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                                                  Air Force Association of Canada
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                              Airforce Magazine Advertising Insertion Order
                      Please sign and fax or e-mail this form to ensure your advertising order is registered and requested space is allocated to you.

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Airforce Magazine is authorized to insert the above-named company's advertisement(s) in Airforce Magazine, in accordance with the following rates and dates
(please refer to information found in the media kit/rate card and editorial calendar, to complete the following information) :

No. of Issues (1, 2,..., 4)                          ($) Rate per Insertion                                                     Colour

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Special Instructions

Payment is required in advance, for first-time advertisers. Cancellations cannot be accepted after the published closing date. All copy, including all elements, subject to
Publisher's approval. Advertiser and/or agency acknowledges receipt of and agrees to the terms and conditions outlined in the Airforce Magazine Rate Card.
Billing: Payment is based on a net 30-days. One-and a half per cent monthly service charge applied on unpaid balances over 30 days. Advertisers using PO Box number in
their address must furnish Publisher with a legal street address and phone number. Credits earned by increased frequency during contract will be applied to future
billing(s). No cancellations accepted after deadline(s).

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