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					                                                                    POSITION DESCRIPTION
                                                          Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia

POSITION TITLE:                                                                          POSITION
                                       Communications Officer                            NUMBER(S):       00009997
(e.g., Division, Region, Department)   Policy, Planning and Public Education
UNIT:                                                                                    LOCATION:
(e.g., Branch, Area, District)                                                                            Vancouver
APPROVED CLASSIFICATION                                                                  CLASS CODE
SUPERVISOR’S TITLE:                                                                      POSITION
                                       Director, Policy, Planning and Public Education   NUMBER           9613
SUPERVISOR’S CLASSIFICATION:                                                             PHONE NUMBER:
                                       Business Leadership                                                604-660-4484

The Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia is a corporation sole, created under the Public Guardian and
Trustee Act which operates independently under provincial legislation to protect the legal and financial interests of minors;
manage the legal, financial, health and personal care interests of adults under mental disability; and administer the
estates of deceased and missing persons. As a result of obligations created by statute, the Public Guardian and Trustee
exercises quasi-judicial authority in specified situations. In addition, the Public Guardian and Trustee is called upon to
provide independent comments to the Court when the legal or financial interests of minors, adults under mental disability
or estates are at risk. The Public Guardian and Trustee is independent of government in its case-related decision making

The Public Guardian and Trustee strives to promote family involvement in securing appropriate protection for individuals
or their estates. The Public Guardian and Trustee must observe prudent business practices, is bound by fiduciary
principles and is ultimately accountable to the Court. The services of the Public Guardian and Trustee extend to clients
resident throughout the province and, less frequently, in other provinces and countries throughout the world.

The Policy, Planning and Public Education Division is responsible for providing the PGT with critical analysis and
interpretation of data and information, strategic planning development and performance management, internal and
external communications and related stakeholder relations. It supports the delivery of related services as established
under the Public Guardian and Trustee Act and numerous other statutes by identifying, analyzing, developing and
managing policy solutions and improvements to facilitate efficient and effective operations of the PGT.


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The Communications Officer provides a range of expert professional communications services to the PGT and develops,
implements and coordinates strategic and operational communications plans; represents the PGT to the media including
making public statements; liaises with government organizations, agencies with statutory authority, professional bodies
and other organizations and stakeholders to develop strategic coordinated approaches to public education and

The position manages an extensive multimedia multi-language publications program, including the PGT website. It
manages internal communications and facilitates staff engagement. The position provides communications counsel to
the Public Guardian and Trustee, Executive Committee and management and advises the PGT in support of policy
development. It independently identifies significant media issues and is the first point of contact with the media on behalf
of the PGT. The position performs research, provides factual information and makes public statements directly to the

The position prepares the annual strategic communications plan for the PGT and regularly develops communications
strategies for program initiatives and announcements. The position performs other corporate communications functions
such as writing, editing and events coordination. The Communications Officer liaises with other organizations in
developing and maintaining strategic approaches to public information on related issues.

A major challenge of the position is to advance PGT goals in collaboration with other external bodies. Within this evolving,
dynamic and challenging environment, the Communications Officer is accountable for creating opportunities to build new
or strengthen existing relationships with service partners, professional bodies, community organizations and other interest
groups and stakeholders. To accomplish this, the position develops a community engagement strategy designed to
establish a collaborative environment and identify and respond to multi-stakeholder interests. The position negotiates with
multiple stakeholders to maximize opportunities for coordinated education/communications activities and resolve
conflicting priorities/interests.

