOM (25m, U S A)
                 dir. by alexandre moors
  Award Nominees 2007
          David (43 mins Ireland)
               Dir. Pat Garrett
      At The Lights (44 mins Wales)
              Dir John Davies
        Suzie (43m, New Zealand)
         dir. by Warren Matthews
          Dumpster (60m, U S A)
              dir. by John Rice
     Remember The Rain (61m, U S A)
         dir. by Elisabeth M. Birk
      Tanner (74m, United Kingdom)
           dir. by Oliver Crocker
  Award Nominees 2007
             ‘By The Sea' (96m, U S A)
                 dir. by Dean Barnes
              Underdogs (87m, U S A)
                dir. by Silvana Jakich
   A Book Of Truth, A Book Of lies (112m, U S A)
              dir. by Mikhail Dvortsov
             Little Chenier (99m, U S A)
            dir. by Bethany Ashton Wolf
            Be My Oswald (93m, U S A)
                   dir. by Don Cato
              Shining On (82m, U S A)
                 dir. by Jason Fenton
             STATISTICS (104m, U S A)
                 dir. by Frank Robak
    Running Out Of Time In Hollywood (90 USA)
       dir: Catherine Carlen & Jim Edwards
 Award Nominees 2007
      OIL ON WATER (110m, South Africa)
             dir. by Peter Matthews
          TIN CAN MAN (83m, Ireland)
              dir. by Ivan Kavanagh
            Dreamers (82m, Canada)
               dir. by Vern Wutzke
     The Superhero (84m, United Kingdom)
              dir. by Adam Simcox
                'INFANT' (96m UK)
            Director: Roy Hollinshead
Through the Looking Glass (82m, United Kingdom)
               dir. by Craig Griffith
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