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To: Government of Leningrad region, Russia
Copy to: Federal Inspection of Nature Resource of NW Russia

Concerning: Proposals to the Project “Regional Complex Nature Reserve “Lebyazhij”.

                            DEAR LADIES AND GENTELEMEN!

We, representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) of the Baltic Sea Region,
members of the International “Coalition Clean Baltic” (CCB), appeal to Government of
Leningrad region and Federal Inspection for Nature Resources of NW Russia to support
proposals of Russians NGOs concerning the borders of “Lebyazhij Nature Reserve”.

CCB is informed by “Friends of the Baltic” and “Green World” NGOs, members of CCB about
the Project “Regional Complex Nature Reserve “Lebyazij”, prepared by Biological Institute of
St.-Petersburg State University, and presented at the Public Hearings in Lomonosov,
November, 22 2005. “Friends of the Baltic” and “Green World” forced to Lomonosov District
Administration, Government of Leningrad region and Federal Inspection for Nature Resources
of NW Russia official letters with proposals to the project.

Decision of Government of Russian Federation № 1050 от 13.09.1994 defined areas of
wetlands, protected by the international Ramsar Convention, where “South Shore of the Gulf
of Finland within state nature reserve “Lebyazhij” was mentioned under the N 25. By this way
Regulation on the state nature reserve “Lebyazhij” should define nature protection regime for
Ramsar wetland area “Lebyazhij” of international importance

In this connection and taking into consideration:
     boundary of “Lebyazhij” nature reserve, existing from 1994 up to 2000 year,
     decision of Governor of Leningrad region on establishing “Lebyazhij” nature reserve,

Coalition Clean Baltic considers, that to secure nature protection regime of wetland
area “Lebyazhij” of international importance, boundary of “Lebyazhij” nature reserve
should be defined as it was before 2000:

1. Western border - the Kovash river. In this case the Batareinaya bay and the Gulf of
Finland water area to the West from the Batareinaya bay will serve for resting birds on their
annual migration way.

2. South border will be reasonable to define as automobile road St.-Petersburg – Pervoye
Maya. Such a border is very easy for recognizing and control.

3. Minimal width of the land area along the sea coast, included to the nature reserve, should
be width of “coastal protected area of the Gulf of Finland”.

Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB) as an International organization which unites 25 environmental
organizations from all 9 Baltic countries supports all proposals of NGOs “Friends of the Baltic”
and “Green World” to the project and considers issue of nature reserve “Lebyazhij” as an
issue of international importance.
These proposals are devoted to the prevention of expansion of existing and planned industrial
and port objects, increasing disturbing factor for migrating and nesting birds and other
The nature reserve “Lebyazhij” routine allows all recreation activities in this area, which don’t
hinder the favorable condition for birds and another animal.

Coalition Clean Baltic Board members signatures:

   Gunnar Noren            Valdur Lahtvee                          Vera Ovcharenko
   CCB Executive secretary CCB Chairman                            CCB Board member
   Sweden                  Estonia                                 Russia

   Aja Caune                       Nina Ljungquist                 Taavi Nuum
   CCB Board member                Swedish Society for             CCB Board member
   Latvia                          Nature Conservation             Estonia

   Mindaugas Liepinis
   CCB Board member

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