   Public Guardian and Trustee: to work closely and confidentially with the PGT to develop messaging, provide
    media relations advice and prepare/edit presentations for the Attorney General and other cabinet ministers, Deputy
    Attorney General and other deputy ministers, Treasury Board and committees of the legislature.
   Public Guardian and Trustee, Deputy PGT, Director of Policy, Planning and Public Education, other
    members of the PGT Executive Committee: to consult regarding specific operational issues, maintain a strategic
    perspective regarding PGT communications, plans and initiatives, identify priorities and support and collaborate on
    strategies and actions that maximize opportunities for building and enhancing community and stakeholder
    relationships; identify opportunities to maximize awareness of the PGT and its responsibilities and contribute to their
    delivery, provide regular communications updates.
   PGT managers and subject specialist staff of the PGT: to lead and/or participate in issues management and
    activities regarding targeted specific operational requirements, provide expert advice, and develop and implement
    specific plans to accomplish goals of the PGT community engagement strategy and the PGT internal
    communications strategy.
   Senior representatives of service partners, professional bodies, First Nations and community and
    stakeholder groups: to build confidence and credibility, structure alliances, access local forums and channels for
    relationship building and partnerships, anticipate interests and concerns, develop and implement a community
    engagement strategy including collaborative public education/information activities.
   Media: to act as spokesperson on PGT issues, facilitate media requests, provide supporting information and foster
    understanding of PGT roles and responsibilities.
   Queens Printer and outsourced design, multimedia production and print services: to manage outsourced
    production of public education and information materials.
   Information technology and other technical specialists: to ensure application of current technologies to
    communications business solutions, including the PGT website, portal and multimedia productions.


        1) Provide media relations and issues management services including acting as PGT spokesperson for
           media inquiries – 10%

    Act as spokesperson to the media and public on PGT issues including responding directly to media inquiries and
     providing advice to Executive regarding media responses and strategies.

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    Manage an issues management system including media monitoring to track emerging and current issues or trends,
     preparing media summaries, advising PGT Executive and managers about media or other issues which may affect
     the organization, recommending strategies to mitigate impacts and ensuring issues management reports are
    Facilitate media requests for interviews with the Public Guardian and Trustee or PGT staff, including providing
     background material.
    Develop and maintain working relationships with media outlets including specialized professional, community and
     non English language media.
    Organize media conferences and/or news releases on behalf of the PGT for policy or program announcements and
     identify target audiences/media outlets to maximize impact of announcements or releases.
    Develop strategy for increasing media understanding of PGT roles and responsibilities including seeking innovative
     promotional opportunities with media outlets and service partners.
    Develop PGT media relations protocols for communications and public education initiatives.
    Plan and coordinate internal communications training (e.g., media and public speaking training).
    Advise the Public Guardian and Trustee, Executive Committee and other senior PGT management regarding
     current and emerging key stakeholder issues, policy implications and other factors.
    Coordinate production of briefing binders and prepare briefing and communications notes, backgrounders,
     positioning notes and other issues management materials.
    Coordinate responses for requests for information from MLA’s, general public, other public bodies, service partners
     and other organizations to ensure consistency with PGT communications policies, including referrals to other more
     appropriate agencies.
    Edit, write, and prepare news items, photographs, and features and release materials directly to the media.
    Research highly sensitive and potentially controversial issues, gather facts and information, develop response
     strategies and prepare accurate responses.
    Prepare environmental scans and briefing materials in anticipation of community visits and speaking engagements
     by the Public Guardian and Trustee.

       2) Provide strategic communications planning – 10%

    Develop and implement a three year strategic communications plan (updated annually).
    Develop and implement specialized and operational communications plans.
    Liaise with service partners, professional bodies and other organizations in developing and implementing a strategic
     coordinated approach to communications on training and related concerns to achieve maximum reach and cost
    Develop and implement short and long term communications plans including strategies for the PGT, Executive
     Committee and program managers to use to respond to the public and media on critical events and issues.
    Identify strategic and operational communications needs, recommend priorities and develop plans of action.
    Support and facilitate PGT Executive Committee and managers to integrate program planning with corporate
     communications strategies into all information/education materials.
    Develop and implement strategies to raise the public profile of the PGT, reach underrepresented ethnic and
     linguistic communities and integrate demand management and communications activities.
    Conduct communications needs assessments and gap analysis.
    Recommend strategies for communicating new/emerging PGT policies/initiatives to appropriate audiences.

