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									Real Estate Fraud Case
Victim: Shirley Hwang
SFPD Case #090276506
  Insp. Gregory Ovanessian
  Insp. Robert Steger
  SFPD Economic Crimes Unit
  Officer in Charge: Lt. Jones Wong
  (415) 553-1521
  Authorized by Captain C. Casciato
   Shirley Hwang
   Real Estate Investor
   Owns three luxury condos at One Rincon Hill
   Fair market value of the three condos is $7.5
   Title to properties fraudulently transferred to
    Winston Lum
   Fraudulent loans against properties in the
    amount of $2.2 million
One Rincon Hill
San Francisco, CA
In Custody at SF County Jail

                   Winston Lum
                   DOB: 05/04/1964
                   Former tennis
                   Arrested by ECU on
Suspect – Booked on DA’s Warrant in
Riverside County Jail on 03/23/2010
   Kaushal Niroula
   In custody at the
    Riverside Co. Jail on
    187(a) PC etc.
   Has pending criminal
    cases in San
    Francisco, Marin
    County and ICE.
Suspect- Arrested 03/23/2010 at
the Shah Ranch in San Jose, CA
   Jay Chandrakant
   4217 Quimby
    Rd, San Jose
   Owner of Telsystems
    and other business
Suspect – Arrested 03/23/2010 in
Santa Cruz, CA
   Melvin Lee Emerich
   Attorney-at-Law
   Licensed CA Real
    Estate Broker
   Lives in Santa Cruz
   Office in San Jose
           Meeting in SF with Lum and advisor Josh Beam aka Niroula agree to fund
           loan to CW

                                                         Jay Shaw (in                                              Beneficiary
   Syd Jones                                                                       De Witte
                             Winston Lum                 Person) Lum
 (aka Niroula)                                                                  Mortgage (Peter,                   Unwitting
                                                          via phone                 Franz)                         participant
 Kathy Chan                  Notary Public               Golden State            Commonwealth                 Finish Line
  (Realtor)                   Languban                   Home Loans             (Lawyers/Fidelity)           Notary Service
                             certifies grant             (John Flores)                                      meets with Lum
                             deed to Lum                                                    $1.7MM          & Niroula to sign
                                                         Cal. Coastal                                             docs
Mike Shigezane                                                                     Tran’s Escrow
                           Docs filed with               Funding (Bob
         associates        Assessor Office                 Purdon)

Shirley Hwang                                             PLM Lending
                                                         (for drawing of
                      $225K at BofA

                                                                           $868,845                  $601,069

                                                              Lum International               Martini and
                                                               Comerica Bank                  Chnoogle
                                                                                             Colonial Bank

                      $14K                                                                                                  $15 K
                                               $62,750                     $160K                     $291,103
                                                                 Ocwen Fin corp.
                                    Melvin Emerich                                           Telsystems
          Elvia Palimino                                          fbo Jay Shaw                                     Morad Afraimi
                                       Attorney                                               (Niroula)
                                                                 RE loan payoff
            Meeting in SF with Lum and advisor Josh Beam aka Niroula agree to fund
            loan to CW

 Syd Jones
    Syd Jones
                         Winston Lum             Jay Shaw (in                 De Witte
  (aka Niroula)
aka Niroula                                      Person) Lum               Mortgage (Peter,
                                                  via phone                    Franz)
 Kathy Chan
   Kathy Chan             Notary Public
    (Realtor)              Languban                                      Finish Line
                          certifies grant        Golden State            Notary Service
                          deed to Lum            Home Loans              meets with Lum
Mike Shigezane
 Mike Shigezane                                  (John Flores)           & Niroula to sign
                                                                         docs                $2.2MM
                          Docs filed with        Cal. Coastal
Shirley Hwang
  Shirley Hwang           Assessor Office        Funding (Bob              Commonwealth
                                                   Purdon)                (Lawyers/Fidelity)

                                                  PLM Lending
                                                 (for drawing of            Tran’s Escrow
                               Tran Escrow

               $868,845            $601,069                    $250K
      Lum International                Martini and
                                       Chnoogle                  Winston Lum
       Comerica Bank
                                      Colonial Bank

      Kantonal Bank of                     $291,103
           Zurich          Telsystems                         Ocwen Fin corp.
                             (Shaw)                            fbo Jay Shaw
                                                              RE loan payoff
                          Melvin Emerich $62,750
  Bruno        Stephan                                         Morad Afraimi
                                                      $15 K
Aeschbacher    Fellmann
                          Elvia Palimino

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