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					       It’s easy to make a green
              cleaning kit!
Tub & Tile Cleaner                          Glass Cleaner
•Use a citrus based or oxygenated           •¼ cup white vinegar
cleaner                                     •1 quart warm water
For citrus based cleaner, spray and         Mix ingredients in a spray bottle.
let sit. For oxygenated cleaner, use        Shake and apply. Squeegee to remove.
according to the manufacturer’s
directions.                                 Oven Cleaner
                                            •1 tablespoon liquid soap
Toilet Bowl Cleaner                         •½ cup water
•1 tablespoon oxygenated cleaner            •¼ cup salt
Add 1 tablespoon oxygenated cleaner         •¾ cup baking soda
and let sit. Scrub with a brush.            Spray oven surfaces with soapy
                                            water. Mix salt and baking soda then
Whitener                                    sprinkle on wet surface. Spray again
•Oxygenated cleaner                         so that the mixture is damp and pasty.
Do not use on silk. Follow                  Let stand overnight. Scrape off with a
manufacturer’s directions.                  putty knife or wet pumice stone.

Drain Cleaner                               Silver Cleaner
•½ cup baking soda                          •3 inch square of aluminum foil
•½ cup vinegar                              •1 tablespoon salt
                                            •1 tablespoon baking soda
Pour baking soda down the drain,            •1 cup warm water
followed by vinegar. Let it bubble for 15
minutes then pour down a teakettle full     Dissolve salt and baking soda in warm
of boiling water. For stubborn clogs, use   water. Submerge the foil and silver in
a mechanical snake.                         the solution. Wait one hour. Rinse silver
                                            and wipe dry with a soft cloth.
Tile Floor Cleaner                          Use non-gel toothpaste and rub
•1 cup vinegar                              tarnished spots with soft cloth; rinse.
•1 gallon hot water
Mix, mop and wipe clean.
                                                                   H   e a l t h y F a mi l i e
Tip—To remove scuffmarks, sprinkle                              s

with baking soda and spray with equal
                                                     thy Ho m

parts vinegar and water. Wipe clean.

                                                            Gr                                    it
                                                                      n Cleaning K

                                                                KCPW 3362 (05•08)
What Goes in A Green Cleaning Kit?
Scrub brush: “Elbow grease” can help you reduce the use of cleaners.
Multi-purpose cleaner: A squirt bottle with a small amount (1/2”)
of Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap. Fill with water to the ridge on the
neck of the bottle. Use on counters or anything you would wash
with soap. This soap is available at Fred Meyer, Central Market and
some health food stores, along with “Natural Foods” and other
natural products. Be sure to read the label for the many uses of this
mild soap. It is very concentrated so a small bottle lasts a long time.
Window cleaner: A small amount of white vinegar (1/2”) goes in a
squirt bottle. Fill with water to the ridge on the neck of the bottle.
This also works great as a multi-purpose cleaner. Some laminate
floor companies recommend vinegar and water for cleaning (check
your directions).
Oxygenated cleaner: It comes in powder or liquid form, and can
be used as a laundry booster, stain remover, or to clean sinks and
toilets. Just pour some into hot water and let it fizz.
Baking soda: Use this instead of powdered cleansers.

Other recommended non-toxic alternatives
Pumice stone: Pumice cleans toilet rings and sink grime very well.
Do not use it on chrome or stainless steel unless the manufacturer
recommends it. Read the directions on the box for many other uses.
Squeegee: Use a squeegee on your shower door and walls to help
reduce soapy buildup.
Drain clog strip: An inexpensive plastic strip has barbs on it to pull
up the gunk.
  • Read labels and follow instructions.
   • Safely dispose of hazardous products (look for “Caution,
     Warning or Danger” on the label) at the Household Hazardous
     Waste Collection Facility.
   • More alternatives to toxics can be found at; click on Healthy Homes.

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