             3) Provide comprehensive communications services including managing the PGT multimedia
                publications and website programs – 40%

   Provide communications services on a corporate wide basis to met PGT strategic and operational objectives.
   Manage extensive print and multimedia program of PGT publications, communications and education materials
    covering the range of PGT business lines and audiences and utilizing variety of media for maximum effectiveness
    and cost efficiency including print based, electronic, video, web based, etc.
   Write and/or edit and produce or oversee production and distribution of a range of communications materials and
    products including brochures, scripts, fact sheets, booklets, instructional manuals, annual reports, educational
    materials, issue notes, newsletters, posters, speeches, news releases, videos, communications plans, power point
    presentations and letters to the editor providing information on PGT policies, programs and procedures.
   Assist the PGT, Executive Committee and management in identifying appropriate communications vehicles and
    target audiences in conjunction with PGT communications requirements and needs.
   Manage the PGT website including structure, content, technical edits and periodic review to ensure the site meets
    the needs of PGT staff, service partners, stakeholders and public.
   Produce PGT annual report to meet statutory requirements.
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    Provide technical expertise and lead quality control on PGT communications standards and procedures and
     conduct periodic review of publications guidelines and processes to ensure quality control and readability.
    Develop and implement multimedia/video e-business solutions for communications and educational initiatives.
    Manage the PGT communications budget including preparing cost estimates and exercising spending authority for
     communications related products/services.
    Manage contracted resources such as graphics, translation, multimedia production, communications, and printing
     services by defining deliverables (including technical specifications), selecting contractors, directing and monitoring
     contract service delivery to ensure quality and timelines are achieved, resolving contractor performance issues and
     approving payments.
    Research communications business solutions including estimating costs of materials and services, conducting cost
     benefit analyses and providing cost data input for budgets and contracted services and vendor option decisions.
    Provide advice, development and design services to address specific communications needs and issues including
     developing and executing programs focused on specific service partners, stakeholders and situations.
    Research and verify information required in the preparation of communications materials and liaise with subject
     matter specialists to ensure accuracy.
    Monitor overall quality and effectiveness of PGT communications and education materials to ensure consistency of
     messaging, corporate editorial standards, PGT identifiers, graphic standards, electronic publishing standards, etc.
    Provide input into development of forms that support PGT administrative processes and plain language materials to
     be used to assist clients determining their options.
    Conduct research to maintain expertise regarding communications technologies such as printing, electronic and
     multimedia materials, storage and distribution and apply innovative approaches to production.
    Provide advice, guidelines and assistance to PGT managers and staff in preparing policy documents, brochures,
     forms, etc., including plain language coaching, grammar, content, style and clarity, and training on PGT identity
    Develop templates, oversee changes and track materials through development, approval and production.
    Draft correspondence for signature by the Public Guardian and Trustee.
    Assist with records and document maintenance (version control, requisitions and project history).

             4) Develop and manage internal communications and facilitate staff engagement – 15%

    Plan and manage a comprehensive PGT internal communications program including best practices for promoting
     employee engagement and PGT strategic corporate initiatives.
    Contribute to maintenance of a productive and healthy work environment through developing and carrying out a
     range of projects related to effective Executive Office leadership.
    Manage an annual staff survey including development, implementation, analysis and reporting.
    Analyze and report on PGT results of the annual BC Workplace Environment Survey.
    Conduct needs assessments to improve internal communications including leading staff consultations.
    Undertake periodic reviews of the PGT portal to maximize its value as a key instrument for internal
    Deliver orientation sessions for new staff.
    Support PGT human resources policy including contributing to retention through increased staff engagement.
    Facilitate production of staff newsletters, presentations, special events, recognition, etc.

             5) Manage public education and partner relations – 25%

 Develop and implement communications strategies to increase public and professional awareness of PGT roles and
  responsibilities and to contribute to demand management for PGT services.
 Build and maintain relationships with key influencers including professional associations, First Nations, non
  governmental organizations, and ethnic and non-English language media to foster cooperative relationships to facilitate
  PGT effectiveness in meeting its roles and responsibilities.
 Develop and implement a PGT community engagement strategy involving service partners and other stakeholders with
  related interests to maximize opportunities for information sharing, best practices and collaborative cost effective
  approaches to communications and public education activities.
 Design and implement public processes such as consultations to build understanding and support and identify public
  education and communications needs.
 Conduct gap analysis and develop responses to communications needs including under serviced communities (e.g.,
  ethnic, cultural and linguistic), partnership information needs and professional groups.
 Develop and edit education/outreach materials such as speeches, presentations, newsletters, fact sheets and videos
  for use by the PGT, Executive Committee members and PGT managers and staff.
 Provides public education and other materials to facilitate understanding by service partners of the statutory
WO#382 JD Communications Officer PSSG Dec 8
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  environment and PGT roles, responsibilities and practices.
 Coordinate a diverse and wide range of public and special events and advertising campaigns.
 Recommend changes to policies, procedures and strategies to improve awareness and promote understanding of PGT
  programs and services by service partners, stakeholders and the general public.
 Apply expertise to determine the most appropriate communications tools for client and service partner contacts, e.g.,
  direct mail out, posters, videos, etc.
 Support PGT presentation activities by conducting gap analyses of presentations activity, coordinating presentation
  schedules, providing materials and standard updated presentations, tracking and reporting on presentations.

The PGT acts as fiduciary for approximately $790 million in trust assets and pays out approximately $152 million annually
on behalf of clients. The Communications Officer acts as expense authority for the PGT communications budget.

DIRECT SUPERVISION (i.e., responsibility for signing the employee appraisal form)
Role                                                                             # of Regular FTE’s      # of Auxiliary FTE’s
Directly supervises staff
Supervises staff through subordinate supervisors

PROJECT /TEAM LEADERSHIP OR TRAINING (Check the appropriate boxes)
                     Role                       # of FTE’s                              Role                        # of FTE’s
Supervises students or volunteers                            Provides formal training to other staff            x     varies
Lead project teams                        x       varies     Assigns, monitors and examines the work of staff   x       2


Occasional travel


Computer programs including the full range of MS Office software, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, MS
Project and Outlook; databases; Adobe Acrobat; Pagemaker, Creative Suite (In-Design, Illustrator, Photoshop,

 This position functions in an empowered, dynamic, complex and issues focused environment requiring the incumbent to
 excel under pressure and with minimal direction. This position is privy to highly confidential information (e.g., legal cases
 in progress, ongoing investigations) and requires a high level of maturity, sound judgment and tact. In accordance with
 PGT independence, the incumbent may represent positions that conflict with positions taken by the BC government.



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NAME:                                     DATE:


I confirm that:
    1. the accountabilities / deliverables were assigned to this position effective: January 7, 2008.
    2. the information in this position description reflects the actual work performed.
    3. a copy has / will be provided to the incumbent(s).

NAME:                                     SIGNATURE:                                 DATE:
            Indiana Matters                                                                    December 8, 2009


                          (Delete this section if you have attached a graphical organization chart)

                  Public Guardian and Trustee, Deputy Minister Equivalent, 9698
                          Director Policy Planning & Public Education, Business Leadership (under review), 9613

                                         Communications Officer, CO21, 9997
                                         Policy Officer, Classification, Position Number
                                         Research Officer, RO24, 97955

WO#382 JD Communications Officer PSSG Dec 8
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To be considered for this position applicant must clearly indicate that they have the following:

 Post secondary degree or diploma in public relations, journalism, communications or an equivalent combination of
 education and experience.

   Minimum three years related experience working in or with media, or in a public relations/corporate and
     communications environment; and
   Minimum one year experience having direct responsibility for internal and/external communications for a corporate
     or public sector program; or
   Experience coordinating day to day communications services including preparation of information materials,
     speeches, backgrounders, briefing notes, scripts, etc. Desktopping experience is also required.

Preferred Experience
  Experience in media relations and/or issues management
  Experience in public sector communications environment
  Experience in public sector communications environment
  Experience developing and executing communications plans
  Experiencing managing and maintaining a website
  Experience developing and managing internal communications and staff engagement
  Experience planning projects and managing/coordinating corporate events
  Experience in interpreting and applying legislation an asset
  Experience in developing and producing public education materials

Special Requirements

  Occasional travel
  Nature of work requires considerable sensitivity, professionalism, discretion and confidentiality.


  Digital camera
  Audio visual, video conferencing and presentation equipment

To be successful in this position applicant may need to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and abilities in the area.

  Working knowledge of the organizational structure, statutory framework, mandate, programs and priorities of the
   Public Guardian and Trustee
  Working knowledge of project planning and management including development of performance indicators,
   evaluation, accountability frameworks and reporting
  Working knowledge of the Freedom of Information and the Protection of Privacy Act and its practical application
  Prefer knowledge of government corporate and financial management systems, central agencies policies and
  Prefer knowledge of administrative law, contract law, common law and related issues.

  Considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of effective communications, media and public relations
  Knowledge of writing fundamentals, including CP style, tone, grammar, spelling, document styles and formats (e.g.,
   backgrounders, reports, briefing notes, presentations, web documents, etc.)
  Knowledge of government communications standards (e.g., plain language) and guidelines preferred
  Knowledge of printing processes
  Knowledge of the internet and intranet sites from a content perspective and with enough technical understanding to
   administer and maintain sites

WO#382 JD Communications Officer PSSG Dec 8
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      Excellent contract management, dispute resolution, project leadership, issues management skills and the ability to
         manage highly visible public processes are critical.
      The Communications Officer supports the PGT in leading public processes and in reporting regarding high profile
         community based issues. The response to these issues and challenges requires a strategic perspective to ensure
         consistency in terms of policy and precedent and in creating opportunities for developing relationships with
         service partners and other stakeholders.
      Project leadership is an essential element of the role, including defining scope, approach, timelines and
         deliverables, and leading in house and multi partner consultations and projects through all phases, including issue
         identification and research, consideration of strategies and implications and development of options.
      Ability to identify and analyze a broad range of complex issues or problems and articulate recommended
         approaches and/or solutions to the PGT Executive Committee and managers.
      Ability to deal effectively with crisis and unanticipated situations in a public setting.
      Ability to explain complex and/or technical information in plain language, e.g., interpret
      Ability to establish and maintain effective, professional, collaborative working relationships with media, service
         partners, external stakeholders and PGT staff at all levels of the organization.
      Ability to manage own workload, including setting priorities, responding to changing priorities and meeting multiple
         demanding deadlines.
      Ability to write, edit and otherwise produce a wide range of communications/educational materials in a timely
         manner and format appropriate for the target audience.
      Excellent oral and written communication skills.
      Strong interpersonal skills.
      Ability for critical analysis and research.
      Work independently with limited direction/supervision with a high degree of initiative and self motivation and also
         as a member of a team.

Technical Skills

Demonstrated ability to:
  Prepare RFP’s, assess proposals, negotiate conditions and terms, monitor implementation and evaluate contracts
  Interpret, apply and advise others of communications/media protocols, policy and procedures
  Quickly and thoroughly assess situations, judge the complexity of issues and initiate appropriate action
  Coordinate and maintain ongoing communications activities including management of a publications program

Interpersonal Skills

Demonstrated ability to:
   Design and deliver presentations for diverse audiences ensuring materials and presentation style are appropriate
   Establish and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of individuals, groups or organizations
   Supervise contractors and provide functional direction, training and advice to staff
   Facilitate group sessions to provide and obtain information

 Planning, organizing and coordinating
 Results orientation
 Teamwork and cooperation
 Service orientation
 Building partnerships with stakeholders
 Concern for image impact
 Listening, understanding and responding
 Analytical thinking

WO#382 JD Communications Officer PSSG Dec 8
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